Monday, July 2, 2012

Romneycare, Obamacare.

Mitt Romney’s  alibi in defeating Obama should run on this slogan , " You stole my idea". The Idea of Health Care reform , now renamed  Obamacre .    Now  this has grid locked Mr. Romney's  position. ** When  Mr. Romney worked out reform  as he was Governor  of Massachusetts may bare some similarities to Obama's plan , but there are obvious differences between them . Romneycare was the foundation stone  for Obama to create  a national healthcare plan  . Mr. Romney here is in a catch 22 with Obama . You can'tr just dig into the dirt about both plans how similar they may be . I feel after the Supreme Court's decision  , that Mr. Romney should face Obama by accusing him , and his administration of using what he did as governor against him . # The Left wing media has built up accusations of Mr. Romney flip flopping on issues . The healthcare issue is no easy  task  . Neither is socialized medicine that bares any resemblance to Canada's model .  I wish that Romney had been more articulate to the public in regards to his healthcare reform . Mitt Romney’s campaign added one more spin Monday to the dizzying debate over what to call money owed to the government by people who flout the national health care law’s individual insurance mandate.Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said the presumptive Republican presidential nominee agrees with the Obama administration’s insistence that the “shared responsible payment,” as it is called in the Affordable Care Act, should be described as a penalty, or a fee, or a fine -- but not a tax. Romney’s gripe, Fehrnstrom said, is that the president changed his tune when the time came to defend the health care law before the Supreme Court.As he pushes to "repeal and replace" President Obama's healthcare law, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has turned to proposals that could alter the way hundreds of millions of Americans get their medical insuranceIn public, Romney has only sketched the outlines of a plan, and aides have declined to answer questions about the details. But his public statements and interviews with advisors make clear that Romney has embraced a strategy that in crucial ways is more revolutionary — and potentially more disruptive — than the law Obama signed two years ago.Congratulations to 2005 Mitt Romney. With this health care plan, he saved lives and families in Massachusetts. With only seven years separating this past Romney from the present, Romney now isn't the Republican governor of a liberal state, but the de-facto leader of the whole Republican Party. It's clear that ideology doesn't interest 2012 Mitt Romney. We may never know what Mitt Romney, deep in his heart, thinks about the Obamacare, but what we do know is that it is his biggest nightmare coming into November, and for him, it seems that getting him  all the way to the Oval Office , turning Obama's triumph into a political weapon  . Romney is running for the United States presidency, and he is a viable candidate to be the leader of the free world. His campaign slogan is, "Believe in America." But how can we believe in America if we can't even believe in him? Any how it's ad nausea m  . I recommend that everyone dose a fact check here : FACT CHECK OBAMA CARE 


** Obamacare, of course, is the familiar name for the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in 2010 and signed by Obama. It seeks health coverage for every American by requiring most Americans to obtain coverage or face a fine. To help people meet that requirement, it expands Medicaid for the poor, provides subsidies for people of modest means to buy insurance, and sets up fines that have the effect of encouraging large employers to provide insurance for their employees. It also sets up insurance exchanges where individuals and businesses can purchase private insurance. Those elements are also the backbone of the health care reform Romney signed in Massachusetts in 2006. Architects of both plans acknowledge that the Massachusetts law served as the model for the national plan.
Romney in 2009 wrote an article advocating a FEDERAL mandate even beyond the state mandate (penalty or tax) that he already implemented in MA. (doesnt really matter much whether its a tax or penalty to the 1% who ended up chosing to pay it in MA by not getting off moochin off other tax payers at ERs.)

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