Thursday, March 19, 2015

Netanyahu's victory. After thoughts.

Netanyahu's victory was coming . I told a friend recently that he was going to win again regardless of any  kind of opposition & voting in the State of Israel. There are many factors on this . I would first like to elaborate that   Netanyahu,  Israel’s prime minister was elected four times . He has dominated American politics and Israeli politics for over 20 years . ^^ You might say that he has been called a "dictator" by many of his opponents in the Israeli state . One of them many years ago named Tzipi Livni, the leader of the opposition, accused Mr Netanyahu of an "attempt to transform Israeli into a type of dictatorship," while her Kadima party claimed that the legislation represented the "gravest" challenge to democracy since the establishment of the state in 1948. So for me there no SURPRISE that he won out a forth term . Now there was the accusation the President Obama was funneling money to the opposition leader . Mr Obama may have pulled as many strings as he could to defeat Netanyahu,. ***He had dispatched Jeremy Bird, the architect of the grass-roots and online organizing efforts behind both of Obama’s presidential campaign, to Israel to work the same magic there with a group called Victory 15. Victory 15 was in turn a close ally of the One Voice Movement — a U.S. tax-exempt organization with a subsidiary in Israel that actively worked against Netanyahu. One Voice apparently used $350,000 in State Department grants to to fund its anti-Netanyahu efforts in direct contravention with U.S. law.  () >However there was also money from the GOP that was going to the Pr0- Netanyahu camp . How much of it may not have been counted as of yet . There was also a "RELIGIOUS" zeal for American money to line Bibi's coffers . (1)>  Since for the most sincere ultra right Christian's Netanyahu would represent the fulfillment of some biblical prophesy .On his radio program . Glenn Beck declared that the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party in yesterday's Israeli election proves that "the Lord does exist."Repeating the bogus right-wing claim that the Obama administration had used tax dollars to fund an anti-Netanyahu election campaign, Beck declared that "our administration is completely out of control and criminal," but that God carried Likud to victory despite the president's dirty tricks."The Lord does exist and he is sitting on his throne," Beck declared, saying that there was no way that Netanyahu should have won the election (IT was the American dollar Beck and the fact that he did is proof that "God exists.""God exists for us as well," he continued. "No matter what they have, no matter how dirty they play it, if we do what we're supposed to do, the scales will be even. God will have his thumb on the scale":American Evangelical pastor John Hagee - who heads the largest pro-Israel lobby group in the United States - half jokingly compared Benjamin Netanyahu to the Messiah once . 
Bibi's  One Party State.
Privately, the White House is expressing deep disappointment with the result of Tuesday’s elections, which they believe reinforces some of the greatest points of tension inflaming the relationship between Washington and Jerusalem. Netanyahu’s comments on the eve of the polls, apparently backing away from his support of a Palestinian state, particularly irked the president’s teamMr Netanyahu tried to regain right-wing support by repudiating his acceptance, in a speech in 2009,Palestinian statehood. This leaves a big question: is the real Bibi a man of negotiation, or of occupation?However, without a Palestinian state, Israel will either endanger its Jewish majority or lose its moral standing by subjugating and disenfranchising the Palestinian population. Israel will lose support abroad even when it legitimately defends itself. Now, with Netanyahu's return to power, that relationship doesn't look like it will be improving anytime soon.Publicly, the White House says the U.S.-Israeli relationship is too strong to be affected by one election. But it's clear that many administration officials would have preferred a different result. The Obama administration's frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu is turning into outright hostility after the Israeli prime minister's commanding victory this week.A senior administration official said that Netanyahu's sharp tacks to the right before  (1)> Tuesday's vote -- in which he ruled out the creation of a Palestinian state, a pillar of U.S. policy in the Middle East -- "raise very significant substantive concerns" for the White House, and that "we have to reassess our options going forward." A few years ago a  coalition of Israeli peace organizations published a list of 50 reasons for Israel to support a Palestinian state. Assuming that you only accept five of them, isn't that enough? What exactly is the alternative, now that the heavens are closing in around Israel as the center of a biblical tradition ? Can anyone, can Netanyahu, seriously contend that the regional hostility toward Israel be changed ?

^^  Netanyahu would be a shoo-in without an election. So there had to be an election anyway . Though Israel is not a DICTATORSHIP in any way or form, but it has the characteristics of one  , since one ruling party has been in power for so long , and Bibi's dominance .Mr Netanyahu is now Israel’s longest-serving leader since David Ben-Gurion. That is a remarkable feat for a man whose father once doubted his suitability for the job. Mr Netanyahu’s longevity is due to many factors, not least luck, cunning, a silver tongue and the loyalty of the Likud party. To date, Netanyahu is the FIRST and ONLY Prime Minister BORN IN ISRAEL after their establishment in 1948 to rule over them Netanyahu has been and still is being called Israel's King and He was in authority on their 50th independence day! (1)> NETANYAHU was recently looked upon by some right wing media nuts as some kind of Prophecy fulfillment . Netanyahu’s own interest in the Scriptures has been growing significantly in recent years,At a speech at the Auschwitz death camp in 2009, for example, Netanyahu declared that the prophecies of Ezekiel 37 — the dry bones of the Jewish people coming back together miraculously to form the State of Israel — had come to pass in his lifetime.Netanyahu also alluded in the speech to the Biblical prophecies of a Persian king named “Cyrus” would rise up one day and set the Jewish people free from captivity.*** Expect a congressional investigation of the “dark money” the U.S. government may have indirectly spent in Israel. Reps. Mike Bost and Randy Hultgren, two GOP House members from Illinois, have joined 18 of their colleagues in sending a letter calling on Bird and other Obama operatives to give a full accounting of their activities: “As Members of Congress, we are greatly concerned to hear allegations of our own State Department spending American tax dollars that were then used to influence foreign elections. Netanyahu has accused left-wing forces in Israel and abroad of orchestrating an “Anyone but Bibi”campaign, aimed at removing him from power after six years as prime minister.()> Army Radio reported that the Likud employed Vincent Harris, who worked for Republican senators Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. The report said the Likud complained about US President Barack Obama’s former field director, Jeremy Bird, advising groups working to unseat Netanyahu, even though they were using the same tactic sending money . (1)> Thirty-two years ago, Israel signed a peace agreement with Egypt in which it undertook "to recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people" and to establish an autonomous authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip within five years. Nothing happened.Israel and the U.S. have been fighting against a Palestinian State for decades. Israel wants the formation of 'Greater Israel' based on the boarders of the "biblical Solomonic " empire under a "restored" Davidic ruler , who SURPRISINGLY not to the wishes of the Christian world is not Jesus Christ according to Zionism. At the time of Balfour Declaration (1917), there were 65,000 Jews living in Palestine, as compared to 700,000 Arab Muslims and Christians. This was confirmed by the mid-wife of Balfour Declaration, British Zionist foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour by saying: “Zionism is of far profounder import that the desires of 700,000 Arabs who inhabit the land.”

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