Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Russia House , part 2.

OK, If Putin did not do
it . Is there another
unseemly connection?
I just got done hearing ++ Glenn Beck give some interesting theoretical connections on the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Yes, it looks like a conspiracy from the Russian leadership . However  I don't really want to defend Putin . My main course of writing is to express a point that assassinating Nemtsov politically is a bad move for the Russian Federation . So what did Putin  (if he ordered it ) gain in the process of doing so? He may have kicked the beehive of social unrest in Russia . The angry bees will be buzzing for answers . Nemtsov, who ran a cottage industry publishing reports on the corruption gnawing away at Russia, was reportedly about to release an investigation into Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine. He was also one of the organizers of an “anti-crisis” protest march, planned for March 1, demanding fair elections and “the immediate end to the war and any aggressive actions toward Ukraine.” After Nemtsov’s murder, the demonstration was hastily reformatted into a memorial procession attended by tens of thousands of people. Isolated yellow and blue Ukrainian flags could be seen in the sea of red, blue, and white Russian tricolors that filled downtown Moscow on Sunday afternoon. The real point not much is aid in western media is that The  (1)> US wanted there fleet based in Crimea that is the reason perhaps  for the Russian annexation of Crimea. Though Glenn may have connected some dots , it appears that Nemtsov's pro-western attitudes my have set off a chain reaction .  Despite a long list of Kremlin critics being gunned down, poisoned or otherwise disposed of in the 15 years since Mr Putin took power, the Investigative Committee did not mention the former deputy prime minister’s political activism or his fierce censures of the president as a potential motive for the killing. However, the motives for the murder were never clarified: Investigators chose not to delve into the wilds of the complex relations between politicians and the St. Petersburg mafia. One particularly interesting theory concerns Nemtsov's anti-corruption activities. He might very well have made enemies during his term as an uncompromising politician in the Yaroslavl region. He not only gained a State Duma seat from that region, but was also squeaky clean in his conduct, a fact that rumor suggests led to several prominent figures there losing their jobs. 

The Girlfriend Question.
Now here comes something that EVERYBODY is missing . Nemtsov was a married man who was having a relationship with a much younger women . Nemtsov girlfriend (1)>  Anna Duritskaya, 23, was  of four years into a relationship with a man who has had many ,he was a man of no morals. Fathered 4 children to various women, held no responsibility to any of them. Constantly cavorted with young girls. .Even as world leaders, including Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, condemned the killing of one of President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critics, pro-Kremlin media organisations were hinting darkly that Ms Duritskaya’s ‘role’ needed to be ‘clarified’.One Putin-supporting online newspaper, Life News, reported that she had recently had an abortion and suggested – with no evidence to back up the claim – that the couple might have had a row.It quoted a ‘high-ranking’ state investigator as saying: ‘The girl who accompanied Boris Nemtsov at the moment of his murder is a citizen of Ukraine.According to Russian  media Nemtsov became involved with different women, but he only got married once, to Raisa, 55,  who he met when he was still a student and she was a librarian, she is the mother of his eldest daughter Zhanna Nemtsova, 30, now a journalist For their part, his mistresses and girlfriends adored Nemtsov for his generosity; most of them stayed connected with him even after the breakups. Five years ago, for his 50th jubilee, Nemtsov brought all his beloved women together at a big party, along with his wife and four children. Even his male associates admired the way he managed to stay friends with his exes.You wonder if underneath all that party life that there could have been a jealous boyfriend of sorts . That would shoot Nemtsov in the back ?  shooting some one in the back sounds more like a crime of passion. Interesting that the media is trying to make this guy sound like a hero. He is married, has 4 kids, by 3 or 4 different women, and is openly dating someone new, again. Sounds like there is something fishy to me. Why should we trust someone who lies to his own family? Why hasn’t the wife divorced him yet? Experienced womanizer Nemtsov could not suspect the danger.Six (or seven?) bullets and not even one has scratched Duritskaya.The investigation will decide, if she knew that she leads Boris to his death, or was used for this.One thing is for sure: for an elderly man to walk under the moon, at 0C temperature, over the bridge, in the company of young damsels, is not much of interest. It is unlikely that Nemtsov - an exception. “OK, I'll do it your way now, you will do it my way an hour later!” - this is what guided Boris when he agreed to go to this walk to his death.
++ Hear Glenn Beck (2)>  Recently as last year there was a reported  information was coming to the surface now shows that if Crimea stayed as part of Ukraine, it would have become a huge NATO/US military base. I seriously doubt that the people of the Crimea would have stood for that, but if such a thing did happen, it would have mean Russia would never allow it. From this perspective it’s especially clear why NATO, USA and EU were so shocked that Russia decisively accepted Crimea back.  How would our American governmnet feel if the People's Republic of China built a military base in Baja California ? They already considered it theirs. Nemtsov was a supporter of Ukraine joining NATO . (1)> There are reports that Nemtsov’s model girlfriend may have had a role in his murder. She was recently forced to have anabortion as well and may have been riled up at only being his mistress. Questions have also been asked as to why she was not harmed in the shooting and whether their walk on an isolated bridge just before midnight was coincidental? New images of the model have also been released …On Monday, March 2, Duritskaya refused to undergo interrogation by the "lie detector". She also flatly refused from witness protection program, and  to do it against her will is impossible She stated that she does not plan to go to the funeral of Nemtsov.On Monday night , 2nd of March, Anna Duritskaya flew from Moscow back  to Kiev. 

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