Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slip of the ole tongue...........

  Two people  can be equally guilty of  saying something  wrong outright , but also showing the limits of a double standard .  These week would have been trying to make sense of  ***Joe Biden's   "put them back in chains" remark to  African-Americans just  to stir up fear among them  is nothing to compare with  Todd Akin's  @"legitimate rape"  perhaps the most outrageous items in the news .  I have to say that I am ashamed, here is what a dear friend of mine said  .
 She said to me ( referring to the average old white politician ) of "these dirty rich white men in politics" she called them . She  continued , "why can they get out of the bedroom , they have nothing except to  do  except stick their nose in the bedroom "  Well she is right .  The Republican Right needs to get out of the Bedroom , they have no right to define a woman's body in case of reproductive issues . Like Akin , just where is his medical knowledge ?  Of course the left is accusing the Right of  + waging a war on women .That has to end. These politicians like Akin have not  done anything in the recent year as legislators to help Americans except to creep into sexual politics . It does not end there ,  ## Texas Democrats are calling for the resignation of a Republican elected county judge who warned this week that the nation could descend into civil war if President Barack Obama is re-elected.  In our media-intensive times, certain gaffes are forgivable. Others fall into a sinking public opinion quicksand. Joe Biden was sinking in just such quicksand in the days before Akin stole the gaffe spotlight. Perhaps Biden may be relieved that his gaffe will not get the airtime it likely would have been given when his recent "chains" remark was quickly overshadowed by Akin's recent remarks. Well keep your ears clean , it's 79 more days till the election . More Gaffes to follow...........

 ***Biden's right; if we deregulate the banks, they will put us back in chains. They had us in chains for 30 years, we just didn't know it until the collapse of 2009. Dodd-Frank isn't perfect; it ain't simple, it's not as strong as it should be, and above all, it does not break down the banks. But considering that we have a polarized Congress, it's as good as we can get (for now). In a few years, when Congress cools down, we can get an overhaul of the financial industry, with simplified regulations and agencies and forceful authority that will de-monopolize the financial industry.
"legitimate rape" Akin seems to go the way of the bible .Parents who want to raise daughters with a sense of gender equality and sons who will grow to respect women will likely not want their children to stumble upon these verses: Judges 21:10-24, in which it is OK for men to hide out on the side of the road, then kidnap and rape women; Numbers 31:7-18, in which Moses approves keeping the virgin girls for themselves to rape; Deuteronomy 22:28-29 in which the punishment for raping a woman is that the man has to marry her and may never divorce, (yes, the victim appears to be punished twice); Deuteronomy 22:23-24, in which the rape victim should be stoned to death for not crying out for help; Deuteronomy 21:10-14, in which it is OK to kidnap and rape a woman; Judges 5:30, in which each man should get a woman or two as "spoils" of war; Zechariah 14:1-2, in which women get ravished; or Exodus 21:7-11, in which women are sex slaves. Akin told St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI that "legitimate rape" typically does not result in pregnancy because the female body has ways of "shutting all that down" when a woman is really being raped (as opposed to when she is lying about being raped or when she enjoys being raped?), it seemed to many to reveal not just a political gaffe of seemingly epic proportions. Rather, it exposed a confirmed belief of a public servant. It certainly raised some questions on just how particularly bright Akin is. Obviously there is no real IQ test for holding public office, and clearly the bar is fairly low in some cases, but that level of reasoning and shallow understanding of basic "birds and bees" has many wondering which rock Akin grew up under, and is it even located on this planet?
+I don't recall that happening, ( the war on women )  but even if it did, your implied analogy is terrible. The difference between policies that affect all American women, and statements that apply to two women is the difference between black and white - the difference between policy and rhetoric - reality and ephemera.If Republicans want to fight the WoW meme, they should talk about how they believe that their policies benefit women - not act all defensive and go on about how Democrats hate women too. That's a non-starter.

 ## We asked for this. We voted in these idiots who don't know a thing about government except that "it's bad". We liked it when the Supreme Court told corporations that they could have more power than the voter with infinite donations for Republican puppets who care only about deregulating and lowering taxes. We voted for the tea party fakes who promised you that government is the enemy. We voted for people who don't want the job, but would rather have it over someone who actually cares! 

It's your fault America. Land of the stupid and home of the blames. We let the angriest and out of touch Republicans of our country take hold of the House of Representatives in a failed pusillanimous attempt to take the entire Congress.

You want someone to blame? Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself while you ponder the rights..

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