Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bibi's got a gun . What to make of Netanyahu's speech.

Netanyahu's embarrassing warmongering
speech to Congress has me
spinning in my chair !
To speak words here. The power of the Israeli government over America is a bit shocking , if not out of disrespect of Israeli Prime  Minister who came basically to scold the American congress is pathetic enough. But as soon as Netanyahu accepted Boehner’s invitation to speak, acknowledging quite openly his goal to persuade a veto-proof majority of lawmakers to vote in favor of the sanctions bill and thereby disrupt negotiations, . (1)> Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two goals for his address to Congress. The first was to boost his chances for reelection in a couple of weeks by showing off his sway abroad. I have to blame President Obama for this one. His refusal to meet with  Benjamin Netanyahu in the fist place created this embarrassing  speech . Now I have make plain that I understand the "fears" that the Israeli Prime Minister is trying to convey , sure he does not want a nuclear (2)>  Iran . Knowing Bibi's past speeches which he drew a red line to push for war , if not getting us to war with Syria . Tuesday’s speech to a joint session of Congress seemed to have zero impact on the ongoing negotiations surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and may have even undermined the leader’s efforts to scuttle a diplomatic solution to the crisis.  Preesident Obama was vary irritated by  Netanyahu , this  was a bit lackluster to an extant that  Obama and Kerry made the  move not listening to this guy.  While Bibi  is trying jeopardizing peace with his hawkish speeches. What is sad is how he has the Republicans and right wing democrats wrapped around his finger. Makes you wonder where congresses loyalties lie... with the American people who don't want war or with an Israeli war monger who wants to press the US into another war with the middle east. Israel has a lot of friends in Congress. Have you heard? There are many, many Democrats willing to do exactly what Israel wants at any time. Perhaps the only way that Israel can screw this up is to launch a direct, overt assault on the head of the Democratic party. Israel’s hold on Congress is not so strong that Democratic members will choose Israel over their own president.The real story is far more worrisome.  Netanyahu is here to push the U.S. toward another Middle East war in which the U.S. would be the proxy for what Netanyahu (mistakenly) thinks is Israeli interests. And Americans are going to have to stand up and say “NO” both to Netanyahu and to the militarists in both parties who are all too happy to generate another war, this time against Iran. In the same  speech on Congress, which escalated the Israeli leader's campaign against Obama's diplomacy with Iran, Netanyahu said on that there was a need to "stand together to stop Iran's march of conquest, subjugation and terror". In reality, Netanyahu spoke of exacting tougher conditions on Iran to reach a better deal, all of which White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice said were unachievable. Hence, for all practical matters, the Israeli prime minister has left the US Congress and the world with one option only: (3)>  war If Netanyahu succeeds, it will be a disaster for all Americans, and an even greater disaster for American Jews.

(1)> Netanyahu’s strategy is to frighten the American public with images of a nuclear armed Iran that will, in his estimation, use those arms against Israel. Using Hitler and the Holocaust as his rhetorical foundation, he insists that allowing Iran to develop its nuclear capacities for peaceful purposes will only be a cover for them developing nuclear capacity for armaments that could be quickly assembled. To stop that, he urges the U.S. to escalate sanctions against Iran rather than enter the deal that Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have been trying to negotiate that would allow the Iranians to develop nuclear energy to replace quickly depleting and earth-polluting energy supplies for their rapidly growing Iranian population.(2)> The "real" history of the US and Iranian conflict that not being told as follows --There are many in Iran who don’t trust the U.S.—and they have good reason. The U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government in 1953, then installed the Shah and his brutally repressive regime, and stuck with it even when millions of Iranians were demonstrating against it.
(3)> Bibi's   speech today that will go down as a blusterous display of hubris and warmongering. Even establishment journalist Christiane Amanpour described it as “Strangelovian,” in a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie,Dr. Strange Love,He was a key supporter of the Iraq War, testifying in front of Congress in 2002 that “there is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and working and advancing towards a development of nuclear weapons.” Netanyahu also promised that “If you take out Saddam…I guarantee that it will have positive reverberations on the region.” His speech was filled with similar such sops to the simple-minded. Of course, the US Congress is infamously corrupt and some of its members are infamously craven and stupid. No Israeli voter should mistake the rapturous response of the US Congress for widespread approval for this chancer among Americans, who despise their national legislature with a passion.

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