Thursday, July 31, 2014

Suing Obama .

Well it's happening ,as  no political system is perfect. If  Russia's Mr. Putin could read our American news he must be laughing . Here is the news  today : The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing (2)  Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his powers at the expense of Congress and the Constitution. (4).  With world crisis coming , our Congress choose to waste American tax payer time. It's too late , why bother? I am so fed up with this bull.Can we just impeach this entire Congress head up by Boehner... it is obvious the president is already lame duck , but he can't get things done because of  these Republicans have done nothing but roadblocked; demeaned and filibustered at every time he tries to do anything at all. I do understand that President Obama is a bit on the weak side , but all this grandiose (1)  style litigation is not helping our national image . Obama has slammed the move as a political stunt, egging Republicans on with the quip "so sue me" during a speech in early July“They’re mad because I’m doing my job,” Obama said on Wednesday, calling on lawmakers to instead take action on closing tax loopholes and pass new laws he said will spur job creation.  (3) .The House backed the lawsuit resolution on a vote of 225-201, with all Democrats opposed. The Republicans are about to shoot themselves in the foot....AGAIN. Now they are about suing the president and pushing for impeachment, though there is no impeachable offense, and the Senate would toss out whatever the House comes up with. Unreal. 


(1) This kinda of litigation is a bit frivolous.According to The Hill, Jones said, “Why not impeach instead of wasting $1 million to $2 million of the taxpayers’ money? … If you’re serious about this, use what the founders of the Constitution gave us.”   (2). House Speaker John Boehner and many other leading members of the GOP, however, have opposed the possibility of impeachment, calling it a political misstep. The lawsuit is viewed as an alternative that would appease the GOP’s base without alienating more moderate voters. In 1998, the failed Republican attempt to remove President Clinton from office redounded to the political benefit of Democrats. Impeachment proceedings likely would have the same effect this time, especially with the success that Democratic campaigns have had fundraising off of the specter of impeachment in recent weeks. And with 67 votes required in the Democratic-controlled Senate to convict Obama and remove him from office, successful impeachment proceedings may be impossible. (Even if Obama were somehow removed from office, conservatives probably wouldn’t be thrilled at the prospect of a President Biden). (3). Exactly one handful of the 233 Republican members of the House voted against suing President Obama on Thursday. Reps. Paul Broun (Ga.), Steve Stockman (Texas), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Scott Garrett (N.J.) and Walter Jones (N.C.) all broke ranks with Speaker John Boehner's bid to take Obama to court over his implementation of the Affordable Care Act. (4). Right after Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) vehemently denied that he was gunning for impeachment with his lawsuit against the President, Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) insisted that Boehner should stop the “theater”, calling his lawsuit a “show” that will waste millions of taxpayer funds.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

"The truth always offends".

"The truth always offends".  Do my political opinions offend you?  OK, I know my blog post are offending, You don't have to agree with them , but honestly the last decade in  America we have had a political divide .Politicians don't seem to care about solving problems, they only want to know whether a particular idea is liberal or conservative, and then, presto, they are for/against it. Practical freedom of speech, graduate-level freedom of speech, is not a black-and-white issue, not just a matter of misquoting. The country needs a reboot in the worst way. Supposedly there are so many people so worried about offending someone else, they end up offending more people than if they'd done nothing at all! SO if my blog postings offend you I am a bit sorry . Once people adopt a political philosophy that has all of the answers, they stop thinking and start rationalizing. . SORRY there is NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (here) ! I don't guarantee that I will always be right on what I say , but I warn you to challenge your mind , OPEN your EYE's to the TRUTH.
If there's one single point which is key political beliefs, it is an emphatic belief in free speech. Freedom of speech (and writing, and art) is critical to the free exchange of ideas, and any society that does not allow the free exchange of ideas will slide into totalitarianism. Practically (and boringly). If political issues are merely very difficult, then we should expect most people to hold at most tentative opinions, or to suspend judgement altogether. This is what happens with other issues that are intrinsically difficult. If we have just worked out a very complicated mathematical problem, we tend to hold at most tentative belief in the answer arrived at. If another, intelligent person reports having worked out the same problem and obtained a different answer, this shakes our confidence in our answer; we take this as strong evidence that we may be in error. But in political matters, people tend to hold their beliefs with great confidence, and to regard them as not very difficult to verify, that is, as obvious. Nor does the mere presence of another person with an opposing political belief typically shake our confidence. The Ignorance Theory fares slightly better, since if people were ignorant, not only of the facts pertaining to the political issue, but also of their own level of ignorance, their confidence in their political beliefs would be understandable. However, it remains puzzling why people would be ignorant of their own level of ignorance—this itself calls for a further explanation. Moreover, the Ignorance Theory has difficulty explaining the following feature of political disputes.

Trust me  I am not trying to shove my political views on you . I am just trying to "comment" on what is going on on the news , some times my views conflict with yours on issues :

Israeli - Palestine war . We saw the developments . Gaza is now  a pile of rubble , but should you know by  now,  that our Nation America is going to send humanitarian aid to Gaza?we have to REGARDLESS because American tax dollars are already  going to Israel as  one of our allies   Some one has to rebuild Gaza , most likely it will be America .

Ukrainian , Russia and MH-17 .  The whole issue with Crimea is REALLY  is not our American business, the nation has poked it's nose in Russian affairs in the WRONG WAY. We have handled it in a way that all the gains we made with Russia ending the cold war are coming undone .  Russia should be our American Allies .  First in dealing with the so called Ukrainian crisis , why is the Obama administration dealing with the government in Kiev ? Pledging billions and sending , and supporting with weapons ?  It's crazy , I'd say Mr. Obama call Mr. Putin and start dialog .

Crisis at the boarder .  It's sad that all these illegal children came thousands of miles just to get a better life in America .  Imagine for a while , what kind of parent so desperate would send their own children to be smuggled by cartels across the US southern boarders ? It's a bit crazy . What did these seekers of better life gain in coming here? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama Fundraising , Mr. Putin.

We have a "hard working" President , right now he is out "fundraising" for the Democrats . The fundraising has put Mr. Obama completely  out of touch with everything else . Mr. Obama was caught off guard when MH-17 was blown out of the sky in the rebellious parts of the Ukraine . According to the Daily Mail UK  Mr. Obama made his best , he said : 'It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy': Obama made only a 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute transport speech drove off to his next fundraising destination . More incredible still  is facing criticism from his own party for --- a day after   requesting nearly $4 billion to address the influx of illegal immigrant minors --- rebuffing invitations to see the crisis first-hand while he's visiting Texas to raise money for Democrats. , Obama said in a late evening press conference Wednesday he did not go to the border because he is interested in finding a real solution to the crisis. "This is not theater," he said, adding, "I’m interested in solving the problem."  Despite all the global unrest , world affairs are not a priority for President Obama. As President Barack Obama helped Democrats bank millions in campaign cash on Tuesday, he acknowledged his administration is confronting "some big overseas challenges" in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere. Speaking at a fundraiser in a wealthy enclave of Seattle, Obama said there is a sense among Americans "that around the world the old order isn't holding and we're not quite where we need to be in terms of a new order that's based on a different set of principles."  The disappointing aspect of the President's approach to the multitude of geopolictical flash points breaking out all over the world, is that he doesn't seem willing to personally take responsibility for either creating them in the first place or acting decisively to fix them. Instead he apparently believes that a "small ball" game is the right formula for keeping in line wayward leaders & terrorists. It's seem odd as well that  the Democrats need to rake up millions to get support , it looks like to me that the Democrats are in trouble at the polls . Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are in the Bay Area Wednesday, but don't expect the two most prominent Democrats in the country to cross paths on their separate trips - where she's getting the buzz, and he's getting the blow-back. Back in 2012 Obama was also facing criticism  for his fundraising activities , it was like he was on a cross country tour , was hardly in the Washington  D. C. area while the government shut down . where 40 guests paid $35,800 each to attend. According to the president’s schedule, Obama is set to attend not just one, but two Democratic fundraisers in New York City while on a “national transportation tour.” Is that a euphemism for – ‘I don’t want to be seen anywhere near the any  crisis ’? I call it damage control.

Mr. Putin.
Another world leader who needs "damage Control" is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin has to address the issue of the Ukrainian Separatists , yes he has to face the music for the fact that MH-17 being shot down near Russia ,is not in the best interests of Russia. Mainstream Western media are already calling for Russia to be treated as a pariah state. As a majority of the victims were from the Netherlands, relations with Europe are particularly likely to suffer. Some in Russia may see the dramatic worsening of relations with the West over Ukraine as being driven by an undeclared US policy of containing Russia, but few welcome it. While most Russians sympathise with the plight of the people of eastern Ukraine, around two-thirds are against a military invasion of Ukraine. Either case Mr. Putin is in a bind , he looks no worse than Mr. Obama becase he can't handle any situation If the investigators' verdict does eventually fall against Russia it is not so much Vladimir Putin's integrity that will suffer, as respect for his strategic skill. He has, after all, never said that the rebels had nothing to do with the disaster; instead he blamed Ukraine for attacking them.Mr Putin will survive politically, but will have to work hard to restore faith in him, and his good fortune.Russia may, however, avoid the blame. And if it does, then the onus for the crime, and the responsibility, will be on others. And Vladimir Putin will have dodged that bullet, too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is the American dream shrinking ?

Is the American dream shrinking ?  (1).  Home ownership has long been a symbol of the American Dream and for a while there, we supersized it. But since the recession, we've been downsizing it.The median home size in America was near 2,300 square feet at the peak of the market in 2007, with many McMansions topping 10,000. Today, the median home size has dropped to about 2,100 square feet and more than one-third of Americans say their ideal home size is actually under 2,000 square feet, according to a survey by real-estate site Trulia. Time Magazine recently had an article on the new fad that's taking up the American scene ,  the Tiny House Movement on TIME in May 29, 2014 (click link  ) .  This is astonishing for me that it's being "disguised" as part of the " Going Green Movement ". The BIG American family house could be a thing of the past , even Mobile homes could be things of the past . The down  sizing is probably a sign that the economic future is really bad in this country . SURE the TINY houses are vary cutie , but is this what Americans want ? The economic rift is going to force Americans to have fewer children , and live in small affordable accommodations .  That's the trend that I am seeing , along with less wages and un affordability of homes the tiny homes are America's future.

*** The Small house idea was put forth in Sarah Susanka book ,  an architect and the author of The Not So Big House book series. (1) .Tiny homes, defined as 500 square feet or less, allow people to cut their housing expenses, live simply, and go mortgage-free. Such homes weren’t considered so tiny by historical standards. In 1950, single-family homes averaged 983 square feet, according to the National Association of Home Builders.Who’s occupying these “tiny” homes? The largest share — 23 percent — of “tiny home” inhabitants are between ages 31 and 40, according to The Tiny Life blog, which conducted a nationwide survey of more than 2,600 people. Sixty-one percent of respondents said they had zero credit-card debt.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Propaganda is at hand.

Who has the "best" Propaganda ?
America , Russia and Israel .
Before us we have perfect examples of "propaganda wars" . With the downing of MH -17 , and the ongoing offensive by Israel into Gaza in America , and may elsewhere ( Russia ) both sides are trying to "convince" it's citizens that their governments are not hiding , nor deceiving . Yet in American media , I have picked up a lot of inconsistencies first in regards MH-17. Although CNN , and FOX news have brought out some questions as why the airliner was flying over a war zone , curiously why no red flag was ever issued by the Aviation department warning of the dangers of flying into a dangerous zone is making me wonder . The story presented by Western media outlets blaming Ukrainian separatists and even the Russian government for shooting down the plane were both contradictory and dubious. Now, on the  day after the crash of the flight, more information has emerged regarding the details surrounding what actually brought the flight down. Yet, as is typical in international incidents, the Western press reports simply add more questions to the pile. Referring to the tragic downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine, former Texas congressman Ron Paul warned against jumping to conclusions over the culprits.Drawing parallels between the potential for a Russian-made missile system’s connection to the attack of the passenger jet on Thursday over the restive Donetsk region of Ukraine and the capture of US-made weapons by Islamist insurgents in Iraq, Paul pointed out that the missile’s potential source of manufacture was largely immaterial. Speculation of direct involvement by the Kremlin, whether directly or through “proxies” in the form of pro-Russian militia in Ukraine, in particular seems propagandized, Paul told NewsMax on FridayUnverified video footage has been circulated as proof of involvement by Ukrainian militia members, though the aircraft's black boxes have yet to be retrieved,First there is not one scintilla of proof Russia gave rebels Buk systems - perhaps they captured one from Ukraine. But Ukraine is known to have them, and have motive to demonize the independence fighters, so they are the obvious prime suspect; and they had the ability to direct the plane's path.

The Manipulated Polls.
 Where did this Poll come from?  Only 14% of Americans Sympathize with Palestinians. 73% of Republicans – and 44% of Democrats Sympathize With Israel. Can we assume that Unless part of the propaganda war is to falsify polling numbers, of course! I would interpret that as being the most opinionated. While there were huge differences in numbers between the groups (older= more pro-Israel) even young liberals were 2 to 1 pro-Israel (44/22%). What I find interesting is that the "don't know" answer was exteremely consistent for every group except for conservative republicans and evangelicals, between 18-20%, across the board with a few just a tiny bit higher or lower. So basically 20% of the population with just no idea at all.

Israel , Gaza and Hamas deception.
Watching the TV reports , and whatever news source . The Propaganda machine to justify the Israeli -Gaza conflict is hard to "fathom" . We've been brain washed in a way , if disagree with Israel striking down Gaza, this must be because your an Anti-Semite , the guilt trip has you in a trap because your friends might think you hate Jews , but you don't . That's how much the guilt ridden propaganda in the west has been fueled . You can't do  anything about the poor Palestinians who are themselves " Semites" , and watching news reports of bodies of dead children piling up in the Gaza ghettos when a Israeli missile comes crashing down in house. Remember our western news media is ONLY SHOWING HAMAS ROCKETS ! There is no defense for Hamas firing rockets into civilian areas, and as sirens wail in Israel, the fear among ordinary Israelis should not be ignored or belittled. But the media coverage hardly reflects the reality: a military superpower armed with F-15 fighter jets, AH-64 Apache helicopters, Delilah missiles, IAI Heron-1 drones and Jericho II missiles (and nuclear bombs, for that matter), versus what David Cameron describes as a "prison camp" firing almost entirely ineffective missiles. Twenty-seven Palestinians are reported to have died in Gaza – and, mercifully, no Israelis have been killed by Hamas rockets – and yet the BBC opts for the Orwellian "Israel under renewed Hamas attack".  For many Americans, it’s just so much easier to accept the lies than to stand up for truth, especially when the lies are so convenient and wrapped in racism and hate.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Airlines case of bad luck?

Could be pilot error , flying a plane in a War zone at
low altitude .
" We don't have any "details" as of yet ." said the CNN reporter as the NEWS-ALERT flashed the TV screen , as it appears with all it's murkiness , another Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went down in another mysterious way . Another news network FOX  reportedly stated that Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that plane "Kuala Lumpur -Amsterdam" went off the radar in Donetsk oblast, possibly shot down" It seems that the State department as of yet was going to call it an "act of terrorism"The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama have discussed the Malaysia Airlines plane incident over eastern Ukraine.The Kremlin website published a statement late Thursday that says “the Russian leader informed the U.S. president of the report from air traffic controllers that the Malaysian plane had crashed on Ukrainian territory, which had arrived immediately before the phone call.The statement gave no further details about what the leaders discussed with regard to the plane crash. Honestly this news report did not surprise me because I have been saying about the last (4). Malaysia Airlines may have been hijacked , and flown to a discreet location for some sinister reason. I putting another reason also why another Malaysia Airlines vanished  off the radar. . It's OBVIOUS that the Malaysia government is weak  , and the Malaysia Airlines is an easy target for terrorists because they can't keep track of what airline is flying around. Both flights  MH 370 , and MH 17 were connected to Kuala Lumpur. On March 8, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared over the ocean near Asia and has yet to be found. If Malaysia airlines didn't have any bad luck, they'd have no luck at all. (1).  Seems one would think twice before getting on one of their planes...strike three is looming. And yes,  (2). why would a commercial airline fly over a war zone is beyond me....but then we still don't know why a commercial airline would just evaporate out of the sky, do we suspect that the Ukrainian government reportedly has recordings of intercepted calls between Russian intelligence and terrorist discussing the “shoot-down” of a Malaysia Airlines jet, according to CNN.  *** The Russian news agency Interfax says MH17 was shot down. Investigators don't know ,being CLUELESS as the NORM as regarding  Malaysia Airlines, still reeling from the mysterious loss of another Boeing 777 flight in March, said it had lost contact with the flight,  Similarly MH17, over Ukraine but offered no further details immediately. ( 3) . Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, said in a Twitter post that he was “shocked by reports that an MH plane crashed. We are launching an immediate investigation.” Well like MH 370 The airline, which saw one of its fleet disappear over the Indian Ocean in March, confirmed only that "an incident" had occurred involving the Boeing 777. "Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17  from Amsterdam," read a tweet from the airline. And so again ............................

*** Something fishy is going on. Why all the anti-Russian backlash after this incident? Maybe anti-Russian forces carried out this attack and is using it as an excuse to go after Russia? Who were the passengers? Muslim Malaysians? No collateral damage there right? (1). First it was MH-370. Now, it appears tragedy has struck again, this time on Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, on route from Amsteram to Kuala Lumpur, which disappeared from radar moments ago and was reportedly shot down over Ukraine. (2). Do you know that Putin flew in the same region, on the same height, in the same corridor just half an hour after this tragedy? He was traveling back from Brazil, and his plane looks somewhat the same as the MA one. The question now is - who was the actual aim?  (3)How stupid do you have to be to send a commercial flight over what essentially is a warzone? How much do you think the airline actually saved by taking the most direct route?. (4). If it was the former, then it could be in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan orTajikistan. Strangely the flight path of MH 17 was heading over this region before being shot down . Some coincidence ?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Divide up California Is a good idea.

Breaking up California . Just
might be the best thing.
There is one way to end the years long bureaucracy that has put California over the last decade in financial ruin. This MIGHT be the answer POST JERRY BROWN governance. California can try to split, but the U.S. doesn't have to accept new states. If they wouldn't let SC go their own way, (3).  I doubt they will let California split up. The states have some degree of autonomy, but that's not the same thing as sovereignty. A billionaire of coarse, Venture capitalist Tim Draper wants to dismantle (2).  California and is proposing a ballot measure that  *** would split the state into six pieces, Reuters reports. The resulting six states would be called North California, South California, West California, Central California, Silicon Valley and Jefferson, the last named in recognition of an ongoing attempt by counties in Northern California and southern Oregon to form their own state of the same name. A Twitter account belonging to the nonprofit Six California's tweeted on Monday that "#SixCalifornias will be submitting signatures in Sacramento tomorrow for placement on the November 2016 ballot. Stay tuned for coverage!" On Tuesday, Draper told USA Today the campaign had garnered 1.3 million signatures, well over the approximately 808,000 needed. What it would be like , if this measure got it's vote in 2016 ? Honestly it would be revolutionary , it would dismantle first of all the states centralized bureaucratic system , it brings to mind like the (1).  educational system , the department of corrections , and so on. These "departments" have been on the hit list for years by attempted "reformers" who tried to undo the status quo. Draper and other supporters of the break-up argue that the state's 38 million people would be better served by smaller governments and elected officials who would be able to work more closely with their constituents. Proponents say the division would help create a more business-friendly environment, solve the state’s water issues, and ease traffic congestion.  The RUNDOWN here is that with such a new stricture (s)  it will reduce California's high Taxation , and inflation . Foremost reduce spending , with smaller states , the obvious 190 billion year spending budget could be split up for more equitable use .  Perhaps end the disparity between rich and poor,  nowhere in the U.S. is income inequality as extreme as in California. One in four of its citizens live in poverty. Yet the state has the highest number of ultra-rich people in the country. The state deeply needs the tax revenue from the wealthy to support those who are less well-off. Anything that would improve government efficiency, get back to smaller government, more local control etc etc is opposed by both parties. We should do a similar subdivision of Texas, then keep the portion containing San Antonio and the Democratic areas of Austin, and sell the other five portions to MexicoActually forcing an insolvent state to stay whole only benefits the elite. This is actually a very novel way of dealing with this state's inability to remain solvent. Spreading out the load over separate regions would be very useful and allow for partisanship in each of these states to fulfill the task in a meaningful manner. If you can't win an election, redistrict. But that said, no administration in the last 15 years has made even a dent in California's descent into insolvency. It truly is a failed state.

*** Secessionist views have long been part of California history, and rivalries have long existed between Northern and Southern California. The economic and political divide between California’s wealthier, coastal regions and inland areas to the east has also been the subject of more recent discussions among academics and economists in the state.A statewide poll by the Field Research Corporation last December, asking about proposals by certain Northern counties to secede, found that only one in four voters backed the idea. Splitting up California would also require U.S. Congressional approval. (1) . And then there are school districts. In the past two years, wealthy neighborhoods in several states have launched campaigns to break away from school districts that include poor communities. This has taken place in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, California and Tennessee, and some of the efforts have been successful. (2).  The measure would break up California to include these regions: “Jefferson” to the north; “North California” including the state’s current capital, Sacramento; “Central California” including much of the state’s agricultural valley; “Silicon Valley” including San Francisco, San Jose and much of the central coastline; “West California,” including Los Angeles; and “South California,” including San Diego and much of the sprawling Inland Empire east of Southern California’s coastal cities. (3). Don't start celebrating, once enough signatures are captured the Attorney General of California gets to writes the final description and title on the ballot and this won't make it to the ballot.Back when Jerry Brown was California Attorney General, he sabotaged the 2009 Vote Safe Act (voter ID proposition) by intentionally rewriting the ballot measure and it's definition. When Vote Safe protested his definition and resubmitted a request to re-draft a definition. Brown then submitted a far worse definition and disparaging title then his first. Vote SAFE were stonewalled, and forced to drop the ballot measure even though they captured the signatures. The point is, if the Attorney General's office disagrees with the ballot measure, they will kill it with pettiness like Brown did with Vote SAFE. (4) New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the states concerned as well as of the Congress.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Insanity of the Israeli Gaza War.

Sinister Monsters are seen above Gaza.
Obviously the Bloodshed by Israel against Gaza must end .  My past blog posting ( TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2014, Israel and Palestine : Conspiracy . ) I gave way to speculation that someone from the "outside" is benefiting from the war. Right now condemning both Israel and Hamas is the best thing on my mind , but ***Israel is killing innocent Palestinians without any self restraint . The Hamas are outgunned , they have no standing army , while the Israelis are pulverizing Gaza without mercy . This must stop , it's absolutely insane what the Israeli government is doing in the manner of revenge.  There is something down right shitty when you look at this volatile region , the last 40 years we have seen blood shed between Arabs and Israelis. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Information’s latest report on civilian casualties, one Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every three days for the last 13 years. From 2000 to 2007 ,about 1,000 Israelis have been killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and nearly 6,000 Palestinians have been killed.  Since the recent assault on Gaza under Operation Protective Edge, over 80 Palestinians have been killed, including 22 children and 13 women, plus 469 wounded including 166 children and 85 women, and over 75 houses destroyed — those numbers continue to rise. Hamas’ rockets firing into Israel have killed zero Israeli civilians since the cross fire began last week.  How many people have Hamas rockets killed? ZERO, and How  justifying Israel's genocide and ethnic cleansing of 1.8 million refugees in Gaza because Hamas launched homemade rockets that literally land on the sand beaches and don't kill anyone?  As international calls for a cease-fire ramped up, the Israeli military warned residents of northern Gaza to evacuate "for their own safety" late Saturday night. The most distinguishing thing about Gaza as threat is that it is totally defenseless, but does provide lots of group punishment targets like water and power plants, hospital and schools. Israeli Zionists love to kill people's kids and always have. Israel's rabid Zionist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is casually reporting preparations for invading Gaza without so much as a whimper of protest from the US orEurope. The three missing settler teens and the ensuing overkill crackdown against Hamas and the West Bank has produced the desired test marketing result... not a single call for sanctions against Israel. The international community must intervene to stop Israel's campaign of "collective punishment" against Gaza, argues Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. The implication of these statements are that Hamas has forced Israel into launching a full-scale military operation against them, conveniently ignoring the recent crackdown on the West Bank after the disappearance of three Israeli youths, which Israel blamed on Hamas without providing evidence to back its claims,  days of bombing, with a death toll of more than 100's  Palestinians and four Israelis, the gung-ho cabinet ordered a land invasion of Gaza. The consequences of this are incalculable.The Biblical injunction of an eye for an eye is savage enough. 

Bombs away , and innocents lay: 
An Israeli Missile hit the home of a Palestinian woman who was standing there screaming, the veins in her neck seeming about to burst. “What’s happened to you − have all of you gone crazy? Who knows what he had in his house, maybe there were weapons there?” The crowd of curious onlookers gathered around her, and they too were shouting: “She’s absolutely right ... Garbage! Garbage! That’s what you are.”


 *** Operation “Protective Edge” – Israel’s latest military offensive to be given a name with nurturing undertones after “My Brother’s Keeper” and “Pillar of Defense” – has already killed at least 43 Palestinians and bombarded more than 400 locations in the Gaza Strip in less than 48 hours.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama, Racism , and weakness.

Racism is a dirty word . Has America outgrown it's past with the election of Barak Obama? The recent article in a New York city newspaper sparked controversy by publishing apiece criticizing allegedly racism-driven anti-Obama bias among conservative voters headlined ‘The n****r in the White House’. Without the asterisks.Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died so blacks would no longer be viewed as inferior but rather enjoy the same inherent rights given to whites in America.Yet in 2014, 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act,(1) *** they West View News thinks it's appropriate to publish a story about our first black president, WestView News also ran an op-ed by Alvin Hall, an African-American columnist, on the same page with the headline "The Headline Offends Me.""The decision to use the headline feels misguided to me," Hall wrote. "I don't see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me."  The use of the N word embarrasses me when ever it pops up , but no escaping it's use toward the President is risky journalism . The can of worms opens. I have to comment that I believe vary much the Mr. Obama was subject to a form of racism from the start , (2).  but it makes him no perfect politician . @ Obama is weak , ( the weakness comes only by observation of the last 5 years )   he has been  wide open to attack from his first day in office. For the Political Right Obama is big  business. The Anti- Obama books have sold billions since 2008 , and FOX news is hooked on daily rantings on Obama. Obama haters have so poisoned politics and national issues with their obvious (and always denied) racism where the President is concerned that it threatens the very existence of this "great experiment" called the United States of America. Here we thought we were so wise and had changed our ways and all it took was electing a black president with a funny sounding name and the hidden hate started oozing out for all the world to see. The Name Obama is African , and also it is a Muslim name , for this part I can see the average white screaming afoul.  It shows a lot about American politics that the general public is willing to take "risks" on whom they chose as their leaders regardless of color and gender . It's shows that that status -quo has been crumbling . From the start I have been worried about Obama , he made too many political enemies ,and he seemed not having a grip on Washington while trying to change ( challenge )  the political landscape , promising too much . The polls don't lie , I am vary skeptic  that there would be a turn around for Obama. According to Gallup, a mere 41 percent of Americans think Barack Obama is respected in the world by his fellow leaders. This, a dramatic decline from 2009, when fresh off of his campaign tour through Europe and perplexing receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize, some 67 percent of Americans thought Obama was respected around the globe. It isn’t Republicans driving this decline. The proportion of Democrats who think that the world does not respect Obama has doubled in just the last year, and nearly six out of ten independents concur.  This also comes a few months after Gallup first found voters saying they no longer view Obama as a “strong and decisive leader.”

 (1) ***It is never okay to use the n-word in a headline. It doesn’t matter if the article is pro or anti-Obama. It is disrespectful to the President Of The United States as a man and disrespectful to the office that he has been elected twice to hold. It was not in any way an appropriate headline. In fact, it is headlines such as this that give the people who hate Obama because of the color of his skin something to point to when they get called out for their bigotry. (2). Least qualified President ever? No. He is not even in the top 10. (Nor is Dubya, liberal wing.) Warren Harding, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant -- the list goes on. Let's face it - we have had some questionable Presidents with very little education over the course of the years while we await the great ones. @ SAYING Obama is weak comes from the fact is that he can't get anything done any more , the GOP has gridlocked the Congress . Jimmy Carter was in the same state before Reagan came into office , but Mr. Obama can't muster peace in the Middle-east , as Jimmy Carter did with  Egypt and Israel .

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Israel and Palestine : Conspiracy .

These innocent Israeli teens were wrongfully killed,
but who is to blame for
the surge of
sudden revenge violence?
There are obvious red flags every time I look at the middle-east and see it go up in smoke. Right now as I am composing this , Israeli missile are raining down in Gaza , and the Hamas is launching it's own retaliation in response . The blood of so many innocents on both sides, The Israeli military launched what could be a long-term offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Tuesday, striking more than 100 sites and mobilizing troops for a possible ground invasion in what Israel says is an operation aimed at stopping a heavy barrage of rocket attacks.At least 15 Palestinians, including three children, were killed in the attacks from air and sea, Palestinian medical officials said. There is a LOT of STUPIDITY in this long war between the Palestinians and Israelis , it seems each side deserves this sorry out come , each side denies each others right to exist as nations side by side .  I find it very difficult to understand why people cannot live side by side peacefully. I am waving my flag of some kind of 'Conspiracy' that I believe is going on, there is some organization at work that is sitting laughing at this, because they know how stupid both the Israelis and Palestinians are , in FACT I believe that the MYSTERIOUS 'THEY"  want both nations  to annihilate each other . The events that started the "revenge" on both sides is vary obvious for me. The bloodthirsty terror began when  ***The three teens were Naftali Fraenkel (16, from Nof Ayalon), Gilad Shaer (16, from Talmon), and Eyal Yifrah (19, from Elad). Disappeared while walking hitchhiking to their homes.  We ONLY that who ever were the "kidnappers" of these youths were not Hamas or Palestinians , there was a report that I am citing here that  (1).  Tov agrees that the official story of the kidnapping is riddled with holes. The criminals’ car had Jewish license plates, the killers spoke Hebrew, and the police had no valid excuse for writing off the emergency call from one of the victims as a prank and then doing nothing for five hours. Most intriguing of all, Tov writes: “The event contains the mark of a PSYWAR operation. It created a powerful symbol that will not allow the victims to forget.” Either case something strange is going on here , it seems both sides are conducting "revenge killings" , and rioting both sides of Gaza and Tel Aviv . It’s the height of cynicism for Israel to blame anyone but itself (and the kidnappers) for this.  In fact, every time Bibi needs to deflect criticism from a security failure he exploits Palestinians.  This ranges from the Eilat terror attack, for which Sinai Islamists were responsible.  Instead, Bibi blamed a Gaza militant group, launching attacks which killed 30 innocent Gazans.  Now, the Shin Bet’s failure to foil this attack leads to falsely blaming the PA.  Israel can’t send F-16s to bomb the West Bank, as he can Gaza.  But there will be severe repercussions for the civilians of the West Bank.  Collective punishment, illegal under international law, will be the new normal for the next weeks or even months.  Even so , the first to blamed are always HAMAS , or NOW their is much speculation that ISIL terror group is suspected in Israeli media . I think that for the OBVIOUS persons responsible is a NEO- NAZI group that is some how connected to the most recent events .  (2). The NEO- NAZI's would benefit from a war between the Israeli's and Palestinians , for a  stand point  from both sides annihilating each other . It also seems ALSO strange that both sides lack  "moral restraint" and are off to war with more dead bodes strewing the streets of Gaza and Tel Aviv .There also another strange thing about this . President Obama's SILENCE . Since those boys were kidnapped there were over 40 rockets sent from Gaza into Israel. What did Obama say? Nothing! DCCC Chair Israel and Chuck Schumer high ranking "supporters of Israel" allowed this president to maintain his silence. A true friend would express outrage and horror over the murder of three (3).  Jewish children, true supporters of the state of Israel would publicly urge their leader to express his outrage.  Yet the sound of crickets comes from Washington D.C.


*** This is simply mind-blowing. For 18 days, thousands of Israeli soldiers searched for the missing boys round the clock, as did numerous civilian volunteers. Mass prayer rallies were held throughout Israel. The kidnapping dominated both politics and the media; even major geopolitical events like the Islamic State’s takeover of swathes of Iraq got second billing. Yet “a great many Palestinians” found it perfectly reasonable to think this was all part of a massive conspiracy–that Israel’s political and military leaders, media outlets, and even the boys’ own families and friends had conspired to virtually shut down the country for weeks for the sole purpose of harassing the Palestinians.  (1). Even before Tov’s revelations, we knew the Israeli teen kidnapping was an obvious false flag. The chief of Mossad, Tamir Pardo, actually called the event a week before it happened, predicting at a cabinet meeting that “three teens will be kidnapped.” (2) . THE NEO_NAZI's , THE ILLUMINATI or whatever secret out fit is bebefiting from this conflict is obvious , they would like to see both sides destroy each other in some kinda armaggeddon. I am worried about the so called INTERNATIOAL BANKERS / Evengelicals who pour billions into supporting Israeli regime , money blinds people to the real truth. (3) We MUST ALSO REMEMBER the many PALESTINIAN CHILDREN who have died as well in the long years of this conflict , every life is precious.