Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The "Deal" with Iran . My Overview.....

The recent "deal" with Iran over it's nuclear development is already setting off a change reaction , but I think the easing of tensions is long over -due . Iran  and the United States could be a better allies . I personally believe that "cold war" fanaticism in America is the sole problem as to why Iran has been pushed around for the last decades . For me the most dangerous nation (s) with nuclear weapons is Pakistan  and North Korea , India . The sanctions against Iran have been rather unjustified by the United States . First while America has been hammering Iran ,  our nation has let the "genii" out of the bottle many times over , and the hypocritical seriousness of America has destabilized many parts of the world , the fine example of Pakistan which has over a hundred nuclear weapons , a nation that harbors terrorists , Bin Ladin . Not once did any President of the United States "condemn" the development of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal . America stood Idle when India exploded its first nuclear weapon underground . It's rather disgusts me that politically American policy has been "wasted" on Iran . America should thank "Israel" for decades of misunderstanding Iran , while ignoring other more dangerous world nations.  Thankfully Barack Obama has ignored Netanyahu and/or treated him with contempt.  Otherwise, the latest deal would not be possible. Netanyahu is the wrong leader for Israel at this critical time in its history.  He is a reckless and unbridled warmonger, who should be removed from political office. In the face of criticism from members of Congress and U.S. allies in the Middle East, administration officials have insisted that the Geneva agreement is just the first step toward a more far-reaching disarmament deal. But such a deal will require that the Obama administration promise not just to forestall the imposition of new sanctions, but also to reduce dramatically the sanctions already in place. And that depends on the cooperation of a Congress that has been singularly uninterested in assuming the role of good cop in the showdown with Iran. It's really embarrassing how the U.S. Congress kowtows to the Israelis. Any official from Israel speaks before them and they scream, cheer and swoon like girls at a teenage idol concert. So what will the U.S. Congress do? Whatever their masters in Israel tell them to doBipartisan skepticism in the Senate about the newly announced deal with Iran could mean a renewed push for tougher sanctions -- and a veto showdown with President Obama if the administration cannot ease senators' concerns. A number of senators, from both sides of aisle, appear to be pushing sanctions as a contingency plan in case the agreement on Iran's nuclear program falters. But some may not be willing to wait -- presenting a problem for the Obama administration, since the deal signed with Iran and five other nations guarantees no new sanctions for six months. If the Senate gets impatient and plows ahead with new legislation, Obama could be forced to veto -- and risk being overridden.

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