Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sound the Alarm.

Time to  sound the Alarm. Gov. Jerry Brown is going to get tough guy on his expensive new plans in the State of California . We all know of the costly Bullet Train with a whopping    $68 billion . The Staggering costs are now superimposed with another startling plan that's equally outrageous ambitious $24 billion plan for ending the state's water wars was unveiled Wednesday, but standing in its way are unanswered questions and hurdles that will take years to surmount — if that's even possible. Here is a clicker . How is the state going to pay for all this? Is Jerry Brown trying to CON us into thinking that there is not some catch here?  Gov. Brown is eager to tax millionaires , or anyone who earns over 250,000. Yet 'everybody else' is going to see their payroll taxes go up regardless if the Governors November Tax plan goes through . Worse enough Gov. Jerry Brown is 'threatening' public education with further cuts if the Tax plan goes under.The governor said that, if his tax initiative is not approved in November, K-12 schools and community colleges would be cut by $5.5 billion.“Schools will suffer,” said BrownI would take the threat as likely .  That Gov. Brown wants to act  more like a out of control tax and spend liberal.  The low down here is we have a Governor who is holding the education system hostage so he could raise your taxes . I find that a bit ironic that the powerful teacher' union has fallen under the spell of raising taxes .  I don't get it . First I know that Teachers and Public School Admonistrators would fall under a higer tax bracket under Brown's plan . I can yet just see these poeple making such a sacrifice to pay for K-12 funding. They should question Jerry Browns tactics . First I would  suspect that Gov. Brown is going to raise taxes for something else other than the educational system . If he wants his Bullet Train , and water project each is going to coast together over 200 billion dollars . It is likely that his tax hikes are going to be diverted from the k-12 promise . The promised lottery money for schools ,  if one remembers . Was going to raise millions for schools , and it's barely paying for textbooks. This  Prop 30 tax initiative is another con to raise your taxes all in the name of education.


What everyone is missing is that these people making over $250K per year are California’s small business owners. They employ the lion’s share of workers in California. Perhaps most will not lay off a borderline employee to make the books balance when faced with higher personal income taxes, but it will certainly put a damper on expansion and new hires.
You cannot tax California back to prosperity. California was recently voted as the worst state in the country to do business in. Brown’s Amazon debacle caused the shutdown of 25,000 small businesses in our state. We need lower business and personal taxes to promote small business growth, and prevent small businesses (like mine) from moving to another state (and we are seriously considering it- moving our business to Nevada would net my family almost $40K per year in CA Taxes alone). The only thing keeping us here are our loyal employees, but Brown is rapidly making the equation so one-sided it is inescapable.

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