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Trump's Troubling Week.

Obamacare , Trump-care and Ryan-care . And I don't care .
Trump had a bad week
between media and medical.
I was pretty much going to write about the TRUMP budget , rather than put any thing down about the defeat of the House Republican's trying to "Repeal and Replace" Obamacare . We'll it did not go as  they planned . (1.1)>>The Republican's have had 7 years to come up with something . That has been the argument about that party . That they needed a plan to replace . In the REALITY of sorts , the GOP never had a plan -- the plan it's self was a lie - what Paul Ryan , Trump just realized that the repeal would put so many American's at risk with out having any health insurance { estimation between 14 to 20 million} with no back up plan the repeal would be catastrophic .  There is another "twist" to this . The power of the healthcare industry , their lobby was against the repeal , because they are making money -- yes MONEY ! the Obamacare industry managed to { as in a market based $$$ system} expanded to high revenue earnings . As I wrote before , in order to have REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM we have to dump the market based system of healthcare , go boldly towards a Single -Payer system. Congress has to be in a position to negotiate with the HMO's,  the whole industry on making healthcare really affordable . Right now they can't . Even President Trump the great negotiator could not drag the entire industry to the table -- which he should have done if the whole GOP wanted to do anything . Seriously about healthcare reform.Seven years of Republican efforts to eradicate President Barack Obama's proudest domestic achievement ended Friday before a single vote was cast.House Speaker Paul Ryan sensationally pulled his Obamacare repeal bill from the floor Friday afternoon, a day after President Donald Trump had threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn't get a vote."We were very close," Trump said in the Oval Office after the bill was pulled. "It was a very, very tight margin."Worse, it isn’t clear at all that Congress can pass a plan to replace health-care reform once it is repealed. Democrats will oppose efforts to roll back Medicaid, repeal progressive taxes and put people even more at risk. The entire Congress could face extortion from the House Freedom Caucus, the uber-right-wing caucus that wants to roll back not just Obamacare, but Medicare and Medicaid as well. Repeal and delay could easily turn into repeal and collapse. In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump deflected any responsibility for the setback and instead blamed Democrats. “We couldn’t get one Democratic vote,” he said.“I don’t blame Paul,” Trump added, referring to Ryan.Trump said he would not ask Republican leaders to reintroduce the legislation in the coming weeks, and congressional leaders made clear that the bill — known as the American Health Care Act — was dead.Trump thanked Paul Ryan for his hard work and noted that Democratic Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were the "losers" of the whole affair.  "I've been saying for a year and a half that the best thing we could do --politically speaking-- is to let Obamacare explode, it is exploding right now, many states have big problems. Almost all states have big problems," the president said. The failure to pass a healthcare bill has done damage to Trump’s agenda, which is hard to overstate. Much of Trump’s image is built around the idea that he’s a master negotiator, able to forge complex deals.

The not so great budget .
There are many points to this budget . This "budget" serves the wealthy by giving them tax breaks , while those less fortunate will have less services or none. Mostly I DON'T AGREE WITH building up the military budget !!!   Starting with as President Trump again called (1.2)>>to revitalize the United States military, most notably with a 10 percent increase in the defense budget. Such proposals make for a snappy sound bite and enable the president to bask in the reflected glow of the armed forces, which happen to be more popular than he is. Yet in the absence of a coherent national strategy, arbitrary increases in the defense budget will do little to make America safer, and could make the world more dangerous.The “skinny budget” that the Trump Administration will release this week isn’t expected to include any information about the tax and entitlement changes it will propose in its full budget later this spring, in sharp contrast to prior Presidents’ initial budgets.  The President’s emerging fiscal agenda, however, is increasingly clear.  It features large increases in defense funding that are offset by cuts in a range of critical domestic priorities, substantial tax reductions for the wealthy, losses in health care for low- and moderate-income Americans, and potentially deep cuts in entitlement programs outside of Medicare and Social Security.  President Trump's blueprint for the next fiscal year, released Thursday, was no different.The reaction illustrated why, despite the significant attention they are drawing, Trump's proposed dramatic cuts will likely be scaled back, changed or eliminated altogether. Trump has requested $3 billion in supplemental funds for his promised border wall with Mexico and other immigration actions. Democrats are refusing to fund the border wall. Even Republicans want Trump to keep his promise to have Mexico pay for it. And that could lead to a spring funding stalemate that risks a government shutdown. 
It's about Cuts and more cuts ..........
As Congress weighs Mr. Trump’s requests, industry leaders who are facing a loss of federal funding are starting to sound (2)>>the alarm bout the dire situations they could be facing.The reductions include $5.8 billion, or 18 percent, from the National Institutes of Health, which fund thousands of researchers working on cancer and other diseases. They also include $900 million, or about 15 percent, from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, which funds the national laboratories, considered among the crown jewels of basic research in the world.Thousands of jobs could be lost at the State Department because of the 31 percent funding cut that the White House has requested.Many educational and cultural exchange programs designed to improve the image of the United States would be abolished or pared back to pay for an increase in military spending. The Global Climate Change Initiative and a number of envoys and offices created during the Obama administration are slated for elimination.Advocates for the poor say the budget plan the Trump administration rolled out on Thursday would be a kick in the shins for low-income Americans.Mr. Trump promised to put an end to urban blight. But now that he is in office, he does not appear interested in putting federal government resources behind that goal.Mr. Trump would cut the budget of the Department of Housing and Urban Development by 13 percent. He would also eliminate programs like the Community Development Block Grant, which cities have used to fund programs such as Meals on Wheels as well as homeless shelters and neighborhood revitalization initiatives.The President supports the House Republican legislation to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which would cause 24 million people to lose coverage by 2026 by effectively ending the ACA’s Medicaid expansion over time, capping per-beneficiary federal funding for Medicaid, and making private health insurance coverage less affordable for moderate-income and older people and would use much of the savings thereby extracted from low- and moderate-income people to pay for large tax cuts tilted heavily toward the wealthy. 
Paul Ryan's budget .

The Republican focus on poverty issues comes at a time when the party’s image is in desperate need of a makeover, but also at a moment when that makeover really just isn’t possible. The Republicans would like to shed their “party of the rich” image without actually going to the trouble of changing their policies, and the anti-poverty push is part of that – they’re going to gut social programs that are working as they should be, all the while claiming that they’re “fixing” a problem that doesn’t really exist. It’s more about reducing government spending than it is about helping the less fortunate.Some of President (3)>>Donald Trump's planned budget cuts appear to be targeted more at undercutting Democratic priorities than at shrinking the national debt. A host of planned funding cuts to federal agencies, reported last week by The Hill, are part of the Trump administration's desire to eliminate roughly $10.5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years -- nearly all of the federal government's discretionary spendingIndeed, just four years ago Speaker Paul Ryan, then chairman of the House Budget Committee, proposed almost exactly what Trump wants now: big increases for the military combined with tens of billions in cuts to non defense programs. The House went along, and within months the whole appropriations process collapsed, setting the stage for a costly government shutdown in the fall of 2013.Now Trump wants the GOP to try again — only this time he openly substitutes his own ideology for deficit reduction.As proposed, the Trump budget almost certainly will not pass Congress. Too many lawmakers, including many Republicans, have declared it dead on arrival. But the document nonetheless represents a crucial road map for a president who is new to government, and who has at least a full term to pursue his goals. It is the clearest practical expression yet of what Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon described as the “deconstruction of the administrative state” last month and his agenda of “economic nationalism.”
The wiretap myth.
(4)>>The bizarre saga of President Donald Trump's claims that he was wiretapped by President Barack Obama last year reaches a dramatic climax Monday with FBI Director James Comey's testimony to the House Intelligence Committee.The high-stakes testimony in the House Intelligence Committee - the first public hearing into both controversies - came as Trump sought to steer the news focus by calling the Russia issue, which has been a cloud over his victory, "fake news".Trump created controversy in early March when he tweeted without giving evidence that Obama's administration had wiretapped Trump Tower in New York City. Top US intelligence officials, including the director of the FBI, say they have no information supporting President Donald Trump's claim that his predecessor Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of him during the 2016 election campaign. FBI Director James Comey appeared on Monday before a panel of Congress members looking into possible intelligence breaches, allegations of Russian hacking, and links between Moscow and Trump's campaign."With respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets," Comey told members of the House Intelligence Committee.
Spy vs Spy .
Enter Devin Nunes. the wiretap lie gets even more twisted . The Republican congressman from California is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and earned his badge of infamy this week when he claimed that President Trump and his associates were “incidentally monitored.” On Friday, Nunes backed down from that claim. Very embarrassing.This week, The New York Times called Nunes “a lapdog in a watchdog role,” referring to Nunes’s authority in leading the Congressional investigation into Russia’s role in last year’s election. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Nunes, who served on Trump’s transition team, “a stooge of the president.” Senator John McCain called Nunes’s behavior “very disturbing.” Others argued that Nunes’s actions not only put into question his own credibility as well as the House Intelligence Committee’s capability to investigate Russia and Trump. Meanwhile, journalists and politicians quickly figured out that Nunes was not only misleading in his remarks about alleged monitoring of Trump aides, he also destroyed his credibility as the leader of the Russia investigation in the process. Thursday was when The New York Times called Nunes “a lapdog in a watchdog role.” It’s also when Nancy Pelosi called him a “stooge” for President Trump who “acted outside the circle of respect.” And remember that McCain, one of the most highly regarded Republicans on Capitol Hill, had already basically said that Nunes embarrassed Congress. A very bad day indeed.
But by every conceivable metric, Trump failed and failed miserably this week. The only possible exception was the Gorsuch hearing, the one thing beyond Trump’s control, but even there he ran into surprisingly determined Democratic resistance.Not only did Trump fail—most spectacularly with the failure of the American Health Care Act—but he also showed no capacity to lead.

(1.1)>>The Republican's have had 7 years to come up with something .Republicans have voted more than 60 times to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. “Repeal and replace” was a staple of Donald Trump’s stump speech. Give us control, Republicans promised, and what Mike Pence promises as the “first order of business” will be repeal and replace. It was the fault of Democrats! Why, of course it was. Let's not, even for a moment, even dare to imagine that Trump/Ryan-care would have been absolutely horrible. That no one in their right mind would want it if they were actually paying attention.Here's an idea! FIX Obamacare, which IS actually working, despite its flaws, and IS helping millions, and keeping so many people alive. Instead of forcing some garbage down everyone's throats that abandons people in need, screws over the elderly, and poor, and pulls the plug on a ton of people who would die without it.   (1)>>to revitalize the United States military. President Trump’s call for an increase in military spending doesn’t have even the veneer of this sort of guidance. Instead, the administration has delivered a bundle of simplistic national security slogans rife with contradictions and gaps. Most troubling is the fact that the Trump administration apparently intends to fund increases in the defense budget by slashing components of the federal budget that contribute significantly to national security, including the State Department. The armed forces are a vital component of the national security tool kit, but so are diplomacy, economic engagement and post-conflict reconstruction. The use of military force should always be a last resort, and the balanced application of other, less costly tools of national power helps prevent wars and crises from arising in the first place. (2)>>the alarm about the dire situations they could be facing. The potential impacts of President Donald Trump’s recently proposed federal budget cuts, which could cost California agencies millions in rent vouchers and other programs.  (3)>>Donald Trump's planned budget cuts appear to be targeted more at undercutting Democratic priorities. President Trump's Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney on Sunday defended the administration's budget blueprint for not reducing the federal deficit — despite his past reputation as a deficit hawk member of Congress."Keep in mind, the administration is different than members of the Hill, the members of the House and the Senate," Mulvaney told host Chuck Todd on "Meet The Press.""Every House member, which I used to be, has a constituency," said Mulvaney. "We have a group of people we represent. Senators represent the whole state. There's also a lot of special interests, a lot of lobbying involved. The president's not beholden to any of that. The president represents everybody."Mulvaney estimates that if the president's budget were to be approved by Congress, that the deficit would remain the same as it is now. On the campaign trail, then-candidate Trump repeatedly promised to balance the budget "quickly," and at one point, even made a pledge to get rid of the federal debt in eight years(4)>>The bizarre saga of President Donald Trump's claims . Trump: NY Times “Had A Front-Page Story” Showing “Wiretapping,” And The Times “Dropped The Headline” Because “They Probably Didn’t Like It.” In an interview with Time magazine, President Donald Trump defended his claim that former President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower by saying, “The New York Times had a front-page story, which they actually reduced, they took it, they took it the word wiretapping out of the title, but its first story in the front page of the paper was wiretapping.” He suggested that “they then dropped that headline and they used another headline without the word wiretap” because “they probably didn’t like” the original headline. Even Fox News is sprinting away from Donald Trump’s bogus and paranoid claim that President Barack Obama ordered wiretaps of Trump Tower.According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, the right-wing “news” organization has fired senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano after perpetuating Trump’s false wiretapping claim during a series of segments last week.

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(***)>The  NEW Reign of the WITCHES -2017 AD.
 President Donald Trump: “I Have A Running War With The Media.” During a visit to CIA headquarters, President Donald Trump said he has “a running war with the media” and called reporters “among the most dishonest human beings on earth.” 
 If Trump is unwilling to stop himself and his staff from lying, members of Congress, especially Republicans, must pressure the president and the new administration to stop this dangerous and embarrassing practice.These aren’t gaffes and misspeak we’re talking about here. We’re not concerned with the typical, squishy political rhetoric that snares presidents or staff who declare, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it,” or, “Mission accomplished,” or even, “I’m in charge here.”---YEA , there are "witches" in th politics of Washington D.C. .Trump described his administration as “a fine-tuned machine,” and in particular praised its implementation of his anti-terrorism executive order, which has been largely blocked by the courts.“The rollout was perfect,” Trump said. BEWARE We have new royalty :  (1)>>The Trumps {When the U.S. Senate considered titles for the President, this man favored "His Highness The President of The United States and Protector of the Rights of the Same."}   .  (1.2)>>Royalty is Un-American , but 200 years ago in 1789 , there was a paper published by a  (2)>>Benjamin Bache,  {The Aurora, edited first  grandson of Benjamin Franklin, and then by William Duane, led the fight for greater freedoms. Competitor papers, The Porcupine's Gazette and Gazette of the United States, advocated greater government powers. The arguments between the different factions, including editors and politicians, were heated, vituperative, and sometimes physical.}  who if he lived today he would have had a field day writing about our modern corrupt system . Lying by government officials is nothing new . Since 1789 we been told one story { the media} and another { Trump's twitter} . What is that exactly ,  NEWS-SPEAK coined the word "fake news" & " alternative FACTS".Trump said he thought the media had (3)>>“a lower approval rate than Congress.” No — the publics approval of Congress is lower than its trust in the media. Best example is the  president’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, who also speaks at times for the United States, was caught in a web of lies on Day One about, of all things, the size of the crowd attending or watching Trump’s inauguration ceremony. He not only lied during a press conference in which he berated reporters for their accurate portrayal of the event, but he then doubled down to say that he didn’t mean what he said when he said it, lying instead about an inflated television audience.
The Media Witches .
The New York Times noted that Trump “unleash[ed] a remarkably bitter attack on the news media, falsely accusing journalists of both inventing a rift between him and intelligence agencies and deliberately understating the size of his inauguration crowd.” Trump accused the media of lying and claimed, “I think they’re going to pay a big price.”Now, in the wake of Trump's election to the presidency, many lawyers who represent journalists and media organizations are worried. (4)>>While many reporters think their First Amendment rights guarantee a broad swath of freedom to operate professionally, many interactions between government and the press are lightly regulated and not specifically protected by the Constitution. They have persisted more out of tradition and potentially reversible regulations than through statutes. In other words, press protections as most have understood them over the past half century depend to a large degree on observance of longstanding political tradition.To say that Trump has certainly shown a willingness to disregard tradition when it comes to the media would be an understatement.President Trump has kept his distance from the press since accusing former President Obama, without evidence, of wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.  Trump has left it to Vice President Pence and his top aides to answer questions about the explosive allegation. And the president has mostly remained out of pubic view, even as he has taken a flurry of meetings with members of Congress and representatives from leading industry groups, conservative organizations and labor unions. Since winning the election, the incoming administration has broken from the practices of past incoming presidents in ways that could impact how the press reports on and the public learns about its activities. For example, Trump broke from “decades of tradition” by not traveling with a press pool during his campaign and continued to do so even after the election. This meant that the public often learned about Trump’s conversations with leaders of foreign countriesfrom the countries themselves, rather than the press. And Trump’s incoming Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, implied in an interview last week that the new administration may do away with daily press briefings in the White House.

All the conversation about "mainstream media" being corrupt...meantime, these wing nuts (and their "fearless leader") will swallow the most outrageous, completely fabricated crap espoused by rightwing rags and "news" programs.

The media is the new modern
witch . Freedom of the Press
she represents .
(***)>The  NEW Reign of the WITCHES -2017 AD.  The year 1798, for example, was a crisis year for democracy and those who, like Thomas Jefferson, believed the United States of America was a shining light of liberty, a principled republic in a world of cynical kingdoms, feudal fiefdoms, and theocracies.That year President John Adams pushed through Congress -- by a single vote -- the Alien and Sedition Acts, and was aggressively putting into jail newspaper editors who disagreed with him and supported Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin Bache -- Ben Franklin's grandson -- had been one of the first, as he had just published an editorial referring to the President as, "old, querulous, Bald, blind, crippled, Toothless Adams."Then-Vice President Jefferson was wretched. He'd left town the day Adams signed the acts, as a symbolic act. He would have nothing to do with their implementation. The abuses were startling, and, as I documented in an earlier article, "How An Earlier Patriot Act Brought Down A President," Adams was moving America quickly into the direction of an authoritarian, single-party rule. Over Jefferson's angry objections, Adams had even imprisoned a member of the U.S. House of Representatives -- Matthew Lyon of Vermont -- for speaking out against Adams's Federalists' favoritism of the rich over working people.Two weeks before the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed, June 1, 1798, as Adams was already rounding up newspaper editors and dissidents in anticipation of his coming legal authority, Jefferson sat down at his desk and, heart heavy but hopeful, put quill pen to paper to share his thoughts with his old friend John Taylor, one of his fellow Democratic Republicans and a man also in Adams cross-hairs. (Two decades later, Taylor would write down his thoughts on the issue of government in a widely-distributed book, "Construction Construed, and Constitutions Vindicated," noting that: "A government is substantially good or bad, in the degree that it produces the happiness or misery of a nation...")(1)>>The Trumps. Donald Trump by nature is an aristocrat. A showman . He's a puppet , not exactly of the Russians . The likelihood the GOP pulled the greatest con on the American political system but granting the throne of the presidency to the least experience man to the highest office of the nation. I guess Americans like drama . I think if the antics of the Kardashians & reality TV glues the audience with voyeuristic tastes , then the simple answer is then obvious as why he won the election  . Donald Trump has a funny fixation on a particular title of nobility: baron. “John Baron,” you’ll remember, was one of the imaginary friends Trump invented to say nice things about him to the press, whose good opinion Trump has always (conservatives beware) coveted above all things. That wasn’t a random choice — he’d later name his youngest son “Barron.” Southerners may have a few Dukes and Earles in their family trees.  (1.2)>>Royalty is Un-American.   But nationalist alt-right nut jobs just swallow whatever their 'daddy Trump' feeds them, and then call everyone else 'un-american' since they don't want to put up with this pathetic pseudo-McCarthyism scare tactics. Disgusting sycophants is what they've become, eating up all the crap they're fed while Exxon Executives and Goldman Sachs associates are put into political appointments. A good American Man? Please, don't make me laugh. He's the same old breed of politician, just like Hillary, just like Obama, just like Bush, just like Clinton.
The Honorable Benjamin
Bache  1789 .
 (2)>>Benjamin Bache. Trump's war against the media mirrors America's first attempt to censor the FREE PRESS .   Bache was an American journalist, printer and publisher. He founded the Philadelphia Aurora, a newspaper that supported Jeffersonian philosophy. He frequently attacked the Federalist political leaders, including Presidents George Washington and John Adams, and historian Gordon S. Wood wrote that "no editor did more to politicize the press in the 1790s. His paper's heated attacks are thought to have contributed to Congress's passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts.The grandson of Benjamin Franklin, Bache was often referred to as "Lightning Rod Junior" after his famous grandfather's experiment. The son of Sarah Franklin and Richard Bache, he died at 29 in the yellow-feverepidemic of 1798.ll Philadelphia newspapers report the affairs of Congress, although the Aurora's publisher, Benjamin Bache, was barred, as of three weeks ago, from taking notes on the floor of the House of Representatives.The banishment of Benjamin Bache arose from a bizarre incident which occurred in the House chamber on the last and very icy Tuesday of January, the 30th. Several members were warming themselves by the great stoves which heat the House chamber when, in idle conversation, a Republican congressman from Vermont (an Irish newspaper publisher) posed the possibility of starting an opposition newspaper in Federalist Connecticut. (President John Adams' Federalist party controls each of the New England states and holds a commanding majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.) The Report of the House Committee on Privileges reads as follows:Mr. Lyon [the Vermont Republican] was ... holding a conversation with the Speaker [Mr. Jonathan Dayton] ... loud enough to be heard ... On Mr. Lyon's observing that, if he should go into Connecticut and manage a press there six months ... he could effect a revolution and turn out the present [Federalist] Representatives--Mr. Griswold [a Federalist representative from Connecticut] replied ... "you had better wear your wooden sword" or words to that effect, alluding to Mr. Lyon's having been cashiered in the army ... Mr. Lyon spat in his face.Personal insults! Spitting! At a time when political etiquette and the hardship of overland travel force politicians to wait at home for the call to office rather than travel some campaign trail in pursuit of it, the newspaper is a mighty force in the political life of America. As this bizarre event suggests, even the threat of an "opposition press" can lead to violence.(3)>>“a lower approval rate than Congress.”  The latest numbers come from Gallup, which has been asking people how much confidence they have in various institutions since 1973. As of June 2016, 40 percent of the public had a negative opinion of television news, but 55 percent weighed in on the negative side for Congress. Newspapers did a hair better in the mistrust department. About a third of the people surveyed said they had very little or no trust in the printed press.Trump gave himself some wiggle room on the accuracy of that, but he still made the point. To set the record straight: The press does rank low in the trust department, but Congress ranks even lower. (4)>>While many reporters think their First Amendment rights guarantee a broad swath of freedom .  Trump's inner circle has shown enthusiasm for using the justice system to crack down on journalists. Earlier this month, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet “should be in jail” because the paper published Trump's tax returns. There's zero chance Baquet will be prosecuted for publishing the tax returns—it's not even clear what federal criminal statute Lewandowski thinks Baquet violated—but that and other statements from prominent Trump surrogates suggest that Trump's administration will be unapologetic about pushing past the limits established by White House tradition.

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The best Presidential
Gaff I have seen  yet .
Wiretapping are serious allegations . Trump clasped Obama’s shoulder and shook hands before the two parted ways and the former president boarded a helicopter outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20.They haven’t spoken since, although Trump tried to call Obama to thank him for the traditional letter that one president leaves for his successor in the Oval Office. Obama was traveling at the time and the two never connected, people familiar with the matter said. Former President Obama was reportedly furious after President Trump fired off tweets accusing him of wiretapping Trump Tower before the presidential election, according to a new report.An aide to Obama told The Wall Street Journal the former president had decided he would not respond to every one of the his successor's tweets. But people familiar with Obama's thinking told the Journal he was livid after Trump posted several tweets early Saturday morning making serious accusations. President Trump has sparked a firestorm by accusing then-President Obama of wiretapping communications in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, without providing any evidence for his claim. Yes, with out any evidence. It seems that all the hearsay about it started with a right wing news pundit named (1)>> Mark R Levin Levin said, “Well, a pleasure to be here. The
evidence is overwhelming. This is not about President Trump’s tweeting. This is about the Obama administration spying, and the question is not whether it spied. We know they went to the FISA court twice. The question is who they did spy on and the extent of the spying that is the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates.” Do we REALLY BELIEVE Trump's latest tweet? Honestly I don't in the way we are being mislead by the Right , as much on the Left . The Truth I really speculate on is that if there was any real wiretap on Trump, is  that he was being  investigated regarding any "dubious" relationships with Trump INC with Russia . So far between Flynn and Sessions the company of lairs club may grow . I think common people just wont get the point . I said this before . Donald J Trump has had dealings with Russia for over 30 years as a business man . It's hard to escape that fact among the rest of the Republicans , not just so much with the liberal Democrats . & I wrote many and a few regarding this . For my Democratic friends , I say that Russia - Putin did not "influence" the election that caused Hillary to lose { by hacking our voting machines }  . They { Democrats } have to get over it . There is something more sinister GOING on in our nation why Hillary R Clinton lost to the billionaire mogul . I think the answer is  , a word no on likes but its going to undermine our democracy . Think CONSPIRACY , and COLLUSION . Now if the wiretapping was true . With out joking {seriously } about it . It's possible that Trump himself was wiretapped not by outgoing President Obama{drum roll please...} (2)>>It's VARY POSSIBLE that it was ordered by the Russians ? . It was so easy for the Russians to snoop in on our elections because Trump was a favorite of the Russian regime . The big Russian conglomerates lavished the fact that they had a American Presidential candidate who on network TV talked about -- "why can we not just get along with Russia..." . This whole suspicious behavior  was instigated by President Trump . Trump while a candidate in 2016 welcomed Russia to hack into Hillary's server . Why Trump was elected with all his imperfections reflects that attitudes of the mislead American population . I think Trump in a psychological point of view is Trump is not fit to have the Presidency . RATIONALLY no good American candidate would ask to have a foreign government hack into an opponent's e-mail . It in my view it invited espionage . And a serious breaking of America's law . So if we believe Trump's crazy tweet, he is accusing Obama exactly what he invited the Russians to do to Hillary . So the the alarm must of been sounded SOMEWHERE in the FBI that some crazy shit was go on . The FBI and various congressional committees are investigating Russian efforts to influence last year's election by hacking Democratic Party officials, and whether Trump campaign associates had contacts with Russian officials during the election year.

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 In another Tuesday tweet, Trump promoted the proposed House health care bill."Our wonderful new Healthcare Bill is now out for review and negotiation. ObamaCare is a complete and total disaster - is imploding fast!" he tweeted. Many Americans are anticipating this new healthcare law as Republicans are gutting Obamacare .Soon after two House committees on Monday evening released the text of the highly anticipated health care plan, the American Health Care Act, Trump and top administration officials began courting support from conservative lawmakers and outside groups. TRULY its going to suck , here is why . (3)>>House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday said he’s “not that concerned” about criticism of the wealthy getting a tax cut under the GOP’s new health care billFox News host Tucker Carlson told Ryan it’s “kind of a hard sell” to argue the wealthy should get a tax cut under the American Health Care Act. Ryan brushed it off. “I’m not that concerned about it, because we said we were going to repeal all the Obamacare taxes,” Ryan said. “This is one of the Obamacare taxes.” Its Obvious that these idiots like Paul Ryan want the wealthy to get off well with the best healthcare .  The TAX CUT SHOULD BE FOR THOSE POOR or OTHERWISE cant afford HEALTH COVERAGE . It's same smoke and mirror's to the While those who can't afford it are getting thrown under the bus . Another Republican for note. A first-term congressman who spent three decades as a physician — and is now part of a group of Republican doctors who have a major role in replacing Obamacare — is facing backlash after saying that poor people “just don’t want health care and aren’t going to take care of themselves” Rep. Roger Marshall, (R-Kan.), a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus, said comments he made to STAT were not meant to suggest that poor people take health care for granted. The comments were published in a story last week about his burgeoning role in the fight to replace the Affordable Care Act.“Just like Jesus said, ‘The poor will always be with us,’ ” Marshall said in response to a question about Medicaid, which expanded under Obamacare to more than 30 states. “There is a group of people that just don’t want health care and aren’t going to take care of themselves.”He added that “morally, spiritually, socially,” the poor, including the homeless, “just don’t want health care.”  This reflects what the GOP believe about healthcare . They don't want BIG GOVERNMENT stepping IN . As as NOW  the GOP being forced into the situation thanks to President OBAMA . Healthcare Reform  was lagging in our nations history . There was a chance back when (4)>>Nixon was President President Richard Nixon's Special Message to the Congress Proposing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan was on February 6, 1974. However, Ted Kennedy, is no different than any other Kennedy who want center stage, fame, glory and publicity: Kennedy was detrimental for all AMERICANS when he decided only the 'Kennedy" political stamp should be on the U.S.A. 'health-care' bill. The Clinton's wouldn't allow Teddy center stage during their health care debates, - but - Obama was desperate for Kennedy approval. It was quid pro quo for Teddy's support to Obama in return for Teddy receiving credit being instrumental, in plain English, allowing CORPORATIONS into the oval office to craft a health care plan for Americans. Democratic policy is self-serving with politicians trying to make a name for themselves, at the expense of the people.At the heart of Nixon's plans was helping the disadvantaged: "Those who need care most often get care least. And even when the poor do get service, it is often second-rate," Nixon told Congress in 1971. "This situation will be corrected only when the poor have sufficient purchasing power to enter the medical marketplace on equal terms with those who are more affluent." The Nitty -Gritty , beware of Republican's bearing gifts . The healthcare system they offer is for profit driven not for patients .
Competition along state lines ? REALLY ?
Look everyone reading this .  (4)>>Why can't you buy auto insurance across state lines ? The idea of developing a more national market for health insurance has become a major part of Republican health reform orthodoxy. A bill to allow interstate insurance sales was introduced in Congress in 2005, and, since then, has been a part of the platform of every Republican presidential nominee. Mr. Trump is not alone in his view: Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal have all endorsed it. Aside from repealing the Affordable Care Act, allowing insurers to sell their products across state lines appears to be the most popular health policy idea among the G.O.P. candidates. The idea is that by eliminating the red tape associated with state insurance regulation, insurers will be able to offer national plans with lower administrative costs. That would expand consumers’ choices and reduce the price of insurance. The proposals also all assume that, in place of expensive regulations in some states, insurers would have the option of choosing to base their companies in a state with fewer rules. In some versions of the plan, they would have to comply only with basic federal requirements that would apply everywhere. And there’s the rub, which is a similar problem President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has faced with risk pools not having enough healthy people buying policies to pay the mounting costs of the sick.“Sales across state lines would reduce premiums for those who are healthy at a given time while increasing premiums and reducing access to coverage for those with current or past health problems,” according to an analysis earlier this year by the Urban Institute’s health policy center.Furthermore, consumers need to have an adequate network of doctors and hospitals in order to get the care they need and that means insurers have to spend more money to pay these providers. Since it’s a costly proposition for the insurers to build these networks of doctors and hospitals in new regions, health plans aren't generally willing to enter new markets.  What AMERICA needs is a "single payer system " for healthcare . A majority of Americans support a single-payer, Medicare-for-all healthcare system, a new poll shows. The results showed that just over 50 percent of the 1,500 likely voters surveyed indicated support for a single-payer system. Almost 80 percent of Democrats supported such a plan, while 25 of Republicans did.As Donna Smith, Larry's wife and indefatigable single-payer advocate has stressed, making a change to single-payer would also uproot the current system which she describes as a profit-driven healthcare "cartel.""If we had an improved and expanded Medicare-for-all for life system, financed through a public, single-payer model, our system would be just that—our health care system. We would be the ones making sure that good health care access and fairly negotiated pricing was done in the best interests of us all. Until then, we are at the mercy of the health care cartel that is so powerful that it currently controls almost one-fifth of the U.S. economy," she wrote.


The leak factory didn't even bother trying to play coy --(5)>> it actually made the "Vault 7". When the news hit Tuesday morning, the bigger outlets ran wild, uncritically repeating the WikiLeaks press statement, and reporting on the documents without having them verified. If only being first was better than being correct.The files are the most comprehensive release of US spying files ever made public, according to Julian Assange. In all, there are 8,761 documents that account for "the entire hacking capacity of the CIA", Mr Assange claimed in a release, and the trove is just the first of a series of "Vault 7" leaks.Already, the files include far more pages than the Snowden files that exposed the vast hacking power of the NSA and other agencies.In publishing the documents, WikiLeaks has published a huge trove of what appear to be CIA spying secrets.Has the Central Intelligence Agency ever spied on American citizens? That was a question thrown at Julian Assange today during a press briefing hosted on Twitter's Periscope, just a matter of days after revealing the alleged documents . What I find interesting is that the Government spying network is not about spying in regards to fighting terrorism , or protecting the nation against a nuclear threat . It was more about spying on the average American via technology , like Smart TV's . the CIA released a statement Wednesday in response to the massive leak, in which it claimed it would never spy on Americans, as to do so would be illegal. "It is ... important to note that CIA is legally prohibited from conducting electronic surveillance targeting individuals here at home, including our fellow Americans, and CIA does not do so. CIA's activities are subject to rigorous oversight to ensure that they comply fully with U.S. law and the Constitution," said CIA spokesperson Jonathan Liu. Well I think the CIA has nothing to do with it's time except spying on us . Liu's statement is arbitrary.  


(1)>> Mark R Levin. Trump Repeated Rumor From Right-Wing Radio Host Mark Levin To Accuse Obama Administration Of Spying On Him During Election, Offering No Evidence. On the morning of March 4, President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets accusing former President Barack Obama of improperly having his communications in Trump Tower wiretapped during the presidential campaign. Trump cited no evidence to support his allegation, which, according to BuzzFeed, “appears to have followed a path through the pro-Trump media” and may have been sparked by a right-wing radio rumor that was written up in a post. [BuzzFeed, 3/4/17Levin Is One Of The Most Popular Talk Radio Hosts In The Country. Levin, a nationally syndicated radio host, was ranked fourth on Talkers magazine’s list of the “100 Most Important Talk Radio Show Hosts In America for 2016.” A 2013 Daily Beast article called Levin possibly “the most powerful conservative you never heard of,” citing his influence in the tea party movement and in the fight over comprehensive immigration reform. According to the article, former Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann credited Levin.  (2)>>It's VARY POSSIBLE that it was ordered by the Russians ? . With this all comes the continuing question. the Trump camp claims, all these Russian contacts were “no big deal,” what other countries were the Trump folks in contact to this degree, not just after election but for months and even years before the election?  Just Russia it seems and of course the question is what was there about Russia that made it so special? on a website called The Trump Watchdog(3)>>House Speaker Paul Ryan .   Paul Ryan has released a sweeping proposal—the American Health Care Act—to remake the U.S. health care system. Also as expected, lots of people hate it. What’s somewhat more surprising is that so many Republicans seem to hate it.               (4)>>Nixon was President .  First came Nixon's National Health Strategy in 1971, which the Democrats ridiculed and fought tooth and nail, warning it would hurt the middle class. Nixon tried again in 1974 with his Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan and encountered the same partisan resistance.How radical were Nixon's plans in comparison to Obama's? Nixon was pushing for a stronger federal role in health care and greater cost burdens on employers, the very elements the Republican-led Congress oppose today with the ACA. Nixon proposed requiring that all employers provide basic health insurance for all full-time employees; the ACA requires this only for businesses employing more than 50 workers. Under Nixon's plans, employees would have paid less for health insurance than they do today; the 1974 plan included federal subsidies to help with employers' share of the extra cost burden, according to the researchers.Nixon's 1974 plan also would have replaced state-run Medicaid programs for the poor with a federally subsidized plan open to anyone not eligible for employee health insurance or Medicare. But today, 16 governors — all Republican — have refused to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage in their states, as provided by Obama's plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.After the death of Nixon's plans, the United States did not see meaningful changes in health care until the late 1990s with the expansion of Medicaid to cover children living in near-poverty, according to the researchers. Even after this change, one-third of the nation was still uninsured.(4)>>Why can't you buy auto insurance across state lines ? The GREAT REPUBLICAN MYTH that you can buy health insurance across state lines . All the Republican friends I know have bought into the myth that President Trump shares . The reality as revealed by the Insurance Commissioners report says otherwise { see } . (5)>> it actually made the "Vault 7". I think that there are more of these Vaults out there .  In an unusual turn, the CIA made a statement. Intelligence officials told press the agency was aware of a breach leading to this very dump, and is looking at contractors as the likeliest source. A formal criminal probe has been opened.Thanks to the disinformation, lots of people are concerned about what was in the dump and how it affects their privacy and security. The contents haven't been confirmed by the CIA but it looks like it's shaping up to be the real deal. It mostly contains a lot of attack tools, and lots of clues that CIA operatives love Dr. Who, Nyan Cat, and hoard cheesy memes. The coincidence of not publishing anything on the Republicans or Russia seems to lead to only one really tenable explanation and that is that WikiLeaks and particularly Assange is a patsy of the Russian intelligence agencies and the Russian Government. The Republicans certainly have no better security that the Democrats and again we have an interesting timing for the release of this latest helping of files this time from the CIA.