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Racism's Victim : Obama

President Barack Obama drinks Guinness stout in Ollie Hayes pub in Moneygall, Ireland, the ancestral homeland of his great-great-great grandfather, Monday, May 23, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

From the start Obama was a victim of racism , but President Obama played in the racists hands , and here is why.
There was recent news that Obama in the Washington Post . That Obama's Kenyan/Kansan heritage makes him about as authentically African American as one can be but, in some camps, his “racial bona fides” — son of an African immigrant, and a white mother who raised him in Asia and then sent him to grow up with his white grandparents in Hawaii — suggest he is not culturally “black enough.”   Here my jaw dropped, wow Obama is not 'Black enough" . Is this racism?  The Washington Post article continued : Now, it turns out that Barack Obama is apparently descended from a slave – on his mother’s side.  I just started laughing .  # Here we have Obama a black man in technical terms being a "victim of racial confusion" . The culture shock wont end here . Remember back when the media was flooded by waves of reports that Obama may have Irish roots . President Obama flew to Ireland .  The  UK Telegraph reported  . On St Patrick’s Day this year, when “birther” conspiracy theorists were still claming he was not born in the United States, Mr Obama joked: “Speaking of ancestry, there has been some controversy about my own background.“Two years into my presidency, some are still bent on peddling rumors about my origins. So, today, I want to put all those rumors to rest. It is true my great-great-great-grandfather really was from Ireland. It's true. Moneygall, to be precise.”The White House has described Mr Obama’s visit to Moneygall as “a homecoming of sorts” and they expect the question of who in the village is related to the president to be a “robust topic of discussion.” I read that I am still a bit perplexed . We have a African American who is at odds with his cultural heritage going about with every whim while at home he face nothing but racism from an angry mob. Barack Obama's difficulties have been  the result of racism:  Remember the " birth er debate " . It has been a frequently recurring theme ever since he emerged as a serious presidential candidate. Every coin has two sides. Of course there is an element of racism, but there is also an element of criticism that has nothing to do with race. Obama is trying to deliver everything he promised including health care reform, financial regulation, a different foreign policy. What happens now? Members of his own political party, the very same party that got him elected are blocking Obama's initiatives.Obama himself has raised it occasionally, though not often, but his supporters fall back on it all the time--including now .Clearly the attacks on President Obama  total contempt forhis  leadership that is non-whites..This level of hate has hampered Obama's ability to lead the nation . The last four years race has been plastered on the airwaves For the media, he is many more times just “Obama” than “President Obama.” They create scandals out of nothing issues. It took them at least 6 years to start giving Bush a small part of the sh-t he deserved. It took them 6 months to begin crap all over Obama because he’s yet to fix the catastrophe that was left for him.The fact is that for millions in America, Barack Obama is this uppity black man (Not even a “real” black), who received good education only due to affirmative action, and has no right to litter the sacred Oval Office with his skin color. * They just can’t accept the fact that the president is a black man, who unlike his predecessor, was actually legally elected. But what’s really sad is that it’s not just the fringe, its deep in mainstream America.

 *  I am not a racist . Everything here is touchy subject . Since Obama got elected the nation has more divisive on this issue,  but I feel sorry for a nation that can't get it's act together . Sure times have changed , and sure enough the Obama era has  tested our nations long stand on "equality" .  Can we have a Black Man in office ?  Remember what  Condoleezza Rice said about Obama .  "As an African-American, I'm especially proud," said Rice, her eyes glistening with emotion, "because this is a country that's been through a long journey, in terms of overcoming wounds and making race" less of a factor in life. "That work is not done, but yesterday was obviously an extraordinary step forward." This blog entry for me was a result of 4 years of scrutinizing the media treatment of Obama . I believe he is a victim of race hatred , perhaps a deliberate conspiracy . None the less Obama himself self has tried to distance himself from the Trump card on this issue . 


# Obama's bio ' Dreams of My Father'   Obama who's ancestors where never slaves in America , but I might be wrong , but all evidence shows that Obama's father was from African .The Kenyan father  proves the 'Birth er debate" to me to the extant of argument , yes he was born in Hawaii. Most native Kenyans including the Kenyan Government has produced a document of birth in Kenya . Whether Obama was born in Kenya still can be logical proven , but Obama's white mother Stanley Ann Dunham lived in Kenya for a cosiderable length of time married to Obama Sr. Remember Ann Dunham was Irish , white . Back in the 1960's her marriage to Obama Sr. would have created serious ramifications during a racially charged era . On August 4, 1961, at the age of 18, Dunham gave birth to her first child, Barack Obama II.[20] Friends in Washington State recall her visiting with her month-old baby in 1961.[21][22][23][24][25] She took classes at the University of Washington from September 1961 to June 1962, and lived as a single mother in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle with her son while her husband continued his studies in Hawaii.[15][22][26][27][28] When Obama Sr. graduated from the University of Hawaii in June 1962, he was offered a scholarship to study in New York City[29] but he declined it, preferring to attend the more prestigious Harvard University.[18] He left for Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he would begin graduate study at Harvard in the fall of 1962.[17] Dunham returned to Honolulu and resumed her undergraduate education at the University of Hawaii with the spring semester in January 1963. During this time, her parents helped her raise the young Obama. Dunham filed for divorce in January 1964, which Obama Sr. did not contest.[1] Obama Sr. received a M.A. in economics from Harvard in 1965[30] and in 1971, he came to Hawaii and visited his son Barack, then 10 years old; it was the last time he would see his son. In 1982, Obama Sr. was killed in a car accident, or possibly murdered.[31]  Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro (she later spelled it Sutoro) was a white woman from the Midwest who married and divorced not one, but two, foreign men (one from Kenya and one from Indonesia, both Muslim). She met Barack Obama Sr. in a Russian-language class at the University of Hawaii, where both were students.After one semesterat age 18 she dropped out of school and, three months pregnant, secretly married a man she met only a few months earlier. Young Barack was born August 4, 1961.At that time, interracial marriages were illegal in many states, and bi-racial children were ostracized by both ethnic groups as not "belonging" to either.

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Slip of the ole tongue...........

  Two people  can be equally guilty of  saying something  wrong outright , but also showing the limits of a double standard .  These week would have been trying to make sense of  ***Joe Biden's   "put them back in chains" remark to  African-Americans just  to stir up fear among them  is nothing to compare with  Todd Akin's  @"legitimate rape"  perhaps the most outrageous items in the news .  I have to say that I am ashamed, here is what a dear friend of mine said  .
 She said to me ( referring to the average old white politician ) of "these dirty rich white men in politics" she called them . She  continued , "why can they get out of the bedroom , they have nothing except to  do  except stick their nose in the bedroom "  Well she is right .  The Republican Right needs to get out of the Bedroom , they have no right to define a woman's body in case of reproductive issues . Like Akin , just where is his medical knowledge ?  Of course the left is accusing the Right of  + waging a war on women .That has to end. These politicians like Akin have not  done anything in the recent year as legislators to help Americans except to creep into sexual politics . It does not end there ,  ## Texas Democrats are calling for the resignation of a Republican elected county judge who warned this week that the nation could descend into civil war if President Barack Obama is re-elected.  In our media-intensive times, certain gaffes are forgivable. Others fall into a sinking public opinion quicksand. Joe Biden was sinking in just such quicksand in the days before Akin stole the gaffe spotlight. Perhaps Biden may be relieved that his gaffe will not get the airtime it likely would have been given when his recent "chains" remark was quickly overshadowed by Akin's recent remarks. Well keep your ears clean , it's 79 more days till the election . More Gaffes to follow...........

 ***Biden's right; if we deregulate the banks, they will put us back in chains. They had us in chains for 30 years, we just didn't know it until the collapse of 2009. Dodd-Frank isn't perfect; it ain't simple, it's not as strong as it should be, and above all, it does not break down the banks. But considering that we have a polarized Congress, it's as good as we can get (for now). In a few years, when Congress cools down, we can get an overhaul of the financial industry, with simplified regulations and agencies and forceful authority that will de-monopolize the financial industry.
"legitimate rape" Akin seems to go the way of the bible .Parents who want to raise daughters with a sense of gender equality and sons who will grow to respect women will likely not want their children to stumble upon these verses: Judges 21:10-24, in which it is OK for men to hide out on the side of the road, then kidnap and rape women; Numbers 31:7-18, in which Moses approves keeping the virgin girls for themselves to rape; Deuteronomy 22:28-29 in which the punishment for raping a woman is that the man has to marry her and may never divorce, (yes, the victim appears to be punished twice); Deuteronomy 22:23-24, in which the rape victim should be stoned to death for not crying out for help; Deuteronomy 21:10-14, in which it is OK to kidnap and rape a woman; Judges 5:30, in which each man should get a woman or two as "spoils" of war; Zechariah 14:1-2, in which women get ravished; or Exodus 21:7-11, in which women are sex slaves. Akin told St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI that "legitimate rape" typically does not result in pregnancy because the female body has ways of "shutting all that down" when a woman is really being raped (as opposed to when she is lying about being raped or when she enjoys being raped?), it seemed to many to reveal not just a political gaffe of seemingly epic proportions. Rather, it exposed a confirmed belief of a public servant. It certainly raised some questions on just how particularly bright Akin is. Obviously there is no real IQ test for holding public office, and clearly the bar is fairly low in some cases, but that level of reasoning and shallow understanding of basic "birds and bees" has many wondering which rock Akin grew up under, and is it even located on this planet?
+I don't recall that happening, ( the war on women )  but even if it did, your implied analogy is terrible. The difference between policies that affect all American women, and statements that apply to two women is the difference between black and white - the difference between policy and rhetoric - reality and ephemera.If Republicans want to fight the WoW meme, they should talk about how they believe that their policies benefit women - not act all defensive and go on about how Democrats hate women too. That's a non-starter.

 ## We asked for this. We voted in these idiots who don't know a thing about government except that "it's bad". We liked it when the Supreme Court told corporations that they could have more power than the voter with infinite donations for Republican puppets who care only about deregulating and lowering taxes. We voted for the tea party fakes who promised you that government is the enemy. We voted for people who don't want the job, but would rather have it over someone who actually cares! 

It's your fault America. Land of the stupid and home of the blames. We let the angriest and out of touch Republicans of our country take hold of the House of Representatives in a failed pusillanimous attempt to take the entire Congress.

You want someone to blame? Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself while you ponder the rights..

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Election Concerns 2012.

Two Roads for America , Like the 2000 election . Each of them a hard choice , each of them have both grave consequences .

Here I have gathered up some election concerns , dubious with a little biographical on Obama and Romney . I going to have to say that we have reached  an epoch here in the United States , and before us again is two roads . Back in 2000 Al Gore ran against George D Bush . A great majority voted for Gore , and as we know there arose an election controversy .The election was noteworthy for a controversy over the awarding of Florida's 25 electoral votes, the subsequent recount process in that state, and the unusual event of the winning candidate having received fewer popular votes than the runner-up.[1] It was the fourth election in which the electoral vote winner did not also receive a plurality of the popular vote. Later research showed that by the standards requested by the Gore campaign in their contest brief and set by the Florida Supreme Court, Bush would have won the recount. [2] However, had the Gore campaign asked for a full, statewide recount the same research indicates that Gore would have probably won the recount by about 100 votes statewide, consequently giving him Florida's electoral votes and victory in the Presidential election.[3] [4] Such PAST consequences sure enough come back when there are vary close POLLING NUMBERS ! As today, Obama is just slightly ahead of Romney . Both are ambitious  men , both of them have vary diffently philosophies .What can be said at this point is that, after three years of pitched battles between Obama and congressional Republicans, the country is heading toward a high-stakes contest. Election 2012 will be a contest not just between two candidates but also between two starkly different views of the role of government that underscore the enormous differences between Republicans and Democrat

The economy

The years leading up to the 2012 election have been an absolute economic shitstorm. This can go one of two ways. If the economy regains some lasting strength, it will be a big boon for Obama. If it continues to falter, especially in light of the eurozone crisis, people may look to Romney for solutions.

The wars

People are so tired of the war in Afghanistan and continuing instability in Iraq they might not even care. Contrary to virtually every election in the last 60 years, the Republicans are unlikely to attack their opponent on being "soft on terror." The reason for this is that Obama's foreign policy remains one of the most popular aspects of his presidency, with major victories such as the killing of Osama bin Laden. Combined with the increasing dislike of the Afghanistan War in the public, foreign policy is unlikely to be a major issue, unlike previous elections [Social issues often become more important when the economy is healthy, and white Christians can go back to telling other people how to live. Romney, however, is a former social liberal, once claiming to be more for gay rights than Ted Kennedy. He has since edged himself to the right on social issues, but it is likely that he will not focus on these issues as much due to his reputation as a flip-flopper.HEALTHCARE The major provisions of Obamacare will not come into effect until 2014, but the Supreme Court ruling on elements of Obamacare will no doubt play into the campaign. As people prepare to comply with the new law, if they like what they see, it might strengthen Obama's position. SCOTUS ultimately uplheld the whole law, in a 5-4 descision.At the same time, Republican nominee Mitt Romney remains infamous for passing a very similar type of health care reform previously while governor of Massachusetts. During the health care debates of 2009-2010, he strongly advocated for such a system to be instated nationally, making it difficult for him to attack the President's own health care plan. Citizens United - a wild cardThis Supreme Court decision, which allows corporations (including non-profits and unions) to spend whatever they want on political advertising, may play an unpredictable role in both the primary season and the general election. As one example, Karl Rove's PAC, American Crossroads, has pledged to spend $240 million to defeat Obama - more than three times their 2008 expenditure.[1] As of June 2012, Obama likely faces being outspent in his campaign as a result.[2]

Democratic Party

Barack Obama
Age: 51
44th President of the USA
Advantages: Sitting President; charismatic and eloquent; extremely strong fundraising; had an unparalleled field operation in 2008; voters' preferences for a divided government may turn in his favor with the Republican capture of the House in 2010; issued the order to kill Osama bin Laden; disappointed supporters may turn out for him anyway considering the nature of the Republican race. Sizable numbers of Republicans prefer Obama to the alternative,[3] as do ordinary voters.[4] As of now, the economy is just barely improving.[5][6]
Disadvantages: Obama's historically poor approval ratings returned once the bump that came from the killing of bin Laden subsided. While Obama's popularity increased around February 2012, public opinion is volatile, especially given the tentative nature of the economic recovery.[4] Obama has disappointed many left-wing supporters with such policies as keeping the prison at Guantanamo Bay open, re-signing PATRIOT, and killing an American citizen who was also a senior al-Qaeda operative with a drone, and also by lacking the Jedipowers that would have been necessary to make the Republican bloc in the Senate not filibuster any bill to create anything resemblinguniversal health care. He cannot rely again on his 2008 campaign tactics, and will be primarily judged on the state of what has, until recently, been a remarkably sluggish economy. His "foreign" policy  is weak , and confusing , he side stepped Congress on Libya . Leaving the Arab Spring in the hands of extremists. 

Primary challengers

No notable Democrats came forth to challenge Obama for the nomination, although anti-abortionist Randall Terry, formerly active in the Constitution Party and who has also run for office as a Republican, entered the Democratic primaries against Obama mainly in order to run graphic pro-life ads.[7] He ran strongest in Oklahoma and carried several counties. Likewise, a handful of other obscure primary candidates have had strong showings and carried several counties in Louisiana and West Virginia. But those are three states where Obama is highly unpopular among rank-and-file Democrats, many of whom are social conservatives, and there are no serious threats to his renomination.

Republican Party

Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg
Mitt Romney
Age: 65, appears 40 thanks to hair dye.
Former governor of Massachusetts
Advantages: He can appeal to moderates and independents, and could potentially put MichiganWisconsin, and even Massachusetts,major states that the Republicans have not won in decades, into play. He has significant experience in both business and as Massachusetts governor. Has access to substantial funding both because of his own wealth and the support of super-PACs, and has been outraising Obama's campaign for quite some time.[8] VP choice Paul Ryan could bring over disenfranchised conservatives due to his experience with economic policy.
Disadvantages: He's too moderate for many Republicans, particularly in the current political climate. He has flip-flopped on several key conservative issues (notably abortion), and his Mormon faith may also hurt him with the Religious Right. His state health care plan for Massachusetts ("Romneycare") looks an awful lot like "Obamacare." He is derided by some as a man who "looks like the guy who laid you off" (and his company, Bain Capital, a typical private equity firm, actually did "downsize" many employees at its targets). Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation during his time as Governor.[9]
No one actually likes him, although his programmers have learned well how to simulate human emotion.[10] Given that (unlike previous GOP candidates) he has not focused a large part of his campaign on national security issues, he has changed his position multiple times on social issues, and it is difficult for him to attack the President on health care, much of his campaign relies on the assumption that the economy will stay stagnant. Because of how complex the economy is, this is essentially leaving his campaign up to chance.
Adding insult to injury, he has conspicuous bank accounts in several tax havens and is sitting upon years of tax returns, which isn't exactly looking good to the public. While VP nominees usually "balance out" a ticket (like a fiscal conservative running with a religious conservative), Ryan will spell doom for votes in (at least) Florida as he is a former Randroid and isn't particularly known for his social conservatism either. His earlier proposal to voucherize Medicare wasn't popular with Republicans, let alone independents. Romney's plan for Medicare is nearly identical as well.[11] 
His foreign  policy should watched at a glance should he take office . His support for Israel's use of force against Iran could possibly engage the United States into another Dangerous war in the Middle East.

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It's NOW or NEVER Mr. Brown.

Gov. Brown Kick's off his plea to the public to raise more money . 80 days to go.

It's NOW or NEVER with the kick off of the Jerry Brown campaign to get voters to fork up new taxes this November. Yes, I did get my call from the Union team that I belong to . There are many things  for me as a Union member from the State School Employee's part  to think about . Do we want three weeks of school cut ? I heard the 'threat' from Gov. Brown's mouth as a hostage taker for the budget .  Gov . Brown is trying the old trick Schwarzenegger as Gov said again and again .  He says "we got to live within our means ." Yet he's going to raise your taxes if you make 250 ,000 , but tell me is he going to tax all of Hollywood too. If he can't get his way he is  going   cut . Well I am not your typical union member . I have seen taxes raised in this state for nearly 20 years that are wasted . Many of our tax monies floods the  State Educational wallet , and still with all that money we have have bottomed up with layoff's anyhow .  @  There are  always cuts at the bottom in the public school system  that don't make any sense . In the education feudal system  with it's kings and queens alike . The people at the bottom take the cuts far worse than the top 1 % in education . None the less   there is always money to inflate the Public school system with an endless barrage of high earning executive superintendents .  You know the phrase . " Too many Chief's and few Indians ". 
 Getting back to Brown . Quoting from the New Testament and with his dog Sutter by his side, Gov. Jerry Brown formally kicked off his campaign Wednesday for Proposition 30.Brown cast the November ballot measure, which would temporarily raise sales taxes and impose an income surcharge on  ***California's highest earners, as a choice between requiring the wealthiest residents to pay more and losing about $6 billion from public schools and universities. Single issue voters do not understand the complexity of the California budget with so many spending requirements iniative mandated, and with such a large state geographic and population, so many competing needs... Simplistic reactions to a single aspect of Governor Brown's plan to right our ship of state are more of the same narrow thinking that got us in trouble in the first place. I am now boiling over the outrage how Unions blindly follow Brown trying raise more taxes , while not asking questions about the current funding . Like WHERE IS THE MONEY HIDING !. In the midst of massive multi-billion dollar California budget deficit and proposed tax hikes by the Governor, a California Assembly committee approved a bill for another $100 MILLION in tax credits for Hollywood and California media.  Of course, the fact that Hollywood and media are major contributors to the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it.  Democrats hate corporate welfare (unless you happen to be a major party donor). You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours (wink, wink).Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said, government of the people, for the people and by the people? Doesn't it seem there should be a correlation between the size of the population and the amount of government spending? Well not in California. California has an unquenchable thirst for spending… and Governor Brown wants more.

During the past 12 years, combinations of three California Governors have presided over government spending that bears no resemblance to the actual state population and its growth. California population during the past dozen years has grown from 33.9 million residents to 37.7 million, an increase of 11.2%. During this same time period, California government spending grew from $67.2 billion annually to its peak of $103 billion, a whopping percentage increase of 54%. After the past few ye
ars modest cuts, bearing no correlation to the dramatic state revenue downturn, we are still riding a 38% increase over the beginning of the 1999-2000 budget. All up, in relationship to population growth, California has overspent by $200 billion dollars in the past 12 years. Wouldn't we like to have those funds now?
Governor Brown's Proposition Thirsty (30) aims to restore over half of the modest spending cuts made during the past 4 years recession, not because there are now more people… or more business… but because the unquenchable thirst of its government leaders cannot be restrained. Instead, with a proposed tax increase on the backs of the very same population that grew nowhere near the proportion of spending, Governor Brown has decided to demonize those that oppose his increase, threatening "draconian cuts" to education. Oh, the children! 

@ A typical school district would cut it's support staff first just to balance the budget . It NEVER makes sense . They layoff 2 night janitors , and use that money to create 2 additional management positions. It does not matter across the board spectrum of the state education system in the last decade there have been thousands of layoffs and furlough days ( days with out pay ) . Teachers received their March notices , most of them were Music Teachers whom it regards as nothing more than a "Prep Teacher" . 

 ***   Proposition 30 is almost identical in wording with Proposition 98 that passed nearly 20  years ago  . its guarantee ... was to provide some predictability to school funding and a minimum level of funding for K-12 public schools and community colleges. In general, Prop 98 guarantees that about 40% of the state’s general fund be spent on these two levels of education and that school funding keep pace with student enrollment and the growth of personal income in the state. Prop 98 since it passed has brought nearly 60 billion to fund education . Remember what I said ." Where is the Money?"  For the life of me there should be no layoff's in the public education system . Something is wrong some place.
CALIFORNIA'S highest earners  they’re also — for the powerful Hollywood film industry, whose leftist producers, directors and actors give big Spacebucks to Democats. What a coincidence that they will be taxed .

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saving Obama , Part II

Saving Obama . How are you on this ? I am for one was a bit worried about Obama when he took office and made too many promises .

Saving Obama. This is the second part of a blog that I did a  few blogs ago.  I tried to convince my self of saving Obama . I wanted to believe that Obama was a diffident kind of politician .  First of all he is our 'First' African- American President ( multiracial , and ethnic ) , yes it's true that from the moment he took office there was an onslaught of criticism   directed against him ,  for the most part some of it was racially charged against him . Race should never  be a factor in a elected leader . .  I for one  am not a  apologist for  him saying that Obama has done some good for the country . I have to conclude that he has done two things are both a positive and a negative towards him . For the Positive Obama may have brought down Osama bin Ladin , he may have finished the job that Bush did not do . The second point to Obamanomics is a bit troubling for a leader who made a lot of promises . The first year in office he swept into legislation the Affordable Care Act   a vary costly and vary   UN - socialistic revamping of the American medical system. The more I read about it , the less I wanted it . One item is the $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, it seems useful to put this figure in context and explain exactly what programs within Medicare lose funding under the health care law. It's like robbing one pile of funded money to pay for something else . We all have parents on Medicare   ( grandparents  ) who have worked and paid into it . Taking money away from them to pay for the new healthcare law has left me fuming . Obamacare is not about downsizing , nor is about addressing the serious issues with Medicare altogether . Again just what to we mean about making medical affordable? Some parts of the law in question about preexisting conditions here I am saying that it was long over due in the American system , which like everything else was not put before  ***Congress until Obama care was debated  , and passed through the Supreme Court unscathed . We have yet to make analyses of it before 2014 . It's likely going to be a central issue if Obama loses to Mitt Romney . I do not think that Romney can repeal the law even if he takes office . Romney will have to cave in and give an alternative healthcare system just to appease an angry mob of American voters.  This part on Obama for me was Delusional  , for him to put 80 % of his term in office to fight for his healthcare plan leaving serious things undone . His job's record is vary partial .  $ He promised that unemployment would be below 8.2 percent  . He fought with congress on a Job's bill that  Senate rejected President Barack Obama's costly  $447 billion price tag . I can't see that throwing money to create Jobs is easier than to make the existing system work , put people back to work.The stimulus plan that was as Obama   took office only saved the Public Sector , basically stabilized a weakened  economy . You have to remember that it was George D Bush that passed a  similar stimulus package before he left office that was 700 billion . Mostly to the  Banks . The Obama stimulus was transitory in nature. When the Money was gone everything went back to their normal downward . The Banks both benefited form the Bush - Obama stimulus . Again another part of the problem is how Obama came to rescue Homeowners from the predatory lending practices . I take that this was the shining moment of his term .Homeowners were being saved , but mortgage rates still went bust. An  average American home still costs over 400, 000 ( in California  )  30 year and unafordable  fixed  rates still exist  . It's here that I am trying to rationalize how and what Obama did in four years that truly helped Americans . I need to clear the dust of four years . I am now saying if you like what Obama did for you , then vote for him . I for my self am a bit cautious about saving Obama . He has tried for what ever it is worth to fix the American system which is hugely in debt and can't afford another dime to pay for wars , and moon shots .  For me obvious questions still linger .....................................


 ***The worst scenario would be for an outbreak of common sense and self-interest to overtake the extremism of the House Republican caucus. If the Republicans were to accept Obama's proffered deal, they would weaken Social Security and Medicare -- and put the Democrats' fingerprints on the deed -- depriving Democrats of their traditional defense of America's best loved social programs. They would also get a ten-year deficit-reduction agreement that is mostly program cuts. And they would get an austerity package that guarantees high unemployment as Obama heads into a difficult re-election. And a Democratic president is offering this deal!

 $ The jobless recovery shows that Obama's bailing out the financial sector and austerity programs is not a surprise after his appointment of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers. Obama's ultimate plan is to cut wages by 30% for working people. This will send us into a depression while the wealthy financial sector is bailed out for the gambling debts of Wall Street.

 # President Obama inherited the worst economic conditions which ever way you look at it, with a divided house, and an opposition that wants his head on a platter of gold. Most, if not every government programs have loopholes that can be modified to make them work better. If fixing the entitlement programs will save money, and make them work better, i am all for it. But Obama must be aware that he can not do a thing to make republicans like him. They are ready to sabotage the economy, if that is the only way to bring you dawn. So my advice is to not give away, all the things that are dear to your base.