Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oil Refinery Conspiracy .

Oil Refinery Fires. Just another "excuse" for the oil distributors and the oil speculators to soak us.

Well I told you a while back that Gas prices were going up . Seems rather strange that we have had two suspicious oil refinery 'explosions' just when the price of gas was tapering .  ** Conspiracy theories can be fun but statistically don't work out well in reality. If anyone set the fire on purpose...I will throw out the first suspect....I'm pretty sure it was 'negligence' on the part of Chevron , but now all the prices at the pump are going go past 4 dollars a gallon here in California , perhaps triple on account of the drought forcing food prices to go up as in the consequence of the use of bio-fuel's corn additive "California has the cleanest-burning gas in the nation, so this is definitely a market disruption," said Rayola Dougher, a senior economic adviser with the American Petroleum Institute.-----why should you be surprised? They'll raise the prices because of the accident and then raise the prices again after they've spent the money to repair the accident. 3 years ago--when the price of a barrel of oil was $80-the price of gas was about $2.25----last week-when the price of a barrel was $80--the price of gas was almost $4.00---Gasoline prices skyrocket because of "ONE" oil refinery fire. Oil company profits have skyrocketed over the past 30 years yet the number of operating refineries in the US has declined from 254 to 134. What, the oil companies not making enough money to modernize old ones or build new ones? It's time to make public utilities out of all of them, good solid responsible corporate citizens. Exxon Mobil and Chevron would still be the worlds third and tenth largest corporations, respectively. Yeah, public utilities. Let's roll.

The smoke could be seen for miles in the eyes of the politicians .


** I guarantee Chevron did not intentionally start "any" fires ever! The fall out from Refinery mishaps/accidents could never and would never be worth "any" amount of profit! , it could also be that big oil has decided that it would like to profit off a war with Iran, Syria, etc, even more than it might otherwise. This might just be the kind of catalyst for war that rich men only dream of, as backroom speculators... Residents of Richmond have to suffer with increased rates of cancer and asthma, the company doesn't give a damn, and most of the politicians are bought off. The few who aren't, like Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, have to face constant corporate funded attacks.The company's response is just disgusting.If a foreign corporation kills people in America and destroys our environment, by all means, they should be subject to US law. But that's rarely if ever the case. And when it is... like in the case of BP... the problem is that the US courts are the ones which are kangaroo courts. Always on the side of the corporation.

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