Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's NOW or NEVER Mr. Brown.

Gov. Brown Kick's off his plea to the public to raise more money . 80 days to go.

It's NOW or NEVER with the kick off of the Jerry Brown campaign to get voters to fork up new taxes this November. Yes, I did get my call from the Union team that I belong to . There are many things  for me as a Union member from the State School Employee's part  to think about . Do we want three weeks of school cut ? I heard the 'threat' from Gov. Brown's mouth as a hostage taker for the budget .  Gov . Brown is trying the old trick Schwarzenegger as Gov said again and again .  He says "we got to live within our means ." Yet he's going to raise your taxes if you make 250 ,000 , but tell me is he going to tax all of Hollywood too. If he can't get his way he is  going   cut . Well I am not your typical union member . I have seen taxes raised in this state for nearly 20 years that are wasted . Many of our tax monies floods the  State Educational wallet , and still with all that money we have have bottomed up with layoff's anyhow .  @  There are  always cuts at the bottom in the public school system  that don't make any sense . In the education feudal system  with it's kings and queens alike . The people at the bottom take the cuts far worse than the top 1 % in education . None the less   there is always money to inflate the Public school system with an endless barrage of high earning executive superintendents .  You know the phrase . " Too many Chief's and few Indians ". 
 Getting back to Brown . Quoting from the New Testament and with his dog Sutter by his side, Gov. Jerry Brown formally kicked off his campaign Wednesday for Proposition 30.Brown cast the November ballot measure, which would temporarily raise sales taxes and impose an income surcharge on  ***California's highest earners, as a choice between requiring the wealthiest residents to pay more and losing about $6 billion from public schools and universities. Single issue voters do not understand the complexity of the California budget with so many spending requirements iniative mandated, and with such a large state geographic and population, so many competing needs... Simplistic reactions to a single aspect of Governor Brown's plan to right our ship of state are more of the same narrow thinking that got us in trouble in the first place. I am now boiling over the outrage how Unions blindly follow Brown trying raise more taxes , while not asking questions about the current funding . Like WHERE IS THE MONEY HIDING !. In the midst of massive multi-billion dollar California budget deficit and proposed tax hikes by the Governor, a California Assembly committee approved a bill for another $100 MILLION in tax credits for Hollywood and California media.  Of course, the fact that Hollywood and media are major contributors to the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it.  Democrats hate corporate welfare (unless you happen to be a major party donor). You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours (wink, wink).Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said, government of the people, for the people and by the people? Doesn't it seem there should be a correlation between the size of the population and the amount of government spending? Well not in California. California has an unquenchable thirst for spending… and Governor Brown wants more.

During the past 12 years, combinations of three California Governors have presided over government spending that bears no resemblance to the actual state population and its growth. California population during the past dozen years has grown from 33.9 million residents to 37.7 million, an increase of 11.2%. During this same time period, California government spending grew from $67.2 billion annually to its peak of $103 billion, a whopping percentage increase of 54%. After the past few ye
ars modest cuts, bearing no correlation to the dramatic state revenue downturn, we are still riding a 38% increase over the beginning of the 1999-2000 budget. All up, in relationship to population growth, California has overspent by $200 billion dollars in the past 12 years. Wouldn't we like to have those funds now?
Governor Brown's Proposition Thirsty (30) aims to restore over half of the modest spending cuts made during the past 4 years recession, not because there are now more people… or more business… but because the unquenchable thirst of its government leaders cannot be restrained. Instead, with a proposed tax increase on the backs of the very same population that grew nowhere near the proportion of spending, Governor Brown has decided to demonize those that oppose his increase, threatening "draconian cuts" to education. Oh, the children! 

@ A typical school district would cut it's support staff first just to balance the budget . It NEVER makes sense . They layoff 2 night janitors , and use that money to create 2 additional management positions. It does not matter across the board spectrum of the state education system in the last decade there have been thousands of layoffs and furlough days ( days with out pay ) . Teachers received their March notices , most of them were Music Teachers whom it regards as nothing more than a "Prep Teacher" . 

 ***   Proposition 30 is almost identical in wording with Proposition 98 that passed nearly 20  years ago  . its guarantee ... was to provide some predictability to school funding and a minimum level of funding for K-12 public schools and community colleges. In general, Prop 98 guarantees that about 40% of the state’s general fund be spent on these two levels of education and that school funding keep pace with student enrollment and the growth of personal income in the state. Prop 98 since it passed has brought nearly 60 billion to fund education . Remember what I said ." Where is the Money?"  For the life of me there should be no layoff's in the public education system . Something is wrong some place.
CALIFORNIA'S highest earners  they’re also — for the powerful Hollywood film industry, whose leftist producers, directors and actors give big Spacebucks to Democats. What a coincidence that they will be taxed .

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