Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saving Obama , Part II

Saving Obama . How are you on this ? I am for one was a bit worried about Obama when he took office and made too many promises .

Saving Obama. This is the second part of a blog that I did a  few blogs ago.  I tried to convince my self of saving Obama . I wanted to believe that Obama was a diffident kind of politician .  First of all he is our 'First' African- American President ( multiracial , and ethnic ) , yes it's true that from the moment he took office there was an onslaught of criticism   directed against him ,  for the most part some of it was racially charged against him . Race should never  be a factor in a elected leader . .  I for one  am not a  apologist for  him saying that Obama has done some good for the country . I have to conclude that he has done two things are both a positive and a negative towards him . For the Positive Obama may have brought down Osama bin Ladin , he may have finished the job that Bush did not do . The second point to Obamanomics is a bit troubling for a leader who made a lot of promises . The first year in office he swept into legislation the Affordable Care Act   a vary costly and vary   UN - socialistic revamping of the American medical system. The more I read about it , the less I wanted it . One item is the $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, it seems useful to put this figure in context and explain exactly what programs within Medicare lose funding under the health care law. It's like robbing one pile of funded money to pay for something else . We all have parents on Medicare   ( grandparents  ) who have worked and paid into it . Taking money away from them to pay for the new healthcare law has left me fuming . Obamacare is not about downsizing , nor is about addressing the serious issues with Medicare altogether . Again just what to we mean about making medical affordable? Some parts of the law in question about preexisting conditions here I am saying that it was long over due in the American system , which like everything else was not put before  ***Congress until Obama care was debated  , and passed through the Supreme Court unscathed . We have yet to make analyses of it before 2014 . It's likely going to be a central issue if Obama loses to Mitt Romney . I do not think that Romney can repeal the law even if he takes office . Romney will have to cave in and give an alternative healthcare system just to appease an angry mob of American voters.  This part on Obama for me was Delusional  , for him to put 80 % of his term in office to fight for his healthcare plan leaving serious things undone . His job's record is vary partial .  $ He promised that unemployment would be below 8.2 percent  . He fought with congress on a Job's bill that  Senate rejected President Barack Obama's costly  $447 billion price tag . I can't see that throwing money to create Jobs is easier than to make the existing system work , put people back to work.The stimulus plan that was as Obama   took office only saved the Public Sector , basically stabilized a weakened  economy . You have to remember that it was George D Bush that passed a  similar stimulus package before he left office that was 700 billion . Mostly to the  Banks . The Obama stimulus was transitory in nature. When the Money was gone everything went back to their normal downward . The Banks both benefited form the Bush - Obama stimulus . Again another part of the problem is how Obama came to rescue Homeowners from the predatory lending practices . I take that this was the shining moment of his term .Homeowners were being saved , but mortgage rates still went bust. An  average American home still costs over 400, 000 ( in California  )  30 year and unafordable  fixed  rates still exist  . It's here that I am trying to rationalize how and what Obama did in four years that truly helped Americans . I need to clear the dust of four years . I am now saying if you like what Obama did for you , then vote for him . I for my self am a bit cautious about saving Obama . He has tried for what ever it is worth to fix the American system which is hugely in debt and can't afford another dime to pay for wars , and moon shots .  For me obvious questions still linger .....................................


 ***The worst scenario would be for an outbreak of common sense and self-interest to overtake the extremism of the House Republican caucus. If the Republicans were to accept Obama's proffered deal, they would weaken Social Security and Medicare -- and put the Democrats' fingerprints on the deed -- depriving Democrats of their traditional defense of America's best loved social programs. They would also get a ten-year deficit-reduction agreement that is mostly program cuts. And they would get an austerity package that guarantees high unemployment as Obama heads into a difficult re-election. And a Democratic president is offering this deal!

 $ The jobless recovery shows that Obama's bailing out the financial sector and austerity programs is not a surprise after his appointment of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers. Obama's ultimate plan is to cut wages by 30% for working people. This will send us into a depression while the wealthy financial sector is bailed out for the gambling debts of Wall Street.

 # President Obama inherited the worst economic conditions which ever way you look at it, with a divided house, and an opposition that wants his head on a platter of gold. Most, if not every government programs have loopholes that can be modified to make them work better. If fixing the entitlement programs will save money, and make them work better, i am all for it. But Obama must be aware that he can not do a thing to make republicans like him. They are ready to sabotage the economy, if that is the only way to bring you dawn. So my advice is to not give away, all the things that are dear to your base.

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