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President Joe Biden . A Opinion .

It was bound to happen , along with political fears that Donald Trump was stealing the show right from under the GOP . It placed Hillary Clinton in a precarious situation whose rising star seemed to slipped at the Polls . If her e-mail scandal put a damper on her ambitions , it might be. (1)>>OTHERWISE, President Obama got a little nervous about Hillary,  that she could take down the entire Democratic party . So Mr. Obama may have "kindly" asked Joe Biden to "please run". Obama, very interestingly, apparently gave no indication that he’d stand in Biden’s way. The question is why.Mr. Biden ran for President in 1988 and 2008 and lost, so why would he be a better candidate now? The Veep would be starting late, and most Democratic officeholders and donors are already committed to Hillary and Bill. Mr. Biden might figure he can run as a more authentic tribune of the middle class, but (3)>> Bernie Sanders has a head start running as the economic populist. On paper at least, Mr. Biden would still be a long shot to defeat the Clinton machine. The other is among Democrats, and it pits President Obama and Hillary Clinton, the party's presidential front-runner, against a growing chorus of liberals.If Vice President Joe Biden decides to jump into the presidential race, his decision will be driven, he has said in recent conversations, by a belief that Hillary Clinton's background won't allow her to be a credible messenger when it comes to income inequality, which Biden sees as a defining issue. For a while Mrs. Clinton was a  (2)>>money maker for the Democrats . My "presumption" is that Hillary will get the nomination , face Trump .That leaves many Democrats in a painful place: Believing that, in the end, Clinton will be the nominee but worrying that her vulnerabilities could negate the many advantages — from demographics to the electoral college map — that they believe the party nominee should enjoy.   Democrats are worried that the furor surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server will be prolonged and intensified after her sudden move to hand it over to the FBI. The Clinton campaign’s decision to give up the server and a thumb drive containing backup copies of emails left Democrats scratching their heads as to why the former secretary of State had resisted for months turning over the server.Coupled with new polls that suggest Clinton is vulnerable, Democrats are nearing full-on panic mode. New Hillary is hobbled by old weaknesses. Once again, worried supporters see signs of a bunker mentality in response to bad news about her e-mail server and other controversies, and they see a candidate who can seem strangely blinkered to the threat posed by a lesser-known challenger.Biden's ultimate decision is complicated by delicate, emotionally raw family dynamics. According to the former adviser, who requested anonymity to speak openly, Jill Biden remains hesitant about a campaign as she continues to grieve the death of Beau Biden, who died in May at the age of 46. Beau reportedly encouraged his father to make a third run at the presidency before his death, and the vice president sees the possible campaign as a vehicle to promote Beau's legacy and the issues he cared about. Beyond family misgivings, Biden is also waiting to see how the current Democratic primary process plays out. Either Case , Joe Biden would make a better President ( over Mrs. Clinton)  if he would win the nomination . Yet we have to contend with the Polls and they don't lie . So let me "repeat" so far . It could be possible.............. 
(1)>>Which leads us to wonder what Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama know about Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her personal email server while running the State Department. The FBI is now investigating, and it’s hard to believe the White House wouldn’t have some inkling about the seriousness of that probe.
(2)>> The question is why. The most innocuous explanation is pure personal affection. Biden’s a bereaved dad and he’s been a loyal soldier for Obama. This is his last shot to run for president. No matter how many misgivings Obama and his team have about candidate Joe, O owed it to him as a friend not to interfere with his candidacy. sounding out potential donors, and already has commitments from five Obama contributors. On Thursday, Cooper signed on as national finance chair for an independent effort called Draft Biden 2016. Launched in March, the Chicago-based group has collected more than 100,000 signatures, and now has staff on the ground in early nominating states – Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The group has also hired a national fundraising firm.Biden could also find encouragement in a new CNN/ORC national poll released Wednesday. Without lifting a finger, he is running second in the Democratic field, at 16 percent. Though Biden is well behind former Secretary Clinton (57 percent), he’s in a statistical tie with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont (14 percent). 
(3)>> Bernie Sanders. Sanders formally announced his run for the presidency on May 26, 2015. Since then, Clinton's lead in nationwide polls has dwindled. This paradigm shift has been fueled primarily because of scandals, Clinton's inability to answer questions in a forthright manner, and the energy exhibited by Sanders's supporters. Furthermore, CNN cites a recent Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll that reports Sanders ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire. Even when acknowledging that Clinton still leads Sanders in various other polls, CNN writes that "polling has also shown Clinton's vulnerabilities as voters question her honesty and trustworthiness." Echoing CNN, Quinnipiac University issued a report in July titled "Clinton In Trouble In Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds." This Quinnipiac poll explains that Sanders now performs as well, or even better than Clinton.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Trouble" in Big Red China.

The stock market took a serious dive shortly after the Chinese government took steps to " devalue" it's own currency . When China’s currency, the  (**)>> renminbi, fell against the dollar on Aug. 11, it set off a furor.Stock and commodities markets have shuddered around the world, and many traders feared that China had begun a sharp and dangerous devaluation — a salvo in a “beggar thy neighbor” currency war, in which countries would seek competitive advantage by making their goods cheaper in global markets. Trust me the Chinese government knows how to manipulate the market . It's shows with the (1)>> DOW dropping 530 points ,Stocks were clobbered Friday on Wall Street — a brutal finish to the worst week in the market in four years. The economist may think that the stock market's decline is a "bit perplexing", but it isn't. The Chinese devaluation of its currency means that U.S. imports will be more expensive there and when combined with the economic slowdown in that country, means fewer products from the U.S. will be purchased there. Two other countries have also devalued their currencies recently, so this could be a trend...we'll have to wait and see.Aside from this, if the stock market malaise goes on for an extended period of time, people who have stocks in their 401K or IRA plans will realize that their net worth has decreased as they view their assets and hold off purchasing products. It is a reactionary move which could affect the U.S. economy on an ongoing basis.The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 530 points, the ninth-biggest point decline in its history.  This is market manipulation is a new form of economic  Cyber war ?China did not devalue its currency sharply, and it has not embraced a currency war, at least not so far. What it has done is make very modest adjustments both in the value of its currency and in the manner in which it trades. (3)>> The whole idea is obviously to make "cheaper goods" on the market with the Made in China trademark. If you have the hard knocks on this , it's because of our American policy of exporting jobs overseas . Now Wall-Street panics . Despite the Chinese government’s ban on passing along rumors on the internet, several anonymous or unsourced posts on Sina Weibo, the popular microblogging site, point figures at one country—the US.

Chinese grand scheme of Stock Market Manipulation.
This week shows that the American stock exchange is vary vulnerable. Once the stocks and commodities  takes a lesser value , so trembles the value of other shares in the market . Cheap oil is going to hurt the oil companies . That's for me the best part of the current situation . (2)>>  BUT ITS UNEASY to think that China manipulated was for investors a "quick withdrawal ". Scared investors were pulling out . You have to remember that Chinese stocks are the least expensive to invest in. Given the near consensus — at least among mainstream academia — on the hurtful consequences of an undervalued yuan, most disagreement lies in deciding in what form the United States should respond or retaliate. While it's worrisome that some of the most respected economists of the mainstream have failed to assess the yuan's situation correctly, it is outright frightening that this mistake has led to the application of more bad economics. Currently, world governments are looking to enact tariffs and quotas on each other in an effort to win an "upper hand" in the global marketplace. But, as the saying goes, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." These Keynesian — nay, mercantilist — economic policies will lead only to global disaster, and most of the damage will not be done on foreign markets, but on the markets the politicians claim to protect. So far this year, investors have withdrawn $64 billion from U.S. funds and put $158 billion of new money into international stock funds, according to check out CNN money,J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley to Form Data Company Entity would consolidate efforts to clean and store reference data, helping banks save money, sources say Ahahaha, this group with the lead of the vampire squid, have a reputation of shorting stock to oblivion , they trump up stocks, get people buying them and them short the #$%$ out of them, no wonder investors are wising up and taking their business overseas –right now gold has gone up a point or two, and the euro is up. Is the Chinese stockmarket in bubble territory? That depends on what part of it one focuses on. Large-cap stocks, long depressed, are arguably more fairly priced after the rally of the past year. Many banks are still trading at valuations lower than international peers. The same cannot be said for ChiNext, a board for start-ups, especially tech firms. Its price-to-earnings ratio has reached 130, more than twice a more reasonable level for companies with strong growth stories. ChiNext is supposed to be China’s answer to Nasdaq. At the moment it looks like precisely that in 1999, just before the dotcom bubble spectacularly burst.

Ron Paul's Warning . 

 (4)>>Back in Juneformer Rep. Ron Paul says the Fed's easy money policies have left stocks and bonds are on the verge of a massive collapse."I am utterly amazed at how the Federal Reserve can play havoc with the market," Paul said on CNBC's "Futures Now" referring to Thursday's surge in stocks. The S&P 500 closed less than 1 percent off its all-time high. "I look at it as being very unstable." In Paul's eyes, "the fallacy of economic planning" has created such a "horrendous bubble" in the bond market that it's only a matter of time before the bottom falls out. And when it does, it will lead to "stock market chaos."
Well it's happening right now . 

(***)>>The renminbi is the official currency of the People's Republic of China. The name (simplified Chinese: 人民币; traditional Chinese: 人民幣; pinyin: rénmínbì) ... YUAN. What China has done is very astute,” said Eswar S. Prasad, the former head of the I.M.F.’s China division, and now an economist at Cornell and the Brookings Institution. “The People’s Bank of China has managed to pull off a reform that is important to them and to do it in a way that allows them to mollify domestic critics and stave off criticism from international investors.” (1)>> The Dow finished at 16,459. It fell more than 1,000 points this week alone and is down more than 10 percent from its all-time high in May — the definition of a market correction. That has not happened in four years.The Dow's decline for the day came to 3.1 percent. The Standard & Poor's 500 index, a broader gauge of the stock market, finished down 3.2 percent and closed below 2,000 for the first time since early this year. (2)>> The rout started in Asia and quickly spread to Europe, battering major markets in Germany and France. In the U.S., the selling started early and never let up. Investors ditched beaten-down oil companies, as well as Netflix, Apple and other technology darlings. Oil plunged below $40 for the first time since the financial crisis, and government bonds rallied as investors raced into hiding spots. (3)>> In hindsight it would have been better to keep the jobs here in US and send billions in aid across the world instead of cutting off our legs leaving us in a situation that there is not enough tax revenue gained to cover current spending which cannot be avoided as the US population grows while income and revenue shrink, we can't even keep up or rebuild the infrastructure at this rate. (4)>> The Randite ideology of Alan Greenspan told him that there was no danger because banks could be trusted to be honest and that they would never do anything against their own self interest.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Incarceration Nation : America.

(1)>> America has a serious problem that's more embarrassing than the political scandals . Recently a report was issued that the United  States rate of incarceration is "higher" than China or any developed modern nation . With more than two million people behind bars, a 500 percent increase since the mid-1970s, politicians on both sides of the aisle have come to agree that America has a prison problem. When I read the figure (About 2.4 million people live behind bars in America — the highest number in the world. That's a little more than 0.7% of the population and more than 700 for every 100,000 people. ) I first thought of the  Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin's gulags in Siberia. No it's (2)>> OUR COUNTRY .There's not much the right and left agree on these days, but one notable exception seems to be criminal justice reform.   The numbers are staggering . Even though they are only 6 percent of the U.S. population a mere 19 million people counting childrenAfrican American males make up nearly half of all American prisoners (with a total of around 800,000 people imprisoned). This represents a 500 percent increase in the number of black men behind bars since 1980. The Urban Institute, a social policy think tank, created the Prison Population Forecaster, an interactive tool that lets you go see how different policy combinations would reduce prison populations. In some states, the optimum solution is to slightly reduce sentences for violent offenses, in others it is to limit imprisonment for new crimes. The tool uses data from 15 states that represent nearly 40% of America’s incarcerated. (3)>>If nothing changes, the prison population in all 15 states will fall by only 2% by 2021. However, if states reform only drug sentencing laws–an effort already launched by some states and promoted by the Obama administration–the prison population could fall by 7% over that span.Stricter treatment of drug offenses, and longer sentences for violent and repeat offenders, underlie this high rate.Then tough-on-crime laws passed at the state and federal levels with bipartisan support.Now, the United States has reached “mass incarceration”—“a level of imprisonment so vast that it forges the collective experience of an entire social group. But our criminal justice system is not doing a good job. It has failed on every count: public safety, fairness and cost-effectiveness. Recall also that in 2012  US Supreme Court ordered the state to release 40,000 prisoners , citing conditions that constituted cruel and unusual punishment. One hopes that part of the upshot of all this is a major rethinking of the war on drugs and the treatment of non-violent offenders in general.No one has ever lost an election for appearing to be “tough on crime.” Thus, with such attitudes in play, it’s no wonder that elected officials from both parties have helped create the mass incarceration problem in the United States.Regardless of good intentions, taxes paid/funding found, ( 4)>>IN THE END, we always show our true lack of humanity, with how we treat those we consider less desirable, and unwanted. Even locked away, we find an excuse to substantiate why our abuse and cruelty is acceptable. Then we turn a blind eye to the truth of what we really are. Federal government intervention alone won't cut it, because, as President Obama and Senator Portman both recognize, the problems with the criminal justice system start earlier, in local jails. Too many Americans are being deprived of their liberty, held in jail when they shouldn’t be, and the result is out-of-control local government spending on ineffective criminal justice systems—funds that could be better put to use elsewhere.

(1)>> America imprisons more people than any other nation in the world, and hands out harsher and longer sentences than most. As a result, its prisons are overcrowded and increasingly expensive, and its penitentiary policies, especially when it comes to the so-called war on drugs, are largely seen as a failure. (2)>>In the new normal of low-paying jobs, even many of those lucky enough to work are in poverty. Studies find that poverty itself is being criminalized. Here is more statistics that I researched, It makes no "sense" in the nation of the "free". The United States prison system is a blight for the country. The International Center for Prison Studies estimates that America imprisons 716 people per 100,000 citizens (of any age). That compares (unfavorably) with Russia (484), China (121) and Iran (284). Over 2.5 million American children have a parent behind bars. A whopping 60 percent percent of those incarcerated in U.S. prisons are non-violent offenders,many of them in prison for drug charges (overwhelming African-Americans). Even while our crime rate has fallen, our incarcerated population has climbed.The American prison system should be our greatest source of shame. The only country that imprisons more people per capita may be North Korea (estimates are obviously tough to find). That's not a good comparison. (3)>> Interestingly enough Presidential "hopeful" Hillary Clinton back in March 2015 argued that “without the mass incarceration that we currently practice, millions fewer people would be in poverty,” before diving into the unemployment rate of formerly incarcerated persons, and the exorbitant costs of state prisons. She called for the United States to “end the era of mass incarceration,” and discussed the failures of mandatory minimum sentences, the need to invest in probation and drug diversion programs, and the impact of high incarceration rates on African American communities in particular. (4)>>Three out of four people jailed today are there for nonviolent crimes. More than six out of ten have not been convicted of any crime. They are being held in jail for increasingly long periods while waiting until they finally get a trial or agree to plea bargain, unable to afford bails that may be as low as $250 or $500.In the past 30 years, the average length of stay in local jails has increased by 64 percent. People land in jail for all sorts of reasons, like driving with a suspended license or not paying child support—a punishment that does not help people who are jailed to pay what they owe and provide for their families. 

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In Search of Cuba's Freedom.

U.S. Marines raise the U.S. flag over the newly reopened
 embassy in Havana, Cuba.
 Friday, Aug. 14, 2015. U.S. 
It was vary touching for me to see that the United States and Cuba (1)>> FINALLY normalized relations . Just why it took so long is baffling . While our nation played games virtually destroying Cuba ,  our nations leaders have been hypocrites with communism . First we made peace with China , built up it's economy to a standard higher than Cuba's , sharing technology , trade and so on . We have left behind Cuba to sink below poverty . So after 70 years John Kerry, the first US Secretary of State to visit Cuba in such a long time, presided over the ceremony in Havana.In an open letter on Thursday, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said the US owed Cuba millions of dollars because of its (2)>> 53-year-long embargo.Mr Kerry described the hoisting of the flag as a "historic moment" speaking during the ceremony on Friday. So Kerry says a big whopper that  warned that the US would not stop pressing for political change in Cuba. So why has there been no political change in Cuba ?. Look no further to America . the embargo kept Cuba "hostage" for  no reason .  Secretary Kerry speech reflects for me what we should have done decades ago."We are gathered here because our leaders made a courageous decision to stop being prisoners of history," Secretary of State John Kerry declared. "My friends, it doesn't take a GPS to realize that the road of mutual isolation and estrangement that the United States and Cuba were traveling is not the right one and that the time has come for us to move in a more promising direction," Kerry said. "In the United States, that means recognizing that U.S. policy is not the anvil on which Cuba's future will be forged." For me as a American Cuba was unfairly treated . If the goal is to weaken the Cuban government, the embargo may just have the opposite effect. With sanctions in place, the regime has a convenient scapegoat for all that ails the country. The (##)>> embargo acts as a shield, deflecting the frustrations of the Cuban people away from the Cuban government and towards the US government. It’s the Yankee Imperialist’s fault that you don’t have enough of anything you need; stand firm with your government against their arrogance and intimidation.
A new approach is long overdue. 
Pope Benedict's verdict .
The strongest condemnation of how the United States government treated Cuba has come from the Vatican . The Pope himself.  Back in 2012 , Pope Benedict The Pope made his comments after wrapping up a two-day visit to the island, a trip aimed at bolstering the Catholic Church's ties with Cuba's communist leaders.With president Raul Castro looking on, the Pope said he hoped the "light of the Lord" would help Cubans build a "society of broad vision, renewed and reconciled"."May no one feel excluded from taking up this exciting task because of limitations of his or her basic freedoms," he said.The pontiff also rounded US economic embargo on Cuba, saying such "restrictive economic measures imposed from outside the country unfairly burden its people".The Pope called for greater rights in Cuba, saying he wanted a society in which no-one was denied basic freedoms.This aim was not helped by economic measures which "unfairly burden" Cuba's people, he said.

Embargo costly and ineffective .

Despite this progress, the U.S. spends massive amounts of money trying to keep illicit Cuban goods out of the United States.  At least 10 different agencies are responsible for enforcing different provisions of the embargo, and according to the Government Accountability Office, the U.S. government devotes hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours to administering the embargo each year. The UN General Assembly delegates have denounced the decades-old economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, voting overwhelmingly to adopt the world body’s twentieth consecutive resolution calling for an end to the measures.The resolution – adopted by a recorded vote of 186 in favour to 2 against (United States, Israel), with 3 abstentions (Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau) — reaffirmed the sovereign equality of States, non-intervention in their internal affairs and freedom of trade and navigation as paramount to the conduct of international affairs.  In its 28-page submission to the report, the Cuban Government calls the embargo an act of “genocide”, as understood in the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, and an act of “economic war” under the terms of the Declaration concerning the laws of naval war, adopted by the Naval Conference of London in 1909.  “Despite the official rhetoric that attempts to convince the international public opinion that the current United States Government has introduced positive policy changes, Cuba is still unable to trade with subsidiaries of United States companies in third countries”, it states.The U. S. government also spends $27 million each year to broadcast Radio and TV Mart, even though the television signal is effectively blocked by the Cuban government. The largely futile propaganda effort has cost U.S. taxpayers half a billion dollars over the last twenty years, according to the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.Beyond the economic costs, the blockade has deprived U.S. citizens of Cuba’s medical breakthroughs. Cuba has developed the first meningitis B vaccine; treatments for the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa; a preservative for un-refrigerated milk; and PPG, a cholesterol-reducing drug gobbled up by foreigners for its side effect: increased sexual potency. And last summer Cuba released CimaVax EGF, the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer. The drug triggers an immune response that extends life in lung cancer patients and can ease breathing and restore appetite.The blockade has always cost the United States more, but the gap has widened considerably. By 1992, U.S. businesses had lost over $30 billion in trade over the previous thirty years, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins. At that time, Cuba’s loss for the same period was smaller, but not by much: $28.6 billion, according to Cuba’s Institute of Economic Research. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Cuba’s diversification and increased trade with other countries has widened the gap between the costs to Cuba and the costs to the United States.

1900 Campaign poster for the
Republican Party depicting American rule in Cuba
(##)>>The embargo was badly conceived. Everyone’s in agreement on that. It’s a policy that has not helped the Cuban people. They live like kings in the Cuban government. They always have. And the Cuban people live like cattle. People who go there say, “They’re so wonderful and joyful in spite of their poverty!”(1)>>  FINALLY .Kerry also played down any concerns about whether the next U.S. president, whoever is elected in November 2016, might roll back or reverse the Obama administration's policy of engaging Cuba. (2)>> For nearly five decades, the U.S. government has continued a failed and inhumane policy toward our island neighbor of Cuba.  WFP's partnerships with the Cuban people have taught us that the U.S. embargo and travel ban toward Cuba In the first quarter of 2015, the number of organizations lobbying the federal government about the Cuban embargo doubled from the previous three months. Senate records show that in the wake of President Obama announcing the normalization of diplomatic relations with Havana, dozens of organizations—ranging from Marriott International to Royal Caribbean Cruises to Major League Baseball—rushed to send representatives to talk to members of Congress about repealing sanctions enacted against Fidel Castro’s communist regime by President Kennedy in 1962.The Cuban embargo was inaugurated by a Kennedy administration executive order in 1960 as a response to the confiscation of American property in Cuba under the newly installed Castro regime.  The current incarnation of the embargo – codified primarily in the Helms-Burton Act – aims at producing free markets and representative democracy in Cuba through economic sanctions, travel restrictions, and international legal penalties.

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Planned Parenthood debacle .

noun debacle. -
  1. a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco.

There has to be a "lesson" with the the debacle regarding Planned Parenthood . I know that women might find the truth offensive , what I am about to say is "beyond the right the choose" . I do first of all believe that women have the right to medical care in regards to medical treatment (reproduction) contraceptive issues . No doubt planned parenthood does have medical help for women. But killing babies and selling their parts is criminal. (1)>>The Roe v Wade hit a milestone with the uncut videos of the undercover visit to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Houston, Texas, that was summarized in the a shorter video released earlier this week.That longer video contains new revelations that some aborted baby remains sold by Planned Parenthood go to biotech companies for the purpose of creating “humanized” miceJustifying or rationalizing their actions is not moral about moral outage . Now  there was a comparing of the hunting and killing of Cecil the Lion , to the abortion of the unborn ( which I ranted in past blog post that I saw both as "disgusting") For most young women as to why abortion is part of their so called emancipation and equality has puzzled me over the issue  .For abortion, the mother claims that her child is her 'property' and not a human being at all. She can do whatever she wants with her property. "It's my body! It's my right!" they say. It's vary deceptive. sorry but women have been fooled long enough.  How much Planned Parenthood deceives women into getting abortions can be summed up here with the revelations of organ harvesting , the growing need of it .(2)>> Yes the truth here is vary macabre , Planned Parenthood needs abortions to happen because of the demand of supply of organ harvesting . The baby cadavers are sold on a medical market for scientific research . The supply must be kept up , so like cattle the women are some how deceived that abortion is the only choice .  Yes it's the disgusting truth. Planed Parenthood is profiteering off the dead unborn , getting government aide.  The HISTORY of Abortion laws and their enforcement have fluctuated through various eras. In many western countries during the 20th century various women's rights groups, doctors, and social reformers were successful in having abortion bans repealed. While abortion remains legal in most of the West,In the United States, abortion was practiced until about 1880, by which time most states had banned it except to save the life of the woman. Anti-abortion legislation was part of a backlash against the growing movements for suffrage and birth control — an effort to control women and confine them to a traditional childbearing role. I can rationalize that self abortions were unsafe , again the history. Laws prohibiting abortion took a heavy toll on women’s lives and health. Because many deaths were not officially attributed to unsafe, illegal abortion, it’s impossible to know the exact number. However, thousands of women a year were treated for health complications due to botched, unsanitary or self-induced abortions; many died, or were left infertile or with chronic illness and pain. On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all existing criminal abortion laws in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. The court found that a woman’s decision to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester was protected under the “right of privacy…founded in the Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty.”The court allowed states to place restrictions in the second trimester to protect a woman’s health and in the third trimester to protect a viable fetus. However, the Court held that if a pregnant woman’s life or health were endangered, she would not be forced to continue the pregnancy at any stage. 
The Debacle. 
So with the History here briefly exposed there , now  finally emerges a serious problem on the abortion issue . The "harvesting" of human organs , fetus , and stem cells , and the mass marketing , and obtaining organs . The demand of the supply of cadavers only exposes the whole Planned Parenthood is nothing but a sick scam on American society . Yes, the obvious These geniuses would use hidden camera footage to prove that Planned Parenthood was in the business of selling fetal tissue for profit. Either case it's vary damaging to Planned Parenthood In the group’s latest video, the fifth in a nine-part documentary style series, Farrell seemingly admits to two undercover reporters that fetuses may be removed fully intact and sold as a means of “diversifying the revenue stream” for the organization. The "government" demand is another issue that the government is the biggest supplier , so only the demanders are prosecuted?  Here is some "examples" of what also is wrong with Planned Parenthood. Browse on over to their web magazine for minors,, and you’ll find, among the question-and-answer, a question from a teen who says she had an abortion “a little over a month ago,” is pregnant again, and wondering if a second abortion is safe. Not only does the staff cavalierly tell the girl (who, I remind you, got pregnant again a month after her first abortion) that abortion is “very safe” the first or second time around, but that abortion “is much safer than giving birth.” While they do throw in a line about preventing pregnancy by using birth control, there’s no talk about adoption or other alternatives — such as raising the child, and getting help to do so — that a desperate girl could afford to hear. She was told to abort again . As long as it keeps the the demand of fetus parts in circulation . Planned Parenthood  always steers women who don’t want their kids toward abortion, There is the question of "genocide" for example Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry foster a culture that celebrates abandonment and death while pushing for the disintegration of the traditional family. Planned Parenthood simultaneously spends millions of dollars lobbying the federal government to expand its spending on welfare and contraception (e.g. S.N.A.P. and The Affordable Care Act, respectively) while receiving $542.4 million of our tax dollars to push abortion to the vulnerable–especially those abandoned by men. If
BLACK LIVES matter we should scrutinize how many black babies are aborted , The word “abortion” occurs 35 times in Planned Parenthood’s 2010 annual report. The words “mother” or “father” don’t appear one single time. They push abortion, not parenthood. Recently, their African American Leadership & Engagement Director, Ludwig P. Gaines, claimed that “abortion and food stamps elevate the black community.” Perpetual welfare, father absence, and rampant abortion elevates no one. As if the false propaganda from the original Negro Project (a Planned Parenthood initiative to reduce or eliminate the birth rates of poorer blacks) wasn’t bad enough, Planned Parenthood is fully engaged in what we now are witnessing as the Negro Project 2.0Planned Parenthood sets up teen web sites to show how to have fun sex and how to rationalize the guilt, pain and heartache of being taken advantage of by someone of the opposite sex. They make money every time you go to them to get an STI treated, and every time you get an abortion. They talk about safe, fun sex, knowing that kids are about as good at contraceptives as they are at making their beds. They also make money off the government for teaching people about sex. They are pushing sex down the throats of young people they are pushing sex education down the throats of the government, and they are pushing abortion down the throats of innocent unborn human beings. They are getting money from Bill Gates, and they are pushing legislation on the 3rd world and they are trying to export abortion the way that McDonald’s exports hamburgers to the 3rd world. The hamburgers are on demand ( saying babies ).  harvesting unborn-baby body parts (or, if you prefer, foetal tissue) and selling them for between $30-$100 per specimen, “depending on the facility and what’s involved”. Dr Mary Gatter is President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Council, and along with her Senior Director of Medical Services she ensures that there is sufficient “dialogue with the person who’s actually doing the procedure, so they understand what the end-game is (because) there are little things, changes they can make in their technique to increase your success”.

So what's next in this "debacle"? I would ask Congress to run an investigation , there is a lot more going on when you think . Five videos clearly demonstrate the reaping and marketing of human body parts as a byproduct of the abortion industry’s leading abortion supplier, Planned Parenthood. The callous attitudes of the doctors involved are only overshadowed by the lack of coverage of this story by major media. It should have been on the front of every newspaper and the leading story on every television news broadcast. We should be asking how the harvesting of human body parts can take place if this is truly “fetal material” and not a human baby.Planned Parenthood is the major target because it is so tightly intertwined with the Democrat power structure and because it is so firmly affixed to the public teat. Even if Planned Parenthood is not fatally injured by this, we can use a wide ranging inquiry into the baby parts business to target and shutter the 60% of the abortion market that doesn’t have the political protection of Planned Parenthood.

(1)>> Because of the graphic nature of the discussion — Nucatola specifically discusses altering abortion procedures to procure hearts, brains, lungs, and livers from the babies whose lives Planned Parenthood ends by abortion —(2)>> Yes , ABORTIONS are a "industry" . With over one billion dollars in assets and a half a billion of taxpayer dollars ($542.4 million) funding their abortion chain1, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is a worldwide force in providing abortions. Although they claim that their ‘Abortion Services’ are only 3% of their medical services, the 333,964 abortions committed provided (using $625 as the average provided by their site) an enormous revenue of over $208,727,500. In addition, the nation’s abortion giant only provided 18,684 prenatal care services (which are not individual patients because one patient can be seen multiple times). The nation’s largest abortion chain, which touts itself as “prochoice” made a measly 1,800 adoption referrals; that’s 175 abortions for every ONE adoption referral. Tragically, 98% of these pregnant women leave Planned Parenthood abortion centers without a babyOur tax dollars fund 45% of Planned Parenthood’s budget despite the fact that they’ve failed miserably in reducing the national 49% “unintended” pregnancy rate in nearly two decades. This rate hasn’t changed since 1995, according to the CDC Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)2.  The claim that our tax dollars don’t fund abortion is completely false, especially now with Obamacare.  Medicaid has been funding abortion, especially in the states, for decades despite the Hyde Amendment which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion (except in cases ofrape, incest and the physical health endangerment of the mother).

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The first Republican presidential debate.

So it begins ,  the GOP first round of  debates between contenders .(1)>> The debate also offered an opening for the candidates to go after President Barack Obama, the attacks were aimed against Donald Trump , Hillary Clinton and most of all Mr. Obama  .The race to become the next Republican presidential nominee kicked off Thursday with seven bottom-tier candidates taking the stage at a sports arena here for the first debate of the 2016 election season, sponsored by (2)>> Fox News ( right wing media ). (***)>> Seven low-polling Republican candidates all needed to create a breakout moment in Thursday night’s early, under card Republican debate. After 80 minutes, it wasn’t clear if any of them had achieved their goals . I have to say I am not to happy with any of the GOP candidates , they are all weak looking . They don't have any answers , they still don't have anything to offer as a "Obama alternative " . Even though the economy is way ahead of where it was four years ago, Americans aren't happy. Half of the country flat out disapproves of how the president is handling the economy, according to recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll.Even more alarming is the return of pessimism. Take a look at Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index. It's measured weekly, and the first August reading is negative -- the lowest since last October. Americans don't feel good about their pocketbooks, yet the campaigns don't seem to get it yet.Part of the reason (3)>> Donald Trump is doing well is because his campaign slogan -- "Make America Great Again" -- is shaping up to be 2016's version of Barack Obama's "Hope."Trump will take center stage at the main event. It will be unfamiliar territory for Trump, whose early strength has both stunned -- and aggravated -- establishment Republicans. It has connotations of a better future on a lot of levels, but especially for your pocketbook. It also doesn't hurt that he's run some successful businesses and presents a vision of making it in America. As the debate wound down, the moderators asked the candidates to handicap Clinton. The unflattering answers included "not trustworthy" and "secretive." However, was not the format but the absence of the race’s current frontrunner. Donald Trump, currently leading virtually all polls of the GOP field, skipped the event and the participants largely avoided any reference to him. Truth is, probably none of these candidates can do much to "bump" themselves up to the first tier.

(***)>>The seven candidates who didn't make the cut for the debate are trying to stand out in a warm-up forum.The event was sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader and served as a preview of the first GOP presidential debate Thursday in Cleveland, complete with a spin room where campaign officials played up their bosses’ performance to reporters afterward. (1)>> Indeed a Republican was at the helm when the democrat congress & senate insisted that "Everyone deserves a home".  Let's also not forget the same Republican president was faced with 9/11. The American people & BOTH houses of congress demanded he do something about it! Let me see, oh yeah, that would have included H.R. Clinton, J. Kerry, Big J. Biden...and a cast of democrat controlled houses! Remind me....who task is it to make our countries budgets? (2)>> Debate host Fox News can't reasonably fit the 16 GOP candidates in the race on the stage and give them each enough time for much more than an opening and closing remark. So Fox is limiting the debate to only the top 10 contenders in national polls — using criteria that have ruffled some feathers and opened the network to criticisms over a lack of transparency in its methods.A whopping 24 million watched the debate from 9 p.m. ET to just past 11 p.m. ET. FNC drew 7.9 million in the A25-54 demo.This is now the highest non-sports cable program of all time, the highest-rated cable news program of all time, and Fox News’s most-watched program ever.(3)>>  Donald Trump stole the show before he'd even said a word.Every elected member in our government from the former White House on down are money grubbing sellouts. They're paid under the table by lobbyists, special interest funds, big corporations, etc. Trump is the only one that actually earns his money.