Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bitz about Zimmerman and Syria.

 George Zimmerman.

 FOX news interview with George Zimmerman sparked some controversy last night . Lingering questions still remain as what did really happen before the gun went off.

You ever had your hands full as far as news ( and events ) and can't keep up with it . I am getting to enjoy my role on giving a direct comment about things as they pop up . The Most interesting stuff has been lately two items. Each of them needs careful investigation . Don't jump to conclusions  . Last night I watched FOX news . There was a hands on interview with  George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the February 26 death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old who had been walking through Zimmerman's neighborhood the evening of February 26. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who was carrying a pistol, has said he killed Martin in self-defense during a struggle.Prosecutors say Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, racially profiled the African-American Martin and ignored a police dispatcher's advice to avoid a confrontation. The case drew national attention because police did not bring charges against Zimmerman in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, saying the circumstances required further investigation.During the Fox interview, Zimmerman expressed his regrets to Martin's parents, but insisted that "I'm not a racist, and I'm not a murderer." He said he can't now second-guess what happened, adding, *** "I feel it was all God's plan.". What was on my mind how ever is that FOX news may have raised questions on what actually happened on the night that Zimmerman had his fatalistic encounter with Trayvon Martin. There is enough evidence for me that Trayvon Martin was up to something . He was not just visiting a girlfriend that night EVIDENCE has otherwise shown that Zimmerman was attacked , who threw the first punches I think is still a matter of debate . If I had King Solomon's wisdom here , and were to put a judgement on this case I personally would hold the Sanford Police Department responsible to a degree. There was a 9-11 call from  Zimmerman's cell phone reporting Trayvon Martin. The police should have gone out to investigate what was going on . At least this action could have prevented Zimmerman from using a gun on Martin  . This tragedy could have been prevented . There is enough documented evidence what happened  that night . Lack of action lead to desperate act .  Sure enough as I said about this on my last posting . That Zimmerman may have went out of his way to prevent what he suspected to be a crime or suspicious person , he should have waited for the law . Then again what LAW? The gun went off and we have now we have  an item on our news that already overblown.


Syrian Rebels are looking more and more like terrorists , rather than liberators.

 @Just who is killing Syrians out in the streets? If you seen the video footage on the news. It shows rebels shooting . I have not seen not one loyal Syrian Army officer loyal to the regime , or footage of one shooting at the rebels . There has been so much western media coverage of the chaos in Syria that America (the world ) may be getting the wrong info . Some of the video images of the fighting that was shot by some of the western news media has shown reporters close to the action of the violence on the rebels side . The images are hard to make out for one . It appears that the rebels are shooting at "unidentified" snipers which are uncharacteristic of a disciplined- professional  army . If this is not Assad's army . Who is it? There is much speculation that now that It had all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda operation. Usually the United States and the UK go bananas when an Al Qaeda–style operation occurs anywhere in the world. The suicide bombing (or not) that wiped out a chunk of Syria’s top security team, including the defense minister and deputy defense minister, who was also President Assad’s brother-in-law, may or may not tip the balance in Damascus toward a crumbling of the regime. Other officials have been named to fill the jobs of those killed, and the early consensus is that Assad’s government will hold together, at least for now. But fighting has started in and around Damascus itself, and there is a steady stream of (mostly Sunni) defections from the Syrian army and security forces. Al Qaeda jumps into this chaotic picture . If you get my theory . The Syrian rebels including the recent massacre of children was the work of actual terrorists rather than the Assad Army . It's the filibuster to me that our western media is "brainwashing" us to think that it's the evil (-western  looking dictator )  was  ordering mass killings of his people. With all the bombs and bullets flying . YOU CAN'T TELL who IS SHOOTING WHOM any More!   Right now Syria looks like a mess caught between American interests and Russian interests . Russia and China have repeatedly voted for no sanctions.  Another point here is that the Syrian rebels are killing Christians ! Christians are being forced out of their homes because they support Assad's regime . Completely failing to condemn the suicide bombing which killed several senior Syrian officials in Damascus today, the Obama White House instead lauded the attack as a sign that the “window is closing” on Assad’s regime.While Obama and Hillary have been quick to denounce claims of violence carried out by Assad’s forces with vitriolic gusto and emotive humanitarian condemnation, today’s deadly bombing was met with thinly veiled glee.The White House says violence is not the answer in Syria but attack on Assad’s inner circle shows “window is closing.”   In other words, while claiming violence is not the answer, the Obama administration simultaneously upholds the suicide bombing carried out by terrorists as a rhetorical threat against the Assad regime---Utter hypocrisy! 

 *** "I feel it was all God's plan.".
I think Zimmerman's comment about God's  plan in this is like saying , " I am not my brother's keeper".
 @ SYRIA Is likely a dangerous area as far as the Arab Spring goes . I almost feel that overthrowing the Assad government could in effect put Pro- Islamic fundamentalism in charge of the country . The American west is viewing the rebels as if they are pro democratic  fighters . Ignoring the fact the some of the massacres are the work of the rebels themselves. 

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