Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt's Pick.

  Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP choice , Ryan was embraced by the Tea Party Movement . Romney's choice shows how far to the right Romney is swinging .

Mr. Romney has picked his VP and the left has to jump the gun .A few blog's ago I wrote a piece on   Paul Ryan's "budget" that was way late . It was almost as late as Mr. Obama's . Putting the "record" straight Ryan's budget was more about cuts on domestic spending . It would have been devastating to individuals that least could afford it.  The budgets that Mr. Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has pushed through the Republican-controlled House this year and last have defined nothing short of a conservative reordering of the nation’s tax and spending priorities for the 21st century. His blueprint would greatly shrink the government, largely undoing the social safety net by shifting more costs onto individuals and essentially converting Medicare into a capped voucher program. It also would adjust the progressive income-tax system, which, like the safety net, was built through the 20th century under Republican as well as Democratic presidents. Paul Ryan is a radical Tea Party conservative , and is far removed from Ronald Reagan who was know for its "trickle down economics ". Mr. Romney has made a hard line choice rather than embracing the moderate attitude that he had while Governor of Massachusetts . Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairman of the DNC is infuriated that Romney picked Paul Ryan. According to Ms. Schultz Romney should have picked Marco Rubio, a good Floridian. I am now a bit worried about Mitt Romney ,his choice could sway the vote . I am vary convinced  that choices we make can either create sometimes unsaleable out comes . I don't know if this is good for Mitt . Think again how John McCain who was running against Obama chose Sarah Palin . Which swayed the vote for Obama . Palin was too much of a "risk" politically . While Ryan might endanger everything Mitt wants to accomplish just by opening his mouth saying something that might seem radical enough to set off a host of people , and special interests . The stakes are vary high here. The history of vice-presidential picks suggests the choice can hurt a campaign, but rarely makes a difference on the upside. Typically, running mates are chosen to help buttress a campaign's appeal to certain parts of the country or states, or to complement a candidate's personality. Just be prepaired you all to see Sarah Palin in November giving a speech  beginning August 27 Republicans will hold their four-day national convention and formally recognize Mitt Romney as the party's presidential nominee.


Now that is funny!! Ryan went to the House in 1998. He was there when the GOP controlled the Federal Government; 7 years. And what did we get? 2 wars unpaid for, and one an unnecessary war; those Bush tax-cuts, unpaid for and Medicare Part D, unpaid for.

He passed Medicare Part D (socialized medicine) and now he wants to Repeal Health Care Reform (socialized medicine); which makes Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney socialists.

Behind the strange facade of the Tea Party is a deep and furious resentment that there is a black man in the Whitehouse....They simply cannot live with such an ATROCITY!! Their outward indignation about TAXES is simply a cover for their REAL issue..............

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