Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cruz'n for the White House.

If politics has mirrors, they would certainly say that Ted Cruz has a twin , perhaps Cruz's twin may be a reflection on him .Forty-four percent of the country doesn't know who Cruz is, so it’s too soon to talk about the Cruz . Enter Paul Ryan (1) > Some years ago Senator Paul Ryan was credited for "saving" the GOP  from the brink of Sen. Ted Cruz's great blunder of a government shutdown trying to repeal (4)>  Obamacare . The Polls then reflected how the public disliked the GOP . *** President Obama also took a dive at the pollsters as well in 2013. As one of the (3)>  authors of the government shutdown calamity, Cruz  has taken a seat back since then  . And his colleagues were eager to push him under the rug to show that he doesn't define their party. He has in some places been a Tea Party favorite . Cruz and Ryan look like the so called "bright boys" of the GOP , sadly to say Cruz shares a lot with Ryan as being ineffective . Cruz is going to run from the right. He has spent much of his short career in Washington blasting the "mushy middle" of his party (which might be news to most Democrats), which he dismisses as a "failed electoral strategy."2016 Republican nominee for president. Cruz has been positioning for himself for the  nomination almost since he entered the upper chamber in 2012. His announcement takes place at a bastion of conservatism, Liberty University, the institution founded by evangelical leader Jerry Falwell.This, of course,  whose presence in American politics was partly responsible for laying the foundation in those politics that inevitably led to the absurdity of Ted Cruz as a candidate for president.Over the past several decades, Republicans have cultivated the party’s most reactionary, uncompromising and extremist base of supporters. They have portrayed government as a deeply nefarious and destructive force; they have fetishized ideological rigidity; they have derided and demonized compromise of any sort; they have destroyed the party’s moderate wing and even drove conservatives out of the party for not being conservative enough.Ted Cruz told New Hampshire voters on Sunday. Cruz said deep-pocketed donors should have the same rights to write giant campaign checks as voters have to put signs in their front yards. Both, Cruz said, were an example of political speech, and he added that "money absolutely can be speech." Here is another problem that sure won't go pass to press , and you might say its a big fuss to point out that Sen . Ted Cruz was not born in America . (2)>  Ted Cruz was indeed born outside the United States and that he is a citizen of both Canada and the U.S. It makes things a little awkward for him inside the tea party that spawned the baseless, mean-spirited and totally whacked birther movement that accused Pres. Obama of not being born  in America. If Cruz really sticks to his  strategy of (5)>  extremism, he faces very long odds of making it to the White House. The strategy might help him to garner some primary votes against Jeb Bush in red states, but it is not an approach with a great track record.The most centrist candidate always is nominated, and wins. McCain and Romney were the most centrist, they were nominated. It's a myth that the base runs either party - a myth partisans want to believe, about the other party. Dems hope and think Cruz can be nominated, but there is not a chance.

*** The Gallup poll that tracks the approval rating of Republicans in Congress looks like the bend of a hockey stick. At 28 percent approval, it is the lowest since the organization started measuring and down 10 points from last years. The Wall Street Journal poll has an identical finding: The GOP has never been less popular. By a margin of 22 points, the public blames Republicans over President Obama for the government shutdown, a bigger gap than the last major shutdown in the mid-1990s. Seventy percent say that Republicans are putting their "political agenda" ahead of the good of the country.This coming election will be tough for Republicans. As all the experts have shown, the electoral college math does not favor the GOP. Some experts have predicted that Democrats have over an 80% chance of winning the Electoral College. According to the Washington Post, if one looks at the states where the margin was narrow in the 2012 election, five currently favor Democrats (Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania) while in others, like Colorado, Democrats have a very good chance of winning as a result of demographic trends, namely growing minority populations that favor their party's nominee. Barring any dramatic changes in the coming months, Democrats will also have a very strong and seasoned nominee in Hillary Clinton.(1)>The 2012 vice presidential nominee, Ryan has decided not to run in 2016, but rather he plans to commit his time to his new role as chairman of the influential House Ways and Means Committee. (2)> AS CONFUSING about Obama's birth right Cruz'z is extraordinarily just as daunting The son of an American mother and Cuban-born father, Cruz would be the nation's first Hispanic president. While born in Canada, two lawyers who represented presidents from both parties at the Supreme Court recently wrote in the Harvard Law Review that Cruz meets the constitutional standard to run. Sounds a bit like Obama birth-er theory . It's pretty obvious to anyone other than his misguided supporters that Ted Cruz is incapable of winning a presidential election. Keep in mind that these folks don't question his eligibility despite the indisputable fact that he wasn't born here, but continue to insist that Obama was born in Kenya.Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia , but born again in Hawaii .(3)> His role in the government shutdown in 2013 is still resented by many of his fellow Republicans, especially the comical presumption by which Cruz went behind John Boehner's back—or over his prone and motionless body (opinions vary)—to gin up the fringier denizens of the monkeyhouse. (4)> Congressional staff members, yes the people who helped bring the Obamacare monstrosity on to the American public, sought and were granted waivers and or government subsidies for participating in Obamacare. Some businesses have also been granted waivers from the “employer mandate” which if implemented would have been so costly that many companies would have been seriously damaged if not cease to remain in business. So with all of this said, one would think that conservatives and Republicans would be on solid ground for insisting that Obamacare be defunded. Though many Republicans are wary, conservatives like Cruz have demanded this strategy – and have challenged the conservative bona fides of any who fail to get in line. A month ago, speaker of the House John Boehner was powerless to resist the crazies and finally relented, introducing legislation that tied the federal budget to a defunding of Obamacare.(5)> defining Cruz'z "extremism" is like this He is promising to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and scrap the Education Department. He vows to curtail federal regulators, likening to locusts that deserve to be killed. And his standard campaign-style speech includes a zinger about the Second Amendment."I'm pretty sure, here in New Hampshire, y'all define gun control like we do down in Texas: gun control is when you hit what you aim at," Cruz said Sunday during the first of a two-day visit to New Hampshire.

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