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CLIPPER'S COUCH , what's out of Context?

Just how much of  this is out of
context ? 81 year old billionaire
sleeping with a 31 year old woman.
Surprised?  I'm not.We have not figured out that in the Sports world there are two things underneath  : Sexism and Racism ,The truth is racism is alive and well in america.. people love to deny this but it has been around since the beginning and from the looks of it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It's a big deal when some body stupid says something ridiculous . YES, IT's TAKEN OUT OF  CONTEXT BY THE WHOLE MEDIA! What a sad state of affairs we live in that this is headline news, and something  () the president had to "weigh in on" after being asked about it 75,000 times. Los Angeles Clippers’ sponsors are pulling out after an alleged recording of owner  ***Donald Sterling in a racist rant went public, and the team’s highly-respected coach hinted he may head for the door once the season ends. The controversy comes as the team is enjoying its best season ever, winning 57 games in the regular season and currently tied up in the first round of the playoffs. But the firestorm over an alleged lecture the 81-year-old billionaire gave his ## 31-year-old girlfriend for associating with African-Americans has cast a pall over the team. On Monday, used car giant CarMax ended its relationship with the team after nine years In our politically correct nation , you can't say dribble , I guess you are labeled either way Does he not have the right to his opinions about his girlfriend and the company she keeps? If a guy tells his  ^^girlfriend to stop taking pictures and hanging out with another race, should he lose his job? His house? His business? Like it or not, not everyone is okay with inter-racial stuff......Look at his team makeup! He already received one NAACP Achievement Award and was due to get another one!This fallout is all political correctness posturing, nothing more......

*** The "purported racist  rant " : TMZ did not explain how it obtained the recording, which it says is from April 9. So here is what the recording said  “Why are you taking pictures with minorities? Why?” Sterling purportedly said to his girlfriend in the recording. “It bothers me a lot that you want to ... broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” “I want you to love them, privately.... But why publicize it on Instagram and why bring it to my games?” the recording continued. When I read what was said as well as heard it and about the entire "controversy" online I came to the conclusion that it really was not racist at all. To me it appeared like he was telling his mistress not to get defensive when people criticize her for not having pictures with blacks and other minorities on her instagram and twitter account and not to take pictures with these types of people as an obvious effort to prove that she is not a racist. He is basically telling her that whether she loves them or hates them, keep her feelings about them private. When these types of women take pictures with black celebrities TMZ and other idiots like them start spreading rumors about them dating and fing them as a reason. Maybe he does not want people thinking his woman is cheating on him with Magic Johnson or any other so called "Minority" (a racist label made to suggest a black or hispanic has a handicap by default) for that matter. ## What makes this bizarre is that Stiviano herself is black and Mexican, a fact that she reminds Sterling of during their argument. The situation is otherworldly, in that Sterling seems not to have noticed that his own girlfriend is black. The more you learn about the story, the stranger it gets. If you listen to the tapes, which have been made public by TMZ and Deadspin, it is hard to make sense of them. Sterling doesn’t want Stiviano to put up photos of herself with African-Americans on Instagram or bring them with her to Los Angeles Clippers games. He says he doesn’t care if she associates or sleeps with black people, just don’t put them up on Instagram. An odd distinction! His request was motivated, evidently, by the fact that one or more of Sterling’s friends called him to comment on the Instagram photos. While Sterling never says this, reading between the lines it appears that someone must have teased him about his mistress consorting with blacks. () The Most ludicrous comment came from the President himself  Obama naturally used the opportunity to make a political point:President Obama on Sunday described comments reportedly made by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers as “incredibly offensive racist statements,” before casting them as part of a continuing legacy of slavery and segregation that Americans must vigilantly fight. …“The United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation, that’s still there, the vestiges of discrimination,” Obama said during a news conference in Malaysia, where he was traveling. ^^ . Sterling's girlfriend is a bit of a mystery  , she seems nothing more than a gold-digger who has hitched on a 81 year old man , and has been cheating on him, yes she is a stunner, but there is no way to suspect she has had numerous affairs , The question is: Where are the imprints of the photo with Magic Johnson that so offended Sterling that he launched into the alleged racist rant that has him in so much hot water today?From her first Instagram photo posted 13 months ago, with Stiviano asking of friends, “Where are they when you need them?” to the photo of Akon three weeks ago in the Staples Center (sans Stiviano) to the photo posted 22 hours ago now collecting comments aplenty on Instagram, Stiviano’s feed shows nary a photo of Magic Johnson in the lot of pics of the beauty. Indeed, the reports that claim it was deleted must've been true.Stivianio's Instagram following has grown, however, from the 114,564 followers she had hours ago to the 121,856 followers she now enjoys. Expect that following to grow greatly as more news of this controversy continues, and folks who haven’t yet jumped on IG now set up their accounts and make Stiviano the first person they begin to follow.Meanwhile, reports of Sterling’s family claiming his girlfriend released the racist audio argument due to an act of vengeance to their $1.8 million embezzlement claims are also heating up the “Interwebs” – but not as much as her Instagram account.

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Bit's and Pieces of criticism for Time magazine.

Mr. O'Reilly is right .
Time Magazine just recently put out it most influential 100 , on the cover Beyonce  as Time's top most influential person after making the list for 2014. Time magazine bestowed the honor on the 32-year old Grammy Award winning singer who was among other A-list celebrities.  Now I  am in agreement with  Bill O'Reilly -- that Beyonce doesn't deserve to be on the cover of TIME's 100 most influential people issue ... who says her raunchy music videos are proof she's a HORRIBLE INFLUENCE! Yes, Beyonce is nothing more than a African-American Milly Cyrus , pushing a hyper-sexualized image to young girls . In this day an age Time magazine is running out of top 100's , so it picks who it wants on it's cover . Beyonce did vary little to influence me , or improve my life , yes I have seen her video's. The one's where her booty shakes , juggles.  Beyonce is looked upon  by modern feminists as empowering women , yes  women that's  what they are saying  . Beyonce's last video went to the extreme  as it became viral called “Partition,” The steamy track, which features a striptease on a piano, pole dancing and oral sex in a limo, is streaming out to Beyonce fans everywhere. That's the image of the  () 'new feminism'  that all the young girls are getting ,  I am sure the over testosterone males have been  yelping . There are many "artists" who have no talent and resort to working dirty. It requires one have no character or self-respect but only a desire to be an exhibitionist and get paid millions for doing it. Being dirty is cheap and easy. Beyoncé's success would seem to offer many reasons for *** feminists to cheer. The performer has enjoyed record-breaking career success and has taken control of a multimillion-dollar empire in a male-run industry, while being frank about gender inequities and the sacrifices required of women. She employs an all-woman band of ace musicians—the Sugar Mamas—that she formed to give girls more musical role models. And she speaks passionately about the power of female relationships.But some pundits are hesitant to award the singer feminist laurels. For instance, Anne Helen Petersen, writer for the blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style (and Bitch contributor), says, "What bothers me—what causes such profound ambivalence—is the way in which [Beyoncé has] been held up as an exemplar of female powerand, by extension, become a de facto feminist icon….Beyoncé is powerful. F*cking powerful. And that, in truth, is what concerns me."  The vary thought  here  how is  'empowering women '  ## with the image of steamy sex in a limo? Time magazine  choice this year was "cheesy" at best . The underwear with the open legs showing the thigh gap is really unclassy for Time magazine. The poses make her look just plain unattractive. Bey looks better in her home and vacation pictures. Total fail on Time’s part. Her standing there in underwear completely undercuts her successes, especially in comparison with all of the other people on the other covers. It just wont end there with the sleaze factor , The Obamas love her too. The First Couple have not only held her up as a fine role model for their girls, back in 2011  ^^ Mrs. Obama hired the barely literate, sexed-up singer to shake her stuff in front of middle school children as part of the $10 billion Let’s Move campaign.


*** January 2013 Guardian article titled "Beyoncé: Being Photographed in Your Underwear Doesn't Help Feminism," writer Hadley Freeman blasts the singer for posing in the February issue of GQ "nearly naked in seven photos, including one on the cover in which she is wearing a pair of tiny knickers and a man's shirt so cropped that her breasts are visible."  ##  “Beyoncé in a back of a limo having sex and referencing Monica Lewinsky...(Read Full Post) ^^ American culture is an STD. When you compare the pop culture from the days of Loretta Young, John Wayne, and Nat King Cole to what we have today, it's obvious the US has a very warped future. () Modern 21st Century "feminists" have come a long way , once they were fighting for women to have the same equal rights as men , but today they are fighting for women to "sexualize " themselves . A great throw back for the women who were suffragettes of the last century. The New feminism is dominated by male images of how women should be , not how women want to be. Beyonce is the case in point .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Affirmative Action "revised" .

The Supreme Court ruling on # Michigan's affirmative action ban . The Supreme Court dealt another blow to affirmative-action programs Tuesday, upholding the right of states to ban racial preferences in university admissions. It goes deeper if you dig into it , so far we have not heard any 'word' *** from Pres. Obama who actually benefited from Affirmative action .  In 1990, as his fellow students rallied to protest the dearth of black professors at Harvard Law SchoolBarack Obama wrote a vigorous defense of affirmative action. The campus was in an uproar over questions of race, and Mr. Obama, then the first black president of The Harvard Law Review, decided to take a stand. Mr. Obama said he had “undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action” in his own academic career, and he praised the intellectual heft and wide-ranging views of his diverse staff.  Today we have a different Obama?  Nothing seems right , but the " race preference days are long gone."  There is a point that "equality" means crossing the lines of gender , skin color ,  and religion . Can we rise above these ?  Affirmative action originally   is the policy of providing special opportunities for, and favoring members of, a disadvantaged group who suffer from discrimination.[2][3][4][5] The nature of positive discrimination policies varies from region to region. Some countries, such as India, use a quota system, whereby a certain percentage of jobs or school vacancies must be set aside for members of a certain group. In some other regions, specific quotas do not exist; instead, members of minorities are given preference in selection processes. It's  not just meant for African - Americans alone . It included women , but the idea of affirmative action was taken hostage by some group of people who used it for their own gains , while leaving others behind .  Al Sharpton led his Politics Nation show on Tuesday portraying the day's Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action as a "devastating blow" and a "dangerous precedent," both of his liberal guests made a point of disagreeing with his over the top language. Affirmative action served a legitimate purpose when it was first implemented during the civil rights era, but the demographics and statuses of minorities has changed drastically since. We now live in a society that is becoming more and more of a mixing pot with more multicultural people being born every day. Additionally, the income of young, intact black families is approaching that of demographically similar whites. Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson summarizes that "at least 35% of Afro-American adult, male workers are solidly middle class." All this is not to say that minorities have achieved complete equality in today's society, but their situation is significantly better than it was four decades ago. Of all the individuals who benefited from affirmative action all these years ,  the most were white women are the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, However you will never find a white women that would admit it. While people of color, individually and as groups, have been helped by affirmative action in the subsequent years, data and studies suggest women — white women in particular — have benefited disproportionately. According toone study, in 1995, 6 million women, the majority of whom were white, had jobs they wouldn’t have otherwise held but for affirmative action.


*** During the October 27 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage said: "[Sen. Barack] Obama and I are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, as you can well imagine. While he benefited from affirmative action, stepping over more qualified white men, I actually lost as a result of affirmative action, many times in my life. Although I'd get near 100s on certain exams, they put me at the back of the bus because they said -- the ACLU said -- certain people will have to put their futures on hold in order to let others advance, and take a look at where we are today -- we have America's first affirmative action candidate about to become president."  # One notable example is a case argued a few years back in the Supreme Courtconcerning admissions to the University of Michigan. The school had a policy of rating potential applicants on a point system. Being a minority student earned you more than twice as many points as achieving a perfect SAT score. Three white students sued citing this as raced-based discrimination. School officials said that diversity is desirable and affirmative action is the only way to achieve true diversity. Another notable case in 2009 involved firefighters whose captain's exams were thrown out after it was determined not enough minorities passed. Several other cases involving affirmative action have followed similar arguments. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) published a report on Dec. 15, 2004 titled "Affirmative Action Revisited: A Legal History and Prospectus":"The origins of affirmative action law may be traced to the early 1960's... Judicial rulings from this period recognized an 'affirmative duty,' cast upon local school boards by the Equal Protection Clause, to desegregate formerly 'dual school' systems and to eliminate 'root and branch' the last 'vestiges' of sta te-enforced segregation... Congress and the Executive Branch soon followed by adopting a panoply of laws and regulations authorizing, either directly or by judicial or administrative interpretation, 'race-conscious' strategies to promote minority opportunity in jobs, education, and governmental contracting. The basic statutory framework for affirmative action in employment and education derives from the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Public and private employers with 15 or more employees are subject to a comprehensive code of equal employment opportunity regulations under Title VII of the 1964 Act...Official approval of 'affirmative action' remedies was further codified by federal regulations construing the 1964 Act’s Title VI, which prohibits racial or ethnic discrimination in all federally assisted 'programs' and activities, including public or private educational institutions. The Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education interpreted Title VI to require schools and colleges to take affirmative action to overcome the effects of past discrimination and to encourage 'voluntary affirmative action to attain a diverse student body.'"

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Strange Lights of Mars & Exoplanet humdrum.

Mysterious Mars light was never seen before
gives always a likely explanation by
Curiosity Rover Image April 2nd.
The Scientific community has been abuzz with the latest images by Curiosity Rover  from Mars that shows a 'mysterious' light in the far distance that looks artificial . It caught my eye , is interesting to theorize what it is is , but it looks rather uncanny , and  any scientific  defining as far as explanations . I thought I blog a post about a some major discoveries in the astronomical field in regards to newly discovered worlds beyond Earth's solar system as well .  This might be my longest  blog post , and it might have to take some time to write . I want to write some stuff on the Mars lights as well as get to the bottom of news media announcements that earth-like planets have been discovered . I believe that the exo-planets are real , there is no way to challenge that  over 1000 worlds that were discovered over the last decade  through various scientific means . As well as the Kepler telescope which has found a vast majority of them using the transit method . I just want to challenge the fact that what has been deemed earth-like by scientists may be completely wrong . Case in point as "reported"   Kepler-186f  circles a red dwarf star 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The planet is about 10 percent larger than Earth. The MARS LIGHT's story is vary intriguing , Although the pictures taken by the Curiosity rover on April 2 and 3, which showed a bright flash are believed to be the proof that there is life on the Red Planet, NASA has cleared the air when stating that the Mars mystery light is commonplace and occurs almost on a weekly basis. The NASA response is that it always happens . Not true , no rover in the past or lander has seen any kind of 'lights' in in past images , more the less has anything like it been reported before . But Mars is a alien place that just looks like home. Justin Maki, a NASA imaging scientist said April 8 by email through a spokesman.  "One possibility is that the light is the glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun," Maki said in the statement. "When these images were taken each day, the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot, west-northwest from the rover, and relatively low in the sky." Well the explanation for me is hard to except from a NASA expert , first place if you look at the image above it is several miles distance from the Rover that what ever it is is 'reflecting' , it just can't be any light inside of the rover optics . I don't believe it's a UFO as some have already jumped the wagon . This might be *** MARS's St ELMO's FIRE . The atmosphere of Mars might be producing some kind of effect . I find it odd that NASA didn't include any ## natural phenomenon in their list of possibilities. There are thermal decomposition's of chemicals that occur naturally that result in flashes of light. Because the notion that it might be a natural phenomenon was not included in their list of possible explanations. I often wonder if it could be Methane gas erupting from the surface ? or a glint of water vapor escaping from under the Martian soil , which evaporates in the thin atmosphere  .  Want to look for signs of life on Mars? One way is to look for methane. Methane is a gas produced by living things, like bacteria. Even tiny amounts of methane on Mars could mean something is alive and well! Let's say scientists send their special spectrometer to Mars as part of a lander or rover mission. The scientists know that methane—and only methane—absorbs a certain wavelength of light. So, like tuning in a radio station, they "tune" their laser spectrometer to that exact wavelength. The spectrometer's laser beam aims at a distant rock, zipping through the Martian air, bouncing off the rock, and shining back into the spectrometer's "eye." If the returning laser light is weaker, it can only mean that methane in the Martian air has absorbed some of the energy. And how much energy has been absorbed tells how much methane is present. Methane also is a vary explosive kind of gas , if it is under the Martian soil frozen  ,and it come into contact with H20 , even in vapor form it could produce a light show .


Being Hailed as the most ^^ EARTH-LIKE planet.  I have my sincere doubts . While it's interesting to note that the planet is 10 times larger than earth its being called a water world already with no images of this world . Here is what the news media reported :
 The star's outermost planet, designated Kepler-186f, receives about one-third the radiation from its parent star as Earth gets from the sun, meaning that high noon on this world would be roughly akin to Earth an hour before sunset, said astronomer Thomas Barclay from NASA's Ames Research Center. The planet is the right distance from its host star for water - if any exists - to be liquid on the surface, a condition that scientists suspect is necessary for life. Several years ago we have heard that a new class of planets were discovered called  Super -Earths , Kepler 186f is one of  many of them that  orbit red dwarf  stars,  that have just 60% of the diameter of the sun . To be precise many of these worlds truly don't look like any view of our blue marble.Scientists although filled with enthusiasm can as well make embarrassing statements the last "earth-like" worlds that were found were later shown to be inhospitable , some having thick atmospheres , hellish surface conditions since,  some them have orbits that either too close to their host star , and even if the Goldilocks zone is closer to the star in case of red dwarf stars . These planets are probably more exposed to dangerous forms of radiation not found in our solar system .  One scientist said "This planet is an Earth cousin, not an Earth twin," said Mr Barclay, who is among a team of scientists reporting on the discovery in the journal Science this week.  Another issue is the use of the word Earth-like verses Terran .An earth-like world should have a diameter no larger than our Earth  ( 1.1 ) I am sure that other earths are there , but we have not ACTUALLY found any , even by simple measurements , we don't call the planet @ Venus  " earth-like" because we know what conditions are on the surface , but rather we use the word terrestrial to describe it . We should not mislead the public that we have found new earths when they are NOT even any proof of them being habitual .


*** St. Elmo's fire (also St. Elmo's light[1][2]) is a weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by acoronal discharge from a sharp or pointed object in a strong electric field in the atmosphere (such as those generated by thunderstorms or created by a volcanic eruption). The nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere cause St. Elmo's fire to fluoresce with blue or violet light; this is similar to the mechanism that causesneon lights to glow.[7] Conditions that can generate St.Elmo's fire are present during thunderstorms, when high voltage differentials are present between clouds and the ground underneath. Air molecules glow owing to the effects of such voltage, producing St. Elmo's fire. ^^ Earth-like is a word scientists have to re-classify , in STAR TREK we hear the term " Class M Planet."  should be used to describe different types of new worlds . The planet was found via transit, and it is officially known as Kepler-186f. The name is because it was identified using the Kepler orbiting observatory, while the “f” means it is the fifth planet out from the star. (The star itself is labeled “a,” its first planet “b,” and so forth.) Kepler-186f is about 11 percent larger than Earth in diameter, which means it has nearly 25% more surface area. Kepler-186f is more like our bigger sister than our twin. ## Any natural phenomenon besides dust devils often seen on Mars could also explain the light in the image , but that has to be investigated . @ The Planet Venus , Venus and Earth are often called twins because they are similar in size, mass, density, composition and gravity. However, the similarities end there. [Photos: Venus, the Mysterious Planet Next DoorVenus is the hottest world in the solar system. Although Venus is not the planet closest to the sun, its dense atmosphere traps heat in a runaway version of the greenhouse effect that warms Earth. As a result, temperatures on Venusreach 870 degrees F (465 degrees C), more than hot enough to melt lead. Probes that scientists have landed there have survived only a few hours before getting destroyed.

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It's Working , but is it?

Rolling Stone Magazine this month feature a article on Obama-care called  ' It's Working!'.  While this article went into print *** Kathleen Sebelius was stepping down as head of Health and Human Services, resigning her position as chief engineer of Obamacare’s implementation. The disastrous roll out did a lot of damage to her , and we’re now seeing accountability. Just what good is it? So far talking to people who have tried to get into the exchanges to get the so called healthcare , some of them have been denied coverage . I just was speaking to a friend of mine who is a chiropractor  who told me on the phone that some of his patients had to be turned away because the insurance coverage did not carry over as soon as some of the patients switched  to Obama-care.  While there appears to be some success stories as reported in the Rolling Stone article , 1 of ever 10th is not , that only limiting the fact if 7.1 million people signed up .  Again skeptics would say "How can you get an even 7 million when you weren't able to answer questions about sign ups just last month?" So, he crafted the number to "7.1". Again the decimal is critical. The .1 makes the number more real, as if someone is actually counting and that is what it came out at. The vast majority of them came from California which on a national level was more workable than the federal web site . The name 'Affordable Care Act' might be as misleading as saying you can 'keep your doctor' . Forbes Magazine reported that Health insurance premiums are $$ showing the sharpest increases perhaps ever according to a survey of brokers who sell coverage in the individual and small group market. Morgan Stanley’s healthcare analysts conducted the proprietary survey of 148 brokers. The April survey shows the largest acceleration in small and individual group rates in any of the 12 prior quarterly periods when it has been conducted. The average increases are in excess of 11% in the small group market and 12% in the individual market. Some state show increases 10 to 50 times that amount. The analysts conclude that the “increases are largely due to changes under the ACA.” Another thing that bothers me about the ACA is that it is still a big capitalist for profit health care scheme that Several big corporations have already reaped millions of dollars from "Obamacare" even as they have supported GOP candidates who vow to repeal the law. This condemn-while-benefiting strategy angers Democrats, who see some of their top congressional candidates struggling against waves of anti-Obamacare ads partly funded by these companies. There is a sly two fist-ted political game at work here , it's not just a sheer bait and switch tactic by the government to get everybody 'covered' in the exchanges, but a deceitful ploy to enrich the coffers of the big corporations involved in providing for profit healthcare . The WSJ's Peggy Noonan summarized it well in her April 5th Declarations :

Put aside the numbers for a moment, and the daily argument.
"Seven point one million people have signed up!"
"But six million people lost their coverage and were forced onto the exchanges! That's no triumph, it's a manipulation. And how many of the 7.1 million have paid?"


I am sorry I am unable to log on , the
system is down again.
***On the same day Sebelius resigned, we also learned Obamacare signups had hit 7.5 million. Jonathan Cohn has a balanced assessment of her tenure, asserting the website failure demanded accountability, but reminding us what matters most. The other problem as politics goes The GOP cooked it's goose for the last decade of Obama's term trying to repeal the ACA, they were so obsessed with the repeal that it cased the government to shut down . The Democrats are no brains either they spent all their political careers in office pushing the ACA while ignoring other issues that the nation is facing .---- more later as I put it to thought .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Equal Pay , and Minimum WAGE.

Obama  To  help narrow the gender pay gap, while pressing Republican lawmakers to get behind the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act. Seems to be setting up a storm again in Washington D.C. I have to sometimes question the crudity of some political actions . Mr. Obama again threaten to use his executive power over Congress . On TV there is a lot of "bitching" from GOP lawmakers calling it a desperate election stunt from the Oval office . FOR Me I am assuming that women have already exceeded men in pay since the 1960's . *** I believe with so many women CEO's and CBO's now in the 21st Century  that the gender gap in America has narrowed for the "reverse" . It's men who are making Less money in the so called professional world  right now . $ Yes there is a still a winding "gap" between the 99 % and the 1 % ( The Rich and the Poor )  . Another problem that Mr. Obama has not tackled in his second term is the run away inflation that is driving up market prices for goods , services , and housing .  “Instead of focusing on jobs, [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid] launched into another confusing attack on the left’s latest bizarre obsession,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on Tuesday. “Just think about that. The percentage of Americans in the workforce is at an almost four-decade low, and Democrats chose to ignore serious job-creation ideas so they could blow a few kisses to their powerful pals on the left.” I think it looks like a political stunt from the White House . Pres. Obama is looking for ways to get the vote for his own party  . Perhaps it's out of desperation , or its the hard facts in politics . If you remember Obama's support for same sex "marriages" just right before the presidential election ? It seems like a gimmick , He's had 5 YEARS to fix the pay issue but NOW  - obviously is  important enough for him - oh, but it's election season - now he becomes an advocate for equal pay - what a piece of work . 

The Minimum Wage   Has Never caught up with inflation , and as things go in this country , even if we raise it to 10 dollars an hour it won't make any difference.   If the minimum wage worker is getting the same pay for less skill and effort then the employer will have to take the $10 worker to $12. This will continue all the way up the hourly worker pay schedule and drive the cost of goods and services even higher! When the dust settles the minimum wage worker will still be a minimum wage worker and inflation will have gobbled up the additional pay! Interestingly enough , raising wont help much unless you can get full time . The current national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This is a low wage, and thankfully most Americans don’t earn the minimum wage.  There is one demographic group that is more likely to earn the minimum wage than any other: teenagers.  This is logical, as those who are new to the job market don’t usually have the skills necessary to command higher salaries. Minimum wage increases at the federal level only take effect if the federal minimum is above that passed in states. So if every state already had a statewide minimum wage of at least $9, then Obama's proposal would do nothing. But as Brad pointed out last night,only Washington has a minimum wage above $9 at the moment, although Oregon's $8.95 minimum isn't that much lower. From ThinkProgress: While the average McDonalds employee in the United States makes just above the $7.25 minimum wage, that story is different in other countries. As Jordan Weissmann reports at The Atlantic, the minimum wage for full-time adult workers in Australia is $14.50 and McDonalds employees just negotiated a 15 percent raise by 2016. Yet the company has about 900 locations in the country. Meanwhile, its profit margins at company-owned restaurants are higher in Europe than in the U.S. despite many countries there having a higher minimum wage. France’s minimum is about $12 an hour, and yet there are more than 1,200 locations there. Residents of other countries pay more for their Big Macs, in part at least to make up for those extra costs, but the increase in prices is not drastic. Australians paid an average of $4.62 in U.S. dollars for a Big Mac in July and it cost $4.66 in the eurozone, while Americans paid $4.56. That’s a difference of about 6 to 10 extra cents, which would mean raising Big Mac prices a little over 2 percent in the U.S. to come equal with those in Europe.


***Didn't we have this conversation in the 70's? And didn't the companies merely create different titles for men and women for the same work in order to avoid difference in pay between men and women?  and didn't Reagan sign a law that made it illegal for men to be paid more than women for the same job with the same qualifications? $ Professional fact checkers at (“exaggeration”), Politifact (“Mostly False”) and The Washington Post (“one Pinocchio”) have all found problems with the claim. The American Association of University Women released a report that concluded the pay gap was closer to 7% than 23%.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Bible Redux Hollywood style.

 The 1956 epic 'The Ten Commandments' will
always be my favorite film , but it
is also full of historical errors .
pictured : Heston as Moses  & Brenner as
Ramses II. 
2014 is the year HOLLYWOOD has gone back to + "God" so it seems , but growing up I have had my own belly full of biblical -sword and sandal type of films . In the 'modern era' film makers have now "re-imagined" what the biblical characters are like , Russell Crowe is ***Noah. Christian Bale is Moses. Brad Pitt is Pontius Pilate. With pages of action and a faithful fan-base, Hollywood is mining the good book for blockbuster stories.  The Ten Commandments ( 1956) which is still playing yearly on ABC during the Jewish Passover and the Christian Easter has been also a target of a remake scheme ,  According to however, the ET film-maker is hoping to give his version of the story of Jewish prophet Moses a far different spin to the 1956 version  And Spielberg needs to play God and make him in his own image. And I would never go see it but I'm sure a lot of people who need to go back to Egypt would. But who knows how far back you need to go to find the original cast. But yet all that really matters is that he is born again. In the late 1950s, The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur teamed up for $1.795 billion in adjusted domestic ticket sales. Now for the modern movie going person , the new bible films look as if they Christian based in an outer appearance . In side these new films are more inside like Avatar,The Dark Knight, and Transformers combined.  21st century Hollywood remakes of classic bible themed films are not for the squeamish , my gut feeling is that unless you know what your 'Bible- Scripture' says , you will be in for a sticker shock . On Feb. 28, Twentieth Century Fox came first out of the gate with Son of God, a Jesus biopic culled from the History Channel's hit 2013 miniseries The Bible. Which by the way for me writing this review it sucked , the directors and producers took as much liberty with the bible characters by spinning as much sex and gore,racial stereo typing as Mel Gibson's @  The Passion of the Christ with  alleged anti-Semitism.  Another Problem with a lot of the biblical epic's going back to the first silent film  ()King of Kings has always been that there has not much of an archaeological support for anything in the bible as 'factual' . It's only fact to the believers , some times pattering faith on Hollywood's bible epics could be down right faith destroying to Christians . Also of note that Many evangelicals and many other faith groups excoriated Martin Scorsese's 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ for a controversial dream sequence in which Christ abandons the cross, marries Mary Magdalene and begets children with her. But when evangelicals released their own independent faith-based movies, they usually focused on contemporary life, as in the popular Left Behind movies, rather than biblical re-enactments. So here is a list of other Biblical so called films that are about to be on the big screen . The two Moses movies (The Exodus starring Christian Bale and Gods and Kings to be directed by Ang Lee), Mary Mother of Christ, a Cain and Able film starring Will Smith. If you like CLASSIC BIBLICAL films for review I suggest ye to this web site :

*** When telling your children about Noah, don't forget to leave out the part in the bible where he sells his grandson into slavery just to get back at his son in law who caught him drunk naked.Noah has stirred up the ire of some conservative Christians, who suspect Handel and Aronofsky of using a story about environmental catastrophe to push a liberal message about climate change and conservation. () The 1927 biblical epic King of Kings tells the story of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. The film was a bit racy showing Mary Magdalene in a  seductive dance , it's only in the film that Jesus casts demons out of her . @ 10 years ago, when Mel Gibson released The Passion of the Christ. Filmed in Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew, it remains the biggest independent film ever, according to Hollywood Reporter, with box office earnings of more than $600 million worldwide. + If you want to see a movie this upcoming weekend, go see God’s Not Dead at your local theater, and avoid seeing Noah. The longer God’s Not Dead is featured on movie marquees around the country, the more people will be intrigued to see it, and conversely. STRANGELY enough could be the best film of the year.