Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Poll , Politics , and Reality.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., left, and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, should look worried . A new Poll in California could become trendy. 

California is the "bluest" of all the states of the Union . The polls how ever are showing an ever greater dissemination  among the people,  Just 17 percent of the state’s voters approve of the work it's doing in Washington, while 74 percent disapprove and 9 percent have no opinion, according to a Field Poll conducted for The Press-Enterprise and other California media subscribers.The poll, released Thursday, July 12, underscores voters’ long-held frustration with Congress, which has been saddled with fierce partisanship and legislative gridlock in recent years.  Congress is on a down hill slide . The partisan bickering was on full display Wednesday, July 11, in the House, where lawmakers debated for hours before voting to repeal — for the 31st time — President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law. The measure passed 244 to 185, with just five Democrats defecting to vote for it and zero Republicans breaking ranks to oppose it.The negativity is contributing to an increasingly popular view that the country would be better off if the same party ran everything. According to the poll, 46 percent of likely voters believe Congress should be controlled by the same party as the president, an increase from the 37 percent who believed that in Field's February poll.----Time to Vote out incumbents !

Meanwhile changing the subject . It's barely getting noted on the news with the exception of a CBS nightly news report of major American cities going bankrupt and unable to pay it's public workers their salaries .This one sent me fuming . It made me rethink Obama , so far he has yet to comment that Last Friday, the city of Scranton sent out paychecks to its employees, as it does every two weeks. But these checks were for amounts significantly smaller than usual because Mayor Chris Doherty reduced all city employees’ pay—including his own—to the state minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Mayor Doherty is a long time Democrat . You'd think a hardcore Conservative Republican would slash wages . No NO . It's seems that mismanagement of funds is the problem here .  Mayor Chris Doherty  After sending out Friday’s checks, Scranton had only $5,000 left in the bank and still owed its 400 employees almost $1 million. The Fire Department , the Police Department & other Public Workers were reduced by the well off Mayor .But like many other states, Pennsylvania has rules in place that prohibit cities from filing bankruptcy without approval from the state. Mish’s final assessment is that “Inept city management, with public union wages and benefits at the heart of it, killed Scranton.” Whether or not Pennsylvania is prepared to admit it, Scranton is bankrupt, and the tensions there are rising.
And Scranton it is not the only U.S. city in such a condition.
San Bernardino is expected to become the third Californian city in two weeks to file for municipal bankruptcy protection as it wrestles with increasing employee costs and declining tax revenues. Last fall, Jefferson County, Alabama, filed the biggest Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy in American history, leaving county commissioners planning to default on a general obligation bond payment. In late 2011, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said it would default on a payment coming due to general obligation bondholders.Stockton, California, was in negotiations earlier this year in hopes of avoiding becoming the biggest American city yet to declare bankruptcy. The most recent reports said it is “very likely” that Stockton will go bankrupt. These are just a few of many examples.In the latest sign that some U.S. cities are barely making ends meet, the city of Oakland, California Thursday priced a $211 million taxable bond which will help it cover pension obligations. Yes, borrowing money to cover retiree pay.-------meanwhile again It’s a huge deficit.About $16 billion.That’s how far in the red California’s state budget is.Gov. Jerry Brown has a solution. He wants to raise taxes .As you might imagine, not everyone is thrilled.California, like Greece is perpetually in fiscal trouble. Overoptimistic revenue forecasts coupled with spending $2 billion more than expected has California in a deep hole. Governor Jerry Brown has the same non-solution as ever, hike taxes.

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