Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Our once great Republican Congress has turned a new leaf in obstructionism and treachery.  I agree with that we must have a "cautionary" dialog with Iran regarding nuclear energy . I reject complete all of Benjamin Natenyahu's preoccupation with apocalyptic fear-mongering on grounds that Israel has already nuclear weapons . I don't take sides with Obama on some facts about any deal with Iran , and my speculation is that Mr. Obama is seeking Iran's help to fight the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq .So out of diplomacy the President must try a solution first that is not in any way militarily.   Yes I want to try out diplomacy first. NOW my  Issue with the Republican Congress of this nation is why this treachery ? . The *** 47 Republican U.S. senators engaged in treachery by sending a letter to the mullahs aimed at cutting the legs out from under America’s commander-in-chief. Yes, they sunk at a all time low , but we  must strenuously condemn their betrayal of the U.S. constitutional system. They are an embarrassment to the Senate and to the nation. This pattern of cowardice is deplorable domestically. Seeing the same pattern in international affairs is dangerous. I would ask this if we could IMPEACH the 47 Republican U.S. Senators ? We should , and it's not out fondness of Mr. Obama . We all can guess that out of his weakness as a American President HE IS TRYING to deal with Iran  , but as Americans we can't afford a Congress like this . With Republicans needing significant Democratic support to achieve their goal of derailing the talks — or at least altering the emerging deal . Meanwhile some Democrats warned that Republicans risked alienating some of the dozen or so Democrats who have pledged support for two GOP measures that could blow up the fragile talks. As CRAZY as what GOP Congress did Vice Pres. Joe Biden made a statement that gives you exactly how far off they were .  So Joe Biden articulated :  “In 36 years in the United States Senate,” Biden said, “I cannot recall another instance in which senators wrote directly to advise another country — much less a longtime foreign adversary — that the president does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them.” The critics offer a plausible reason for being so upset: The letter was a near-unprecedented attempt by one party to meddle in the foreign diplomatic affairs of the United States, as presented by the president.Given the Republicans’ pure hatred of Obama, it also seemed extra personal, yet another politically motivated attempt to stop him from doing anything that might be perceived as a victory for his administration. The Iranian side also had a comment  to the "letter" , they saw right through it . “In our view, this letter has no legal value and is mostly a propaganda ploy,” Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, said in a statement. “It is very interesting that while negotiations are still in progress and while no agreement has been reached, some political pressure groups are so afraid even of the prospect of an agreement that they resort to unconventional methods, unprecedented in diplomatic history.”

***These Senators really committed a serious crime , and who is going to haul them in ? They violated:The Logan Act of 1799, so at the very least, these 47 Senators are guilty of sedition. "The Logan ­Act (18 U.S.C.A.­ § 953 [1948])­ is a single­ federal­ statute­ making­ it a crime ­for ­a citizen­ to confer­ with ­foreign ­governme­nts against­ the interest­s of the United­ States.­ Specific­ally, it prohibit­s citizens­ from ­negotiat­ing with ­other ­nations­ on behalf­ of the United­ States­ without­ authoriz­ation."

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