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Why America needs a NEW POLITICAL PARTY.

American Patriots in 1776
did not want taxation
without representation ,
a common problem in
modern America.
239 years ago America was founded . It can be said that our nation was at the time was grand "experiment" in politics that liberated ( and set apart ) the old system of monarchies , and "theocratic" governments that were ruled by the Church . Today America suffers from a two party system , The biggest problem with American democracy is one that hardly gets any attention. (1)>  The United States doesn't have enough political parties. Two is not enough. Two have ruled so long that they both have been sold out to "special interests" and "foreign governments" . In a parliamentary system, even obscure parties have representation and every point of view gets heard. In our winner-take-all system, you get an endless stream of middle of the road warmonger corporatists. We have to speculate how many of our senators took bribes . The Clinton e-mail scandal reveals how much money the Clinton's took The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday night that the Clinton Foundation received $7.3 million from Saudi Arabians from 1999 to 2014, based on contributions of more than $50,000. This goes to the root of our political problem . (4)>  Our system is hung dry that either party is not working for the American people .  Glenn Beck as was reported "finally" quitting  the Republican party. I find that hard to believe . Beck a few years prior was trying the anti-Obama rally , he made what is  called the (3)> TEA PARTY , although he  did not start the tea party movement, but he can be considered one of its first leaders, so to speak, back when it got its start in 2009, helping shape the movement over the past five years. Beck's about face turnaround is worthy of comment in this blog .Well Beck said it’s time to stop using the “tea party” label altogether.The Tea party was too "ultra right" and dangerously religious in nature . The Tea Party was-really the "moral majority" (Christian Coalition )  in disuse . The popularity of that party waned do to part that it leeched on the Republican party like a parasite causing a major schizophrenic attack on would be senators who did not follow the tea party line . It got so bad that most of the Republican's did not want to associate with it .Both parts of the Tea Party, and also the mainstream Republican party, are about lower taxes. Libertarians don't want to ever pay taxes.  And they believe the Republican party when they say they will balance the budget (not true at all, really) and that they will keep taxes low or lower them further.  The Tea Party Constitution folks are the same, except that they are also incredibly bigoted toward gays, minorities, and women, and are incredibly ignorant about science and about U.S. history.  The Libertarian and Constitution Parties.  Of course, they're very different, revealing a deep division in the movement.And on the left, there's the Green Party - the Socialists have largely faded away.  Given the inability of the Republican and Democratic parties to agree on the most basic of government functions -- passing an annual budget to pay for federal programs -- it is perhaps not surprising that the percentage of Americans who believe a third party is needed has never been higher. (5)> The Democrats and Republicans have no interest in seeing more political parties, despite how healthy it would be for this country. That's why the debate committee works so hard to make sure no voices outside of the duopoly are heard. More parties would mean more choice. With Democrats and Republicans agreeing on so many fundamentally terrible things, and staging a sideshow of distraction on the ancillary issues, the two parties can maintain their vision for America, one of big business and empire working hand in hand. 

Why a Solution is needed .
Returning to real American values
means that America
can't be a two party
On Thursday, while watching a Senate budget meeting, it proved again the strictly party-line voting by its members. (6)>  Many amendments by either party had merit, but were voted down yes or no by the majority, which had a 12-10 representation.Why make a roll call when everyone strictly follows the party line? A third or fourth party is very much needed to stop the two-party juggling for power. As usual, nothing gets accomplished for the struggling taxpayers.We are not free. Under this two-party system, unintended by our fore fathers, any party other than the two in power cannot play due to rules that have blocked them from participating. Sure some get a cursory nod from time to time based mainly on their kookiness or outlier extremism. but most are one issue parties. Both parties write rules to keep others out.  It's wrong.  A large and growing third party already exists, however, among Independent voters.  While they admittedly don't get to participate in primaries, their votes are the ones that matter in general elections.  As the political pendulum swings back and forth, the system is built to be largely self-policing by delivering gridlock in most times of electoral disagreement. 

Remember this :

Democratic establishment angst is composed of obvious and less obvious elements.
James Madison’s "Federalist #10." The first thing that is apparent is that James Madison was a great writer. James Madison concisely ensured that every word, every sentence was effective. The 85 Federalist Papers were written by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution.After reading "Federalist #10" one cannot help but view the founding fathers in a different light. Moreover, those like the Tea Party and the Republican Party, who wrap themselves in a type of rhetoric of adulation for what they believe was the founding fathers intent for the population, should rethink their position. James Madison starts "Federalist 10" with his disdain for factions. He does not view them as necessary or warranted within a democracy.Real democracy will not come to Americans until most Americans understand that the current state of government is designed. James Madison never expected those that represented the masses to vote in concert with the constituents. He makes that clear in "Federalist #10." A representative democracy can be purchased on the cheap. The plutocracy only needs to purchase 1 president, 5 Supreme Court justices, 67 senators, and 218 Congressional representatives—300+ million Americans, you all be damned. For this reason careful examination of those representing us must take on more urgency and scrutiny.
As long as Americans are somewhat content, stability is maintained. The continuous hoarding of wealth.  class at the expense of the masses may tip the scale. It may make those checks and balances moot.

(1)> If the U.S. had a fair voting system, the Democratic Party might fission into more independent caucuses or even different parties. Why should upscale environmentalists who want to eliminate hydropower dams, nuclear power plants, natural gas pipelines and automobiles be in the same party as unionized workers who want to build all of these things? In a fair voting system, they wouldn’t be.However, before any real representation could ever be implemented, multi-party or otherwise, we must convene another "Church Committee" to dismantle the National Security State Infrastructure from top to bottom.  Only when the ever-present bureaucratic Shadow Government is retired, fired or imprisoned, can there be a chance to implement the a new system. (2)> A majority of Americans have typically favored a third party in response to this question. Notably, support has dropped below the majority level in the last two presidential election years in which Gallup asked the question, 2012 and 2008. Support for a third party was lowest in 2003, the first year Gallup asked the question. That year, 40% thought the U.S. needed a third party, while 56% ODDLY  believed the Republicans and Democrats were doing an adequate job. (3)> The name " Tea Party" one would assume that they would be about ending high levels of taxation in America . The Original Boston Tea Party was made up of  angry patriots who disguised themselves as "Indians" , and literally threw the Kings tea in the harbor in defiance of the Tea Act of May 10, 1773.On the night of December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships in the Boston harbor and threw 342 chests of tea overboard. This resulted in the passage of the punitive Coercive Acts in 1774 and pushed the two sides closer to war.(4)> Our trouble with the two-party system is that wing policy has a short self life. Right wingers jerk us to the hard right while moderates attempt to maintain steady progress. Many liberals refuse to vote for anything but the perceived lurch to the left. The political center isn't able to maintain the political compromise necessary to positively affect more people.(5)>There are over 100 political parties in the USA but because of financing issues and debate rulings, we only ever get to really hear from 2 of them. This will be difficult to unravel since the 2 parties in control are enjoying the status quo and prefer that we remain strongly divided. Basically, we are screwed (6)> One of the most disappointing things about the new Congress (and there have been many) is how the beltway and the media at large have managed to twist the story around to suit the progressive narrative of the day. We’ve discussed this here before, and it’s truly enough to make me not want to get out of bed in the morning some days. The most glaring example has been the dreaded Threat of a Government Shutdown saga, also known as the Masters of Gridlock. Once the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress – at least in theory – they should have been able to pass bills, including the job of feeding all or any part of the government beast. The only way the money wouldn’t get through would be if the Democrat minority held up votes or if the President vetoed completed items. Either way, the responsible party for “shutting things down” would be clear.

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