Tuesday, September 16, 2014

California Politics .

Mr. Kashkari would be my first
choice to replace Jerry.
California Politics was on my mind this week . Watching the debate between Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) and challenger Neel Kashkari (R) debated various issues, including immigration, education, and infrastructure, in their first and only debate before the November 2014 gubernatorial election. KQED-TV, the Los Angeles Times, the California Channel, and Telemundo California sponsored this debate, which was held in the Sacramento studio of the California Channel. The Debate alone was hardly noticed , more than a whimper . I have to say that  Mr. Kashkari needed another reminder of the challenge he faces, a Field Poll released Thursday morning showed Mr. Brown leading him by 16 points, 50 to 34. Perhaps even more troublesome for Mr. Kashkari, the poll found that nearly 60 percent of respondents did not know enough about him to offer a favorable or unfavorable opinion. With Mr. Brown in mind I can't help thinking that when I was an elementary school student in the 3rd ,or 4th grade it was Mr. Jerry Brown was governor , he was also governor while I was a freshman in high school. Gov. Jerry Brown, already the longest-serving governor in California history, and he's now  running  for an unprecedented fourth term. The BIG DEAL with this is as a political commentator myself  is that in politics the "gene" pool of potential politicians is at an ultra low , this ALSO speaks for the rest of the NATION as NOVEMBER rolls through. It's a problem when incumbents are reelected over and over again. A political novice, the 41-year-old Mr Kashkari is unlikely to oust the 76-year-old Mr Brown, who has far more money, far more experience and a 20-point lead in the polls. But he has longer-term aspirations: he is trying to rebrand the Republican Party in a state where it holds no statewide offices, is outnumbered two-to-one in the legislature and is shedding supporters fast as elderly whites die or move to Las Vegas. California’s gubernatorial election is just two months away. Currently leading by 21 points among likely voters, Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown holds the edge over Republican challenger Neel Kashkari. The odds, due to everything from finance to experience, are stacked at staggering heights against Kashkari, but the public shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss him as nothing but an underdog. Though he might lose this election, Kashkari’s win will be in reviving an ailing Republican brand.

California Propositions .
While the Governor's race is the main concern . California is going to get the sucker punch in November , and it all depends on the voters. Worrisome should be these : California wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. In order to do that, the state passed a law, known as AB 32, that is the first of its kind in the U.S. Beginning in 2015, the law's penalty on carbon emissions will also apply to transportation fuels, including oil and gas. That means if your car runs on gas or diesel, you’ll pay more.Exactly how much more? Nobody knows. Apparently state legislators felt compelled to approve the law first and do the math later. They don’t believe they need to share the pesky details with the folks who elected them. Based on input from various industry organizations and consumer groups, it’s estimated that the cap and trade "tax" on carbon emissions has the potential to increase California’s retail gasoline prices from 16 cents to 76 cents per gallon. Most expect at least a 15-cent increase beginning in 2015. ANOTHER which could undo Obamacare is Prop 45 , Prop. 45 would change that, giving the commissioner the power to intervene if an increase in rates was judged to be excessive. In July, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones sought to promote passage of Prop. 45 by highlighting the jump in insurance rates (22% to 88%) in Obamacare's first year. As the insurance industry pointed out in response, those increases were an intentional part of the design of Obamacare. They are the mechanism to balance out the cost of covering those who are older and less healthy. Rate increases in California averaged a relatively modest 4.2% this year. That is partly the result of the risk corridor program built into Obamacare's first 3 years and, perhaps, concern by insurers that larger increases might lead to passage of Prop. 45. Insurers havereportedly put $25 million behind an effort to defeat the measure.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Net Neutrality is like Cable Deregulation ,
the losers are you and me.
My bandwidth is slow today
I wonder why?
The issue of NET NEUTRALITY for Americans and other nations is much  like the Bill if Rights . The right of free speech , or religion On Jan. 14, 2014, the *** U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order.And on May 15, the FCC voted to propose a new “open Internet” rule that may let Internet service providers charge content companies for priority treatment, relegating other content to a slower tier of service. The ruling was a blow to the Obama administration, which has pushed the idea of "net neutrality." And it sharpened the struggle by the nation's big entertainment and telecommunications companies to shape the regulation of broadband, now a vital pipeline for tens of millions of Americans to view video and other media.For consumers, the ruling could usher in an era of tiered Internet service, in which they get some content at full speed while other websites appear slower because their owners chose not to pay up. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is pushing a plan that would allow rampant discrimination online. (1)> If approved, this proposal would kill Net Neutrality.Wheeler’s plan would let Internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon create a two-tiered Internet, with fast lanes for the few who can afford the extra fees and a slow dirt road for the rest of us. These companies would have the power to pick winners and losers online and discriminate against online content and applications. And no one would be able to do anything about it.So far more than a million Americans — a record-breaking number — have filed comments slamming the FCC's proposal. I have to support Net Neutrality. (2)>  I dreaded the decision of " Cable Deregulation " which did the opposite that it was supposed to do .  Protesters are in favor of preserving net neutrality and an Open Internet which would reclassify broadband under the Title II common carrier laws that regulate phone services. In January, the Open Internet rules were struck down by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that required broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic equally. Government control of how packets are sent across the Internet is a terrible idea. Net neutrality is wrong. It's simply about government control. It sounds good in theory but in the end, the government wants to control what you can say and what you can do on the Internet, and that's what this is about. This ruling is a disaster. I am old enough to recall the early days of the internet. The old "Ma Bell" phone system charge a price per bit for computer communications and delayed the internet for the better part of a decade. all of whom complained bitterly how the Bell System was blocking the development of a key economic capability. Fortunately the Supreme Court broke the control and monopoly pricing of communications in time for the Internet to develop in America. Now we are returning to the past. Price per bit is the holy grail of internet service providers and htis represents around the tenth assault by the ISP's to get a stranglehold on the information circulation system of our country. Computer networks are as much a public utility as electrical networks. The nations lifeblood depends on them.To place network traffic under monopoly control and pricing will slow the flow of information, the response time of our economy, and the ability of individuals to obtain training and information on the Net. Universities and training centers will suffer and be restricted to those able to pay what the rentiers charge. It is a regressive step and the US no longer has the luxury of time to wait since our competitors are moving faster and more efficiently in the information economy.

***If you are thinking about blaming the courts for their decision, don't: Legal experts, even those in favor of net neutrality, have said the court made the correct ruling. Why the ruling is correct harkens back to March 2002, when the FCC decided to reclassify broadband Internet accessfrom a telecommunications service to an information service. By deregulating those offering broadband Internet access, the FCC had hoped the Internet service providers would increase their investment in infrastructure. An unforeseen byproduct of deregulation was that ISPs began exerting god-like control over traffic on their network, which Comcast did in 2007 when it disallowed BitTorrent traffic on its network. (1)> The political implications for the demise of Net Neutrality are simple: The deep pockets buy all the bandwidth to push their message. The Republicans feel this is their message anyway, so they want the commons of the Internet turned into a toll highway whose prices will keep out hoi polloi, i.e., everybody else. You and me. (2)> The Net Neutrality issue is virtually a copy of the 1996 Cable Deregulation act, Since enactment of the 1996 Act that deregulated cable rates, consumer cable prices have been rising at three times the rate of inflation and even faster for basic and expanded basic service, which is the choice of the overwhelming majority of cable subscribers. These rates have risen by more than 50 percent. Individual markets have suffered much larger increases. For example, New York consumers have been particularly hard hit. In the few years since enactment of the 1996 Act, New York City cable subscribers have seen their bills for the most popular programming tier soar. Cablevision customers in New York City have experienced a cumulative increase of 93.7 percent - nearly doubling monthly bills. Even on the "low" end, Staten Island Cable customers have seen their bills rise 52.5 percent.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ray Rice controversy .

Sport's athletes on steroids . There has been much hype to the Ray Rice beating his wife in an elevator , and dragging her. THERE is no EXCUSE for domestic violence , even beating your wife . For Rice he got nothing but a slap on a wrist . He beat her up. There's even a recording of it. And what happened? A plea deal so generous that the abuser's arrest record will be expunged -- totally clean, as if the whole thing had never happened -- if he receives some counseling in the next few months. "it was a minor incident" says his FEMALE lawyer. I wonder how she will explain this video. ***The NFL has in the past covered up players bad behavior but in these times of instant footage it becomes hard to do and even harder to explain away the very bad behavior of its players. He should be fired. According to police, Kelli Fuller had cuts to her mouth and forehead and she told them her husband had thrown her to the ground, pulled her hair and kicked her after she confronted him over an alleged affair with a law clerk. After  (1)> TMZ released the video of the elevator assault, Janay Rice released a statement of support for her husband, on Instagram. "To take something away from the man I love that he has worked for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific," she wrote, "If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take our happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what love is." The video would appear to contradict earlier claims by Rice's attorney that Saturday's incident was just a ‘very minor physical altercation.’ (2) >The couple were both arrested soon after on assault charges at the Revel Casino and police say they have separate unreleased footage which proves both parties attacked each other. President Obama also got into the act with his statement 'The President is the father of two daughters. And like any American, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society,' said the statement which denounced Rice for his violence towards Janay, who is now his wife.'Hitting a woman is not something a real man does, and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye, or, far too often, behind closed doors. SO THUS FAR ,Ravens running back Ray Rice is done in the NFL, according to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. You know what's real stupid about this whole thing? Why should the video change anything? We knew what he did to her, we knew he knocked her out and dragged her out unconscious. He admitted that. The video just confirmed exactly what was known. Did they think the punch wasn't a vicious hit? So they suspended him two games for knocking out the girl. But when there's video of him doing that months later they boot him because there's a video of it? What does that say? It's a minor offense to hit your girl as long as there's no video of it.

*** The incident took place Feb. 15th at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.Still bringing up this OLD story that has not only been resolved by the court and the couple, but also the league? They have revamped the leagues policies(6 games for 1st offense and a year ban for 2nd) on domestic violence and as you stated...they got married a month later and held a press conference to address the media and fans(which they didn't have to do since it was a personal matter). Did you see Jay Z and Beyonce hold a press conference over their incident? NO ONE OWES YOU ANY EXPLANATION. (1). Why does everyone think it was so easy to get the tape? Many media outlets likely tried and couldnt get them. TMZ finally got it AFTER 7 months and probably tens of thousands of dollars! It’s not common practice for a company like a casino fo give away their survailance tapes to anyone outside of the police.Any employer cant just ask for another company’s survailance footage because they want to punish their employee. The correct response would be, “the police have the tape… Ask them for a copy”. Which is apparently what the NFL says they did. (2). Ray Rice admitted to domestic assault on his then fiance, even apoligized pubicly, paid a fine, got a league 2 day suspension and was ordered to get counseling…So the league already knew he was suilty of hitting her and all of the suddent now that the video ‘leaked’ out they have to cover their asses.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Obama's Action Plan .

Time for an Action Plan.
With September 11th coming up as it does every year, One day before the thirteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks  . I not trying to be paranoid , but there could be things at work here? *** King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has recently warned that the West will be the next target of the jihadists sweeping through Syria and Iraq, unless there is "rapid" action. If it's not all connected then? Earlier this month, the  Saudi country’s top cleric described the Islamic State group and Al Qaeda as Islam’s No. 1 enemy and said that Muslims have been their first victims. State-backed Saudi clerics who once openly called on citizens to fight in Syria can now face steep punishment and the kingdom has threatened to imprison its citizens who fight in Syria and Iraq. Yes, it could be fear mongering. *** Sure enough could the Saudi king be knowing more of a "possible terrorist attack " ?   President Obama now has to  address the nation  on how he will combat the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. ET,.Obama will  Outline a plan that includes continued U.S. air strikes, counter-terrorism actions, aid from other nations, and military training and assistance to moderates in Iraq and Syria, according to aides and a White House statement issued after the meeting. It's all at politics and the polls with Obama. Why should the American public be sold on a war plan? They shouldn't even know the war plan because that means the enemy does too.The speech will attempt to redress criticism that he has been slow to respond to the militant group's seizure of a haven in Syria and Iraq, amid fears fighters armed with Western passports could train their sights on the US homeland.Obama met the bipartisan leadership of the House and Senate in the Oval Office to discuss his plans, which officials say will involve a broad international coalition and efforts to choke off IS funding and the flow of foreign fighters to the group, as well as military action.This should be interesting as he's never actually tried to do a bipartisan attempt at building a coalition in Congress. Think about it , here's a President that after 6 years has never tried for a real bipartisan push so this should be interesting. 

 the Saudi King warned against IS terrorism attacks against the US. How does he know, is he in bed with those folks? 
And what are the Saudis, our allies(?), going to do? How much money is the royal family supplying the IS organization, like they did with Osama Bin Laden? I sincerely hope that IS sees his warning and turns on the Saudis for once. Anyone else notice that they are the only country in the area that isn't being threatened, and never has been. Must be nice to have all that oil money and not have to use it to defend your country in such a volatile region.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

High Risk Journalism.

Freelance reporting is dangerous .
The militant group Islamic State has  releasing  videos which appear to show the beheading of a U.S. journalists  in as many weeks. Steven Sotloff is seen wearing an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn by foreign prisoners at Guantánamo Bay.  The be headings of Journalists are horrific , but it DEMONSTRATES THAT ***JOURNALISM CAN BE  A HIGH RISK JOB.  While I my self have criticized our American President about his "weak kneed " and no "strategy" approach which I've posted in this blog . My next level of criticism which with all apology is aimed at the journalists themselves. The sad truth is, in the long term, Foley's death was in vain. The majority of people don't want to be told, or read, anything contrary to what they already know. Every war reporter is doing a thankless job, and the majority of readers will not notice or care about their reports unless they uncover a war crime or die. Going to a war zone first of all dangerous.  I know it's not the fault of reporters like James Foley or Tom Peter, but the organizations who publish their work have betrayed and misled their readers time and again. They were utterly complicit in the deceptions used to build public support for the invasion of Iraq, and despite apologizing for that episode, absolutely nothing has changed.   In Syria, Iraq and Libya, widespread violence, the threat of kidnapping and the collapse of the rule of law make human rights work difficult and sometimes lethal for local activists. In June, gunmen in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi murdered the Libyan rights activist Salwa Bughaighis, who had been a fierce critic of Libya’s Islamist militias. In July, the (1). Syrian government announced an amnesty for prisoners, but scores of rights activists and peaceful political opponents of the government remained in prison in atrocious conditions. Even the grotesque recent murders by IS are not unprecedented. In 2002, a British citizen affiliated with Al-Qaeda beheaded the Wall Street Journal’s South Asia bureau chief, Daniel Pearl, after he was abducted in Pakistan. Like IS’s recent killings, the murder was videotaped. The role of freelancers, who make a living by selling individual stories, photos and video to multiple outlets, has expanded across conflict zones in recent years with the spread of technology and social media, which provides a ready canvas for their work. Some are cautious and well-trained; Others take major risks. And they often lack the institutional support staff journalists receive if they get into trouble in a conflict zone. This climate is making many journalists think twice about reporting from the conflict. With most major news agencies pulling their staff journalists out of Syria, the burden is increasingly falling on freelance and citizen journalists, though it may now be too dangerous for freelancers to work in the country. Freelancers are often more vulnerable to the surrounding violence in conflict-stricken areas, and have limited access to resources such as protective clothing or training on how to report safely within a war zone. It shakes us. It angers us. And then we consider that unfriendly fire in Afghanistan has killed more reporters than American soldiers. We should be angered when a journalist is killed , but we should also hold accountable the journalists who took the risks ,  Sadly, the death of a journalist isn’t unusual. Last year, at least three dozen reporters were killed for doing their jobs. They asked questions, looked at records, and reported what they found. They didn’t put on a uniform or carry a weapon, but they, too, were fighting for freedom.

FOR A FULL REPORT ON STATISTICS on Journalists  killed see this web site :

*** Steven J. Sotloff, a 31-year-old freelance journalist, self-described “stand-up philosopher from Miami,” immersed himself in the tumult of the Middle East for years, repeatedly venturing into some of the most hazardous conflict zones. He reassured friends that he knew the risks as he wrote for publications that included Time magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and World Affairs Journal. (1). FOR EXAMPLE- we need to help the ''rebels'' 'liberate Syria' and they're the good guys and Assad is terrible and blah blah blah. The FAKE rebels in Syria are the same people in ISIS that killed these men, it has been well known from EARLY on that the people starting the 'civil war' were NOT EVEN SYRIAN and that a huge number of militants from a group in IRAQ were a huge part of the foundation impetus of this 'war'. IF WE HAD HELPED ASSAD EARLY ON 10's of thousands of Christians would not have been systematically searched out and murdered. The mayor of one town in Syria said well over a year ago that he had not seen a single Syrian in the 'militia' who 'freed' his town and had murdered every Christian in the village. They were from Qatar, Pakistan, Bahrain and even the Caucuses, right? Effing Chechnyans, hard core seasoned mujahadeen who really love killing. In addition, Sharia Al Nursra the same group responsible for the american embassy attack in Libya were there from the beginning. The entire lie is that this was a civil war, when in fact it is a terrorist occupation that seeks to systematically destroy all non-Sunnis - and perpetuating the lie and cover up of heinous massacres at the hands of the rebels is what OUR reporters are being killed in their effort to report.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fast Foods Day of Judgement .

Nation wide protests against McDee's  is an attempt
to unionize fast workers .
One of the freedoms Americans have is the right to freely assemble in protest . That "freedom" is a bit precarious these days with signs of social unrest , with military style police squads cracking down  . The people are taking action across the nation to demand that fast Food Chain  McDonald’s .U.S. fast-food workers staged protests in some 150 cities on Thursday in a fight for higher pay, and organizers said more than 450 were arrested from Manhattan's Times Square to Los Angeles.About 400 protesters clogged Times Square during morning rush hour in the latest of ongoing actions aimed at raising their wage to $15 an hour.They hoisted placards reading "Stick together for $15 and union rights," and some held a sit-in at a McDonald's restaurant, prompting 19 arrests for disorderly conduct .  I agree that with the cost of living in the nation has gone up . We do need to "raise" the level of  the quality of living in the nation . Example of this is that I heard today that when the first President Bush was in office  the cost of a gallon of gas was 1.69 $ (nationwide except Ca)  a stamp was 25 Cents . True things are costing more , looking at those little things we take for granite like stamps , gas . It shows that we have had a runaway inflation   that is part of the economic disease  . SO the cure of the sick economy MAY NOT be WEALTH DISTRIBUTION , but more simplistic . Let's give everyone a chance to earn more , and afford more . Way back in the 1980's I was working , and going to school at the same time . My first job was at McDonald's washing dishes at closing shift every Friday . ***The best I got for 3 hrs was 3.35 an hour with no breaks , and I was not then entitled to a meal either . TIMES have changed . I can understand the frustration of the protesters , but LOGICALLY McDonald's can't pay it's workers any higher than the state's minimum wage , but another notice my readers WALMART pay's better , and it pays benefits after the hires worked past their probation periods . (1).  Here in the U.S., protesters are fighting to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15, arguing that wages often don't even meet the basic costs of living. With the median wage for front-line fast food workers at $8.69 per hour, about 52 percent of American front-line fast food workers also rely on government assistance programs to meet basic needs, according to a recent study by the National Employment Law Project. This ultimately costs tax payers $3.8 billion to subsidize worker pay from the 10 largest fast food companies and $1.2 billion from McDonald's alone. The other issue is that "...The downside? McDonald's food [in Denmark] is significantly more expensive; a Big Mac there set you back $5.18 as of January 2014, compared to $4.62 in the U.S...." In the US the costs of food production has gone up . Taking notice to this I found that In the debate over what fast food workers are paid and what health care and other benefits they receive, McDonald’s has contended that its franchisees – the owners who operate individual restaurants – are liable for labor and wage issues, not the parent company.But a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board in July rebutted the argument, when the board’s general counsel found that McDonald’s could be held jointly liable for violations by franchise operators.  There's no easy solution. The cries about raising the minimum wage are exactly the same that we hear every time the minimum wage is hiked -- it will drive prices sky high, businesses will fold . Obama raised the minimum wage of federal workers to $10.10. (About a dozen states have raised the minimum above that, without businesses folding or fleeing.) That figure -- $10.10 -- wasn't arbitrary. It what the current minimum would have bought if it had kept up with inflation. NO WONDER our American economy is weak , here is the awful truth.  These low-wage industries are among the fastest-growing job sectors in our economy. The number of home health aide jobs is expected to grow by 48 percent in the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fast food is expected to be the fifth-fastest-growing occupation during the same period, according to Demos, a think tank focused on low-wage workers. "Fast-food workers are the public face of our part-time, low-wage economy. " 

(1) .McDonald's in western Auckland  which in New Zealand is $14.25 NZD, or roughly $12.35 in U.S. dollars. ***  Back in the 1980's I would have loved the minimum wage  of $8.25 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fast food workers are at just about the very bottom of American earners. Worst of all the fast food "business" is  made up out "part time workers" , so 15 dollars an hour for 3 hours may not pay off your mortgage . You are not getting $15/hour Burger Jockeys. Sorry. These jobs are temporary positions, not CAREERS. Want a better job fry cooks? Get off your ass and go to school or learn a trade that makes you more valuable. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Obama Hostage to Terrorism.

The UK's  Mail Online had a article that I came across that had a harrowing title :  " This weak and timid President talks big... and does nothing: A devastating attack on Obama by a top Washington insider" This was published back in July. The British Press is ripping President Obama apart . The "level" of criticism against the Obama administration is growing , showing signs of weakness .***Barack Obama left for a three-day European swing Tuesday afternoon without saying a single word in response to a terrorist video showing the beheading of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist to die that way on camera.The president's departure came amid equally deafening swirls of helicopter rotors and tough questions about whether and when the  (1) .U.S. will strike back in a meaningful and public way against IS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Just two weeks ago, the president was widely criticized for being pictured fist-bumping on the golf course minutes after solemnly addressing the nation about an ISIS video showing photojournalist James Foley's death. I am seeing that our President is also becoming  a "HOSTAGE OF TERRORISM" . One couple knows all too well the pain suffered by the parents of James Foley, the American photojournalist executed on camera last month by the Islamic State.Billy and Karen Vaughn also lost their son Aaron Carson Vaughn in 2011, when the SEAL Team Six soldier's Chinook helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan.Now the couple are calling on President Barack Obama to step down, citing his reaction to the Foley video and 'lack of leadership' in confronting IS. SO ,  (2). what is OBAMA to do? # I outlined a STRATEGY in this posting in this blog. With American citizens being killed , why won't Obama declare through Congress WAR? OBVIOUSLY PRES. Obama is no Ronald Reagan , he has no big stick to wave as did Teddy Roosevelt . Question is Obama weak kneed? Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Barack Obama of dramatically weakening the United States' position in the world, drawing a straight line between Obama’s ever-yielding foreign policy and the increasing troubles around the world Rice – measured in tone, but very tough on substance – excoriated Obama administration policies without ever mentioning the president by name. She mocked the naïve hope that “international norms” would fill the vacuum left by U.S. retreat and blasted the president for hiding behind the weariness of the public.“I fully understand the sense of weariness. I fully understand that we must think: ‘Us, again?’ I know that we’ve been through two wars. I know that we’ve been vigilant against terrorism. I know that it’s hard. But leaders can’t afford to get tired. Leaders can’t afford to be weary.”.

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.
Make peace with Russia , end any escalation of a new Cold War . See Russia and China as a partner in global issues.  Renounce support for Ukraine . Ukraine is not a NATO member state we have no business thumbing the nation's nose at Putin. 
Build a coalition to fight the Islamic State . Renew "talks" with Syria . Build a  new understanding with Iran . Support for Palestine .
 Sorry between the evils I see , these are the only solutions .

***  A 2nd American beheaded by ISIS. The Obama Administration knew exactly where they were, did nothing to save him, played golf instead. (1). Part of that reflects the wariness of the American people toward yet another military intervention in the Middle East. And while I haven't seen it expressed in these terms, it also seems to me that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry may be applying an important lesson from the failure of the surge. This time, they are insisting on Iraqi reforms right up front, with assistance to follow if, and only if, the reforms are carried out. (2)> Gov. Bobby Jindal is reported to have tweeted : I have no doubt about the President’s sorrow over the two murders of American citizens by ISIS. I am certain that this grieves him deeply. And while grieving is important, it is no substitute for a strategy. http://gov.la.gov/index.cfmmd=newsroom&tmp=detail&articleID=4661