Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beating the war drum, Mitt....

Obama gave the same speech in Jerusalem almost to the day four years ago. When did American presidential candidates begin having to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to pay fealty to this tiny foreign nation? Reagan never went.
Speaking against the backdrop of the historic Old City, Mitt Romney signaled he supports Israel's right to "defend itself" against its enemies and said "any and all measures" should be considered in the world's efforts to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. I was amazed how Romney is commented to protecting Israel by propagating our nation into another war. I find that Romney's trip to Israel is a bit presumptive . First it seemed to me that he jumped the band wagon on this "tour" as if he has already won the Presidency , he is selling a strong man  ideology to the world. Yet Romney was off on several problems that are plaguing the Middle- East . Second it's been Israeli policy that has made a mess of the peace talks , and it's been Israeli tactics that are putting the Iranian regime on the brink to build the "bomb" . As Americans do we want another war? Is it worth the lives lost in the 'war on terror' and lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan . Yet the costs of those wars have bankrupted America.  Though a senior adviser, Dan Senor, earlier suggested that Mr. Romney would "respect" an Israeli decision to launch a lone attack, Romney in his speech reiterated the more vague formulation of the Obama administration that "we recognize Israel’s right to defend itself." I am not for any more wars . We have to rebuild our nation because it's crumbling in an  economic situation .So he's saying if you want war with Iran vote for me? Mitt is not running for a Israeli Prime Ministers job, yet he is trying to win the sympathy of Israel , just  great,  this is  what we need to help dig out of this recession.  Trust me I have a beef with Obama . So far I agree that his policy has been "weak" and Confusing in practically  sending Israel mixed messages . The White House Leaks surely prevented an Israeli strike on Iran buy disclosing military information . It's the icing on the cake.

The Christian Science Monitor had this to say from last year:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the weakest of them all? According to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it is President Obama who is endangering American national security – despite the fact that this president increased military spending in each of his three years in office, ordered more drone attacks on the Taliban and Al Qaeda than his predecessor, and took out Osama bin Laden.Obama’s record on military spending is apparently not enough for Romney, who wants to add another $30 billion a year to the Pentagon budget as well as enlist another 100,000 new troops. With two wars winding down and tremendous budget pressures, Obama now wisely seeks more than $450 billion in defense cuts.
Still, one wonders who among the Republicans will be the first to declare that America is facing an “Obama gap” in defense? Watch for it when the GOP candidates again debate national security on Nov. 22 in Washington.


The most disturbing thing about Romney's trip is his apparent willingness to completely green light a military strike on Iran, which would inevitably result in a war. Not only would Shiite governments like Iraq possibly support Iran, in that case, but Sunnis might as well. If the war expanded, the United States would be dragged in, so we'd have more tax cuts for the wealthy and more war under Romney.

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