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California Budget,  a Back History of Chaos.
There are a lot of things to cover .  As a amateur writer I can't really keep up with Mr. ***Trump's antics.  There is the good and the "bad" I want to write about him . (1)>>First of all as a Californian , I eagerly anticipate Gov. Jerry Brown's budget . As a public school employee I have always been perplexed how our state seems over the last decades worth of budgets always is at the edge of being bankrupt . Gone are the days of Gov . Edmund J Brown , long gone are the days Ronald Reagan , the prosperous California . Way back during the 1990s through the 2000s , the state of California NEVER had a budget that was on time .  It would take the state legislature "months" to settle in a battle between the hardliner Republicans , the spend and tax Democrats . Always the main dish on the table was Education . How much money you put in . Of course the years since the 1990s , the passing of Prop 98 , various other pro- education measures there is NEVER ENOUGH MONEY for SCHOOLS ! . I roll my eyes back looking how much the state spends , we're  still come out 50th in spending for schools nation wide  . How many "governors" we had  that seem to be pro -education . I  have to skip on to  (2)>>Gov. Pete Wilson , a crusty Republican who first cut out out a billion dollars out of the budget causing waves of layoffs . It took three years to recover from that .  (3)>>Next we had Gray Davis who promised a state "surplus" of 20 billion , but he was wrong instead we ended up with 20 billion in deficit , it paved the way for Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to win the vote after a costly recall of Davis . With strongman Arnold at the helm, his term was a total nightmare on the state . Its so similar what Washington D.C. is going through with Mr. Trump . (4)>>Gov. Schwarzenegger bullied his way demanding cuts to the budget . Yes,  he wanted to stop the insane spending problems that California has , but he went after the wrong people , it was the people on the bottom he wanted to cut . He made enemies of all the state Unions calling them special interests , the Democrats he'd called "girl-- y men" . Arnold wanted to cut the Education budget first , but how he cut it was pretty strange . While school districts were suffering from their own self induced budget mishaps , they were cutting before Arnold waved his ax out fear of being bankrupt . Yes, they laid off teachers , janitors , bus drivers , etc. Now things are a but peculiar here , just before gov. Davis was kicked out of office he signed into law a Bill (5)>>Called SB 1419 which prevented school districts from contracting out jobs done by its Classified Staff . The Bill was intended originally to prevent schools from outsourcing transportation . Well , oh hell broke out over it , for the next six years Gov. Arnold held the state budget hostage over the repeal of this bill . Democrats stood their ground and fought Arnold tooth and nail. Meanwhile state wide local school districts & school boards  started to like Gov. Arnold's attempt at repealing the bill . They somehow they { school boards - Superintendents}  became pro- republican and anti- Union. (5.1)>>The people under tow , the school employees were marginalized as part of the "greedy Unions" that swallowed up school budgets . School business managers statewide played dirty by not restoring any positions that were cut or reduced so they can wait for Gov. Arnold's repealing . Gov. Schwarzenegger for the two terms he was elected pretty much was a failure . He put many school districts under the gun to follow his scripted stanch written by  Ca Republicans  Issa and Pete Wilson who wanted to gut state spending levels . And part of the problem was the education spending part which occupies the entire state budget . SO ,   With the entrance of Gov. Jerry Brown ,
"Balanced budgets  have been
quickly followed by huge
deficits "
Only in California .LOL !
appears poised to exit office next year with a top political priority in hand: free from the massive budget deficits that had weighed on his predecessors.    (6)>>Gov. Brown raised taxes in an unpopular move with out the vote of the people , the Gas Tax. Brown is also banking on the profits of legal Marijuana sales , that in "hopes" that AG Jeff Sessions wont arrest the Governor for pot . Either way , (6.2)>>the Marijuana  legalization is on thin ice . Brown expects the revenue from sales incorporated into his budget for K-12 funding , other "projects" like the 90 billion  dollar bullet train  .   Brown took office in 2011 with a $27 billion deficit and drastically slashed spending. In 2012 by slashing 20  out  slashing nearly $20 billion , he staked his governorship on a tax increase that voters approved that year and reauthorized in 2016. His spending plan for 2018 calls for $131.7 billion of general fund spending. Including special funds and bonds, which are pools of restricted money that can only be used for specific projects, total proposed spending next fiscal year is $190.3 billion.  
The governor, however, warned again that California is overdue for a recession that could pummel the state budget that relies heavily on taxing the income and investment gains of wealthy taxpayers. "We've got ongoing pressures from Washington, and the economic recovery is not going to last forever," Brown said, stressing that he doesn't think further increases in spending will be possible. The Democratic governor staked out a conservative opening position in January, projecting a $1.6 billion deficit that the Legislature's budget experts said was excessively cautious. The projected deficit in his new plan is $400 million, due mostly to improved capital gains revenue.  With all the ensuing panic , (7)>>Public  Schools received 3 billion dollars more , The additional $3 billion for the funding formula in 2018-19 will consume most of the projected budget increase of $4 billion for K-12 schools. Brown’s funding law shifted authority over spending decisions from  (7.1)>>Sacramento to school districts, and funneled substantial money to districts to support high-needs students: English learners and low-income, foster and homeless students. The governor on Wednesday also proposed for the first time to base community college funding on the same concept.At his press conference to discuss the budget, Brown made a strong defense of the formula and the principle of local control. Asked why he should pour more money into education when test scores are persistently low, Brown said, “This is not going to be solved in Sacramento. Kids learn at home and in the classroom. People who really want to help in a school that is not performing, should go to the principal and find out what they need.”
Who Comes after Jerry Brown ?
Travis Allen .
We are nearing the Post Brown era . Question who takes the helm? While it possible that a sudden
Gavin Newsom .

change in the states political matrix could happen we have to caution if any Republican would become Governor. I believe that former Gov. Schwarzenegger may have  cooked the goose on having any Republican in office in California . ALONG with the damage being done by President Donald Trump We have the Democrats , Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Each has formidable strengths and significant challenges. All three stand a very good chance of succeeding Brown as governor. The Republicans do have serious contenders to the throne .  (8)>>One is Travis Allen who has been most vocal against gov. Brown's 12 cent gas tax hike. Allen looks like the strongest among the Republicans . The News Poll conducted by Survey USA gives us an early snapshot of the frontrunners for the open Governor's seat. The results show a three-person race so far to win the top two spots in the Primary and move on to the November General Election. Remember, the candidates finishing first and second in the Primary - regardless of political party - square off in November. Lieutenant Governor and  former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has a nearly two-to-one lead over his closest competitor, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Both are Democrats. Coming in third in the poll is Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Republican from Huntington Beach. Democratic State Treasurer John Chiang is fourth and Republican businessman John Cox is fifth.  California’s political culture seems no less dysfunctional. The state’s most urgent problem is its lumbering wreck of an economy. Not surprisingly, given California’s size, more people have lost jobs and more homes have been foreclosed on and more big banks have failed here in the last  FEW years than in any other state in the country. At the end of the day, can a political party that is now down to an all-time low of only 25.9 percent of California registered voters even get a Republican candidate into the gubernatorial runoff in 2018? Likelihood of that is kitschy at most right now .

Trump's antics,  there is the good and the "bad" I want to write about him . I  am going to write about his  "Sh**t hole" remake in a few days . Right now I think the remarks are lacking professionalism , the critics are at large . Giving the media ammo to roast Trump . In the mean time stay tuned .

(1)>>First of all as a Californian , I eagerly anticipate Gov. Jerry Brown's budget .  This is really a short Bio on what I experienced as it related to the California Budget as it related to Public Schools over the decades . Honestly writing about our states spending is difficult . Education is part of the backbone of the entire state budget . Its the fist that is always cut , its been that way since the 1990s .  There are a lot of good people in Public Education who devote their lives  like Principals ,  teachers ,  Music instruction , many work as Bus drivers , Custodians , Gardeners , Maintenance , Food Service . Its always sad that so many lives can be ruined by overspending by State Governments . (2)>>Gov. Pete Wilson. Was a miser , he called himself a "education Governor" , also during a state budget impasse  he ran for President { yes , I repeat RAN FOR PRESIDENT !!!, left the state of California going on a campaign  trail  }  of the United States while billions of dollars were banked on building more  prisons rather than building schools .    (3)>>Next we had Gray Davis. He was California's scapegoat Governor . During the Clinton era , Davis may have bolstered the fact that the state had a surplus of  $20 billion dollars . It looked rather rosy , but the state hit a snag . In  Reality the state was mounting a huge deficit that drained the surplus Davis had created for a rainy day . NEXT came  What became known as the  California electricity crisis, also known as the Western U.S. Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001, was a situation in which the United States state of California had a shortage of electricity supply caused by market manipulations, illegal shutdowns of pipelines by the Texas energy consortium Enron, and capped retail electricity prices. The state suffered from multiple large-scale blackouts, one of the state's largest energy companies collapsed, and the economic fall-out greatly harmed Governor Gray Davis' standing. I remember watching the news and all of a sudden the power would go off . Mind you we never got any rebates from our utility company apologizing . On a federal level, the Energy Policy Act of 1992, for which Enron had lobbied, opened electrical transmission grids to competition, unbundling generation and transmission of electricity.On the state level, part of California's deregulation process, which was promoted as a means of increasing competition, was also influenced by lobbying from Enron, and began in 1996 when California became the first state to deregulate its electricity market.Perhaps the heaviest point of controversy is the question of blame for the California electricity crisis. Former Governor Gray Davis's critics often charge that he did not respond properly to the crisis, while his defenders attribute the crisis to the power trading fraud and corporate accounting scandals and say that Davis did all he could considering the fact that the federal government, not states, regulate interstate power commerce.In a speech at UCLA on August 19, 2003, Davis apologized for being slow to act during the energy crisis, but then forcefully attacked the Houston-based energy suppliers: "I inherited the energy deregulation scheme which put us all at the mercy of the big energy producers. We got no help from the Federal government. In fact, when I was fighting Enron and the other energy companies, these same companies were sitting down with Vice President Cheney to draft a national energy strategy."  (4)>>Gov. Schwarzenegger bullied his way demanding cuts to the budget . I Liked Arnold Schwarzenegger , just loved his movies : Total Recall , Conan the Barbarian , Commando, The Terminator , Yes Twins and Kindergarten Cop   . Schwarzenegger desire to run for Governor is a mystery , its really as mysterious as  having Donald Trump as President . AS Governor . Arnold was a "Benedict" , he betrayed his voters , while running for Governor he urged his voters to "join him" , he was going to bring changes  "blow up boxes" in Sacramento . Arnold also molded the California Republicans as the "party of NO".Its really sad . That Arnold could have turned everything around , but he chose to go after the base that elected him in the recall , namely Unionized Labor .(5)>>Called SB 1419. Gray Davis signed this Senate Bill into law just before he left Sacramento , a last ditched effort . Who ever drafted the law cleverly wove that school districts could contract out services otherwise done by unionized workforce as long as the district demonstrated the need in a tight budget year. Well it was bad news in 2003 -2006 , a bad law that it did not protect union workers , but Gov. Arnold tried to get the law gutted . It was a reign of terror how much fear the state government exerted on people , at the same time confusing them to vote for more propositions to raise taxes . Likewise Gov. Arnold laid down his Gov. Pete Wilson inspired agenda , he blew " I will work to repeal prescriptive state laws and rescind the burdensome state regulations that serve special interests and waste education dollars on non-instructional uses. SB 1419 demonstrates what's wrong with the top-heavy approach to education under Gray Davis, and I will call for its repeal. Passed in 2002, the bill restricts the ability of school and community college districts to contract out for non-educational services like transportation, maintenance, and landscaping.I will work to give principals authority for hiring qualified staff, managing their school's money, choosing instructional strategies and materials that work, and setting class schedules ". (6)>>Gov. Brown raised taxes in an unpopular move with out the vote of the people ,  As it stands, California legislators need a 2/3rds supermajority vote in order to impose higher taxes on their residents. Given the results of last year’s elections, however, Democrats in the state have surpassed that supermajority threshold and can now raise taxes on their own, without any Republican votes. The vote on Gov. Brown’s gas tax hike will be the first test on how easily California Democrats will leverage their supermajority status to raise taxes on a party line vote. California residents already contend with the nation’s sixth highest average state and local tax burden. On top of that, your constituents have been hit with more than 20 federal tax increases over the last eight years. The last thing individuals, families, and employers across California need is to have lawmakers in Sacramento pile on with further tax hikes at the state level, especially considering they live in what is already one of the most heavily-taxed jurisdictions in the world. (6.2)>>the Marijuana  legalization is on thin ice . With supply and demand , the state is likely to run out of Marijuana like Nevada . Taxing it as Gov. Brown envisions would generate "billions" of dollars . That I would call a false assumption on the state . A Lot of people don't smoke , or consume it . So you have to consider the whole population of Californians of 39.25 million , which only statistics shows at 14.9 % . Thats not enough to generate any money , just like the Lottery money  . Besides a new   bureaucracy,   Earlier this month, Gov. Jerry Brown proposed spending more than $50 million to establish programs to collect taxes and issue licenses while hiring dozens of workers to regulate the industry, a figure some say is too low. His office stresses that one regulatory framework is needed, not separate ones for recreational and medical cannabis, even though there are laws for each that could duplicate costs and confuse businesses.One of the new law's requirements calls for the state to develop a computerized system to track cannabis, sometimes called "seed-to-sale" monitoring. It's envisioned that scanners will be used to keep tabs on pot as it moves from the leafy raw product to street-level sales. (5.1)>>The people under tow , the school employees were marginalized as part of the "greedy Unions".  Not just school employees , Teachers , support staff , but Nurses who worked at Hospitals were attacked by Gov. Schwarzenegger as the "enemy" and the "cause" of the state fiscal problems . I remember that in 2003 while I had my hours and wages cut , my health benefit costs went up out of pocket . I was close to the point of dropping my employer health benefits , since I was no longer considered "full time" . I did just that .  I dropped my health insurance . My take home pay for the years 2003 to 2005 was below as a salary about 1800 $ . Now that was in 2005 , imagine right now you cant survive on a salary like that in California . NO one at the management levels took any cuts , they went to work with their 200,000 and above salary .  The people on the bottom, the sacrificial  lambs to the budget error. IT made me wonder if the budget crisis was a hoax all a long ?  (7)>>Public  Schools received 3 billion dollars more .  If we take Gov. Brown's word for a grain of salt. California has a projected $6.1 billion budget surplus and $131.7 billion to spend in 2018-19, Gov. Jerry Brown revealed Wednesday. The annual January budget proposal was his 16th since he was first elected governor in 1974.To the relief of fiscal conservatives and the dismay of those hoping to see more spending on child care, public universities and other programs, the governor made dire predictions of the next recession and proposed stockpiling the vast majority of the extra cash — $5.8 billion of it — to make the next downturn less painful.  This  Thursday Gov Brown  dialed back his proposed cuts for schools and child care, citing an improved fiscal outlook since January that could cover $1.5 billion more in general fund spending. Most of that money would go to K-12 education. He's also rolling back a plan to cut a half-billion dollars for child care for low-income families. If there was no 1 billion to cover K-12 schools .  I am certain that Gov. Brown's  intention was to reduce funding down to 2007 levels , but that information is based no evidence that in the future that any funding could be less . At this point,  it all depends who who Governor , how good the  Local School Business office is as far as monies.  (7.1)>>Sacramento to school districts, and funneled substantial money to districts .  2017-2018 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). eliminated scores of programs that targeted dollars to specific students for specific needs.  Instead, districts where students come from low-income families, those with English learners, and those with foster children get a substantial funding boost.  Districts with concentrations of these students got additional funds.The financing law is only one part of a very complex system built around a new, tough, system of state standards.  More than 15 interlocking reforms wheel around the state's standards, including curriculum, accountability, assessments, teacher preparation and recruitment, English learners, and special education. (8)>>One is Travis Allen .  Don't underestimate Allen he has serious potential to win , his power base is the anti-tax movement that is already boiling .  Since Allen’s statements goes the furthest in claiming the Gas  tax increase builds no new lanes and won’t ease traffic. He is also against Sanctuary cities . Allen added, “Sanctuary state policies, by their very nature, are contrary to being a nation of laws. As a nation of laws, we cannot pick and choose which ones we’ll obey. In principle, SB 54 is no different than Southern segregationist declarations of “massive resistance” to federal court orders to integrate public facilities.” In February, Allen introduced Assembly Bill 1252 (AB 1252), which sought to defund sanctuary cities from receiving state funds. However, Democrats blocked the bill.


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"Sanctuary State" 

California is heading to a downward spiral ,  after declaring it a "Sanctuary State" , this declaration is sending a vary wrong message .→ It sends the message that the state has "open borders" , that anyone crossing the border will not be prosecuted . These  Our Democrats would  like to make California a “sanctuary state,” setting up a confrontation with the federal government over fundamental questions of who gets to enter the country, who gets to stay and how the rules will be enforced.   The California sanctuary bill does set up a confrontation with the Trump administration, but not with any Federal law. Trump has consistently lost when he has tried to impose a penalty for not holding people beyond their time in jail or in prison merely on the whim of ICE. Holding someone without just cause is illegal and most jailers know this. They don't want the liability. ICE could assume the liability, but has not. ICE could get warrants that would give them the legal power to hold someone, but generally does not.   I believe in "legal" immigrant rights , those who want to get in legally .  I am against  creating a zone to protect "criminal illegals" at the same  time while  (1)>>it singles out a certain group of "illegals" while deporting others . (2)>>Nothing in the California move reflects true immigration reform .  Another problem, They say there's 49,000 people living here illegally... wow... right there is the solution to the local housing problem... And 4,100 kids in school...  there's the solution to our overcrowded schools and the cost over runs to educate illegal alien kids.  (3)> California is having a housing crisis right now.  Just who get the free housing ? There will be millions more of people to feed , house , school . Its at the expense of the California tax payer who gets sucked into paying more taxes . The California bill would just withhold cooperation, and there are so many undocumented aliens living in California that ICE doesn’t need help to find them. According to the PEW Research Center, California had 2,350,000 undocumented aliens in 2014.  It had more undocumented aliens than any other state, which can be attributed in part to California’s sanctuary policies. To the extent that sanctuary practices draw undocumented aliens to a city or state, it makes it easier for ICE to find them. Its a politically based motive against Washington D.C. , Trump administration . 
Legal Marijuana .
It FINALLY HAPPENED . Marijuana has become Legal in the California . While everyone thought it was going to be easy , the legalization thing hit a drywall. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for pushing federal prosecutors – against all logic and reason – to crack down on marijuana in California and other states where it’s legal. While many of some Republicans , Democrats are angry at Sessions saying that is his move is going to roll back on Eric Holder's memo on Marijuana .It looks that Sessions went over Mr. Trump's stance on "letting the states decide" . So let me explain. I have to point out a few things while studying the issue of Marijuana's legality . (3.2)>>Personally I feel that the plant has a number of medical uses.  I also think that the recreational use , like alcohol is dangerous .  Problem is people get stupid and mix it with other substances.  I  am also against the draconian laws that have been levied against the Cannabis plant. For along time the FEDs have been beating down on people using it ,  while  at the same time substituting Tobacco as a alternative legal drug to the masses.    Cannabis like its cousin Tobacco are both plants that  drugs are created from them  , one is legal and the other is not . It made no sense anyway . But Sessions did not go against Trump , its a misunderstanding  that is playing out in the news media , a understatement . Sessions did have the green light to issue his memo  from Trump . I  heard that Trump is taking a hard line on drugs crossing the border . This move by Sessions is right out of Trump's rather confusing politics . Second , (4)>>the Democratic Party has been mostly responsible for maintaining  a war against Marijuana legalization . Regardless of the Holder Memo during the eight years of Obama Administration , going back to the Clinton years . The Democratic leadership took a hard stance against Marijuana , the most draconian period of Marijuana arrests" tough on crime" attitude against "weed" was during the Clinton administration . So President Obama could have way back in 2009 could have ended the war on Drugs , but he was up in the spot light , along with the most liberal looking Democrats { Boxer & Pelosi } flip flopping on the subject . Hypocrisy has been center to the war on this drug .  Now its legal in some states I see new challenge  ahead . The war on this "plant" may come at the expanse of a new civil war .

"Fire and Fury".
Not about California . I though I'd write about Michael Wolff's new tell all book on the chaotic Trump administrations first year . This book has really profound revelations . It reveals FIRST OF ALL  a vary dysfunctional leadership . You & I probably guessed that President Trump's first few months saw a bunch of his inner circle just vanish . Most Particular would alt-right Steve Bannon who exited, criticized Trump calling upon his mental state in question . The book infuriated Mr. Trump in part by quoting Mr. Bannon making derogatory comments about the president’s children. Mr. Bannon was quoted as saying that Donald Trump Jr. had been “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” for meeting with Russians during the 2016 campaign and that Ivanka Trump was “dumb as a brick.” Mr. Trump fired back on Wednesday, saying that Mr. Bannon had “lost his mind” and had “nothing to do with me or my presidency.” Mr. Bannon, who had stayed in touch with Mr. Trump sporadically after being pushed out of the White House last summer, sought to smooth over the rift during his Breitbart News radio show on Wednesday night. What ties all of (5)>>this gossipy stuff together is a central thesis: that Trump is singularly unqualified to be president, and everyone around him knows it. It’s a classic story: The emperor has no clothes. The problem is that we already knew this from less salacious reporting extending back years. Wolff’s main contribution to what we know about Trump is a willingness to seemingly say anything, whether or not it’s strictly true—and that only bolsters the Trump administration’s case that the fake news media is out to get him. However, Wolff said Friday on NBC’s “Today” show that he had talked to the president for the book. “I absolutely spoke to the president. Whether he realized it was an interview or not, I don’t know, but it was certainly not off the record,” he said. He said he spent about three total hours talking with the president.Wolff says the book is mostly based on talks with people who have worked closely with the president. He said he has records and notes from about 200 interviews with people connected to the Trump campaign or Trump White House. Wolff has confirmed he has audio recordings of some of those talks. I am going to reserve my copy . 


(1)>>it singles out a certain group of "illegals" while deporting others .AN  often-overlooked demographic: one of an estimated 1.5 million Asian immigrants in the U.S. illegally, the second largest group after immigrants from Mexico and Central America. There are about 416,000 Asians without legal status in California. Yet in part because illegal immigration has been cast largely as a Latino issue, Asians tend to be overlooked in the national discourse.   (2)>>Nothing in the California move reflects true immigration reform . On Jan. 1, California enacted Senate Bill 54, a measure passed last year that limits how law enforcement agencies can interact with federal immigration authorities – the topic of Homan’s television appearance. Cities like Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles already had policies in place that limited law enforcement cooperation with immigration authorities, and the ICE director singled out local and state leaders of sanctuary locales as accountable for crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in their areas. According to 8 U.S. Code § 1325, entry into the United States at points other than those designated and evading an immigration official is a crime punishable by up to two-years imprisonment. However, once here, there status is underdetermined. It is possible and happens daily that people who enter illegally then obtain legal status. One can break a law to prevent a greater wrong, the “necessity defense." Thus, someone who fled for their own safety from some country to the US could be awarded legal status here. People who have not been reviewed, because they avoided interaction with the immigration authorities, do not yet have a status. Under the legal theory of innocent until proven guilty, those here without status are "undocumented" because there hasn't been a determination they are here illegally yet.   (3)> California is having a housing crisis right now. The state estimates that it needs to build 180,000 homes annually just to keep up with projected population growth and keep prices from escalating further out of control.Unfortunately, for the past 10 years, the state has averaged less than half of that. In no year during that span did California crack the 100,000 barrier.There’s fierce debate over how long it takes low-income residents to benefit from the construction of new market-rate housing – a renter on the wait list for housing vouchers won’t take much comfort in the luxury condos being built in downtown Oakland or Los Angeles. While California faces an affordable housing gap at nearly all but the highest income levels, the low-income housing shortage is most severe.According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, helping just the 1.7 million poorest Californians afford homes would cost $15 to $30 billion a year. The Los Angeles Times estimated that the three marquee bills considered by lawmakers this month would provide less than 25 percent of that total.(3.2)>>Personally I feel that the plant has a number of medical uses.  Medical marijuana is also frequently used to treat nausea induced by chemotherapy, though scientific studies of the smoked form of the plant are limited. ... Two FDA-approved, chemically altered forms of THC, dronabinol and nabilone, have been shown to reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting in cancer patients.  There is also a whole industry that can replace wood , cotton . HEMP which was once part of American agriculture, Another interesting thing about hemp is that it’s carbon negative. In plain English, this means that the plant per se, like any other plant, pulls carbon out of the air, and that the products made with it, like plastic, can then be discarded into a landfill, returning carbon to the soil — anecdotal data and initial research have suggested. There was currently a bill in U.S. Congress that would reclassify hemp from a narcotic to an agricultural crop. If the law were to pass, it would minimize the red tape for established hemp farming programs. (4)>>the Democratic Party has been mostly responsible for maintaining  a war against Marijuana legalization .  As Recently as 2012 , according to Rolling Stone magazine . { see  } President Obama himself took a hard line against the drug . I quote the above  article , it pretty much sheds light on our flip side government : 
 " Back when he was running for president in 2008, Barack Obama insisted that medical marijuana was an issue best left to state and local governments. "I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue," he vowed, promising an end to the Bush administration's high-profile raids on providers of medical pot, which is legal in 16 states and the District of Columbia. But over the past year, the Obama administration has quietly unleashed a multi­agency crackdown on medical cannabis that goes far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush. The feds are busting growers who operate in full compliance with state laws, vowing to seize the property of anyone who dares to even rent to legal pot dispensaries, and threatening to imprison state employees responsible for regulating medical marijuana. With more than 100 raids on pot dispensaries during his first three years, Obama is now on pace to exceed Bush's record for medical-marijuana busts. "There's no question that Obama's the worst president on medical marijuana," says Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. "He's gone from first to worst."
(5)>>this gossipy stuff.  The Right wing wrote so much about attacking the character of Obama while he was in office , it became an industry of books . Likewise Donald Trump is just getting what comes around goes around with the Wolff book .  So in the nest few years I would imagine more such books will be out making salacious accusations .

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2018 . Political Musings.

Waking up to the REALITY , were almost entering the 3rd decade of the 21st Century .  We made it through one roller coaster year . Musing here ,  the election farce of 2016. I REALLY believe it was a  farce.  It  has  already woken up many . It was a bizarre example of a two party state where a billionaire with no political experience somehow stoled the election away from a woman incumbent who ran before against Obama , lost . Lost again in a coup ! That the Russians middled . It was also the " best" election ever, because the Republican take over in Congress unveiled the true colors of the "party" .  How far to the alt-right the Republicans have swung was utterly amazing . As far as "UNITY" in the party , there were times that the Republican system was bickering among themselves over President Trump's  candor on twitter , his outrageous , often insulting outbursts , that seem to cater to racism , sexism , homophobia , misogyny . I think he as not touched every phobic subject . I think 2018 is going to bring out the worst of Trump .   IN the long  run it will win over many to the Democrats,  they will have have a better night, making gains in the House, and they may even take control of the Senate, a remarkable feat given the forbidding map they have ahead of them.  (1)>>Astrological. It's a tough road ahead for America . From 2008-2024, Trump patriarchy, government and capitalism—all areas that have been thrown into the spotlight “bigly” in 2017, and igniting a radical outcry from at least half of the country’s citizens. The voices of greed, selfishness, fear, and separation will get louder and louder this year. But we will also see a surge in our desire to learn, to advance, to overcome, to grow, connect, and rectify. A growing force floats unseen under the surface in search of common ground, of healing and sharing spreading in unlikely places. Even the populist uprising that helped elect Trump into office is proof of  false power and patriarchal reign. Many are still scratching their heads, watching blue-collar laborers rally behind a billionaire scion whose hands have never been dirtied by a day of hard work—so much that he can complain about the softness of Air Force One towels. Instead of “draining the swamp,” as promised, he filled his cabinet with oil tycoons, big pharma and Wall Street cronies. The manipulation was masterful—
Our "Current Affair(s) , Taxes , Government shutdown .............."
 (1.2)New Federal Tax Cuts . Trumpnomics . Recently FOX NEWS reported this " But the tax cut is even less popular than the president. And his approval rating is the lowest in history for any first-year president. The real problem is that tax cuts for the rich are not what candidate Trump promised his populist supporters " .  With that note , 2018 is going to open up with for a long wait . President Trump has spent months exhorting Republican lawmakers to send him a tax-cut (1.3)>>bill in time for Christmas—a $1.5 trillion stocking-stuffer for businesses and families. And on Wednesday afternoon, Congress delivered, as the House approved final passage of the GOP’s top legislative priority. But despite Trump’s impatience for tax cuts, he might not actually sign the landmark bill into law right away, White House advisers said. In fact, Trump might wait until the new year, pushing the outer boundary of the 10 days the Constitution gives the president to affix his signature to legislation passed by Congress. Under a 2010 “pay-as-you-go” law requiring Congress to offset any new spending or lower taxes, the $1.5 trillion bill would trigger automatic cuts to Medicare and other programs—across-the-board reductions that Republicans don’t want to be responsible for letting take effect. By waiting until the calendar turns to 2018 to formally enact the tax bill, Trump would push the automatic spending cuts to 2019 and buy Congress another year to waive them. (2)>>The Looming government shutdowns that we were so used to during the Obama era , just seem to getting reborn under a Republican controlled Congress. This year a shutdown might happen , but it will not be Democrat obstructionism . More like Republican bickering . As always, spending negotiations could attract additional hostage-takers from either or both parties who are willing to trigger a government shutdown by denying their votes to a spending bill over various demands, from abortion funding restrictions on the right to opioid research and treatment dollars on the left. And the unstable leadership from the White House won’t help.
(1)>>AstrologicalSaturn actually moves into earth sign, Capricorn on December 19-20, 2017, however its energy will intensify as the calendar flips over to 2018. You can read more about Saturn in Capricorn here. Uranus is another planet that is also shifting into an Earth sign in 2018. On May 16, the planet of great change and awakening will move into Taurus where it will remain until April 2026. Viewing the USA horoscope, the Trump administration should enjoy constructive financial management and substantial growth throughout 2018 with an enhancement indicated in the US economy, creating greater employment opportunities in the private sector, manufacturing, agriculture as well as the military. Both Jupiter (enlarge) and Uranus (change) form positive growth aspects for the country, together with new opportunities in Trump’s personal horoscope. President Trump will have much determination to stimulate the US economy and take care of the Indo-Asian situation especially during January 1 to May 14, and November 5 to March 6, 2019. The US economy under the Trump administration is set to improve throughout 2018 through good economic management. Immaterial of what the press report, Trump (astrologically speaking) and according to his horoscope, will triumph over the alleged Russian electoral influence innuendo and will never be impeached. The reason Trump does not appeal to the media or Democratic followers is that he is different, unpredictable and not as politically correct as many would like him to be. He is a new brand politician. Stock markets have hit record highs, oil prices remain low, consumer confidence is buoyant and inflation is under control with Trump's administration. Trump’s most pressured period in 2018 is during May 14 to November 5. North Korea will continue to be a stone in Trump’s shoe throughout 2018, especially during April- June, and he will not back down from threats or innuendos from Kim Jong Un.  Although Kim will continue to test long range missiles and nuclear explosions in 2018, there are no indications of a major crisis. According to Kim Jong Un’s horoscope he will be full of frustration and nervousness as global sanctions bite into his country’s economy and he will show inner fear to step over that line in the sand, knowing full well he would lose the battle and personal face with the North Korean people. China’s horoscope also shows greater cooperation with western nations to prevent an incident of any major destructive nature occurring. There will be a compromise between the United Nations, USA and North Korea within this two year cycle, as Saturn (stability) crosses the natal Sun of Kim Jong Un’s horoscope during this cycle. Times are changing and Trump and his administration will be recognised in the future for their unusual style of diplomatic composure. (1.2)New Federal Tax Cuts .  For 8 years some middle class people will get a tax cut. SOME! The deficit will increase by $1.4 trillion. The majority of tax cuts will go to the ultra wealthy. They are the ones who have been paying Congress to get these tax cuts passed. It is their money in action. One group paid $15 million to Congress to get this passed. Tax cuts to corporations will also add to their wealth.Corporations are making huge profits and some already pay no taxes or get refunds back from the government. Big Oil gets supplemental payments from the government. If corporations are now not willing to pay higher salaries nor increase jobs what makes you think anything positive will accrue to the economy? Corporate officers have already stated that they will give the additional money to CEO's, their investors and do whatever is necessary to increase their bottom line. Workers are nowhere in the picture.Guess we are supposed to be happy with our measly bit and watch the wealthy scarf up millions. We will pay when millions no longer have any medical insurance. [Back to the emergency room visits and the costs that are passed on to everyone.] The immediate cuts to Medicare will be $400 billion. There are no medical deductions for those with severe medical conditions or those in nursing homes SO far, Congress hasn't found the money to fund CHIP, the children's insurance for poor kids. The wealthy need more money much, much, much more than ill children.   (1.3)>>bill in time for Christmas—a $1.5 trillion stocking-stuffer for businesses and families. The Dems and majority of Americans lost on this 'issue' because the Republican'ts lied to their own members, who had reservations about supporting it, to get their votes. The biggest tax bill in a generation, done in secret with no hearings, no expert testimony, written by lobbyists for greedy corporations and wealthy campaign donors. The only reason profitable corporation have 3 TRILLION stashed off-shore is because they didn't want to pay ANY taxes on it, since it's 'foreign profits'. Now they'll be able to bring as much as they want back on-shore, with virtually no tax liability, since the big 'tax reform bill' didn't get rid of most of the special loopholes they have had for years. How the Republican'ts get from that 'gift' to middle-class wages rising significantly is a mystery.    (2)>>The Looming government shutdowns. A spending deal is not an optional agenda item like so many issues that are swirling around Washington (e.g., welfare or entitlement “reform” or an infrastructure package). Without the appropriations a deal makes possible, the federal government would have to shut down, and further delays without at least an agreement on spending levels (probably one that matches defense-spending increases conservatives want with comparable non-defense spending increases liberals want) probably won’t happen. There are also two red-hot non-appropriations issues with natural deadlines that make additional stopgap bills difficult: the need for a debt limit increase at some point relatively early in 2018, and the expiration of DACA protections for Dreamers in March as provided for in Trump’s September executive order endingObama’s initiative that gave nearly a million young unauthorized immigrants a work permit and safety against deportation.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Improbable Impeachment of Donald Trump.

For all those { Like US} just waiting to hear about any news that (1)>>Donald Trump got impeached , it may have to take a back seat for a while .  The next four years will be an extreme test of our constitutional system. Will it survive? Will WE survive ? Let’s use Madison’s framework to assess its prospects: “The great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department,” he wrote in The Federalist Papers, “consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others.” The odds of Donald Trump becoming the third US president to be impeached have been cut after Michael Flynn agreed to cooperate with the FBI's investigation into his campaign's link's with Russia.  In Flynn’s plea, he reportedly said that Trump transition officials directed his contacts with the Russians, bringing the president closer into Mueller’s crosshairs than ever before REGARDLESS ,December 7th - The vote was forced by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who introduced articles of impeachment describing Trump as a bigot who incites hate and has demeaned the presidency. "Donald John Trump, by causing such harm to the society of the United States is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office," Green said on the House floor as he introduced the articles.  (2)>Honestly I think the investigation is going in "circles" , its nothing but a ruse . BUT Could Trump REALLY get Impeached ? In theory yes. He could technically be accused of violations of his oath of office to "preserve, protect, and defend" the US constitution, according to the writers of Lawfare Blog.  (3)>>REMEMBER its the Democrats that are drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump. Republicans are bracing for the possibility that Democrats take back the House in 2018—and Democrats, after a year in the wilderness, are beginning to seriously debate the political ramifications of impeaching Donald Trump if they do. For months, the Democratic base has been agitating for leadership to take more aggressive steps to censure the president. Until now, the idea of impeaching Trump has taken a backseat to more prosaic concerns. But if Democrats take back the House, that conversation will quickly enter the mainstream—as will the attendant political risks. Several Democrats also noted that it makes little sense to pursue impeachment without Republican buy-in because the process would then surely be stopped cold in the Senate. The House requires a simple majority vote to impeach a president, but removal from office requires a two-thirds vote after a trial in the Senate — a threshold that Democrats are certain to be well short of in the next Congress.
Evidence for Impeachment ?

There is a lot problems to "impeaching" Trump . The greatest part of the "evidence" is his Russian connections . Donald Trump can't escape the fact that before he was President he had many business dealings with Russia . However on that , there is no REAL evidence contrary to what we have been blasted with here in America that Russia some how took control of the voting machines , helped Trump get elected . The problem with the investigation is that it was started without any proof of collusion and it is still going on
without any proof of collusion while FBI agents.   EVEN if this could be true , such evidence has serious implications . (4)>>The word "collusion" just will not be applied to Trump alone , but it could like a domino effect hit the entire Republican party . A Careful analysis shows that if any one helped Donald Trump , benefited from his election was the Republican party  ALONG . Just think if the Russian meddling were TRUE . The Money trail could be traced to Moscow , some how found its way into the GOP last year ??? . Implications do exist. I think many in the Republican party are worried , they don't want to go down along with Trump .  VP Mike Pence is one of them , here  is { SPECULATION ON MY PART} sweating , perhaps having a hard time dealing with Trumps candor . I SUSPECT that there is much more to VP Mike Pence , I believe that who ever put together Trump's cabinet may have picked Pence to be his running mate during the campaign last year . There is a whole line of evidence that the GOP planned to have Trump on the ticked as early as 2014 as their candidate , { as it worked} that Trump won his party nomination . If we take "rigging" the election . The GOP was RIGGED like the DNC as well , but much worse . The (5)>>Republicans have developed a theory of alt-collusion, centering on elements of these same facts. Their version of the story uses Steele’s research in Russia as evidence that Steele is a tool of the Russian government. Steele’s report, charges the The Wall Street Journaleditorial page, is “based largely on anonymous, Kremlin-connected sources.” Ergo, “Strip out the middlemen, and it appears that Democrats paid for Russians to compile wild allegations about a U.S. presidential candidate. Did someone say ‘collusion’?” Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer has circulated the same bizarre theory.

The "impeachment" of President Trump.
2018 -2019 . (6)>>In a scenario Donald Trump is "impeached" If Trump is forced

A  lot of investors took
a bet on Trump as this
tweet shows .
Its kiddish to say
it will last till 2020 . 
to resign in the next four years then Vice President Mike Pence will take his place in the Oval Office. In contrast to Trump’s maverick behavior and posturing as a Washington outsider, Pence has strong party links and is regarded by many Republicans as a safe pair of hands. Ultimately, this could count against Trump if Mueller finds solid evidence of treason.  “If Pence were to become president for any reason, the government would be run by the Koch brothers — period,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) told Jane Mayer of The New Yorker. “He’s been their tool for years.”  I can just see the (7)>>Stock Market crashing if we hear of impeachment  . I don't see Trump going out in a whimper , but like a BANG. Talk of impeachment is a reminder that strategies for weathering any market volatility, politically induced or not, are an important part of portfolio management.An event like that is bound to affect the stock market.   According to a note from the world’s biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater,as seen by Business Insider. Bridgewater’s Greg Jensen and Jason Rotenberg wrote that if President Trump is indeed impeached, U.S. equities will dive into correction territory with an 11% drop, while gold prices will push upward by 14%. Those estimates would wipe $2.3 trillion off the S&P 500 based on Thursday’s close, and completely wipe out the “Trump rally” — leaving roughly $18.8 trillion in the S&P 500. Additionally, European and Japanese equities would also be in for a fall of 12% and 16%, respectively. 2019 looks to me like a New Recession is coming , while the TOP will not feel anything because of the "cleverly crafted" Trump tax regulations of 2017 , the trickle down shock wave could hit millions of Americans down.  (8)>>The stock market DOW is over 20,000 , nudging higher . Its on a collision course with the outcome of the "investigations"  . 
The real "outlook".
I don't want to send anyone into a panic , but its NOT  likely that we going to get anything near a Nixon resignation .  Mueller is NOT a OUTSIDER who is conducting hearings , he nothing but a stooge , he worked with Trump just like Flynn . The "insiders" like Pence used info from hacked DNC emails in campaign materials before it was leaked. He is in it up to his ears as well. THis is public knowledge. McConnell, Ryan, Nunes, all of em. Currently there is at least 1 RICO grand Jury in New York handing down sealed docs. Question how much of it is nothing but a run-a -round , it looks like a  investigation ,  its just good  propaganda for the news media , so they think some real investigation is going on ,  IN REALITY (9)>>but nothing is , except paper is being pushed .
(1)>>Donald Trump got impeached . The aim for those bringing charges when someone is impeached is the accused's eventual removal from office - whether they be president of the US, or an official. The US constitution states a president "shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes or "misdemeanours". Exactly what "high crimes and misdemeanours" covers is up for debate.    (2)>Honestly I think the investigation is going in "circles" , its nothing but a ruse .  Trump will be crazy and offensive and lying and grifting on behalf of himself and his children and people will figure out that you can't trust Trump and the republicans with either domestic or foreign policy. the media will cover the "Trump reality show" 24/7 - there won't be that much positive news to report, Trump will be crazy and offensive and lying and grifting on behalf of himself. Impeachment has nothing to do with mueller. Trump is violating emoluments clause. Trump is on tape saying he fired comey to stop Russia investigations.  (3)>>REMEMBER its the Democrats that are drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump . Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell (Mich.) on Wednesday said lawmakers should seek more information before pushing for President Trump's impeachment."We need to make sure that we are going in a very detailed, thorough way of getting all of the facts that we need before you ever start down that kind of path," Dingell said on Fox News's "Special Report.""I think that for everybody, this election is going to be about the economy. And I think the reality is Democrats are going to have a message that's going to deliver," she added.(4)>>The word "collusion". As the Russians pushed out the stolen materials, Mr. Trump and his surrogates touted the hacked emails on a daily basis. Mr. Trump even publicly urged the Russians to further hack and disseminate his opponent’s emails.After the election, when the Russians were caught and subjected to sanctions by the U.S. for this unprecedented attack on our sovereignty, the president-elect’s designated White House national security adviser, Mike Flynn —with the knowledge of other high ranking transition officials—conspired secretly with the Russian ambassador to undermine the effect of the sanctions.Each of these contacts between the Russians, the Trump campaign, and the transition is now uncontested, yet time and again, the president’s team, and in some cases the president himself, had lied about them. To claim that these facts show no evidence of collusion requires a willingness to avoid seeing what is in plain sight, or to credit the self-serving explanations of the same Trump officials who misled the country about these same meetings. (5)>>Republicans have developed a theory of alt-collusion. That is apparently what President Trump is doing with the word “collusion.” Say it often enough, and perhaps it will lose all meaning.That’s just one of the things that comes through in this bizarre and disturbing interview Trump conducted at the Trump International Golf Club with Michael Schmidt of the New York Times, apparently on the spur of the moment and with no aides there to protect him. As we’ve almost come to expect by now, when Trump speaks at length without a script, he skitters back and forth along the line that divides the comical from the terrifying, telling one obvious lie after another, making endless digressions that devolve into incomprehensible word salad, and generally sounding like someone with only the most tenuous grip on his faculties.(6)>>In a scenario Donald Trump is "impeached" This is the worst news Trump has received during his tenure so far, and it revives the prospect of a constitutional crisis that could involve Trump firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller. If that happens, it would be the gravest political scandal since Watergate in the early 1970s, with pressure mounting on Congress to impeach and convict the president. And if that actually happened, Vice President Mike Pence would replace Trump, becoming the 46th president of the United States. (7)>>Stock Market crashing .  President & Billionaire , Donald J Trump is so interwoven with the Stock Market, for the upscale Republican hawks he's their investment .  If Trump is impeached and convicted, there could be sector-specific ramifications, An impeachment would likely weaken the Republicans in the next round of congressional and presidential elections, he says. And that could harm Trump's efforts to roll back bank regulations, boding poorly for financial sector stocks. It will hurt a lot , I think that is why the Republicans at Washington D.C. are sticking with the Trump status quo , not as much out fear , but the whole nation could convulse .  (8)>>The stock market DOW is over 20,000. Constitutional crises are never good for the stock market. During the Watergate scandal, when Cox was fired and then-Attorney General Elliot Richardson resigned in protest — the S&P 500 fell 14% from October 1st through November. But investors shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Nixon’s so-called Saturday Night Massacre took place while Wall Street was already mired in one of the worst bear markets in history. From January 1973 through August 1974 — a period that includes the conviction of the Watergate burglars, Nixon’s resignation, global oil shock, Middle East turmoil, and a dramatic spike in inflation — stocks lost 42% of their value. (9)>>but nothing is , except paper is being pushed . Mueller crosses the red line by not focusing on Russian hacking for which only he was appointed. Even a fool knows that Flynn's meeting with the Russian ambassador does not reveal Russian hacking or collaboration, for the meeting took place after the November 8 general election. Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian hacking of American election which led to Trump's victory, but he is diverting from the main issue to prolong his tenure. . Michael Flynn met the Russian ambassador only in December after Trump had already been elected. How could this meeting with the ambassador, which is a normal diplomatic procedure for any incoming National Security Advisor, is a proof for Russian collusion when Americans had already elected Trump without any coercion or brainwashing by the Russians? Even if Trump has asked him to meet the ambassador, there is nothing wrong because as president-elect, he has to formulate new policies.His election agenda was to reset Russian relationship. What is more, voting and counting equipments in all states were not plugged in internet and there was absolutely no possibility of cyber attack by the Russians to increase the number of votes for Trump. Mueller has not proved till now any solid evidence of Russians hacking American election. Manafort, Gates, Flynn etc are roped in just to fool the people as if Mueller has discovered the cause for Trump's victory on November 8, 2016. The whole world is laughing at this clownish investigation.