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The Politics of Extraterrestrial Communication .

The Politics of Extraterrestrial Communication .

I have for the life of me never wrote anything "scientific" on a political blog that I would throw my own opinions at. A while back I posted my argument that the newly discovered exo-planets that the media has used word plays to describe them (the new planets out side earth ) as being  "earth-like" . I disagreed with the term as being misleading to the public . I agree that all the recently discovered planets exist , that's  not doubting , that these planets around other stars increase the chance of life beyond our solar system . THERE is a STRANGE thing about this . *** With topping nearly 1000 new planets around other stars , which vary in size and shape , distance from host star . It's all "dead air" , we have not picked up any alien "signals" from any of them. The silence is eerie ........... You would think with all the radio transmissions the planet Earth has been beaming out into space foe the last 100 years that "they" as much as "us" would have somewhat "discovered"  each other . I might say that I KNOW the truth why . Yes, the aliens KNOW about us , have always  known about us . Yet because of the stellar distances ( light years ) between stars it makes communication almost impossible.  There are also "language" barriers too . Professor Brian Cox interestingly enough made a statement that he says that life on earth is a but a "fluke" , The presenter and scientist blames a series of 'evolutionary bottlenecks' for the lack of extraterrestrial life on other planets, despite there being a mind-mindbogglingly vast number of them in the galaxy. I am sure that is how modern "evolutionary" scientists take aim to explain life on this planet . As a believer in evolution I don't agree with him . He's as bad as the creationists who also believe that the earth is the only planet with life .  (1)> The Facts are regardless if life on earth came by chance or (2)>  creator either system does not explain the vast myriads of worlds in the galaxy alone . All the new exo- planets frankly differ from each other . So I put my own belief is that most of the scientists on earth are looking for life that is more " earth-centric" or resembles earth . The observations alone point that life as we know it may not exist on other planets , but yes there is life out there as we don't know it , or explain it with our mere understanding . Cox goes on to say 'There is only one advanced technological civilization in this galaxy and there has only ever been one - and that's us. We are unique.'It's a dizzying thought. There are billions of planets out there, surely there must have been a second genesis?'But we must be careful because the story of life on this planet shows that the transition from single-celled life to complex life may not have been inevitable.' Despite what Cox is
Saturn's moon Titan might be
the nearest place with
"unearthly life".
saying . I am telling you that we are not so ALONE . I can't explain why I have a hunch that is tingling at my fingers when I write this , there have tantalizing evidences that we are not alone . In our solar system we have planets that given us a clue . Mars for one was more " earth-like" billions of years ago. There is evidence that Mars had water . SO as the story goes if water flowed on Mars , yes then life could have spawned in some lake bed that long since dried up. Another most important clue to this is the Saturn Moon Titan . It's the only moon that is large enough told to an atmosphere . Titan is a planet sized moon , its bigger than the planet Mercury . This moon's atmosphere has been studied over the decades , its similar to our own . It contains nitrogen and methane , whereas on Earth we have a nitrogen oxygen based air , even more tantalizing this moon has liquids like water on it's surface , with careful examination this moon lies almost a billion miles distance . Its cold there , water would freeze into sold like granite , but it's too exotic that methane is not a gas as here on earth but it rains down unto the surface of Titan much like water and it interacts with that moon's environment to only "mimic"  an "unearthly" and "unrecognizable" form of life  might exist on Saturn's moon Titan. If any living things exist on Titan they could not live on earth . Our earth with it's oxygen based life would kill the life forms of Titan,so the "creatures" there can only thrive on a cold ( 280 minus F) bathed in methane gas world . This DIFFERENCE only indicates that life on other solar systems can't be like us at all , and the pale blue dot as the earth is vary unique only in that , that earth can only support life based on what scientists called carbon based rather than methane , or nitrogen , or hydrogen , etc . The scientist looking for carbon based life are only going to get lost in the COSMOS . Life out there is not going to be like us , and the environments around those planets although "living" are going to be hostile to human life .

We've heard them before............

We can't understand them because they
can't understand us.
Way back in August 15, 1977,Jerry R. Ehman may have become the first man ever to receive an intentional message from an alien world. Ehman was scanning radio waves from deep space, hoping to randomly come across a signal that bore the hallmarks of one that might be sent by intelligent aliens, when he saw his measurements spike. The signal lasted for 72 seconds, the longest period of time it could possibly be measured by the array that Ehman was using. It was loud and appeared to have been transmitted from a place no human has gone before: in the constellation Sagittarius near a star called Tau Sagittarii, 120 light-years away.Ehman wrote the words "Wow!" on the original printout of the signal, thus its title as the "Wow! Signal." In a new book titled The Elusive Wow, amateur astronomer Robert Gray chronicles the quest for the answer to this enduring puzzle.When the signal was first seen in the data, it was so pronounced that SETI scientist Jerry Ehman circled it on the computer printouts in red ink and wrote “Wow!” next to it. It appeared to fit the criteria for an extraterrestrial radio signal, but because it wasn’t heard again, the follow-up studies required to either confirm or deny this were not possible. So what was it about the signal that made it so interesting? Because the radio signal was 30 times more powerful than the average radiation from deep space,Now, exactly 35 years later, whoever sent the emission may be getting a response.In fact, the hydrogen line is considered such an obvious candidate for extraterrestrial transmissions that scientists have made it a “protected spectrum.” Only astronomical research is allowed to be conducted at this frequency, which is one of many reasons why it is extremely unlikely that the Wow! signal originated on EarthSome scientists working on the question of extraterrestrial intelligence have attempted to estimate the number of advanced technical civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy - that is, societies capable of radio astronomy. Such estimates are little better than guesses. They require assigning numerical values to quantities such as the numbers and ages of stars, which we know well; the abundance of planetary systems and the likelihood of the origin of life within them, which we know less well; and the probability of the evolution of intelligent life and the lifetime of technical civilizations, about which we know very little indeed might exist . 

Life's molecules in Outer Space:

The idea that comets and meteorites seeded an early Earth with the tools to make life has gained momentum from recent observations of some of these building blocks floating throughout the cosmos.Scientists scanning a galaxy 12 million light-years away with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope detected copious amounts of nitrogen containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PANHs), molecules critical to all known forms of life.PANHs carry information for DNA and RNA and are an important component of hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen through the body. They also make chlorophyll, the main molecule responsible for photosynthesis in plants, and – perhaps most importantly – they're the main ingredient in caffeine and chocolate.

The Drake Equation:
An estimate for the number of planets with intelligent extraterrestrial life can be gleaned from the Drake equation, essentially an equation expressing the probability of intelligent life as the product of factors such as the fraction of planets that might be habitable and the fraction of planets on which life might arise:[51]
N = R^{*} ~ \times ~ f_{p} ~ \times ~ n_{e} ~ \times ~ f_{l} ~ \times ~ f_{i} ~ \times ~ f_{c} ~ \times ~ L

God , the "gods" and Aliens.
Before concluding this paper . Here is some information on the idea of a god  "creating" life. And if it turns out that Earth isn't the only planet in the known cosmos on which intelligent life evolved, what are the possibilities that alien civilizations also worship a god figure? It's one of those very big and complex questions that humans wonder about. " religion" can be seen as byproduct of " Intelligence"  on any planet . Yet it also depends on evolutionary developments in what these aliens look like. and not necessarily...if all things are created in the Universe, and aliens are part of it, and then aliens are created as well...whether or not the call what they believe as their creator God and worship them the way people on Earth do that is a different story... of the aliens to be supernatural and the aliens themselves to be gods  AS  Von Däniken claims. 

***The Fermi Paradox can be easily explained due to the duration of life and advancement of life on a planet, the sheer distances involved in space travel and the sheer number of systems one would have to search to find life, even if it were relatively common. Even if only 1 in 20000 solar systems has life, that still means upwards of 5 million systems with life in this one galaxy alone (since there are roughly 200 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy) The James Webb space telescope being built (and several huge telescopes on the ground in South America and Hawaii) will allow us to check the atmospheric composition of Exoplanets directly. I'm betting hes flat out wrong and the universe is (relatively) chock full of life. (1)>  Dr. Carl Sagan said : It depends on the likelihood that the given star has planets. It depends on the likelihood at least one of those planets is at a position from the essential star which is suitable for the origin of life. It depends on the likelihood that the origin of life actually occurs on that planet. It depends on the probability life once arisen on that planet will evolve to some intelligence. It depends on the likelihood that intelligence, once emerged, will develop a technical civilization. And it depends on the lifetime of the technical civilization, because technical civilization of a very short lifetime, will result in very few technical civilizations being around at any given time. We know something about some of these. There is some reason to believe that planets are a reasonable. (2)> Christians, in particular, might take the news hardest, because the Christian belief system does not easily allow for other intelligent beings in the universe, Christian thinkers said at the 100 Year Starship Symposium, a meeting sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to discuss issues surrounding traveling to other stars.In other words, "Did Jesus die for Klingons too? The Vatican's official newspaper has endorsed the possibility that the universe could contain intelligent life beyond Earth, while insisting that aliens would be "our brothers" and "children of God" as much as human beings are.The Pope's astronomer, José Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit priest, told L'Osservatore Romano that there would be nothing surprising about the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrials."Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on Earth, so there could be other beings created by God [beyond it]," he said. The interview suggests that the Church's hierarchy may be paving the way to showing that Pope Benedict XVI is more open to the ideas of modern science than he has previously seemed to be. Judaism has one answer I like , getting quotes from some Rabbi's might be difficult at first to throw God into the mix of alien life out side of earth . Chabad .org had an intriguing question answered .Question:Would the discovery of ETs (extra-terrestrials) threaten organized religion?Answer:The discovery of ETs would pose no more of a threat to Judaism than would the discovery of a new species of rabbit.It would be limiting G-d's power to say that He could not have placed life on other planets. In fact, there is a reference in the biblical Book of Judges (5:23) to an inhabited place called Maroz, which the Talmud identifies as a star.But Jewish thought has always believed that the most weird and wonderful creatures are to be found right here on earth. We can explore the remotest extremities of space but still remain alien to our own humanity. The real secrets of the universe lie hidden in the depths of the human soul.

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How do we end the new Cold War?

Ronald Reagan , and Mikhail Gorbachev 
ended the Cold War . Now Obama has ruined 20 years of hard work of these two former leaders. 
Question : How do we end the new Cold War? How to the defuse the already tensions between the United States of America and the Russian Federation . There were lots of "hints" from the Russian side that gives a clear answer to our American politics . The first answer came from Russian President *** Vladimir Putin. Putin said that " Russian's don't hate Americans , only the policies of it's leaders." I can see why Russia is reacting to the way our American government has been acting lately. The Beefing up of NATO forces and secret American "operations" of troops in Latvia and Estonia , and American gun boats in the Black Sea . (5)>  What is the message our misguided American leaders are sending the world and the Russia? It scares me  right now , we had reports of Russian "patrols" coming close to American shores in the Caribbean , and California coats . THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SINCE THE 1980's under Reagan ! Well Americans we deserve it , just why are we conducting military practice drills close to the Russian boarders , it's a stupid show of aggression towards a country that has done us no harm . Why do we have such idiots in Washington D.C. ? Recently John Kerry made  some remarkable  and yest stupid statements to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov  who said Wednesday that Secretary of State John Kerry told him to “ignore” recent statements by President Obama, which placed Russia’s involvement in Ukraine on a par with global threats such as IS ( Islamic State ) terrorism and Ebola. I am seeing that our government can't make a straight statement without misspeaking sending the world into a "dangerous spiral ".  Speaking in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, Lavrov told lawmakers he had raised Obama’s comments with Kerry, who told him to “ignore” the criticism. (Russian media variously translated his words as “ignore,” “don’t pay any attention,” “pay it no mind” or “forget about it.”) Lavrov suggested that Kerry had told him to ignore the criticism because at the time the U.S. was looking for Russian cooperation in other areas, notably in relation to North Korea and the Iranian nuclear talks. Our American  diplomatic reasoning seems to be flip flopping under the Obama administration . EVEN warned  Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev told the BBC's Newsnight programme that Mr Obama and Mr Putin must meet. "They must strike up a conversation that will lead to the improvement of relations and stop the things which are happening now".  This was in 2013 . Gorbachev also recently called Obama (1)>  " The lamest of (3) > the lame duck"Commenting on the recent G20 summit in Australia, Gorbachev said he was disappointed in Obama and that he 'thought better' of the American leader. However Obama weakness is vary obvious , and dangerously confusing to the Russians who are trying to make sense of john Kerry's (2) > warlike ravings about the  Ukrainian problem . Gorbachev had previously expressed hope that shared challenges, such as the Ebola epidemic and the fight against the IS militants, as well as environmental and economic threats, would bring Russia and the West closer together. "In the face of shared challenges, we can again find a common language. It won't be easy but there is no other way," Gorbachev told Rossiyskaya Gazeta ahead of the fall of the Berlin Wall anniversary. RIGHT now I just don't know how long its going to last with the  (4)> Obama administration which is taking a schizoid approach with Russia . I as a American don't want to go back to the COLD WAR days , I know that the Berlin Wall came down for a reason and Russia is vary much in it's culture vary much now resembles American like values. Russia and the West ( America ) have so much in common , why ruin it? Why unravel it .............................

Making the traditional concept of virtue a recent but recurring theme of his presidency, Putin has of late criticized the West for being decadent and godless. As the Washington Times reported this past Tuesday, “‘Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. ‘Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.’” (1)> "Obama is a lame duck. One must not finish the job in such a mediocre way. He just decided to throw accusations around. He will be of no avail any more, unfortunately. I've thought better of him," the former leader of the USSR told Rusnovosti radio.Gorbachev, who is praised around the world as a great advocate of democracy, used the American term - meaning an elected official, approaching the end of his time in office - when talking about Obama's comments at the G20 summit. (2)> I recollect John Kerry spewing that "Russia will lose...." and falsely accusing Russia for creating the  Ukrainian situation while ignoring the "facts" that the Ukrainian people overthrew their  own government , incited a civil war with Russians already living in the eastern part of Ukraine.   (3)> Gorbachev's "lame duck" label was not the only duck jibe to be received by Obama after his speeches at the summit. US liberal senator Ian Macdonald called him a "lame duck of a president" over his stance on climate change.Former US president Bill Clinton recently encouraged Obama to ignore the "lame duck" comments and get on with the job. (4)> Here is an example of dangerous political rhetoric from President Obama , American's should not ignore when our nation's leaders speak (misspeak ) , and lie and twist facts . Here is a Obama flub. At a private Democratic fundraiser in Chicago on Oct. 20, Obama listed “the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s aggression” together with the IS threat and Ebola as reasons why Americans were “anxious.”And when he addressed the U.N. a month earlier, he named the same three issues – Russia, Ebola and IS – as causes of “a pervasive unease in our world.As we gather here, an outbreak of Ebola overwhelms public health systems in West Africa, and threatens to move rapidly across borders. Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition,” he said. “The brutality of terrorists in Syria and Iraq forces us to look into the heart of darkness.” Take note "Russian aggression in Europe " . Just where ? One of Obama's flaws is that he is an ideological heavyweight without the stones to back up his rhetoric. He delivers a mean speech, but never when it really counts. (5)> President Obama famously attempted a “reset” of relations with Russia, with some success: The New START treaty was an important achievement, and there was increased quiet cooperation on a number of regional issues. But then Congress’s penchant for minding other people’s business when it cannot cope with its own began to take its toll. The Magnitsky Act, which singled out Russia for human rights violationsas if there were none of comparable gravity elsewhere, infuriated Russia’s rulers and confirmed with the broader public the image of the United States as an implacable enemy.The sad fact is that the cycle of dismissive actions by the United States met by overreactions by Russia has so poisoned the relationship that the sort of quiet diplomacy used to end the Cold War was impossible when the crisis in Ukraine burst upon the world’s consciousness. It’s why 43 percent of Russians are ready to believe that Western actions are behind the crisis and that Russia is under siege.

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The immigration debate is way over due.

The immigration debate is way over due, we already have an estimated 11m-12m immigrants living in the United States illegally, most of them Latino. Many have families, jobs and property, and far deeper roots in America than in their countries of origin.( 2) > The idea of "amnesty" for illegal immigrants remains toxic for many among the Republican base, I often blogged my own "speculation" as to why no one wants to "tackle" this issue . It always comes down to the notion that most Big Corporate , Big Business types have fueled that : " illegals will do no job an average white American will do." Here is also a problem , that illegals will work for low wages , and work round the clock and so on, these notions have  put American citizens jobs at risk ever since .Illegals are exploited for their cheap labor giving our market capitalist system a wedge to keep the minimum wage from going up. Yes, illegals do hurt the economy. I have to agree with the Republicans that the borders have to be secured before any amnesty is given to those already here. Otherwise, the newly-lawful residents would want all the protections under the law, will refuse to work the fields or construction projects under the hot sun, ( which is a form of slavery anyway ) creating a vacuum for more illegals to pour in.  Now the "path" to citizenship for these people looks to me as if it is a two edge sword , I can't for the life of me  understand why any one would want to migrate to the United States hoping for a better living ONLY to expect much HARSHER economic conditions that will place these illegals in a state of perpetual poverty at (1)> American  tax payer expense . It shows how ignorant of the facts most illegals are when they jump the fence at the RIO GRAND  . Now you have to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE OBAMA PLAN. Here is a run down of it,  President Obama will take a somewhat historic, legacy-defining step( Over stepping Congress ) Thursday night when he announces a plan to protect 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, infuriating Republicans but satisfying immigrants who have fought for years for such relief.The president's plan will allow undocumented immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, known as green card holders, to register with the federal government and, if approved, receive a three-year protection from any deportation. The plan would also expand the pool of undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children who are eligible for protected status.None of the beneficiaries of Obama's plan would be eligible for U.S. citizenship or green cards, but they will receive work permits, Social Security numbers and have the guarantee that, unless they commit a serious criminal offense, they will not be deported.As for the opportunity for a grand bargain, Obama's efforts to push the envelope with his executive orders and his administration's selective enforcement of aspects of the Affordable Care Act have eroded Republican's trust that his administration would faithfully execute the aspects of any comprehensive reform bill that his party disfavors. Republicans fear his administration would bank the gains for the undocumented illegals immediately but then ignore or slow walk the elements which would strengthen border security and enforcement. The LAST question we should ask President Obama and Congress is this : Will the president focus on providing protection from deportation for individuals here in unlawful status or will he also help those who have applied legally for admission to the United States?

Anyone who cannot show proof of legal residence should be forced to await their day in immigration court by returning to their own country where they are legal residents. They can come back for their court date. Illegal workers definitely should not be allowed to continue their crimes by continuing to work the illegally obtained jobs. Alleged thieves are not allowed to hang on to their loot while awaiting their day in court, illegal workers should be treated exactly the same. Alleged drug dealers do not get to hold on to their cocaine or heroin until their day in court and alleged illegal workers should not be allowed to hold onto the illegally obtained jobs until their day in court. (1)> The middle class will pay the bill for these people as they do for most everything else. When there is no more middle class, and consequently, no more America as it has been historically known, the elitist politicians and other power brokers will just hire more security and drive a little faster in their limousines past the impoverished throngs that used to belong to the greatest nation that ever existed on earth. (1) Illegal immigrants are, as a rule: poor, uneducated, unskilled, likely to qualify for welfare if they were made citizens, and supportive of a "larger government that provides more services" over the opposite by a huge margin (2)> S. 744 passed the U.S. Senate in June 2013, at nearly the same time the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 2131, the SKILLS Visa Act. Neither S. 744, H.R. 2131, nor any House immigration bill has moved to the House floor. Eric Cantor’s primary election loss has some calling for an end to immigration reform legislation for the foreseeable future. That would be a mistake. The nation’s immigration problems are unlikely to solve themselves.

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Ferguson "REVISITED".

Get ready for the "drum roll", and then hit for the cover ..............With all signs pointing to the likelihood that Officer Darren Wilson will be acquitted for the shooting of Michael Brown, will the dismissal of the case prompt a new wave of rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri?A reporter with the Daily Kos also revealed how he was told by a source within the Missouri military that troops are being prepared to deal with riots in Ferguson and St. Louis in response to Wilson’s acquittal.On Wednesday, amid continued protests demanding “Justice for Michael Brown” prosecutors will bring evidence before a grand jury as they determine whether to indict Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson. The power to indict rests with local prosecutors and pliant grand juries, and as Jonathan Cohn has pointed out, a prosecutor will usually refrain from indicting altogether if the accused faces a low likelihood of conviction. In this case, a combination of entrenched racial and occupational biases, and most importantly the details of Missouri law, all but ensures that a conviction is off the table.We may never know what actually happened during the violent encounter between teenager Michael Brown and policeman Darren Wilson. ***There is a "theory" . OK, I believe that Brown forced the cops door open, slugged the cop in the face breaking his orbital / cheek bone, and than went to grab the cops guns. Cop fought him off and got the gun. Two rounds fired INSIDE the cops vehicle. One round thru browns hand. THIS IS ALL SUPPORTED BY THE CORONERS REPORT AND THE HOSPITAL RECORDS.Brown runs away after getting shot. Cop stunned, blinded in one eye, challenges him, brown stops, turns and rushed the cop.  (2)> The scenario here is that the COP used "excessive" force with out back-up. Yes, I think police brutality is wide open here , but as a person that believes in the the "due process" . I would have rather seen Micheal Brown cuffed in jail rather than in a body bag. (1)>  HIS SHOOTING did not serve the legal system in Missouri.  In general, we presume innocence. But when we know that a killing has occurred and can definitively identify who committed the act, traditional common law demanded that our presumptions shift. We are supposed to presume guilt, and it is the shooter who must prove that his actions were justified. Unless the shooter is a policeman. And unless the victim is a black male. And unless the shooting happens in a state with self-defense laws like Missouri it's likely a repeat of the (3)>  ZIMMERMAN CASE.

Sorry for my opinion , Racism is stupid . But ALSO IDIOCY !


***Remember Brown's legal guilt is not in issue.  Dead men do not go on trial in criminal court. It is Wilson who is presumed innocent until his guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which includes a reasonable doubt that he had not acted in self-defense.How does that majority American rule on burden and quantum of proof in self defense cases  come into play in the Wilson case?  That the decedent had been fleeing from a violent crime makes it more likely that he, Brown, would have resisted violently when stopped by the police, not because of what Wilson knew at that moment in time, but because of what Brown knew,.He may very well may be guilty of at least Voluntary Manslaughter   We don't know enough to do more than speculate at this stage.  The point now is that Brown having been then and there leaving the scene of a robbery, whether or not Wilson knew that, gives Brown a motive for violently resisting Wilson when Wilson made what had initially been traffic stop for jaywalking. (1)> The Clayton County prosecutor's office has spent months compiling evidence and interviewing witnesses to the confrontation. They have handed it over to a grand jury of 12 people who will consider some witnesses’ accounts that Wilson opened fire on Brown when the teen was surrendering against the officer’s claim that he shot Brown out of self-defense. The central question in the deliberations has been, "Did the police officer have a reasonable fear either for his own safety or the safety of others?" Peter Joy, a criminal justice expert at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, told Newsweek.(2)> Indict Micheal brown for robbery then ! The cop's actions were UN appropriate. (3)> What did George Zimmerman spend his crowd-sourced payday on? A bail bond was $95,000, living expenses took $62,000, security ate up $56,000, and GPS monitoring (he had to wear an ankle bracelet pending trial) along with pizza for interns gobbled up $3,200. Zimmerman’s attorneys did get $76,000.Zimmerman still owes his lawyers another $2m. And he got acquitted in a state that convicts accused people nearly 90% of the timeZimmerman successfully argued that he defended himself when Martin, who was unarmed, attacked. The public face of his defense team, attorney Mark O’Mara, tells U.S. News prosecutors in Missouri should resist calls to promptly file charges against Wilson.Many facts about the Brown case are unknown. For example, authorities haven’t said how many shots were fired by the policeman. It’s also unclear what injuries the officer allegedly suffered.In a sign of the parallels to the Martin case, Benjamin Crump, the Martin family’s attorney, is now representing the Brown family. "That baby was executed in broad daylight,” Crump said at a Monday press conference, according to MSNBC.

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The Politics of "the BONES".

 The "first" reconstruction of  Kennewick Man
with more "European" features .
All most 10,000 years ago a mystery emerged that would set the debate over who really discovered America.The prehistoric man is known as "Kennewick Man," and his nearly intact skeleton was discovered 18 years ago in eastern Washington state. He was about 5-foot-7 and weighed around 160 pounds, and  — five of which never healed — well before his death, a Washington State University study found.He was buried "in an extended, prone position, face up, the head slightly higher than the feet, with the chin pressed on the chest, in a grave that was about two and a half feet deep," which kept his for millennium, according to the Smithsonian. His remains , a part of the Columbia River that pooled after the building of the McNary Dam, according to the National Park Service. Erosion from boat traffic was a likely cause of the bones surfacing under different parts of the lake, scientists concluded.Aside from these revelations, the discovery has brought another key realization to the forefront: Humans arrived in North America far earlier than previously thought.The traditional theory is that people came by foot across the Bering Strait on a land bridge that once existed between Asia and what is now Alaska. But the existence of Kennewick Man, he said, is evidence of boat use: *** "They had boats coming into the New World much earlier, and that he is from these East Asian coastal populations." Bering Straits land bridge is supposed to have existed.  First, the land bridge appeared about 20,000 years ago and disappeared about 11,000 years ago, a good 2,000 years before Kennewick Man lived.  (2)> It seems reasonably well established that humans were in North America at least 13,500 years ago. 
Another "update" of Kennewick Man,
now appears more "Asian" , but
not resembling any Native
There are claims going back as far as 40,000 years, but there is a lack of conclusive and widespread evidence on that point.  There is no reason to think that Kennewick Man himself came from Asia. 
There is no question that there has been multiple migrations to the Americas, but what is in question is the means and results of any study on the topic. Most likely, he was a resident fisherman.  He came from somewhere far away, far up the Pacific Northwest coast, possibly Alaska or the Aleutian Islands. He might even have come to North America all the way from Asia.That’s the argument of the editors of a new, 688-page, peer-reviewed book, “Kennewick Man: The Scientific Investigation of an Ancient American Skeleton,” that will be published this fall by Texas A&M University Press.Scientists have told their story of Kennewick Man before in lectures and interviews, but the new book represents the most detailed account of research that came about only after scientists sued for access to the bones. The Army of Corps of Engineers, which has custody of the bones, had pressed the scientists to publish their research. Now it has finally arrived, in a volume as thick and heavy as a textbook.Kennewick Man could not have been a longtime resident of the area where he was found, but instead lived most of his adult life somewhere along the Northwest and North Pacific coast where marine mammals were readily available,” the concluding chapter of the book states.During the analysis on Kennewick Man’s skeleton, archaeologist James Chatters was surprised to discover that his anatomical features were quite different from those of modern Native Americans. In particular, his long narrow face, prominent chin, and tall stature did not resemble remains of other Paleo-Indians. In fact, the facial measurements show most similarity to the Ainu of Japan. The Ainu are a Caucasian minority who once possessed the whole of the Japanese Islands. A people closely related to the Ainu also once lived in Polynesia and many light-skinned Polynesians (typically from the ruling class) have facial features similar to Kennewick Man. (1)> According to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), if human remains are found on federal lands and their cultural affiliation to a Native American tribe can be established, the affiliated tribe may claim them. The Umatilla tribe requested custody of the remains, wanting to bury them according to tribal tradition. Their claim was contested by researchers hoping to study the remains.However, the same year, a United States senator amended the NAGPRA, changing the definition of “Native American” to that which is or was “indigenous to the United States”. This meant that Kennewick Man could be classified as Native American regardless of whether any link to a contemporary tribe could be found. However, the ruling did not resolve the controversy as it remains to be decided which Native American group should take possessions of the remains. While the debate continues, Kennewick Man is being kept in a private area of Burke Museum at the University of Washington.The North American and South American continents were once empty of people. Contrary to Indian religious beliefs that they have been here since the beginning of time, it is a fact that all humans, including the ancestors to modern Indians, came here from Eurasia.Rare evidence, such as the Kennewick Man, give scientists and the public glimpses of the variety of people who were here prior to modern Indians. How, or whether, these early people were related to modern Indians is not known and can only be learned by scientific study of their remains.

*** The Libs are renaming Columbus Day to 'Indigenous Peoples Day' -- fantasizing that if Columbus hadn't landed in America then the U.S. would still be populated by stone age Indians with no Europeans here. (1)> From 1996 to 2004, federal agencies spent millions of dollars to unsuccessfully defend this position in the Kennewick Man litigation. More than the Kennewick Man skeleton is at stake. All those here before European contact in 1492 would fall under the domain of modern American Indians. If NAGPRA is amended, public policy would sanction only a religious view and explanation of the continent's prehistory. Scientific access to and factual understanding of prehistory will be denied on tribes' religious grounds. (2)> The newest cry of oppression against scientists is that Indians are using NAGPRA to cover up the new evidence that the Americas was first colonized by Europeans. “For instance, in 1993, Robson Bonnichsen — a Kennewick Man plaintiff — found human hairs at a 10,000-year-old site in Montana. The Bureau of Land Management forbade DNA studies, Lanna says. He lists three other cases in which western U.S. skeletons at least 8,000 years old reportedly showed Caucasoid characteristics like Kennewick Man. Two were returned to tribes, and one remains in limbo.” (Lee, 1998) These sentiments can be heard in the testimony of Congressman Doc Hastings, R-Wash. in front of Congress; he was arguing to revise NAGPRA. He points out that the Indian communities hold so much power over the scientific community due to the vague nature of NAGPRA, so by revising it Congress would be “restoring a sense of balance and equal treatment to federal policy.” (Hastings, 1997) Behind the whining of scientists about the choke hold Indians have on them, there is a larger question of racialized discourse.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I thank Mr. Gruber for his honesty

I thank Mr. Gruber for his honesty 
(1)> This week Jonathan Gruber ...made some remarkable statements that make me shudder any thoughts about Obama-care . Unless you regularly follow conservative media, you may not have heard what one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) thinks about you.  (4)> Jonathan Gruber is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology health economist who helped craft ObamaCare. In a rare moment of unvarnished candor, Gruber told an audience last year at the University of Pennsylvania the law passed because of the “stupidity of the American voter.” YES , I AGREE with Gruber . We have been sucker'd into what is wrongful called " Affordable  Health Care Act" . The uninformed voter can be most gullible , and I thank Mr. Gruber for his honesty No Republicans supported this. We all saw through this farce of a bill.  ***We knew it was a tax. We knew it was a massive income redistribution scheme. I would call it more bait and switchJust consider the two examples Gruber uses to demonstrate how Congress supposedly pulled the wool over Americans’ eyes. Democrats, he claimed, prevented the Congressional Budget Office from scoring the individual health care mandate as a tax and kept the public in the dark about the fact that young and healthy beneficiaries who enroll in Obamacare would subsidize the health premiums of the sick. Nancy Pelosi claimed Thursday she didn’t know who ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber is, after several tapes surfaced showing him gloating about how the law was written to take advantage of the stupidity of the American voter..Problem is, Gruber’s analysis of the law was cited extensively by her office back in 2009Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, tried to downplay Gruber’s role during a press conference on Thursday.
Remember that Obamacare, was a  major piece of legislation, passed without any BIPARTISAN support. This is the first time this has ever happened. The Republicans opposed the bill because they knew what a monstrosity it was. Many Democrats had to be bribed to vote for it. Why? Because even they knew it was a crap bill. But, they put their party and self interest before the American people who didn't want it in the first place.EVERY ONE since 2009 knew that the American public was (2) > ORIGINALLY SOLD on the Canadian Style "single payer plan" , in stead what they have now  is a   "expansion" of revenues into the hands of the HMO's  . (3)>  It benefits the INSURANCE COMPANIES more than the American tax payer, The demand that Obamacare places on household budgets in which there is no slack makes me wonder where the president’s economists were while the insurance lobby crafted the product that serves the profits of insurance companies. Two well-known economic facts are that real family income has been stagnant or declining for a number of years and Americans are over their heads in debt. . Way back  in 2010, Mr. Obama told a University of Michigan audience: “When we don’t pay close attention to the decisions made by our leaders, when we fail to educate ourselves about the major issues of the day … that’s when democracy breaks down. That’s when power is abused.” Mr. Obama also declared that “we need an educated citizenry that values hard evidence and not just assertion.”
 FOX's Megyn Kelly broke down
after hearing Gruber .
*** The people I feel are stupid are NOT the American voters but ALL the Democrats that voted to approve this bill  BEFORE THEY READ IT. Including  Obama. I'm sure, Obama never read this bill before he crammed it down our throats and told us repeatedly "If you like your healthcare you can keep your healthcare" and "If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor" and "every family will save over $2500 a year under Obamacare".The Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation scored the individual mandate as increasing revenue by $4 billion in 2016, and, on average, “an estimated $5 billion will be collected per year over the 2017–2024 period.” Whether they viewed the mandate as a “tax” or not would not have affected their analysis because the economic effect is the same whether it is called a tax or a penalty. That penalty is collected under the Internal Revenue Code and policy makers have always claimed — and detractors complained about — the fact that individuals would have report it on their tax returns “as an addition to income tax liability.”(1)> This week, at least three more of Gruber's past comments have surfaced, just days after the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could potentially cripple President Barack Obama's healthcare law. In these remarks, Gruber insulted American voters and painted the architects of the Affordable Care Act and its supporters in Congress as having been intentionally (Lying)  opaque about the law to get it passed. (2)> FOR A COMPREHENSIVE EXPLANATION GO HERE http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/01/13/what-liberals-get-wrong-about-single-payer/  (3)> Insurers are the bogeymen of American health care. That’s in part because they do a lot of the unpopular stuff: They’re the ones who charge you money for health care, who say you can’t get something you want, who your bosses blame when they deduct more money from your paycheck to cover health costs. And it’s hard to see what value they add to the system. (4)> The full video of the 2013 Health Economics Conference was published by PennLDI on YouTube, and when the excerpt video of Gruber's remarks began to circulate online, many viewers assumed the comments to be recent (they were not), and others maintained PennLDI then removed the clip from the Internet due to the political controversy. On the latter point, several Twitter users posted screenshots of a YouTube error page that indicated the source video had been (at least briefly) removed by the University after Gruber's remarks became a focus of attention However, it isn't yet clear whether the PennLDI video was deliberately pulled from the Internet due to the political controversy it created, or whether it was made unavailable at some point after it was initially posted for unrelated reasons (e.g., error, copyright issues, technical problems). 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Why Obama should have been a Republican.

Why Obama should have been a Republican.
I am setting up an argument here . What would it have been if Senator Obama was a "republican" in place of a " democrat" would he have done a better job with Congress as President? I am trying a new alternative reality scenario in this twisted tale of politics .  I am saying America's "first" African -American should have been a staunch Republican . Over the years President Obama has shown himself to be a "common-sense" ( in word only )  centrist. He has cut taxes when necessary ( while sneaking other taxes in) , has taken steps to protect the environment, and has aggressively pursued Islamic extremists ( he swore he kill Osama Bin Ladin )  who threaten'd  America. Most notably, he has reformed our healthcare system by signing a Republican-inspired ( Copied Mitt Romney's )  healthcare plan into law. In most other points in our party's history, Obama would fit in well as a Republican. HEARKEN is  Mr. Obama is in the wrong party ?. Recently George Clooney fretted, in a Meet the Press online “Press Pass” sit-down with David Gregory aired on the real Meet the Press. Clooney imagined that if he and Obama were Republicans:
I would be selling all of the, you know, you saved the auto industry and you got Osama bin Laden and you passed a health care bill that nobody could pass -- if that was a Republican issue. I would be able to sell his presidency as a very successful one. But Democrats are bad at that. We like to pick each other apart.
Another "probability" is that had Mr. Obama been a Republican President he would have not quarreled all those years with the GOP , PERHAPS  (1)> the Democrats themselves would have been in a better position today . There is the issue of the no show President who for the last two years of unnecessary fundraising , and acting celebrity . Contrary to the notion of popularity our first black President who may have been a puppet or sorts to some special interests , the question of race (ism) would have been less of a hindrance  if Mr. Obama were a republican . *** A African- American President draped in the party of Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves would have been an irony if he followed the same party of Lincoln . IT would have presented a sheer challenge to any TEA PARTY influence , again in the alternative of a republican Obama  . MAYBE we would have not ever seen Hillary Clinton running for anything , she would have stayed a Senator , there would have been no Benghazi , no Arab Spring , no Islamic State , no GOP midterm landslide take over . If all the fumbles Mr. Obama had over the years , he as a  republican would have come out stronger as a "Commander in Chief " in dealing with Russia and China . ( No new cold war) . I just like to speculate on a alternative future for Mr. Obama our first African- American President ...............

 ***But 40 years of data from the General Social Survey — the gold standard of American public opinion research — say otherwise.  They tell us that Southern white Democrats  overwhelmingly blame blacks for their lower economic status, ignoring or denying the role played by discrimination, past and present, in all its various forms, and that the balance of Southern white attitudes has barely changed at all in 40 years. At the same time, attitudes outside the white South have shifted somewhat — but still tend to blame blacks more than white society, steadfastly ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary — such as 60 years of unemployment data, over which time “the unemployment rate for blacks has averaged about 2.2 times that for whites,” as noted by Pew Research. It is only  Republicans  outside the white South who have dramatically shifted away from blaming blacks over this period of time, and the tension this has created within the Democratic Party. (1)> last 2 years in office crippling the Democrats' chances in 2016 while solidifying his position as the worst modern President--if not the worst President in history. ^^^ AN INTERESTING point is made in the American Conservative .  See this web site: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/obama-is-a-republican/

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How did we get from THIS to THIS? Political Overview.

Since 2008 , there are so many changes to the American political system . *** The "change" now is vary apparent . In the wake of the Republican Party's shellacking of Democrats in Tuesday's midterm elections, Time is tossing some salt in President Barack Obama's wounds.The magazine's upcoming cover features an illustration of Sen. Mitch McConnell, the presumptive majority leader, mocking Shepard Fairey's iconic (1)>  "Hope" poster from Obama's historic 2008 campaign.The cover line: "Change." I have never seen to much "loathing" from the media to one man . Obama is a celebrity not as much as a President or Commander in Chief , but at first he was so much idolized by the media . He is America's first African- American President , the TIME cover of 2008 obviously borrowed a line from the image of  ### MALCOLM X . There is a assumption on my part that the President's own publicist chose to promote Obama as a 'revolutionary' to the public , as it was hoped that he would bring change to the American system.  SO far the Obama administration has had any luck in this decade in dealing with the Republican party .After 6 years there can be no dispute that the President had no intention of changing how DC operates in fact based on his coarse and pattern it was always his plan to reek havoc on the US fellowship and image. ( My Next blog post is titled : Why Obama should have been a Republican. )
When Obama was elected this is
what the nation looked like.
Honestly I think Obama could have done a better job. 
Tuesday’s midterm elections gave way to the largest Republican majority in the House of Representatives since World War II, dramatically shifting the country away from the Democratic wave President Barack Obama rode into office. The shift was as dramatic as when in 2008 the voter mob pushed the Republicans out of the House , and the Democrats took control . SHAMEFULLY the American voter is a sucker..... there is no other "party" to vote for . American politicians cite how "awful the one party state of communism is..."  IN REALITY the TWO party state is no better . By 2016 the American public
In 2014 . Here again the political system flipped.
will be fed up the Republicans as well . I am sure the MAP will be blue again. 
The GOP better get and keep their stuff together or they will put themselves on the chopping block. The voting public's memory is fickle, (2)>  come 2016 they will remember the next two years and the GOPs control of both House and Senate, far more than the past 6. Same goes for Obama, he can make or break the Democratic party for 2016, better watch his step. Not that I think he cares, he will be out, his legacy set by who was not by what he did. I ponder that the whole nation is SICK of the usual , but no one in WASHINGTON can deliver,  
The bottom line is the Democrats took a well deserved beating as the public has finally made it known they soundly reject Obama, and the policy shift to the left.The lack of morality and ethics the last few years on both sides is disturbing.The next two years should prove there is no political solution to our problems.End the Wars- This war on terror is insane, why are we bombing ourselves into the poor house, and why do both sides support it.End the Fed- The military industrial complex is funded by the Federal reserve system,which is a cartel of private Central Bankers who also control Wall street. Again, both sides are in lockstep on the Federal reserve, who funds the elite while keeping the min power, as a trade off for enslaving the middle class, then destroying us all together.Restore the Bill of Rights- We need a Constitutional Convention ASAP.This nation needs to understand and agree on what exactly our National Law means.We have lost our Republic to greedy politicians and businessmen, and with an Imperial foreign policy, this looks more like Fascism. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, and assembly, so we can discuss these kind of issues in peace, and in safety.The second amendment guarantees that the government will allow this.WE the people are the boss of this place, I would say we are doing a poor job of it,these politicians and bankers are running wild by passing illegal statutes that make their actions legitimate.The truth is we have lost our way.Instead of going about fixing things together, we have given our power to a corrupt system.They have divided us up in every way imaginable so we will not come together.The only thing stopping us from changing the whole world is ignorance.It is like the dark ages as far as philosophical thought is concerned.There is so much stimulus for the mind and body, that the soul is drowned out.Love has to be the ruler in your life,everything falls into place after you make the decision to do the right thing, and follow the golden rule.We are governed by an evil and corrupt system.There is no fixing it.An intelligent species can surely find a better way to live than chasing money while destroying the earth in the process. ~ Keep your eye on the big picture, you will find all the little portraits are contained therein.~the Spirit