Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Click, click and glitch.

Don't Worry it's 'Fixable'.
We'll we been warned . I guess in human nature we are never prepared for the 'unexpected' and most certainly  ***President Obama was not. His Affordable Care Act is full of problems on the Federal level , onthe State level ( California Covered ) I am just waiting for the domino effect. This week , for Mr. Obama it's been a swinging pendulum of problems . The NSA spying for example as more 'Leaks' devastate confidence in his administration . What's  WORSE is that he is even being criticized by the left wing media. He's even being chopped up by CNN . Both FOX and CNN have for the last few days concurrently have been constantly hammering the Obama administration on his healthcare initiative. Now Congress is starting investigatory hearings on the matter. I dubbed "Obama-care-gate". It's seems  that Critics of Obamacare’s rocky rollout continued to beat their drum against the embattled law Sunday, as a growing number of lawmakers called for the resignation of the cabinet official ( Kathleen Sebelius)  at the center of the controversy. The lovers of the plan are in for a rude awakening, Obama said you'll save $2500 a year in health insurance.  What math model did they use to come up with any savings?  Who besided Obama made up these numbers? there exist a report that a certain Dianne Barrette is a 56 year old woman from Florida. She was paying $56 per month for her health care coverage. But thanks to ObamaCARE, she will be dropped from her Blue Cross Blue Shield plan as of January 1st, 2014. If Dianne Barrette wants to regain the current health care coverage she currently have, she can. Barrette would have to pay $591 per month for the same health care coverage she has now for just $54 per month. Barrette said, “What I have right now is what I am happy with and I just want to know why I can’t keep what I have. Why do I have to be forced into something else?” According to HealthCare.gov, Barrette is eligible for some subsidies, CBS News’ Jan Crawford pointed out on “CBS This Morning.” But Barrette told CBS News she has no idea what those subsidies would be because she cannot log on to the website — an issue U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is sure to be asked about when she testifies on Capitol Hill Wednesday.They can't get the website to work to get people signed up. What Makes anyone THINK they will ACTUALLY Be able to Provide Healthcare to those that NEED IT ??? STAY TUNED.!!!


***NBC earlier reported that Obama personally knew about the the millions people who would lose their currently health care plans under ObamaCAREThe NBC News investigations unit isreporting that "50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a 'cancellation' letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don't meet the standards mandated by the new health care law" - a fact administration officials knew but kept from the public.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quo Vadis ? Britannia .Prince Charles .

The Cover says it all , but how long
would it be? and it MAY never
Quo Vadis ? Britannia . TIME magazine made it's cover with a aging ***Prince Charles (Prince of Wales, 64 )  this week . I have often wondered how long it would be for a new monarch to reign in England .Hopes are a bit skid-dish , if you think the Prince of Wales will jump to the crown . Guess what ? Several years about maybe a decade ago.Prince Charles was quoted in an interview that the 'monarchy was outdated'. The goodly prince was right . He said it . Prince Charles should already be King of England. The current Head of State , Queen Elizabeth II should have abdicated the throne for her son , yet her iron hand has made a mess of her royal family . We'll never have a Queen Diana, Prince Charles the forgotten Prince would not be forgotten had he not been ill treating his official wife Diana Spencer  .He  was miserable with Diana. he so much more comfortable with Camilla. he's chilled out quite a lot and has a sense of humor The iron rule of the Queen  has watered down the monarchy .But let’s keep the Queen where she is.For how long? we celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth being on the throne. The English are happy , they love the royal pomp as it is , but it's all show . The Queen has no power expect to open Parliament ( thanks Cromwell and Pitt) The U.K. Telegraph 'warned' that the Prince of Wales is a danger to the monarchy:

There is a nagging fear that, when the Queen finally proves mortal, the British monarchy will be laid to rest beside her. How many people who now claim to be monarchists are actually Elizabethists? Men and women who will withdraw their support when our irreplaceable Queen is no more.

Here is my last thought to this ,  Prince Charles will make an awesome King especially with Queen Camilla by his side.  Unlike Diana Camilla has always been supportive of all his endeavours.  The Princes Trust has never received the press coverage that this charitable organization deserves and his good works have been mostly ignored by the media in general.  In that prospect Prince Harry becomes Prince of Wales , he'll have to wait also 30 years to be KING.


*** The Princes 'titles' are long and varied . He is : His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland, he would be "head" of the Church of England ( like a Pope ) if he were king , but he is not and that's another royal story.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 The BART unions went on strike for
months , after 2 deaths it
was over...
The last couple of days the whole Bay Area was under the grip of a cleverly orchestrate terrorism , that had nothing to do with bombs , but with words .  My opinion here is that BART workers failed to make their case to the public and the strike is leaving a lot of animosity in the air. The BART strike ,the second in the series of "strikes" cost over millions of dollars to the state , and may commuters suffered .  July's strike, which lasted five days, produced more us-versus-them ugliness.BART and its two largest unions dragged on for six months — a period that saw two chaotic days long strikes, including one in July, contentious negotiations and frazzled commuters wondering if they would wake up to find the trains running or not. This last strike was pitiful . It shows how a Union should be . Powerful enough to stop everything . In the long run it made the BART unions look like a "unsympathetic" ass. I have to say I see the need for a salary  $60k / year average salary for a BART worker?- cost of living , perhaps issues of sick leave for bargaining .There were very vague, general numbers (salary, benefits) given, and vague summaries of the issues, from the news reporters.  The power of going to strike like the power of veto has it's consequences . The strike had been prompted in large part by management's desire to be able to set aside existing work rules, which workers said would compromise safety. Those safety concerns were reinforced in one of the worst possible ways Saturday when a train struck and killed two workers inspecting tracks. Monday night the National Transportation Safety Board announced that the train had been driven by what they termed an "operator trainee"—a scab, in other words. That foregrounded workers' safety concerns in general and certainly concerns over management's plans to use scabs if the strike dragged on. In the tentative deal, the unions reportedly made concessions on rules involving technology, which BART management had made much of even while poo-pooing safety concerns. Two men may have died because skilled workers were on strike, or perhaps it could have happened on another regular day. Its shameful to use these deaths to strengthen the union argument.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

California Experimental Exchanges .

This article is about multiple issues , but I want to start on my first:
The Gig is up , here in my sunny state of California. As for the "word exchanges" and "healthcare" I would use the word opted out . My view if Obamacre is going to survive , it's going to have to be successful in California , or the whole thing is going to crumble nationwide. For the life of me I can't understand why would any-one apply for any kind of insurance on the internet . Case in point : Obama-care ( AHCA). On the Glenn Beck show  (Blaze TV) I was hearing that at least Obama-care needs is 7 million people to stay solvent . As it looks to day , only 51 thousand people ( 500,000 ) signed on so far . The the internet has not been so useful for the new healthcare system , of Thirty-six states are offering healthcare.gov as the main path for people to sign up for new coverage, but the site has suffered from technical glitches and an onslaught of users that has made for a bumpy roll-out. Honestly NO FED's know how many people signed up as of yet . According to NPR health policy correspondent Julie Rovner she said .  You know, we really don't. There's lots of estimates that have been floating around. There have been lows from about 20,000 people to highs of a couple of hundred thousand. Federal officials say they're not going to release any numbers until mid-November at the earliest. The Wall Street Journal reported in an article saying : “Healthcare.gov was initially going to include an option to browse before registering,” report Christopher Weaver and Louise Radnofsky in the Wall Street Journal. “But that tool was delayed, people familiar with the situation said.” Why was it delayed? “An HHS spokeswoman said the agency wanted to ensure that users were aware of their eligibility for subsidies that could help pay for coverage, before they started seeing the prices of policies.” (Emphasis added.) It just means that a whole lot of people are in for a sticker shock . Obama -care is not "affordable to consumers" and it's not even "socialized medicine" . If you want TRUE socialized medicine , you have to be 65 or older to apply for Medicare. 
Lt. Gov. Newsom is aspiring  for more than
legal weed. 
Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is looking to climb the ladder of the political system . I am not just guessing , but my article here is to CONNECT the dots to a "theory".  The Lt. Gov. is purposing legalization of marijuana in California , yes this is how to 'win' the vote with the younger generation of dazed and confused voters . Newsom said :"Enough's enough. I can't sit back and support the status quo any longer," Newsom said in a telephone interview Thursday, citing the high prison and police costs associated with marijuana enforcement that disproportionately affects minority communities. "I don't want to be the guy giving the speeches after I'm gone about what we should've and could've done." It's just the "curve ball" for popularity just as much as legalizing gay marriage . I personally believe that any kind of marijuana legalization still needs government regulations . I saying OK LEGALIZE it , but you can't do it freely . Like any alcohol by volume THC in "weed" is the same , so far marijuana THC content is much stronger than it was back in the 1960's . Some "medical dispensaries " the marijuana THC content is almost 48 % which is equal to a 100 proof bottle of rye whiskey in it's crashing effects . Knowing our generation of addictive behavior , the teenagers , the "adults" likely to inhale and not know it's effects with alcohol are likely to seek health insurance first . (as related to my first article above.)  Newsom wants it on a Ballot measure for 2014 , and push for full legalization in 2016. By 2016 if my hunch is right Lt. Gov. Newsom might be "running" for the oval office, yes that is what is suspect . It's too coincidental . The "struggling" Obama administration by then  might be grooming Hillary Clinton along with Lt. Gov. Newsom using the "LEGALIZATION' as a path to the White house .
Get ready for a conspiracy theory.
The Inept and fledgling  Republican party is looking for a Messiah to make them in the image of day that Ronald Reagan rolled into office .  Pretty much Reagan for me was "tops" as a President . And forever his shadow will haunt the GOP for a perfect candidate . They tried Sarah Palin who was nothing but a fluke in the system . They tried Mitt Romney who could and should have won  , it was a close to call for the race . If Romney runs again I am voting for him , but otherwise I "Fear" this : The Post cited sources saying the action movie star wanted to get the change made -- something that would require a Constitutional amendment -- so that he could run for president in 2016. The "action movie star " is Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. Remember that As governor of California he was a complete joke. We are now faced with paying off the debt he accumulated by his actions. He created an annual $4B deficit, which he tried to paper over. With Schwarzenegger running again for any political post for me is a danger sign . The GOP has no Goldilocks candidate as of yet. While the DEM's are surly grooming Hillary , by 2014 you'll being seeing more of her as Mr. Obama fades out of the picture . So the GOP is planning something with movie star quality as they did way back in 2003 when they swept California to elect Schwarzenegger . What is creepy about this and I draw this is any change in the constitution to change the amendment for non citizens to run for President endangers the nation . However, any amendment to the Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority in the House and the Senate. A source told Page Six the Terminator star has been talking openly about his political ambitions while he is in New York . No doubt........ Have you noticed that all the Teapublican "birthers" have gone completely silent once they realized that their Favorite choice in the next presidential election is an illegitimate Cuban/Canadian whose father fought wars to install communism in this hemisphere. What a nightmare for them. No wonder they quit their arcane arguments that 40 years ago a conspiracy started in Hawaii to elect our 44th president. Oh well, as ridiculous as it sounds...it's hardly surprising out of them. If allowed, Mr. Schwarzenegger would face off against Hillary Rodham Clinton, The New York Post reported. It would be interesting to see what the 2016 election would be like , if this is true remember the California Connection . These items , the  State Health exchanges , the marijuana  legalization by Lt. Gov. Newsom . Yes, former Governor Schwarzenegger running for office (if he wins ) would unravel the GOP , and if Newsom runs along with Hillary it's the sure end of the American political system .

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ides of October 17th.

It's a done deal , but it's just a quick fix
to a problem .
The ides of October 17th loom *** . And so far we have stalemate.  At Press TIME , there has been no "agreement" to the debt ceiling  (MAYBE they agreed on something today. )Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., scrambled late Monday to iron out the specifics of an emerging budget proposal after a string of prior plans fizzled. Reid appeared on the chamber floor Monday night to announce, "We've made tremendous progress -- we are not there yet -- but tremendous progress, and everyone just needs to be patient."McConnell added, "We've had a good day...I think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future."--- oh really . You like to believe that ? Nancy Pelosi came out and did a press conference , she looked and sounded as if she has the coffee jitters.Had to stop watching pelosi - she actually makes my stomach turn. The ( both Parties ) when interviewed the "claim" that they are making progress. In a strange turn of events some of the lawmakers in congress  are voicing increasing skepticism about dire warnings that failing to raise the debt ceiling would result in catastrophic default. "I would dispel the rumor that is going around that you hear on every newscast, that if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we will default on our debt," said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., Monday on CBS This Morning. "We won't. We'll continue to pay our interest." We have had so much "fear-mongering" that Wall Street seems so out touch with the "reality" of defaulting the trading has never been so easier , and faster.With hours left for Congress to finalize and pass legislation before the United States' borrowing authority expires, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., formally unveiled a plan Wednesday that will fund the government through Jan. 15 and lift the debt limit through Feb. 7. So, what part of the "plan... that will fund the government through Jan. 15 and lift the debt limit through Feb. 7" (Reid's and McConnell's OWN PLAN) doesn't Harry understand to be extremely short term? What "long term?" What "foundation for economic expansion" when there remains so much uncertainty in the markets and throughout the entire economy? All these two bozos did was get the country through the Christmas buying season.---- if for short both plans don't solve long term solution  to the debt issue , they are just a quick fix . At that point, according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, the government will have only around $30 billion cash on hand to meet the country's commitments, plus whatever tax money comes in.This won't necessarily lead to default right away. But it does put the Treasury Department in a precarious situation. "This amount would be far short of net expenditures on certain days, which can be as high as $60 billion," Lew wrote in his letter to Congress.


***To keep spending, the government needs Congress to pass a spending law. Republicans have already blocked this, resulting in a partial government shutdown. Now they are threatening the separate and much more disruptive step of refusing to raise the federal debt ceiling, currently set at $16.7 trillion. Spending exceeds revenue, so without permission to borrow more, the government can’t pay its bills even if a law to allow spending goes through. If the debt ceiling stays in place, the Treasury will run short of cash soon after Oct. 17. At that point:
Senator John McCain, whose fellow Republicans triggered the crisis with demands that President Barack Obama's signature "Obamacare" healthcare law be defunded, said on Wednesday the deal marked the "end of an agonizing odyssey" for Americans. "It is one of the most shameful chapters I have seen in the years I've spent in the Senate," said McCain,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shutting the Government down for the little guy......

The Government Shut out the "little guy" . Average Americans
With a government shutdown . In THEORY all services are closed , well not so. There was a lot of media hype about this. . Vary much like the sequester , but here is the TRUTH . A manufactured crisis. The government is still vary much running at 80 % . The 20 % part that was shutdown was 'the little guy' , the vary bottom services like your Veterans, the Social Security Precipitants (soon if they don't settle) . Parks closed , national landmarks. NASA all furloughed , and furloughed . No pay for those guys , while your congress men continue to get paid . Yes TAXES are still levied .This whole govt "Shutdown" is just a scare tactic. The White House and House Republicans have committed to talking about ways to avoid a default on U.S. debt, the first concrete sign of a potential compromise since the government shut down 11 days ago. The looming question is whether a short-term agreement to raise the debt ceiling will come at the expense of reopening the government and the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who remain furloughed.The  200,000 employees . Here is an extreme example of what was shutdown .The Drudge Report put that item on its homepage with the headline, "Amber Alert website shut down, Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ stays up." By the next morning, the Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott had an article titled, "Obama shutters Amber Alerts as government shutdown enters second week." "Somebody, somewhere in the Obama White House or the Obama Justice Department decided to shut down the Amber Alerts, despite the system's long and stellar record of helping locate missing children," Tapscott wrote.  What is going to be on the chopping blog to a 'balanced budget' that soon will cross Obama's desk is cutting entitlements as part of a bi-partisan plan to reduce federal spending at the cost of not dealing with AHCA (Obamacare). The hardline issue is raising the debt ceiling , or paying China  Are the Democrats liars who should not be trusted? Of course. It would be silly not to understand that. Now let us go over the fine upstanding qualities of the Republicans> OOPS! None there either.  Get with the program and understand that the governments are all against their people. This is the war they have wrought - and they expect us to fight THEIR wars amongst us - not them. Right now Congress approval ratings are in the teens , and President Obama is not far he just a cut above 38 % of approval. MEANWHILE the Stock market was still about 15 ,000 DOW it hardly dipped . I suspected that the FASLE Shutdown was not going to hurt anyone who is considered rich. When you print $100,000,000,000 a month of worthless dollars and it all goes to fat cats on Wall Street who cares about this.   Now I am sure that the shutdown has created a conservative tragedy .Recently the Polls showed that Obamacare's popularity went up 20 % (contrary to the right-wing tea party logic ) on the national front. Here is the LAST Cliche to this false Government Shutdown. Nearly 80% of Obamacare Websites Still Not Fully Functional. Potential customers continuing to report long wait timesmissing data on plans and providers, and a slew of other snags associated with the websites. 


Let's START talking about "freezing" the Salaries of Congress if the FALSE SHUTDOWN continues , here is a good estimate how much our elected officials earn by the way:
The Savings to the TAX payers would be phenomenal .
Senate LeadershipMajority Party Leader - $193,400Minority Party Leader - $193,400House LeadershipSpeaker of the House - $223,500Majority Leader - $193,400Minority Leader - $193,400A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.Shown below are the current annual salaries for the top elected and appointed US government officials, along with the annual salaries for these officials in 2000 or 2001.
Executive BranchPresident of the United States2013: $400,0002000: $200,000
Note: The president's salary was increased from $200,000 to $400,000 in 2001. The president's current salary of $400,000 includes a $50,000 expense allowance.
Also See: Presidential Pay, Compensation and Benefits
Vice President of the United States2013: $231,900 effective March 27, 20132000: $181,400
Legislative Branch - US CongressRank-and-File Senators and Representatives2013: $174,0002000: $141,300
Also See: The 10 Wealthiest Members of Congress
Speaker of the House2013: $223,5002000: $181,400
House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders2013: $193,4002000: $156,900

Monday, October 7, 2013

John Boehner's Hard LINE.

John Boehner's hard line is  from a script , on
a few occasions he is right , and also wrong.
STEPHANOPOULOS this Sunday interviewed Speaker of the House John Boehner . I have oftern heard Boehner speak many times in other "interviews" . What I found about him is he so SO HARDLINE that he just won't give a straight answer . John A. Boehner stood his ground on Sunday alongside the most conservative Republicans in Congress, insisting that the House would not vote to finance and reopen the government or raise the nation's borrowing limit without concessions from President Obama on the health care law. At the point I agree with some of  what Boehner said regarding the "debt limit" which has to be addressed by both parties . I sincerely reject the notion of shutting down the government on one single issue, Obamacare (ACA) is the right thing to do at the moment . I am for a Re hauling of the entire American system that also includes Health Care , but simply stating that the ACA is the only alternative to healthcare in the country is wrong . The reality is that while Obamacare may be politically viable (just barely), it is not economically or functionally viable. Texas and a few other states won't enforce it from the start, and the rest of the states won't enforce it at some point when it completely crashes. The feds will try to rob private accounts to pay for it, which will result in an avalanche of lawsuits in all states. It's the worse mess federal government has ever created.With his hard line, Mr. Boehner reaffirmed that the stalemate with the White House over the six-day-old government shutdown was now compounded by an even more economically risky fight over raising the government's borrowing limit by Oct. 17 to pay for bills already incurred.  with all this "The fact is, this fight was going to come one way or the other," Mr. Boehner said on the ABC News program "This Week," adding, "We're in the fight."The chronic parrot that John Boehner often repeats himself from a hard-line script book . Pres Obama also sounds like a parrot too when he said publicly that he would not "negotiate" any options on Obamacare which is simply stupid on the part of the President of the United States. President Obama still has not addressed the sequestration . Which the government is still jerking around , and has not solved .The whole debt ceiling debacle is a joke. We still have $185b-200b revenue coming in and about $225B+ going out. so do we just stop the revenues and put it in cans and dig a hole in the backyard. Scare tactic! keep the government shutdown until we come to an agreement to reduces pending or at least when revenues = outflow. Another spin by the Administration. Congress does not have the responsibility/obligation to raise the debt ceiling, they have the AUTHORITY to do so, AT THEIR DISCRETION.Mr. Boehner challenged Obama to "call me he's got my number." I am sure Boehner wants to end this whole mess, Boehner says he is listening to the American people, but the American people appear to be quite clear in their opposition to both the government shutdown and not raising the debt ceiling.


The issue of the debt ceiling is the worst "debacle" in American history . Experts agree that failing to raise the nation's debt ceiling by Oct. 17, when U.S. officials say the government will run out of money to pay its bills, would gravely wound the economy, and perhaps even throw it back into recession. Because Treasury bonds and the dollar are cornerstones of the global financial system, meanwhile, the shock wave would be felt around the world. Not one want's a deficit of 17 trillion dollars . John Boehner is right on the cue on this , our nation has to cut it's spending , produce a viable spending plan that reduces the debt . As you were almost not aware since it was slept under the rung  back in 2008 when President Bush left office our national debt was just under 8 Trillion  dollars , because of the 2 wars and "Less than two months into President Obama's second term, new numbers show the national debt increased by more than $6 trillion since he took office. It's the largest increase to date under any U.S. president. During the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, the debt soared by $4.9 trillion.President Obama's spending efforts in the first four years the national debt has shot through the ceiling . So if "raising the debt ceiling" can save the nation , also not cutting debt can also wreck it. While the White House and Senate Democrats said they would push a $1 trillion bill that would authorize borrowing for a year or longer, they suggested they would accept a short-term bill, perhaps lasting only weeks, if necessary to avoid a default. How long can America borrow ? Now do you all understand.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Sad DC Woman and "Crazed Bikers".

Did the D.C . Capitol Police Over react?
 Why Did they have shoot her?
There were two strange stories I wanted to write about .  First I wanted to vent a little. I was tuning in oat night on my radio to the Alex Jones show . Honestly Alex Jones is on the a-list to the right wing fringe radio , but he at times makes a lot a sense . Case in point .  At Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service for shooting and killing Carey, a 34-year-old Connecticut woman who reportedly suffered from post-partum depression .As the mainstream media portrayed the incident as some kind of dramatic gun battle and car chase involving a deadly terrorist who had attempted to attack the White House, the truth began to emerge. Carey’s worst crime appears to have been driving erratically and freaking out at a checkpoint when police aimed guns at her head.  Essentially, lawmakers were expressing gratitude for the cops protecting them from the deadly threat posed by 34-year-old Connecticut resident Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist who the media is now trying to demonize as mentally unstable yet whose boss Dr. Brian Evans said was a “happy” and “stable” individual. Friends described her as “friendly and dedicated.” Her former boss Dr Steven Oken said she was “always happy,” while neighbors said Carey was “a nice young lady, stable.”Jones, the owner of popular conspiracy theory website InfoWars.com, says the authorities that shot and killed Carey aren’t heroes, as Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier described them during a news conference Thursday night. I like what Jones said , why could not the police just shoot the tires of the vehicle , just why did they have to kill this poor woman who needed psychiatric help? The DC Situation was a hard one. If you watch the video you see her car stopped and about a dozen men with drawn firearms pointed at her. She freaked. And that was it, you could start a timer... her life was over in about 60 seconds... a forgone conclusion. CONSIDER: What if ONE Policeman approached her with NO GUN drawn... open palms... asked her to turn off her car and talk. The use of "deadly" force here is without question wrong . She was not a terrorist  from Somalia as FIRST reported by main stream media.  This women all though crazed  had a baby in her car, the  Capital Police and the U.S. Secret Service got to the lowest point of their careers . Just think if they riddled the car with bullets killing the baby as well , just do you think they would look heroic to you? The US has become paranoid after so many years of fear-mongering by our government. The paranoia is unbearable and this government shutdown is pushing people (law enforcement with out pay )  over the edge. 

Surprise , Surprise ! The outlaw bikers . Some of them
off duty Cops.
Here is another story of the week that has made national headlines , it's a bit of a bizarre one where you can't get the facts as to what happen . A bunch of Bikers was reported to have beaten a man driving down a main highway  in Harlem,  what is peculiar is   what began when the driver of a black Range Rover called 911 to report erratic bikers taking part in an unauthorized rally dubbed Hollywood Stuntz, police told NBC New York. The Driver some how rubbed against another biker that set off a chain of events that became viral on TV and Youtube . The video shows the motorcycles converged on the 33-year-old man's vehicle on the West Side Highway in Harlem, and he apparently clipped a bike that cut closely in front of him.  Some of the other bikers then surrounded the SUV.  Here is what the video shows : "They take their helmets and start to dent his car, and apparently his tires are slashed there with a knife,"  Talk about road rage . You know when I saw this it reminded me of the Mel Gibson movie  Mad Max  which was about a bunch of post-apocalyptic predatory bikers who in a bit part of the film attack a young couple driving on the road in the Australian outback . Although the Mad Max film is fictional. Now this story turns to the strange , yes  , it makes it stupid enough when you hear about crazed cops shooting un armed citizens . Here is the twist , although New York City police continue to hunt for as many as 30 motorcyclists who forced a driver on a harrowing high-speed chase through Upper Manhattan and then beat him in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter.  Sources say at least two detectives witnessed the attack on Alexian Lien and did not directly intervene. And investigators are still working to determine what role, if any, was played by the other three officers. What is clear, sources say, is that the men did not begin to come forward until late Wednesday, four full-days after the incident. 5 off-duty officers among bikers in SUV incident. The New York Post originally reported that the first undercover officer to admit being at the ruthless pounding was not the only cop at the scene, as several members of the motorcycle group- called the Front Line Soldiers- are police officers themselves. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congress kicking the can down the road.

Big Capitalists Bring down their own
The madness that has become Washington D.C.  with the shutdown shows that our nation may nearing another "crisis" of self implosion .That is more catastrophic than all the terrorists around the world .America's enemies must be laughing. But most of the world is just baffled, mystified at the sight of the world's most powerful country tangled in a crippling web of its own making.The first American government shutdown in 17 years weakened the dollar on Tuesday, sending it to an eight-month low against the euro, but otherwise left equity markets firmer while U.S. Treasury bonds fell. In all my life watching the political Washington D.C. ramblings over the last "decade" .  It's never like this , worse since 2001 September 11th . Just what is wrong with our  government ? Is this just the sign that our political system is at the point that its' just kicking the can down the wrong path? I am pretty sure now that the fractions behind the anti-Obama movement within the Republican party want to sabotage President Obama making him look as incompetent as ever. However  They're all a bunch of idiots who can't work together to get anything done. It's a sad state we're in, but I often ask Democrat or Republican as to which side are they on on Capitol Hill? We have finger pointing . I find  many faults with the Republican's on the Hill . Their hard line so called conservatism has broken down the government . While I also find the President Obama's own unwillingness to negotiate with the Republicans may in the end , making him the "fall guy" in the long run for system failure .A small band of extreme right-wing politicians couldn't win the debate, or the vote, or the legal argument over health care, so they decided to close down the government instead. A system that allows that to happen is dangerously flawed and in urgent need of repairs. There is also a BIGGER JOKE . Appearing in the White House Rose Garden on Saturday, President Obama apparently experienced a revelation. He acknowledged there are constitutional limits on his power, something he has heretofore mostly ignored while issuing executive orders, bypassing Congress on appointments and deciding which parts of the Affordable Care Act to follow and which to delay or ignore. President Obama has invited congressional leaders to discuss the government shutdown and debt limit, the White House announced on Wednesday. and likely inconsequential — strike. "The President will urge the House to pass the clean CR to reopen the government, and call on Congress to act to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills we have already incurred and avoid devastating consequences on our economy," the official said. The POLLS and their percentages don't lie . They tell us what is going down , but numbers also show how much America lost it's faith in it's government. Numerous polls show the Republicans taking a bigger hit than Mr. Obama or the Democrats over a shutdown, at least before it began. A Quinnipiac Poll released Tuesday shows 72 percent of Americans oppose Congress shutting down the government in an attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even though almost half of the public doesn’t like the new health-care law. Republicans in Congress have only a 17 percent job approval rating, versus 32 percent for the Democrats, the poll reports. Obama’s job approval rating isn’t stellar – 45 percent  – though it could be a whole lot worse.