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Incriminating Evidence ?

Incriminating Evidence ? The
Commander -in - Chief
at one of his past visits
at the Playboy Club .
Well President -elects first press conference was a wash up. He said the claims were "phony news from sick people" - specifically attacking CNN, who broke the story and BuzzFeed, who published the document. Is this the Incriminating Evidence ? (1)>>The dossier, which is a collection of memos { these memos I gather were written by a western spy according to a report made by  Mother Jones magazine }  written over a period of months, includes specific, unverified, and potentially unverifiable allegations of contact between Trump aides and Russian operatives, and (1.2)>>graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians. BuzzFeed News reporters in the US and Europe have been investigating various alleged facts in the dossier but have not verified or falsified them. CNN reported Tuesday that a two-page synopsis of the report was given to President Obama and Trump.In telltale fashion, anonymous US officials, citing anonymous intelligence agents, are leaking like a sieve to the reliably receptive corporate media

The Ladies Man . 
"unverified reports" alleging that the  US intelligence agencies are implying that Russian state forces intend to "coerce" Trump by blackmail when he formally becomes president after his inauguration on January 20. This "coercion", it is alleged, will be possible because the Russians have gathered highly compromising information on Trump while he was allegedly staying at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow back in 2013.The 35 pages of supposed revelations have, unsurprisingly, led to bitter accusations and recriminations. Mr Trump has accused America’s intelligence agencies of “one last shot” of sabotaging his presidency. “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” He demanded to know. “Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!”, he said in one of his many Twitter posts, his favourite form of communications, in a few hours.

Acknowledging the Hack ?
The whole Russia hacking thing is really F' insane . If you just hear these guys it gets your head spinning , so The incoming president did, however, acknowledge for the first time that he thinks Russia was behind the cyberattacks against American political officials, though he also said it could have also been other countries. REALLY!? Remember he was the one that invited Russia to hack Hillary's emails ! Why no one at the government level is investigating it?  . ARE WE as Americans that stupid ? . Something is really wrong in Washington D.C. Here is another piece that show that a conspiracy of sorts is going on . (2)>>LIKELY a COVER UPDirector of National Intelligence James Clapper said he spoke Wednesday to Donald Trump seeking to reassure the President-elect that intelligence agencies weren’t the source of news accounts about a private intelligence dossier that was summarized in briefing documents for Trump. Trump's acknowledging the hack is vary much like saying that " Russia helped him win " , which the Democrats are saying .Donald J. Trump. Unlike some of his spokesmen, and of course very much unlike the media, the President-elect has refused to swallow this Putin conspiracy theory for so much as a single minute. He’s shown more understanding of the difficulty of attributing cyber-attacks than most reporters, and he’s been skeptical from the beginning of the idea that it was the Russian state that hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails.  Yet it's the biggest fiasco I've ever seen . A nation run by idiots . A two-page synopsis laid out uncorroborated allegations by a former British intelligence operative that Russians claimed to have compromising personal and financial information on Trump. The summary was appended to documents prepared for Trump and President Barack Obama as part of briefings on Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Clapper said in a statement that the summary was included in the briefing documents because “part of our obligation is to ensure that policymakers are provided with the fullest possible picture of any matters that might affect national security.” However their { who ever is behind this elction }  going to probably scapegoat (2.1) >>FBI Director James Comey ,The Justice Department’s inspector general said Thursday that he would open a broad investigation into how the F.B.I.director, James B. Comey, handled the case over Hillary Clinton’s emails, including his decision to discuss it at a news conference and to disclose 11 days before the election that he had new information that could lead him to reopen it. it keeps getting twisted ,

For Mr. Comey and the agency he heads, the Clinton investigation was politically fraught from the moment the F.B.I. received a referral in July 2015 to determine whether Mrs. Clinton and her aides had mishandled classified information. Senior F.B.I. officials believed there was never going to be a good outcome, since it put them in the middle of a bitterly partisan issue.
Whatever the decision on whether to charge Mrs. Clinton with a crime, Mr. Comey, a Republican former Justice Department official appointed by President Obama, was going to get hammered.
Republicans had  accused Clinton and the Justice Department of “collusion.” IT ALSO SEEMS too that the Republicans were also in "collusion" with the FBI .THE LAST NOTE .

Here is another late twist to the "dossier" story . Some news media outlets , backing away from being accused by the new in coming administration as "fake news" have now been spreading a new missfeed . The new twist is that its all a fake ! 
“It is a clear fake,” said Russian political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky, who worked as a Kremlin adviser until 2011 and is personally acquainted with the Kremlin elite.

But two of the internet forums most prominently involved in supporting Donald Trump now claim that they fabricated the stories found in the document.Users of both 4chan and Reddit forum r/The_Donald have suggested that they planted the document as a fake.Some 4chan users claim they made up the latest bombshell report on President-elect Donald Trump.In the end, there doesn't appear to be much evidence to back up either the report or these latest claims, but the allegations continue to swirl.

NOTES AND COMMENTS: (1)>>The dossier.  BuzzFeed News is publishing the full

document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government. (  ) It's a shocking piece of information , scanning it there is a probability of truth . I am suspicious that the KGB may have had tapped Trump during his decades visits to Moscow dealing with Russian oligarchs as business ventures . The hiring of prostitutes etc can be verified with BuzzFeed News that also  recently uncovered a relic from Trump’s past: a softcore video documentary made in 1999 called “Playboy Video Centerfold 2000.” As might be expected from the title, the video features lots of shots of naked women dancing and posing, as well as touching themselves (and each other). (1.2)>>graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians. Like I commented above , its obvious that the Russians were "double dealing " with Trump by having KGB agents canvassing his visits . Even blackmail him? (2)>>LIKELY a COVER UP.       Rudy Giuliani,  
The former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate has recently dropped a series of hints that he knew in advance that the FBI planned to look at emails potentially connected to Clinton’s private server. The agency discovered the messages while investigating former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) for allegedly sexting with a minor. (Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, is a top aide to Clinton.)
Giuliani has bragged about his close ties to the FBI for months, mentioning ininterviews that “outraged FBI agents” have told him they’re frustrated by how the Clinton investigation was handled. And two days before FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency was reviewing the newly uncovered emails, Giuliani teased that Trump’s campaign had “a couple of surprises left.” 
(2.1) >>FBI Director James ComeyFBI Director Comey’s letter to Congress.  announcing the re-opening of the Clinton email investigation began with outrage and gradually moved to straight up conspiracy theory.   Republicans, who made her use of a private email server a centerpiece of their campaign against Mrs. Clinton, attacked Mr. Comey after he decided there was not sufficient evidence she had mishandled classified information to prosecute her.As for Comey, the FBI director angered half the country on July 5 when he closed the criminal investigation of Clinton four months before the election, despite acknowledging she lied to the agency, lied about not passing classified information on her personal, unsecured server and broke counter-espionage laws for which others are serving prison time. Then he got the other half of the country angry at him when he reopened the criminal investigation in the last week of October. Then, amid pressure from the Justice Department and, reportedly, from President Barack Obama, Comey closed the case again on Nov. 6, just two days before the election.

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Political Fallacies of OUR SYSTEM .

Political Fallacies of OUR SYSTEM .
"All governments are more or less combinations against the people...and as rulers have no more virtue than the ruled...the power of government can only be kept within its constituted bounds by the display of a power equal to itself, the collected sentiment of the people."Benjamin Franklin Bache, 1780s .

FROM LAST YEARS NEWS It's hard to get over the year past { getting over the election fiasco} but we have a whole new 365 days to deal with . I don't know just where to start here. I wish it was still December , I was still on vacation .So from January on we just have another crazy and unexpected new year. It looks like with  a  new presidency that could be out within two years in terms of public appearances and delivering on promises. (***)>>I elaborate on that theory later .

.. Stupidity of the American voter and Corruption of the American government.


If nay one believes the propaganda that the Russian's somehow helped Trump get elected , you are being fed "misinformation" . I tried to explain before in past post to this blog that I don't believe Russia did it . I never voted for Trump , but I SUSPECT that it was an inside job by elements of the Republican party , cohorts within the the Democrats . How so ? THINK for once which "party" benefited from the Trump win ? (1.1)>>It was the Republican party! why would Russia pick the worst American political party to deal with ? While the Democrats can't explain for themselves why they lost . I ALSO believed the whole election we just had was nothing but a farce . Both Democrats and Republicans some how rigged their systems , FIRST it's easy to have noticed that Hillary was the DNC choice , no escaping that , emails leaks pointed political favoritism against Sanders . Hillary won the Democratic nomination EASILY. On the Republican side was Trump . Though we saw 17 other candidates  on the GOP side { believe that they were in on it } the GOP may have showed a "phony" resistance against Trump  , he was their man all a long . (1.2)>>The harsh truth is that NO RUSSIAN propaganda created the outcome of this election , but it was right within our two party system that made it . While this election scam was centered on Hillary's e-mails , no one at least the FBI pondered to investigate the GOP e-mails between Trump and several insiders within the GOP . As a American we have been lied to by our government . How can our Mr. Obama who is outgoing accuse the Putin government of sabotaging our election , by instilling "fake news", "propaganda"  { theories} ? Just who spread the nonsense ?  The allegation is that Russian-backed hackers penetrated the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails and gave that information to Wikileaks. (1.3>>That is not the same as hacking the election, which has become one of the most absurd pieces of fake news out there. As Guy wrote earlier today, a poll noted how a majority of Democrats (1.4)>>actually think that Russia stuffed the ballot boxes for Trump, showing how far liberals will go to avoid having a serious debate about why they lost. Despite the evidence, Obama pushed forward with making Russia the scapegoat for Clinton’s 2016 election loss to now President-elect Donald Trump.  Remember these are serious allegations,  it shows how branwashed our political system really is . While the two party system will go to great lengths to lie to the American voters , spread misinformation regarding what really , really happed in Nov 8th 2016 . The Answer . THE SYSTEM WAS RIGGED FROM INSIDE OUR NATION .~ Fin.

Kerry and Israel .

I had an Issue with Secretary of the State John Kerry , but never got around to address it . News sources {Kerry accuses Israel of undermining peace hopes, 29 December In a speech laying out the Obama administration’s parameters (2)>>for a final peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, Secretary of State John Kerry stated what has been obvious to most observers for many years: that Israel’s construction of Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land has all but destroyed the two-state solution.Kerry’s speech focussed on a familiar theme: the settlements are imperilling the two-state solution. As early as 1968, according to a National Intelligence Estimate from that year, the U.S. understood that settlement expansion would make it “increasingly difficult” for Israel to pull out of Palestinian territory.When it comes to the question of a Palestinian state, anything is possible. Which, given the frustrating and enduring problems attendant to the issue, is almost tantamount to saying that nothing is possible. That is to say, it is possible that a tremendous breakthrough will soon occur and a Palestinian state will become a reality. The arc of history would then bend toward justice, or at least show itself as progressively less unjust. In the absence of such an event, however, certain stop-gap measures will have to suffice. The Palestinian Authority's announcement that it plans to seek recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN (2.1)>> Gaza
has been under siege for a decade.Now hundreds of settlements and outposts, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis, perforate the West Bank, and settlers play an outsized role in Israeli politics. As Kerry noted, their leadership has advanced “unprecedented new legislation that would legalize most of those outposts” under Israeli law, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose coalition depends on pro-settlement parties, supports. Settlement development has only accelerated during the American-mediated peace process, even as American military aid and diplomatic cover for Israel have continued.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led an onslaught of Israeli criticism of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's speech terming his speech a "great disappointment" and "biased" against Israel. The right-wing government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been uniformly, almost singularly, bad for Israel. It has proven itself to be provincial and nearsighted, unable to grasp changing geopolitical trends and unwilling to countenance inexorable demographic realities. Much of Netanyahu's coalition—including, I think it is safe to say, Netanyahu himself—does not in fact desire an end to the occupation; in fact, some parties in the coalition believe that Jews are biblically enjoined to settle in "Judea and Samaria," the Hebrew term for the West Bank. Moreover, the settlers (or if you prefer a less genteel term, one without the romantic overtones of the frontier, the colonizers) are often Haredi, or ultra-orthodox, Jews, many of whom consider their fealty to the Israeli state secondary at best. Other parties in Netanyahu's government, most prominently Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party, are loath to concede land putatively because of security concerns. And there is a resistance to ending the occupation for more mundane reasons: housing is often cheaper in the West Bank. The Israeli government offers subsidies for the construction of housing in the West Bank, as well as subsidized loans and grants for those who wish to buy homes there. Not only are these policies inimical to ending the occupation, they are in fact designed to produce the opposite outcome. One cannot simultaneously prepare for a Palestinian state and deepen the structure of the occupation, not without either some level of deep cognitive dissonance or alarming disingenuousness.John Kerry told Israel that no deal with the Palestinian Arabs is better than a bad deal with the Palestinian Arabs About an hour after Kerry's speech (full text here), Netanyahu delivered a televised statement criticizing Kerry for attacking the "the only democracy in the Middle East" while terror is rampant and the "Middle East is in flames."

Nothing surprises me since this Right Wing take over of Washington D.C.  The Republicans would move to gut the  (3)>>House Ethics Committee . You just wonder why ? Its all about corruption . Our government is really corrupt , but getting rid of the Committee shows the true nature of the politicians we elected .  Just hours after Republicans voted to gut the House's independent ethics office, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s phone started lighting up with calls and texts. The California Republican had tried to warn his colleagues about the political risks of defanging the Office of Congressional Ethics during a closed-door, secret ballot roll call Monday night. And after that vote, a number of lawmakers who agreed with McCarthy raised serious concerns about approving the controversial pitch in a public vote the next day. In a closed-door meeting Monday, a day before the start of the 115th Congress, the House GOP adopted a rules package amendment to put the Office of Congressional Ethics under the jurisdiction of the House Ethics Committee. The move effectively gives the lawmakers themselves oversight over investigations into misconduct by lawmakers and staff. It will also prevent more information from being released to the public.The plan sparked immediate outrage, with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi calling ethics "the first casualty of the new Republican Congress." Some Democrats tied Trump to the move and said that it showed his campaign pledges to rid Washington of corruption were already getting abandoned. Trump's statement also pits him against GOP lawmakers on only the first day of a new Congress. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who helped to craft the Office of Congressional Ethics while a congressman, slammed Trump for calling it "unfair" to lawmakers.  It was supposed to be a triumphant morning for Republicans on Capitol Hill — a moment to demonstrate the merits of unified party rule in the age of Donald J. Trump. By noon, party leaders had a message for their charges: It was not going smoothly.The reversal came less than 24 hours after House Republicans, meeting in a secret session, voted to curtail the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent body created in 2008 after a series of scandals involving House lawmakers, including three who were sent to jail. It was part of a turbulent opening for the Trump era in Washington, marked by a Republican push in the Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Critics said the move would undercut President-elect Donald Trump’s vows to “drain the swamp,” and save lawmakers facing scrutiny the embarrassment of having charges aired in public. The office would be limited in its ability to accept anonymous tips and launch preliminary investigations.If passed by the full House, the measure would have effectively killed the office by stripping it of its independence. It would have reported to the House Ethics committee, meaning that Congress would ultimately control the investigations of its own members.

(***)>>I elaborate on that theory later . Will Trump survive ? Michael Moore, who correctly forecast the election of Donald Trump, predicted  that he will either resign or be impeached before his term as president is up. It could really happen . I presume that some "scandal" will surface . Trump could become a serious embarrassment to the Nation . Who knows? The man can be unpredictable at times. Perhaps he will mess up within the first few months. Perhaps it will be two years from now instead. He is actually pretty intelligent, but his emotions can often get in the way. My guess is somewhere around six months. Presidential historian Allan Lichtman told CNBC that the brash billionaire’s history of playing “fast and loose with the law” could see him being thrown out of Washington in the next four years.The academic at American University in Washington D.C was one of the first to correctly predict Trump’s shock election win.Lichtman also says that cases such as the Trump University scandal and the numerous sexual assault allegations against the him – prove that the President-elect has a better than average chance of being kicked out of office.The professor went on to say the property tycoon’s opponents within the Republican party may want his first term to be cut short – so that Vice President Mike Pence could take charge.He said: “Trump is a wildcard, he has no record of public service. “Republicans love control and they would love to see Mike Pence, the vice president, as president because he is predictable and controllable.”
(1.1)>>It was the Republican party! The nomination of Trump was the greatest swindle in American politics . If you figure Trump nomination win was a set up . Here is how it works , you start out with many candidates all running against each other from both parties .  What that process is that one of them is the "choice" of the party , the "choice" may have had inside "briefings" from the inner circle . While we are oblivious to what appears that the candidates were running against each other as part of the facade  , but as the game is played the nominee { Trump} who was the first choice of the party would win , see other GOP candidates giving him their endorsements . On the subject of the e-mails , who leaked what , it in MY OPINION was the FBI { I swear it's like Watergate } The FBI conducted a comprehensive, deep investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server and concluded it did not justify grounds for indictment, he reminded Tapper. He said the public would be better served to trust the career professionals who could not find a criminal case against Clinton.The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”The agent called the bureau “Trumplandia”, with some colleagues openly discussing voting for a GOP nominee who has garnered unprecedented condemnation from the party’s national security wing and who has pledged to jail Clinton if elected. INTERSTINGLY ENOUGH . Donald J Trump "invited" the Russians to hack into Hillary's e-mail , its enough for me to conclude that either the GOP , FBI and Wikileaks where in cahoots together to bring Mrs. Clinton down . They had already the hacked material to leak out. (1.2)>>The harsh truth is that NO RUSSIAN propaganda created the outcome of this election. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Russia was not behind the hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. In an interview with Fox News set to air Tuesday, Assange told Sean Hannity that Russia was not the source of the email hack, contradicting reports from the intelligence community that the Russian government purposely interfered with the presidential election. Asked whether he could tell the American people “1,000 percent” that the emails did not come from Russia, Assange confirmed his stance. “We can say, we have said, repeatedly over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party,” he said.  (1.3>>That is not the same as hacking the election.  There were a significant number of republicans involved in the investigation and outrage over the actions of the Nixon administration. { if this were the case today with  Trump & Hillary } There were firings and resignations in the FBI, Justice Department and aides to the President. Name one democrat that has even questioned the indiscretions of any member of their party. Most do their best to spin, obscure or block any inquiries. Of course there was still a bit of honesty, honor and a sense of right and wrong back then. Absolutely none of that left anymore.  As for the Wikileaks aspect of this liberal delusion, co-founder Julian Assange has vociferously said that that his sources are not Russian . Now, one of the talking points about the Russians trying to tilt the playing field for Trump was the fact that they hacked both the DNC and the Republican National Committee, but only released the DNC data. Well, the RNC denies being hacked and aWall Street Journal piece added that the RNC’s cyber security prevented infiltration(1.4)>>actually think that Russia stuffed the ballot boxes for Trump. Joining Obama’s blame game on Russia, Clinton pointed to Russian President Vladimir Putin as the culprit who undermined her victory in the presidential election, telling donors in a December New York City speech that his “personal beef” with her incited his interference in the November contest. Corroborating Assange’s account, Fox News’ The Five Co-host Eric Bolling explained that Clinton initially blamed top campaign officials for her election loss – before suggesting voting fraud by pushing for numerous recounts. “Then it became the Russians’ fault, that the Russians affected the election – it’s none of the above,” Bolling insisted. “They had a flawed candidate – the worst candidate – not necessarily the worst human being – but the worst candidate that ran for president in my lifetime. The Russians didn’t make her come up and say ‘Deplorables,’ and it wasn’t Donald Trump who made Obamacare premiums skyrocket – double in some cases the week of the election.” Remember also the two Chief Democrats stated that Obama didn't go far enough in punishing Russia. These two war mongers know the whole thing is a lie, and use the lie just as cynically as the Democrats are. The Dems are faking  to invalidate Trump. Then  it's fishy opportunity to push for more wars and global dominance. It's shocking that both parties are idiots behind the hack , voter fraud . Sickening. 
(2)>>for a final peace agreement . In September 1993, President Clinton presided over a handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn - the climax of a "day of awe," as the press described it. (2.1)>> Gaza has been under siege for a decade. The economic blockade of Gaza is a form of collective punishment which residents say is like living in a prison. Though the military checkpoints, strong IDF presence and high walls lend the Strip a prison aesthetic, the cruelest element of the “prison” is the lack of economic freedom imposed by Israel’s blockade. Israel continues to maintain complete control of its border crossings with the Gaza Strip, and the air and sea space of the Gaza Strip – limiting the transfer of goods and people. Though they claim to have withdrawn their troops and that this leaves Gaza “not occupied,” they still maintain control over the tax system. As a result of these restrictions, 68% of residents live on less than a dollar per day. In contrast, your average Israeli live on eighty five times that. Inside their prison, Palestinians can’t get access to adequate health care, to education or to employment because of the internal controls imposed by Israel. They need permits from the Israeli authorities to gain access to land and crops.(3)>>House Ethics Committee . Though the office itself might be little-known outside Washington, it’s pursued more than 150 investigations into allegations that members of the House of Representatives acted unethically — shining a public light on behavior that would have gone unnoticed in the past and leading to more penalties for unethical acts than in earlier eras.And though many House Republicans argue that the office has overreached in its investigations, their attempt to gut the ethics watchdog right after a campaign in which they’d harshly criticized Hillary Clinton’s ethics proved politically indefensible — for now, at least. Trump is plagued by his own conflicts of interest, but it turns out that seeming to enable corruption is still politically toxic.

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Inauguration Day 2017

 Inauguration Day 2017

Can survive as long as
Obama did ? We will have wait and
see .
The Day some are dreading .  Inauguration day on January 20th , might be a bad day. Astrologers are going to have a field day .Astrologer Walter Mercado applied his otherworldly skills to the 2016 election, and predicted “total destruction” for the world if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.In an article with People en EspaƱol, Mercado said he created an astrological chart for the Republican candidate to see what’s in his future. Mercado said in Spanish. “He has no knowledge of politics and no knowledge of any type of diplomacy. He is a person that thinks money can buy anything and thinks that you can buy the conscience of all of humanity. The conscience cannot be bought with these policies that are so insulting and offensive to the human race.”     What I would suspect,  as what we know now it is going to (1)>>run like a thread { domino effect}  He is so far to the right & extreme.  (1.2)>>Yes, those crazy Tweets . Forget for a moment that Trump’s constantly waffling positions and mostly bizarre policies—when he can stop talking about himself—appear for all the world, except his uncritical supporters, to be a lot of hot air.  President-elect Donald Trump has begun making his key appointments to his inner circle and is discussing plans for the new administration.  Criticism and opposition to the Trump presidency are persisting as protests and riots have not ceased since election night.  I can say when he takes the oath of office the country has already sold it's soul . Some liberal commentators are now openly discussing the chances that Trump may not even finish his four-year term due to impeachment for criminal activities.  Trump has 75 law suits outstanding against him including the Trump University trial which began November 28th.  Other observers are painting a more hopeful future as Trump's infrastructure spending plans could well kick-start the sluggish American economy.  While media outlets are assuming an air of normalcy regarding the transition, uncertainty and trepidation are still very much in focus. (2)>>In a crowded Republican field dominated by hard-core right-wingers, Donald Trump started out as the joker in the Republican deck, but recent polls have elevated his current stature to the King of Clubs. Trump has never held any significant elected public office, and his experience in the actual machinery of American politics is limited. His party affiliations have changed over the years from Democrat to Republican to alternative third party and back to Republican again. This is not to suggest that Trump has no political savvy or connections (3)>>{ mobster otherwise ....} , but merely to establish that his history is not in the arena of what was once called “public service" of billionaire wannabes  . The "insanity" is only beginning , the  team he is picking created a document laying out his first 100 days, which included an overly ambitious, and unlikely, first day in which he would cancel climate change agreements, and in the words of one transition team aide "wipe Barack Obama from the history books". 

Domestic and Foreign policy PREDICTIONS .
Trump will behave like a Teamster's boss ,
and as a anti-union President .
The Trump administration is going to advance the right wing Republican cause . With the swift victory of Trump over the recent US presidential election some people questioned his capacity and dedication to lead his country. Apart from doubts being casted upon him, others resorted to prophecy and predictions to see how the next administration will perform the coming months.It has been a year of not only having to wave goodbye to beloved celebrities but of stunning political upheaval and increased divisiveness, both in the United States and across the world. In a poll conducted by the Associated Press-Time Square alliance released this week, only 18 percent of Americans said things got better for the country in 2016.But will things get any better in 2017? One survey of foreign-policy experts has warned that there is plenty to be concerned about in the year ahead.  BUT WAIT 18% is not so great if you think about it . CONSUMER CONFIDENCE BEFORE THE STORM ?? . I can Tell that the first sign is  WALL STREET DOW when Trump takes his oath of office  likely ITS GOING TO BE AT 20,000 ! . His election will have the markets rallying . Its all that really good?  2017 starts off with Trump & the Republican system going out in an all out attack on dismantling the last  8 years of what President Obama did as far as his evacuative orders .
  1. Here is a list Trump's smash ups .Nation wide anti- Union busting . Trump and his cohorts are going to try to make every state a "right to work state" .This is serious . Not a joke .  { see this link AFL-CIO }  The next four years under Trump is going to be a mirror copy of our former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger who 2003-2010 , in 2003 he tried to take collective (4)>>bargaining rights away from Public Unions . Now its for the worst , Trump might take this to a nationwide level . Going after Unions in a nation wide attempt . Next his vain attempt to "reform" Public Education  may not go well with NEA , but it seems that Trump will attempt to cut the Department of Education in 2018 . I can't see how he's is going to force  "school choice" on every state  . His choice for Secretary of Ed Betsy DeVos is a virtual slap in the face of  Teacher's Unions . Trump vowed to gut Common Core , just as he would repeal Obama-care . Question,  what would you replace Core with ? My SUSPICIONS are that his Ed Sec is going to  (4.2)>> revive NCLB in some form to disrupt the Public Education sector in order to rank and file  school choice  & the vouchers  system that was in place when Bush II was in office . 
2.  Another factor that is troubling on the economic front is the Trump tax plan . Its going to (5)>>RAISE TAXES on the bottom earners . If you called your self a 99%' er , your going to pay more on your Federal Taxes . Trump is already on the side of big business billionaires . Tax experts across the political spectrum agree that the plan Trump has proposed would benefit the richest Americans the most.  The left-leaning Tax Policy Center estimates that the lowest 20 percent of taxpayers would see their incomes increase by an average of $110, a rise of 0.8 percent. The middle 20 percent would receive $1,010, a 1.8 percent increase. The top 20 percent, would see $16,660, or a 6.6 percent rise; within that group, the top 1 percent would receive $214,690, or 13.5 percent. Another going after that gave Trump's Administration fame was the plan to cut the National Minimum Wage in 2018 . Currently under Mr. Obama is did rise across  the nation in various percentages . Some wage earners saw a 10 to 15 dollar hike . The Trump team wanted to slice wages below 8 dollars an hour . Rolling back wages as they were almost two decades ago . The plan {his plan} was that lowering wages would allow more companies to hire more people .  Its a pro-business approach , but it likely set off protests . You know the phrase " the rich got richer ... poorer got poorer ..." Trumps billionaire appointees to solve the economic problems of people were on geared  to the top earners who compromised a much wealthier middle class of Americans , not the lowest members of society .
3. Another problem facing the Trump Administration is the National Debt . Now it's 20 Trillion since Obama leaving .  (6)>>Sen. & Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will have his day.  In the years 2018 -2019 were known as the "cutting years" . Without a challenge , following the repeal of the Obama-care . Trump and Ryan had their fingers set at cutting and privatizing Social Security , Domestic Programs . Nothing was spared . Seriously the heavy hand of the GOP establishment hurt millions of Americans at the cost of inflating  the Military budget . Food Stamps , Unemployment benefits were reduced . Follow what I am saying here , these actions are going to rip the nation apart. Here are more "woes" to follow .
4. On race relations 2017-2020 the nation took a downward spiral . During the Obama era we had shootings of unarmed black men as a spotlighted by Police officers . The Trump Administration supported the "stand your ground law" . While shootings by officers were under scrutiny by the Obama administration . Trump's advisors were all pro- Cop . In this situation it only would take another police shooting to easily set off nation wide protests under the first year in Office . Yes, just one tweet from Trump , or remark of insensitivity will boil every thing over . I am vary concerned about Trump's pro -gun stance . We all have been told by most gun supporters that "guns don't kill people" . The recent increase in mass shootings in past will not go away . I can just see another mass shooting in the Trump term . The nation has to do again another soul searching .
5. On Foreign relations there are lots of twists coming . Russia is likely send an olive branch as soon as Trump is inaugurated. Trump will go against Congress .  (7)>>Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing . Concerning Nuclear Weapons , Trump will have to back down about a new arms race . You can thank the Russians . Putin will do the right thing as he has done settling peace talks in Syria . This I can see it being  rosy . Under
Russian President Putin
makes his "historic" meeting
with Donald Trump
in 2017-2018 .
Obama we were at almost the brink of war with Russia over Ukrainian - Crimea . If these fences can be mended it may also help in putting a collation to fight terrorism . BUT Trump has to address the Palestinian issue . Israel has repeatedly broken treaties and settled people in what are Palestinian lands . I warn that here Trump is going fail in any peace in this region , even under the critical eye of the Russians . Trump support for Bibi could enrage PLO , a new set of terrorist acts sweeps the region . Trump's anti-MUSLIM  stance is going to ignite terrorists abroad , domestic . I am SPECULATING , but it just how I see  it . China and major "trade" partners are going to get a kick in the pants . There could in 2018 serious developments with China over Taiwan . There is also an issue of American Troops being sent back into Iraq , into Syria { as an ally with Russia  ? } The middle-east will dominate his first term , here will be a test of his rationality .
Trump’s Achilles’ heel ........
has been an inability to rationally calculate the amount of realizable income needed to offset the ridiculously high debt loads he typically takes on, or to control his need to plunge ahead even in the face of obvious dangers and warnings.Eight years ago, many conservatives were criticized for saying that we believed America needed Barack Obama to fail, because his agenda was harmful to the American way of life. Trump ran perhaps the most disorganized, shambolic and utterly incompetent presidential campaign in US history. He seeks to harass Mexico and demand tribute, in the form of “paying for the wall.”He intends to betray our eastern European allies and abandon our NATO promises.He oddly refused to rule out using nuclear weapons against Europe, even as he showed signs of having backchannel ties with our Russian adversaries. He wants to raise taxes, and in fact restructure the tax code to punish some businesses, and favor others, threatening the livelihoods of millions. The worse it got, the more vitriolic those of us with a sense of decency became -- the repulsive misogyny, the attacks on Muslims, the overt racism, and the total disregard for the truth defied all social norms, and the only sane reaction seemed to be one of utter revulsion. How could someone so disgusting be running for office, and how dare he upend hundreds of years of decorum surrounding the presidential office? And now our American system is being tested again !

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

 (1)>>run like a thread { domino effect} Political tensions are forecast to continue escalating in the next few years, revealing motivations that begin to make increasingly transparent, those policies which threaten or sustain humanity within this country and the international community. Under Trump's term, many ideas and initiatives will be pushed and executed at top speed, in favor of aggressive approaches to national agendas and foreign policies. Themes of exchange and distribution of natural resources figures prominently in the next four years with regard to India, North Korea, and Singapore. The cards speak of an aggressive return in focus to military defense and American involvement with countries in ongoing states of political turmoil, including North Africa, Russia, And Iraq.The other sensible explanation would be that these problems are not Trump's personal political problems but rather the country's as a whole.  As I said yesterday, as president-elect, Trump's karma is now indissolubly connected to the karma of the nation.  If there are bad alignments in Trump's chart, then it can also indicate problems in the US.  e.g. a Mars transit in Trump's chart could manifest as a terrorist attack in the US.   (1.2)>>Yes, those crazy Tweets. Trump's Twitter feed has become a hotbed of insults and incitement of conspiracy theories and fringe ideas.Twitter has been used by Donald Trump for years. He has long been known to make crazy rants using the social media platform. According to Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway, Trump tweets so much in order to “distract the media from his business conflicts and the scary people in his cabinet,” but in Trump’s words the real reason is because his “brain is bad.” The TWEETS are the sauce , perhaps a danger to our national security . Did you miss that Trump is on record saying a new arms race is a good thing?The cognitive dissonance of you people is stunning.    (2)>>In a crowded Republican field dominated by hard-core right-wingers  .  On the basis of the president-elect's statements (especially his tweets) and early hires for his Cabinet and senior White House staff, this couldn't be further from the truth. Trump is putting together what will be easily the most right-wing administration in American history. Too long for me to elborate here see this link for a list of the "hard core" along with bio's ( ) (3)>>{ mobster otherwise ....}. Trump was first tied to the mafia in the 1980s, when a $7.8 million subcontract for Trump Plaza was awarded to S&A Concrete, according to Fortune. The company, as Cruz correctly says, was partially owned by Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, the boss of the Genovese crime family.Trump himself acknowledged as much in a December 2015 interview with the Wall Street Journal, admitting that S&A Concrete was "supposedly associated with the mob."Trump’s alleged mob dealings were not confined to New York. According to reports from the Huffington Post  and Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump made a deal in Atlantic City with Kenneth Shapiro, an associate of mob boss Nicky Scarfo, and mob-connected labor boss Daniel Sullivan.Trump seemed aware of this, calling Shapiro "a third-rate, local real estate mafia" and Sullivan "the guy who killed Jimmy Hoffa."  (4)>>bargaining rights away from Public Unions .  Trump, the Republican Congress, and the soon-to-be Republican-dominated Supreme Court are poised to damage unions—and the interests of working people, both union and not—even more. Indeed, within the GOP, the war on unions engenders almost no dissent. Since Republicans were swept into office in a host of Midwestern states in the 2010 elections, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin have all effectively eliminated collective-bargaining rights for public employees and subjected private-sector unions to “right-to-work” laws that enable workers to benefit from union contracts and representation without having to pay their union any dues. Previously, such laws were largely confined to Southern states, whose respect for worker rights has improved only somewhat since they were compelled to abolish slavery. As the GOP has become steadily whiter and more right-wing, those Southern norms have become national. (4.2)>> revive NCLB . Sounds crazy , but it is . It was one of the reasons why NCLB was around . It ranked schools , it pretty much started the STAR testing which teachers, school Principals dreaded . It brought sanctions to failing schools . All that was somehow connected with the School  Choice movement . In my state California , many Democratic controlled states , they might be able to override Federals coming down their throats with another NCLB attempt . It waits to be seen .(5)>>RAISE TAXES. Republicans in Congress will likely enact President-elect Donald Trump’s tax plan within the first 100 days after his inauguration. Trump’s proposal will cut taxes primarily for businesses and the wealthy, but would include across-the-board cuts as well.Trump’s proposal, which was ever-changing over the course of his presidential campaign, would cut taxes by $6.2 trillion over the next decade, according to a Tax Policy Center (TPC) analysis of the most recent version of his plan. If interest costs are included, then the federal debt would rise by $7.2 trillion over the first ten years and by $20.9 trillion by 2036. (6)>>Sen. & Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will have his dayThere are some glaring conflicts between what Trump has said in the campaign and retirement policy going forward. Trump, for example, has said he wouldn't cut Social Security and Medicare, although Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has long pushed for privatizing both programs. That may ultimately cut benefits. He wants to create the perception of a funding crisis to justify cuts. The "Better Way" paper on health care the GOP released in June gives a vision of what they might do — from repealing the ObamaCare cost controls, to expanding the quasi-private Medicare Advantage plans, to destroying Medicare as a public program and replacing it with "premium supports." (7)>> Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing .  Its likely that easing tensions with Russia is a good thing .  Recently the out going  Mr. Obama kicking out the Russian diplomats right up to  end of his term has drawn a lot of criticism . It's interesting to note that there are vary few Americans that believe that Russia some how hacked & influenced the election outcome . As I wrote in past posting on this blog , I think that the FBI was the source of the e-mail leaks that ruined Hillary Clinton's win . It was a REPUBLICAN strategy nothing more . If any Russian software-- malware??   was found it may have to do with regular spying , not controlling voting machines.  I have never seen such a reaction of illogic from our American media without guessing an inside job , why would any foolish persons want to push the war button against Russia .   I think American influence under Trump could also inspire a solution to the bloody Russia-Ukraine crisis, which is the result of the U.S. overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukrainian government in 2014 to further advance the U.S./NATO surrounding of Russia; after which he could end the U.S.-imposed sanctions against Russia, which hardly anyone in Europe benefits from or wants; and then – finally! – an end to the embargo against Cuba. What a day for celebration that will be!