Saturday, March 14, 2015

America & Russia : The media spin on "aggression".

An Abrams main battle tank, for US troops
deployed in the Baltics as part of NATO's Operation
 Atlantic Resolve, leaves Riga port
March 9, 2015. (Reuters/Ints Kalnins)
In the news lately , what ever the Government wants to disperse through the media . Not much has been said .  We have heard about Russian aggression lately . How far can we believe this in the media as propaganda ? Right the West has been "marketing" a new cold war at our children's expense , our American government is beating down on Russia again. So let's look at what's going on now, The latest operations performed under Atlantic Resolve include naval exercises in the Black Sea, as well as joint US-Bulgaria drills that will span the next three and a half months, and US-Polish missile exercises to be held later in March, which will involve an American Patriot missile battery.The increase of (1)>  NATO activity at Russia's western borders has repeatedly drawn worried statements from Moscow. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov sees it as a containment scheme against Russia: "Instead of uniting forces to fight evil, the worst of which is terrorism, Western nations are drawing new divisive lines, trying to realize containment schemes against unwelcome states. Today, Russia has been chosen as the target,” he said on March 5. While we Americans are being told by our media about Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine we were never told that United States was engaged  in direct talks with the *** Ukrainian revolutionary government to set up a (2)>  Navel Base right in Crimea . While it was secretive to us From Libya, to Mali, to Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, and beyond – the West has engaged in direct and indirect geopolitical meddling and manipulation through various forms of force including covert military and intelligence operations to proxy terrorism, and even outright direct military intervention. As the West nears the boundaries of nations capable of defending themselves and a defense is in fact mounted, pundits and politicians have begun framing it as “aggression.” OBVIOUSLY we might be in a dangerous situation with Russia . The Media spin in the west has been   a specious claim, an absurd claim, a ridiculous claim, an unreal claim. Russia and Russians have been involved in certain respects in Ukraine, but by no sensible stretch of the imagination can such involvements be termed aggression. If there were an actual war aggression, it could not be hidden because the scope of a typical war aggression is very large. The photographic evidence for it would be overwhelming. No such evidence has been provided by Russia’s accusers. Even more importantly, it would have to be shown that the attack was an unprovoked offensive
attack, and not a defensive operation. This too has not been proven by Russia’s accusers.It will be immediately apparent to any rational observer that Russian involvement in Ukraine, whatever it is or has been, doesn’t even remotely resemble an attack on Ukraine or the kind of attack in force that defines real war aggression's. Far from being "in coma" the US NATO has expanded from the river Elbe into all former USSR satellite states. Just during Putin's first term in office, in 2004 while the West was professing coexistence and peacful relations with Russia, 7 new states were incorporated into NATO. Not to mention the Serbian, Kosovo war with bombing and NATO troops on the ground. And as early as 1997-1999 before Putin had taken power in Russia.Let's face it! Western goodwill and claims of peaceful coexistence are plain lies. All their acts fly in the face of such propaganda. We must call out the hypocrites, and show their lies to the whole world. This won't bring peace but it will document and identify those Western powers who are responsible for bringing the war to the brink of war.

The idea of the good US versus evil Russia (and anyone else) was so successfully driven into the minds of the US public that almost everyone exhibits it up to today, as Robert Parry pointed out this  in his article “The Crazy US ‘Group Think’ on Russia“.

***In other words, from Belarus, to Georgia, to Ukraine, and Serbia, the US has been insidiously overthrowing governments not through outright military aggression, but through covert military, political, and intelligence operations aimed at manipulating elections and overrunning regimes that refuse to accept the subsequently skewed results. Surely, then, regimes resulting from such a practice are not then “voluntarily” joining NATO – and NATO is surely expanding itself through a campaign of insidious, violent, lawless subversion of sovereign nations, one at a time with Ukraine once again in its sights.Current attempts by the West to portray Russia’s concern over Ukraine and the Nazi menace festering on their doorstep to Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s invasion of Poland aim to stir up anti-Communist, anti-Soviet fears and hysteria long programmed into the psyches of Western audiences Russia has instead chosen restraint despite multiple attempts by the West to bait it into overt military intervention in Ukraine - and in this restraint, has secured a growing global consensus long driven weary by the West’s attempts to dress up its own global aggression and expansionism as “democracy promotion” and “humanitarian interventions.” (1)> “NATO” military installations, which they had dishonestly claimed only existed to counterbalance the Soviet Union.  When Russian leaders pointed out that NATO expansion was in violation of specific US promises not to move NATO “one inch east”, US reps essentially replied that if anyone is stupid enough to expect them to honor their word, that is their problem – a point impossible to contest.(2)> The idea of a  US navel base in the Ukraine/ Crimea as a member of NATO  must be the probably the "cause" of what seems to Russia's retaliation to gain control of that region . I would ponder how would the American government feel if the Russian's established a base near us ? That's what is  behind the push to protect the naval base lies a much more abstract and deep-seated Russian interest: the expansion of Russian influence and policy throughout Eastern Europe, and keeping it out of the hands of the West. Ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been a weak link in Russia's defenses against the West. The last thing Putin needs is for Ukraine to embrace Western influence, and to back out of its lease agreement in Sevastopol.

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