Monday, July 23, 2012

the circus begins.....

Colorado mass shooting suspect James Holmes appears in court, July 23, 2012. At right is attorney Tamara Brady, from the state public defender's office. (CBS) Please note the Orange hair . He appears 'dazed' leading some to think drug use . There is an obvious explanation here. 

The Media  has begun And so the circus begins.....I will be more than happy to not hear about this guy ever again... . While the massacre will be in the minds of most people in this country , we have to remember that   nation be fixated on sensationalism in this country. Remember O.J.? Remember Casey Anthony?  You all just wait . We going to be plastered  with the latest on this guy . It will build up so much negative energy that something else bigger will dominate and shock the nation. In the meantime things that really matter to the welfare of all citizens are ignored. And so it goes. I am sure that there will be a lot of dirt dug up on him . Psychologists would be profiling him trying to figure out what made him snap . In the end he may not get the death penalty if he can prove insanity. My last two blog postings were on gun control issues and here are two updates from the newswires regarding how Holmes amassed weapons :On Saturday, officials said they have "evidence of calculation and deliberation" in the way Holmes allegedly planned and prepared for the shooting, beginning to buy weapons and ammunition two months ago.Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates announced Friday that Holmes had purchased four guns at local shops and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the Internet in the past 60 days.Holmes received deliveries to the school and his home over that period, police said ***.Holmes was enrolled in a neuroscience graduate program at the University of Colorado. On Sunday, officials at the school's Anschutz Medical Campus said they are looking into whether Holmes had items delivered to the school.The fact that Items were delivered to a school campus is a bit strange. This only shows how easy it is to obtain weapons in this country . Right Holmes is a subject of conspiracy theorists who believe that he was a subject of some kind of Mind Control . I am  beginning  to believe this . Since the nation over the last decade has experienced massacres , and repeated gun violence .  Important to note is the shooter’s age: he is 24 years old. PolicyMic pundit Daniela Quintanilla pointed out that “Within the last 15 years, the United States has suffered 12 mass shootings that have claimed 262 people, including the Columbine tragedy, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona that wounded Congressman Gabrielle Giffords.” What Quintanilla didn’t point out was that every shooter on her list had something in common: they were all males under the age of 25. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R - Texas) said Fridaythat the shooting is the result of the “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs,” though I find that incredibly hard to believe. Other people aredebating the pros and cons of gun control laws. While the Supreme Court recently ruled to protect violent video games, citing the First Amendment and arguing that there is no evidence that violent video games lead people to commit acts of violence, scientists are still trying to determine the effects such games have on developing minds. The gunman was wearing goggles and a gas mask; could the character of Bane have inspired him?


***  Here is some unreal stuff on Holmes that is now on the internet . It's obvious that James Holmes was a product of his own mental conditioning.  James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs. After graduating in 2006, Holmes worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and Miramar College’s biotechnology summer boot camp, where “cream of the crop” students were given rudimentary laboratory projects.For his part while at Salk, Holmes wrote in his resume that he designed a computer program to illustrate temporary perceptions of causality and programmed a flicker fusion utility. James Holmes Flicker Fusion Utility.Used in movies and game systems by every day people. Flicker fusion is used in mind control.More Information on what James Holmes Worked On In 1991 a professor emeritus of history at California State University named Theodore Roszak published a novel entitled Flicker. Described as ‘A novel of suspense involving tangled conspiracies and dark obsessions in the mysterious film industry from the author of the highly acclaimed The Making of a Counterculture’ Flicker, a complex mystery set in Los Angeles in the 1970’s, centers around a film student Jonathan Gates and his obsession with a B horror film director Max Castle. This obsession eventually leads Jonathan to discover Castle’s use of subliminal messages, mind control, mood altering imagery secretly embedded into movies with the intent of terrifying the audience.James Holmes also wrote papers on temporary perceptions of causality Temporary Perceptions Of Causality.Seems James Holmes was into mind control and even wrote a program for mind control.The main stream news asked questions like did Mr Holmes ever have a girlfriend. We want to know what he studied and what he wrote. Plus programs Holmes made regarding mind control. Their we will find what has caused this terrible action and who is behind it. It’s very odd that a man who had no problems with law or anyone decided to call himself the Joker and die his hair red and murder people at a movie theater. James Holmes might be the victim of a study gone wrong or purposely made startling to see psychiatrists explaining the James Holmes lived in a fantasy and was just plain crazy which can easily be explained by the work James Holmes did in flicker fusion.The true story of how the discovery of flicker potentials, and scientific observations about strange patterns, organized hallucinations, and even the displacement of time derived from stroboscopic light, very nearly resulted in a Dream Machine in every suburban living room. William S. Burroughs said: “Flicker administered under large dosage and repeated later could well lead to overflow of brain areas … Anything that can be done chemically can be done in other ways.” Aldous Huxley called it “an aid to visionary experience.” Seems James Holmes was indeed part of a mind control system gone wrong or done on purpose. The United Nations treaty to ban weapons in the united States is due for a vote next week. Which would change the US second amendment for ever. Was James Holmes used to bring ridicule to people who owns guns and help pass the treaty to ban weapons in the USA. We now know fast and furious was used to blame the second amendment and to clamp down on gun laws in the united states.
One news reporter said the music James Holmes played the night of the murders was a trance music.

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