Friday, July 6, 2012

The Lynch mob.

 William Lynch, the 44-year-old California man who admitted he pummeled a Jesuit priest who he said abused him as a boy, has been found not guilty of felony assault and elder abuse charges."I was wrong for doing what I did," Lynch said after the verdict was announced. "In doing that I perpetuated the cycle of violence."
  1. There is a grand liberalizing trend in the Court system . The best example  About 45 minutes after a jury found him not guilty of felony assault and elder abuse for attacking Jerold Lindner, William Lynch goes free . I think that the Priest Lindner  may have been guilty of sex abuse in the past , but the statues of limitations may as well  set the Priest free . Why I am saying this? My guess is that even if the DA decides to retry Lynch on the one misdemeanor assault - which they won't- (anyone see the overwhelming polls that support the verdict for Lynch?) Lindner will never agree to show up for court again. Ever.  Maybe the California lawmakers will wake out of a stupor now. This landmark case has earned worldwide attention. But the inescapable underlying issue that is unofficially and plausibly being redirected is the antiquated “statute of limitations” on child sex abuse cases.  ** William  Lynch  is unforunte fact of life that vigillate mentallty always leads to major injusices being committed.   And now for reality. The California law statutes concerning child sexual abuse are a failure. Lynch was prosecuted for hitting the accused unconscionable child rapist Father Jerold Lindner, but the failed “pedophile-friendly” justice system in Santa Clara County was totally useless to prosecute someone whom many consider a serial sex offender. What's totally bizarre to me is that Lindner, with his long, long history of raping children, including his niece and nephew actually had the gall to file a police report against Lynch. After all, the place where he lives lists him as a child molester. What arrogance for him to think his past abuse would not come out.


 ** In case you readers may not know , here is my investigation to this "story" .  Lynch and his brother were awarded $625,000 after filing a civil suit against Lindner in 1997. And yet the priest still claims he never abused them? As we have heard often.... money isn't everything. Living with this "secret" for so many years, I don't blame him for wanting more to get closure. 

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