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Inauguration Day 2017

 Inauguration Day 2017

Can survive as long as
Obama did ? We will have wait and
see .
The Day some are dreading .  Inauguration day on January 20th , might be a bad day. Astrologers are going to have a field day .Astrologer Walter Mercado applied his otherworldly skills to the 2016 election, and predicted “total destruction” for the world if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.In an article with People en EspaƱol, Mercado said he created an astrological chart for the Republican candidate to see what’s in his future. Mercado said in Spanish. “He has no knowledge of politics and no knowledge of any type of diplomacy. He is a person that thinks money can buy anything and thinks that you can buy the conscience of all of humanity. The conscience cannot be bought with these policies that are so insulting and offensive to the human race.”     What I would suspect,  as what we know now it is going to (1)>>run like a thread { domino effect}  He is so far to the right & extreme.  (1.2)>>Yes, those crazy Tweets . Forget for a moment that Trump’s constantly waffling positions and mostly bizarre policies—when he can stop talking about himself—appear for all the world, except his uncritical supporters, to be a lot of hot air.  President-elect Donald Trump has begun making his key appointments to his inner circle and is discussing plans for the new administration.  Criticism and opposition to the Trump presidency are persisting as protests and riots have not ceased since election night.  I can say when he takes the oath of office the country has already sold it's soul . Some liberal commentators are now openly discussing the chances that Trump may not even finish his four-year term due to impeachment for criminal activities.  Trump has 75 law suits outstanding against him including the Trump University trial which began November 28th.  Other observers are painting a more hopeful future as Trump's infrastructure spending plans could well kick-start the sluggish American economy.  While media outlets are assuming an air of normalcy regarding the transition, uncertainty and trepidation are still very much in focus. (2)>>In a crowded Republican field dominated by hard-core right-wingers, Donald Trump started out as the joker in the Republican deck, but recent polls have elevated his current stature to the King of Clubs. Trump has never held any significant elected public office, and his experience in the actual machinery of American politics is limited. His party affiliations have changed over the years from Democrat to Republican to alternative third party and back to Republican again. This is not to suggest that Trump has no political savvy or connections (3)>>{ mobster otherwise ....} , but merely to establish that his history is not in the arena of what was once called “public service" of billionaire wannabes  . The "insanity" is only beginning , the  team he is picking created a document laying out his first 100 days, which included an overly ambitious, and unlikely, first day in which he would cancel climate change agreements, and in the words of one transition team aide "wipe Barack Obama from the history books". 

Domestic and Foreign policy PREDICTIONS .
Trump will behave like a Teamster's boss ,
and as a anti-union President .
The Trump administration is going to advance the right wing Republican cause . With the swift victory of Trump over the recent US presidential election some people questioned his capacity and dedication to lead his country. Apart from doubts being casted upon him, others resorted to prophecy and predictions to see how the next administration will perform the coming months.It has been a year of not only having to wave goodbye to beloved celebrities but of stunning political upheaval and increased divisiveness, both in the United States and across the world. In a poll conducted by the Associated Press-Time Square alliance released this week, only 18 percent of Americans said things got better for the country in 2016.But will things get any better in 2017? One survey of foreign-policy experts has warned that there is plenty to be concerned about in the year ahead.  BUT WAIT 18% is not so great if you think about it . CONSUMER CONFIDENCE BEFORE THE STORM ?? . I can Tell that the first sign is  WALL STREET DOW when Trump takes his oath of office  likely ITS GOING TO BE AT 20,000 ! . His election will have the markets rallying . Its all that really good?  2017 starts off with Trump & the Republican system going out in an all out attack on dismantling the last  8 years of what President Obama did as far as his evacuative orders .
  1. Here is a list Trump's smash ups .Nation wide anti- Union busting . Trump and his cohorts are going to try to make every state a "right to work state" .This is serious . Not a joke .  { see this link AFL-CIO }  The next four years under Trump is going to be a mirror copy of our former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger who 2003-2010 , in 2003 he tried to take collective (4)>>bargaining rights away from Public Unions . Now its for the worst , Trump might take this to a nationwide level . Going after Unions in a nation wide attempt . Next his vain attempt to "reform" Public Education  may not go well with NEA , but it seems that Trump will attempt to cut the Department of Education in 2018 . I can't see how he's is going to force  "school choice" on every state  . His choice for Secretary of Ed Betsy DeVos is a virtual slap in the face of  Teacher's Unions . Trump vowed to gut Common Core , just as he would repeal Obama-care . Question,  what would you replace Core with ? My SUSPICIONS are that his Ed Sec is going to  (4.2)>> revive NCLB in some form to disrupt the Public Education sector in order to rank and file  school choice  & the vouchers  system that was in place when Bush II was in office . 
2.  Another factor that is troubling on the economic front is the Trump tax plan . Its going to (5)>>RAISE TAXES on the bottom earners . If you called your self a 99%' er , your going to pay more on your Federal Taxes . Trump is already on the side of big business billionaires . Tax experts across the political spectrum agree that the plan Trump has proposed would benefit the richest Americans the most.  The left-leaning Tax Policy Center estimates that the lowest 20 percent of taxpayers would see their incomes increase by an average of $110, a rise of 0.8 percent. The middle 20 percent would receive $1,010, a 1.8 percent increase. The top 20 percent, would see $16,660, or a 6.6 percent rise; within that group, the top 1 percent would receive $214,690, or 13.5 percent. Another going after that gave Trump's Administration fame was the plan to cut the National Minimum Wage in 2018 . Currently under Mr. Obama is did rise across  the nation in various percentages . Some wage earners saw a 10 to 15 dollar hike . The Trump team wanted to slice wages below 8 dollars an hour . Rolling back wages as they were almost two decades ago . The plan {his plan} was that lowering wages would allow more companies to hire more people .  Its a pro-business approach , but it likely set off protests . You know the phrase " the rich got richer ... poorer got poorer ..." Trumps billionaire appointees to solve the economic problems of people were on geared  to the top earners who compromised a much wealthier middle class of Americans , not the lowest members of society .
3. Another problem facing the Trump Administration is the National Debt . Now it's 20 Trillion since Obama leaving .  (6)>>Sen. & Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will have his day.  In the years 2018 -2019 were known as the "cutting years" . Without a challenge , following the repeal of the Obama-care . Trump and Ryan had their fingers set at cutting and privatizing Social Security , Domestic Programs . Nothing was spared . Seriously the heavy hand of the GOP establishment hurt millions of Americans at the cost of inflating  the Military budget . Food Stamps , Unemployment benefits were reduced . Follow what I am saying here , these actions are going to rip the nation apart. Here are more "woes" to follow .
4. On race relations 2017-2020 the nation took a downward spiral . During the Obama era we had shootings of unarmed black men as a spotlighted by Police officers . The Trump Administration supported the "stand your ground law" . While shootings by officers were under scrutiny by the Obama administration . Trump's advisors were all pro- Cop . In this situation it only would take another police shooting to easily set off nation wide protests under the first year in Office . Yes, just one tweet from Trump , or remark of insensitivity will boil every thing over . I am vary concerned about Trump's pro -gun stance . We all have been told by most gun supporters that "guns don't kill people" . The recent increase in mass shootings in past will not go away . I can just see another mass shooting in the Trump term . The nation has to do again another soul searching .
5. On Foreign relations there are lots of twists coming . Russia is likely send an olive branch as soon as Trump is inaugurated. Trump will go against Congress .  (7)>>Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing . Concerning Nuclear Weapons , Trump will have to back down about a new arms race . You can thank the Russians . Putin will do the right thing as he has done settling peace talks in Syria . This I can see it being  rosy . Under
Russian President Putin
makes his "historic" meeting
with Donald Trump
in 2017-2018 .
Obama we were at almost the brink of war with Russia over Ukrainian - Crimea . If these fences can be mended it may also help in putting a collation to fight terrorism . BUT Trump has to address the Palestinian issue . Israel has repeatedly broken treaties and settled people in what are Palestinian lands . I warn that here Trump is going fail in any peace in this region , even under the critical eye of the Russians . Trump support for Bibi could enrage PLO , a new set of terrorist acts sweeps the region . Trump's anti-MUSLIM  stance is going to ignite terrorists abroad , domestic . I am SPECULATING , but it just how I see  it . China and major "trade" partners are going to get a kick in the pants . There could in 2018 serious developments with China over Taiwan . There is also an issue of American Troops being sent back into Iraq , into Syria { as an ally with Russia  ? } The middle-east will dominate his first term , here will be a test of his rationality .
Trump’s Achilles’ heel ........
has been an inability to rationally calculate the amount of realizable income needed to offset the ridiculously high debt loads he typically takes on, or to control his need to plunge ahead even in the face of obvious dangers and warnings.Eight years ago, many conservatives were criticized for saying that we believed America needed Barack Obama to fail, because his agenda was harmful to the American way of life. Trump ran perhaps the most disorganized, shambolic and utterly incompetent presidential campaign in US history. He seeks to harass Mexico and demand tribute, in the form of “paying for the wall.”He intends to betray our eastern European allies and abandon our NATO promises.He oddly refused to rule out using nuclear weapons against Europe, even as he showed signs of having backchannel ties with our Russian adversaries. He wants to raise taxes, and in fact restructure the tax code to punish some businesses, and favor others, threatening the livelihoods of millions. The worse it got, the more vitriolic those of us with a sense of decency became -- the repulsive misogyny, the attacks on Muslims, the overt racism, and the total disregard for the truth defied all social norms, and the only sane reaction seemed to be one of utter revulsion. How could someone so disgusting be running for office, and how dare he upend hundreds of years of decorum surrounding the presidential office? And now our American system is being tested again !

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

 (1)>>run like a thread { domino effect} Political tensions are forecast to continue escalating in the next few years, revealing motivations that begin to make increasingly transparent, those policies which threaten or sustain humanity within this country and the international community. Under Trump's term, many ideas and initiatives will be pushed and executed at top speed, in favor of aggressive approaches to national agendas and foreign policies. Themes of exchange and distribution of natural resources figures prominently in the next four years with regard to India, North Korea, and Singapore. The cards speak of an aggressive return in focus to military defense and American involvement with countries in ongoing states of political turmoil, including North Africa, Russia, And Iraq.The other sensible explanation would be that these problems are not Trump's personal political problems but rather the country's as a whole.  As I said yesterday, as president-elect, Trump's karma is now indissolubly connected to the karma of the nation.  If there are bad alignments in Trump's chart, then it can also indicate problems in the US.  e.g. a Mars transit in Trump's chart could manifest as a terrorist attack in the US.   (1.2)>>Yes, those crazy Tweets. Trump's Twitter feed has become a hotbed of insults and incitement of conspiracy theories and fringe ideas.Twitter has been used by Donald Trump for years. He has long been known to make crazy rants using the social media platform. According to Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway, Trump tweets so much in order to “distract the media from his business conflicts and the scary people in his cabinet,” but in Trump’s words the real reason is because his “brain is bad.” The TWEETS are the sauce , perhaps a danger to our national security . Did you miss that Trump is on record saying a new arms race is a good thing?The cognitive dissonance of you people is stunning.    (2)>>In a crowded Republican field dominated by hard-core right-wingers  .  On the basis of the president-elect's statements (especially his tweets) and early hires for his Cabinet and senior White House staff, this couldn't be further from the truth. Trump is putting together what will be easily the most right-wing administration in American history. Too long for me to elborate here see this link for a list of the "hard core" along with bio's ( ) (3)>>{ mobster otherwise ....}. Trump was first tied to the mafia in the 1980s, when a $7.8 million subcontract for Trump Plaza was awarded to S&A Concrete, according to Fortune. The company, as Cruz correctly says, was partially owned by Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, the boss of the Genovese crime family.Trump himself acknowledged as much in a December 2015 interview with the Wall Street Journal, admitting that S&A Concrete was "supposedly associated with the mob."Trump’s alleged mob dealings were not confined to New York. According to reports from the Huffington Post  and Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump made a deal in Atlantic City with Kenneth Shapiro, an associate of mob boss Nicky Scarfo, and mob-connected labor boss Daniel Sullivan.Trump seemed aware of this, calling Shapiro "a third-rate, local real estate mafia" and Sullivan "the guy who killed Jimmy Hoffa."  (4)>>bargaining rights away from Public Unions .  Trump, the Republican Congress, and the soon-to-be Republican-dominated Supreme Court are poised to damage unions—and the interests of working people, both union and not—even more. Indeed, within the GOP, the war on unions engenders almost no dissent. Since Republicans were swept into office in a host of Midwestern states in the 2010 elections, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin have all effectively eliminated collective-bargaining rights for public employees and subjected private-sector unions to “right-to-work” laws that enable workers to benefit from union contracts and representation without having to pay their union any dues. Previously, such laws were largely confined to Southern states, whose respect for worker rights has improved only somewhat since they were compelled to abolish slavery. As the GOP has become steadily whiter and more right-wing, those Southern norms have become national. (4.2)>> revive NCLB . Sounds crazy , but it is . It was one of the reasons why NCLB was around . It ranked schools , it pretty much started the STAR testing which teachers, school Principals dreaded . It brought sanctions to failing schools . All that was somehow connected with the School  Choice movement . In my state California , many Democratic controlled states , they might be able to override Federals coming down their throats with another NCLB attempt . It waits to be seen .(5)>>RAISE TAXES. Republicans in Congress will likely enact President-elect Donald Trump’s tax plan within the first 100 days after his inauguration. Trump’s proposal will cut taxes primarily for businesses and the wealthy, but would include across-the-board cuts as well.Trump’s proposal, which was ever-changing over the course of his presidential campaign, would cut taxes by $6.2 trillion over the next decade, according to a Tax Policy Center (TPC) analysis of the most recent version of his plan. If interest costs are included, then the federal debt would rise by $7.2 trillion over the first ten years and by $20.9 trillion by 2036. (6)>>Sen. & Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will have his dayThere are some glaring conflicts between what Trump has said in the campaign and retirement policy going forward. Trump, for example, has said he wouldn't cut Social Security and Medicare, although Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has long pushed for privatizing both programs. That may ultimately cut benefits. He wants to create the perception of a funding crisis to justify cuts. The "Better Way" paper on health care the GOP released in June gives a vision of what they might do — from repealing the ObamaCare cost controls, to expanding the quasi-private Medicare Advantage plans, to destroying Medicare as a public program and replacing it with "premium supports." (7)>> Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing .  Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing .  Recently the out going  Mr. Obama kicking out the Russian diplomats right up to  end of his term has drawn a lot of criticism . It's interesting to note that there are vary few Americans that believe that Russia some how hacked & influenced the election outcome . As I wrote in past posting on this blog , I think that the FBI was the source of the e-mail leaks that ruined Hillary Clinton's win . It was a REPUBLICAN strategy nothing more . If any Russian software-- malware??   was found it may have to do with regular spying , not controlling voting machines.  I have never seen such a reaction of illogic from our American media without guessing an inside job , why would any foolish persons want to push the war button against Russia .   I think American influence under Trump could also inspire a solution to the bloody Russia-Ukraine crisis, which is the result of the U.S. overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukrainian government in 2014 to further advance the U.S./NATO surrounding of Russia; after which he could end the U.S.-imposed sanctions against Russia, which hardly anyone in Europe benefits from or wants; and then – finally! – an end to the embargo against Cuba. What a day for celebration that will be! 

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OBAMA: Normally, I use these end-of-the-year press conferences to run down what we’ve accomplished over the preceding twelve months. Then I take a couple of questions from you guys. Today, the format will be slightly different. Let’s talk about the future.
(***)>>President Obama at his Last Press
Conference December 2016.

In 2008 the United States of America tried a "experiment" that over a decade it was SUPPOSED to transform and change , bring hope to America . Right now , what will future historians make of the Presidency of 

(1)>>Barack Hussein Obama II?

USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll rate the Affordable Care Act as 

President Obama's----

 greatest achievement in the White House. Also, as his biggest failure.    I feel sorry for Mr. Obama . I want say this . I can say that the first day he took office the right wing  Republicans set out to destroy
the man . He was called a Maxist  & a "racist" by people whom are them selves appear to be  "racists" .(2)>>They were all in denial , in shock that a Black Man of mixed heritage  became a President . It’s true that Obama failed to create the post-partisan political change he originally promised during his yes-we-can pursuit of the White House. Washington remains as hyper-partisan and broken as ever It still resonates through the country . Overall, Obama is leaving office with healthy ratings. By 55%-40%, Americans have a favorable opinion of him. That's much better than Trump's ratings, which remain underwater by 5 points — 41% favorable, 46% unfavorable — although the president-elect's standing has been improving. Just before Election Day, in late October, Trump was at 31% favorable, 61% unfavorable in the USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll. Fifty-four percent now approve of the job Obama is doing as president Even in  the face of Republican intransigence, he still managed to get things done. But the strategies that made him successful — passing legislation by the narrowest partisan majority, refraining from boasting about what his reforms accomplished and, in the end, falling back on executive orders — are exactly what make his legacy so vulnerable. Barack Obama, as his tenure draws to a close, is deploying his legal authority in a last-minute bid to cement the areas of his legacy threatened by Donald Trump's incoming administration. Obama has tasked his staff with locating as many areas as possible where his top agenda items could be calcified and protected from Trump's wrecking ball, according to officials. Despite Obama's own efforts to convince the incoming president to maintain his policies, little of his legacy remains certain. Through his Cabinet selections, Trump has conveyed a deeply conservative streak that bears little resemblance with Obama's own governing agenda. Over the past seven years, Americans have heard an awful lot about Barack Obama and his presidency, but the actual substance of his domestic policies and their impact on the country remain poorly understood. He has engineered quite a few quiet revolutions—and some of his louder revolutions are shaking up the status quo in quiet ways. Obama is often dinged for failing to deliver on the hope-and-change rhetoric that inspired so many voters during his ascent to the presidency. But a review of his record shows that the Obama era has produced much more sweeping change than most of his supporters or detractors realize.
Foreign Policy blunders .
The Arab Spring was Mr. Obama's great attempt at regime change . I guess he borrowed the idea from the previous Bush administration . On 4 June 2009 Barack Obama bounded on to the stage at Cairo University to deliver a speech which promised to seek "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world". It was, he said solemnly, a time of great tension. Speaking from a lectern set against a backdrop of plush red curtains, Obama sought to move beyond the toxic legacy of the 9/11 attacks, the US-led invasion of Iraq, the "war on terror" and the long and occasionally bloody impasse on the Palestinian issue. Expectations were enormous. Even at the time it was hard to imagine that this young African-American president with Muslim roots could meet them all. Still, Obama had opposed George Bush on Iraq and chided him for not doing enough to promote a just peace for the Palestinians – the two defining Middle Eastern issues of the preceding, turbulent years. But any early examination of the effects of his strategies is reflected in a record of miscalculation and failure. Perhaps the most dramatic effects are in foreign policy. His campaign to withdraw American power and decision-making from the international scene has demonstrated what is obvious to serious students of foreign affairs: The enormous power of the United States, whether economic, political or military, expresses itself even when Washington chooses to remain neutral or withdraw its influence. A world order without American participation is unimaginable not only to our allies, but to adversaries as well. Chaos in the Middle East is the most dramatic example of what happens when American leadership, with all the pomp and power that comes with it, is withdrawn. His weakening of the U.S.-Israel alliance encouraged Muslim terrorists and his flirtation with the Muslim Brotherhood through the offices of Hillary Clinton was disastrous. When the Egyptian military, by popular demand overthrew the Brotherhood, the president and (3)>>Mrs. Clinton attempted to boycott the new Egyptian government, breaking the close link to Cairo and provided the opportunity for Russian arms and influence to return to the place whence it was expelled a half-century ago. (4.1)>>In Syria, Mr. Obama’s initial declaration of opposition to the Bashar al Assad regime, and the infamous red line he confidently promised could not be crossed, assured the Syrian descent into a bloody civil war that sent millions of refugees into neighboring countries and even into Europe. The consequences included a Russian base of operations in the Mediterranean and the extension of radical Islamic terrorism across the Fertile Crescent. The rise of the ISIS { I use the word IS as for Islamic State } is  embarrassing for the Obama administration . In the case of the creation of Islamic State, for instance, the United States’ policy analysts are willing to concede that invading (4.2)>>Iraq back in 2003 was a mistake that radicalized the Iraqi society, exacerbated the sectarian divisions and gave birth to an unrelenting Sunni insurgency against the heavy handed and discriminatory policies of the Shi’a-dominated Iraqi government. Similarly, the war on terror era political commentators also “generously” accept that the Cold War era policy of nurturing the Afghan so-called “freedom fighters” against the erstwhile Soviet Union was a mistake, because all those fait accompli have no bearing on their present policy.
Bailing out the Banks.
President Obama claimed his administration has secured "new tools" to "stop taxpayer funded bailouts."In reality, not only are the nation's biggest banks now bigger than ever, thanks in no small part to Obama's (5.1)>>Dodd-Frank law, but consumers have seen almost none of the financial relief Obama promised them, and during the peak of the crisis Obama actually used middle-class homeowners to prop up Wall Street banks. In President Obama's first State of the Union address { in 2010 } , he tried to capture the public's anger toward Wall Street while defending his decision to bail it out. He argued that while his rescue of the banks wasn't popular, it was necessary. As a palliative, he suggested that $30 billion of the repaid TARP money be given to community banks to lend to small businesses. And he pushed for a bill that reduces the risk in the financial system to prevent a recurrence of the financial crisis.Obama cast his actions regarding the banks as a necessary response to a dire emergency: "A year ago when I took over as president, our financial system was on the verge of collapse. Experts told us that if we did not act, we might face a second Great Depression. So we acted immediately and aggressively." Obama’s problem was not the one he claims – Americans didn’t understand why he was allying himself with the Wall Street felons because “we couldn’t explain everything we were doing….”  Obama’s problem is that many Americans realized that he was, to quote Sorkin, giving “a sweetheart deal [to] the same people who created” the crisis through their frauds.  Obama used our Nation’s wealth to make those felons even wealthier while giving them immunity from prosecution.  (5.2)>>That is a dreadful “legacy” and it is destined to get far worse when it encourages the epidemics of control fraud that cause the next crisis.Meanwhile, no one was punished. As of 2013, five years after the crisis, not one top Wall Street executive was convicted of related criminal charges.The Obama administration’s “federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy — it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme,” Taibbi wrote. The economy may have an illusion of stability now, he warns, but it is just that — an illusion — and is bound to collapse again. We might see it when Trump takes office , since Trump has lined up his new Cabinet with Wall Street rich Mr. Obama paved the way for another  corporate  take over of the nation . 
The Health Care debacle .
2009 President Obama
signs the healthcare
law that bares
his name .
I had hoped after watching (6.1)>>Michael Moore's Sicko that the American nation would wake up , have a revolution of sorts to overhaul the entire healthcare system that was overcharging , nickel and dime'ing Americans with skyrocketing prices every year.   Just about everybody's either financially strained or going broke due to spiraling health care costs: the people, the employers, state governments and even the federal government. Multinational corporations are fleeing the United States due to health care costs, taking jobs and economic productivity with them. Meanwhile, 50 percent of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical expenses. (6.2)>>Some how  the election of Mr. Obama was basically sold on healthcare reform . IN 2008  Both presidential candidates, Senator John McCain (R–Ariz.) and Senator Barack Obama (D–Ill.), have proposed plans to reform the health insurance system in the United States. They also have put forth ideas to improve the quality and efficiency of care.The great and well-known irony of Obamacare is that it is based on a Republican idea. Mitt Romney’s three-pronged health reform while governor of Massachusetts provided the template: first, insurance companies could not discriminate against the sick; second, everyone had to buy insurance or face a penalty; third, the government would help poor people buy insurance or cover them outright. In 2008 nearly all of the Democratic presidential candidates agreed that this was the way forward, but the winner would have to navigate a maze of powerful special interests in order to get reform passed. IN 2012 ,President Barack Obama's victory serves as a vindication for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, industry experts said soon after the president won re-election . The years between 2009 through 2012 saw the Obama presidency preoccupied with Health Care . There was the moment which the Democrats took the House / Senate , Mr. Obama signed his signature law . It was his happiest moment . It did not last long after signing it , Obama was caught in "misleading" situations about the law its self . It appears that who ever wrote the law did not fully comprehend that it was playing favorites with the Health Care industry . It was pure BAIT and SWITCH . Rather than making "healthcare affordable" as the title of the law states . It just did the opposite . People who had better coverage  at a lower rate soon found themselves being dropped from coverage , and forced to buy a much more expensive policies . Every year since it's inception costs rose between 12 to 30 % ! . The Big Pharma , BIG HMO CEO's lined their coffers with new enrollees because that law required everyone to buy health care or face stiff fines . ALSO who can ever forget one of these famed Obama lines " YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR" .

RACE and REASON under OBAMA & 
“We are Americans first,” he urged in the Rose Garden on the day after Donald Trump was elected.In fact, by the standards Barack Obama subsequently set—in a presidency defined by its speeches, and perhaps to be best remembered for them—as the first African -black -American President we have to do a serious reexamination  of (7)>>those years where race relations should have been better. Something just went wrong . We had a spike in terrorism on the domestic front . Mass shootings increased . To top the icing on the cake , Police shooting(s) of  unarmed black men for what ever reason tainted a picture of our nation . It brought deep rooted fears in the black communities.  He proposed bold reforms, but some were never enacted, while others seem set to be undone; his flickering diplomatic bravery was offset by a sort of rash timidity. He was an incarnation of racial healing, yet at the end of his tenure the civil-rights triumphs of the 1960s seem more remote, to some African-Americans, than the civil war of the 1860s. America is a more divided country , more polarized , demoralized, corrupted than ever on the eve of a Trump presidency . I believe we would be hearing a different story about Mr. Obama had he not taken any advice from his cabinet , or leaned too far to the left. This country is now in tatters, brimming with soon to be social unrest under a Trump administration & economic uncertainties .


(***)>> Here is the transcript of this LAST press conference . It's too lengthy in detail to write about , but it was my basis for my blog post . I did not want to "hammer" Mr. Obama for his "errors" , since no American President is not "perfect" for the job . Sometimes I wish Obama had done things right , but along the way he forgot his grassroots that elected him in the first place  (see ) , his Administration began solid with the Democrats wining both seats in the House/Senate , since 2009 it slow crumbled thanks to the Republican obstructionists into the morass that it is now ,
For a new generation of
voters in 2008 . Obama
was the poster child of a
new system of
Propaganda . It worked.
 (1)>>Barack Hussein Obama II.  Mr. Obama is the first American { while many believe it not } President to have a Muslim name in office . Originally Obama wrote a whole book about his quest for identity, called "Dreams From My Father",  and in it he never directly deals with the reasons he reverted to his birth name, or the impression it made on his relatives. The book is a deeply personal narrative that takes some liberties with the facts for the sake of a coherent tale. For a while he held the name of aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Soetoro aka Barry Dunham aka Barry Obama aka Barack Hussein Obama Barack ...carry'd his mothers legacy after she remarried , live in Indonesia. Granted he was brought up as a Muslim . Obama got a glancing exposure to Islam. He went to a public school where he had a bit of Islamic instruction, perhaps once a week. Either case I feel that he was a non practicing  Muslim . It's in the name , not just taking up his fathers legacy in Kenya . I honestly think that this alienated him , created the birther stigma that will haunt him when he leaves office . .(2)>>They were all in denial.  The first African American President had to deal with an opposition from the day he was inaugurated that swore to bring him down, in the face of that opposition did change the direction we were going. It was not perfect. Everything he did was not necessarily the right thing to do. However, with what he had to work with and compromise with he succeeded in what he needed to do. The extreme right who held views of hatred because of what they lost in George W. was being replaced by an African American President who they could not stand. (3)>>Mrs. Clinton . Despite the fact she paid for Obama's miscalculation and failure.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has chosen to be the fall guy for President Barack Obama's failure to defend Benghazi from terrorists and rioters, a violent outbreak which killed one of our ambassadors. Such an affront to our national sovereignty is an act of war. If Secretary Clinton is responsible for failing to provide security to the US Embassy, then she must step down. Of course, she has not made any move to give up her post. In effect, she is not taking responsibility, but she is serving instead as the scapegoat for a President whose foreign policy has failed on every level. (4.1)>>In Syria. But Obama's legacy is also defined by areas where he's resisted action such as Syria, where he initially armed the  rebels battling President Bashar Assad, and where backed down from his threat to retaliate for Assad's use of chemical weapons.{ I don't believe Assad used chemical weapons , but it may have been part of disinformation to the American public to drag America into a new war in Syria }It is very easy to mislead the people merely by changing the labels while the content remains the same—call the Syrian opposition moderate and nationalist rebels or insurgents and they would become legitimate in the eyes of the Western audience, and call the same armed militants “jihadists or terrorists” and they would become illegitimate. How do people expect from the armed thugs, whether they are Islamic jihadists or supposedly “moderate” and nationalist rebels, to bring about democratic reform in Syria or Libya?For the whole of the last five years of the Syrian civil war the focal point of the Western policy has been that “Assad must go!” But what difference would it make to the lives of the Syrians even if the regime is replaced now when the whole country has been reduced to rubble? Qaddafi and his regime were ousted from power in September 2011; five years later Tripoli is ruled by the Misrata militia, Benghazi is under the control of Khalifa Haftar who is supported by Egypt and UAE and a battle is being fought in Sirte between the Islamic State-affiliate in Libya and the so-called Government of National Accord.  (4.2)>>Iraq back in 2003 was a mistake that radicalized the Iraqi society.  Every USA administration even before the USA became the worlds most powerful military superpower post WW2, the USA has operated double standards in it`s policies in the Middle East. Covertly at first, but today the USA overtly uses it`s military power to impose USA interests in the Middle East, this escalation has been dramatic and inconsistent.During the 1980 Iraq attack on Iran, the USA gave covert support to Saddam Hussein, supplying weapons and the chemicals essential for poison gas manufacture to Iraq, with Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam and shaking his hand in Baghdad on December 20th 1983. The Iraq/Iran war lasted for 8 years, with millions of deaths and no territorial gains, much longer than it would have, had the USA remained neutral.(5.1)>>Dodd-Frank law. The "bigger moat" of regulation caused by Dodd- Frank, the nation’s largest banks now control an even larger percentage of the nation’s assets than when Dodd-Frank became law, making it even harder for the federal government to claim it won't bail them out. Finally, when it did come time to bailout the banks last time, Obama used Troubled Asset Relief Program dollars to create the Home Affordable Modification Program, which Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner then used to help "foam the runway" for Wall Street at the expense of distressed homeowners. Some background here for the readers .Passed as a response to the Great Recession, it brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression.  The financial crisis of 2007–2010 led to widespread calls for changes in the regulatory system. In June 2009, President Obama introduced a proposal for a "sweeping overhaul of the United States financial regulatory system, a transformation on a scale not seen since the reforms that followed the Great Depression". (5.2)>>That is a dreadful “legacy”. There is a problem with this, however: Obama cut food stamps and bailed out Wall Street, punishing none of the people he readily admits caused the crisis.“Food stamp recipients didn’t cause the financial crisis; recklessness on Wall Street did,” Obama declared in his final State of the Union address.{ in 2016 } In February 2014, Obama signed a bill that would cut food stamps by $8.7 billion over the next 10 years. The legislation was estimated to cause 850,000 households to lose an average of $90 per month, while poverty and hunger are on the rise — even though they are already at disproportionately high levels compared to other OECD countries. The cut was part of the omnibus 2014 Farm Bill. Just before signing legislation that reduced social services for the poor, MSNBC reported that “President Obama praised it as an example of bipartisan problem-solving that would help create jobs and move the American economy forward.” Yet what he did was exactly what a right wing Republican would have done !!!! (6.1)>>Michael Moore's Sicko.  The government failed to reform healthcare . I Say the best policy was for the government to negotiate rates , and prices with the individual insurance companies .  WHY THAT DID NOT HAPPEN is vary strange considering that  making healthcare affordable first is to bring prices down . Michael Moore documentary about the corrupt health care system in The United States . Literally the word corrupt stands about the American healthcare system . Its a profit making business that its lined up with the fat cats at WALL STREET . Under a President TRUMP I suspect that the status quo will continue.  Do you think it is a bit strange that after 7 years, Republicans in Congress still don’t have a replacement plan for Obamacare? Or that they now tell us that developing one will take 3 or 4 more years. And of course, once they have a plan it will take state governments and insurance companies two or three more years to phase it in. So, we are looking at a decade’s delay. That’s if we are lucky.  (6.2 )>>Some how  the election of Mr. Obama was basically sold on healthcare reform . I suspect that the other reason he won the election is he promised to reform healthcare . I think one of the ideas that the voters thought they were voting for was UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE . UH for short would have been much better for Americans rather than the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (7)>>those years where race relations should have been better.  While it is not surprising that race has continued to be a hot-button issue since President Obama took office in 2009, what is shocking is how much race division has expanded through efforts of the Executive Branch itself.  Cabinet officers like the Department of Justice’s Eric Holder have not only segregated criminal investigations based on race during his term in office, but has presided over using taxpayer funds to promote racial tensions in regards to the shooting of Trayvon Martin.President Obama has twice made reference to Trayvon Martin since his death in 2012, and in both instances he has taken the office of the President and turned it into a racially biased symbol.  The truth of the matter is, black crime, both on fellow blacks and on whites is at epidemic proportions.  And instead of addressing this growing crisis, the Executive Branch and the media have used Orwellian Newspeak to change truth to propaganda, and lies to truth by bolstering the concept that white versus black crime is the real problem.