Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama . " We Fumbled..........."

I am starting to feel sorry for Mr. Obama.
Can he do anything right?
President Obama has had his worst week in years , he finally admitted and took the blame and said "We fumbled.........." .Fumbled? That's like saying the Hindenburg suffered a little static electricity.  So finally he relented .What?! He didn't blame Bush? He didn't blame the GOP? He didn't blame anybody else?He actually took responsibility?! The Republican party and the ultra right must be "spinning donuts" , and having a ball with this. I have to say in this post is I saw it coming . The shaky start is all the result of poorly drafted non -partisan approach ,  Obama-care was not going to just have a smooth start . I wrote about what President Obama did wrong in a last posting , he failed to address the nation in his  first term , on how it was going work. Another factor which I am speculating is that Pres. Obama did not know a word from the ACA law when he signed it , was caught off guard when the snow ball started rolling. You have to say is wake up dude!, but this just equals inadequate leadership skills. He should have been on top of this from beginning to the very roll out . Also  what I find here so disturbing is that the President of the United States is telling the insurance companies what to do , our commander -  in - chief  has now been reduced to a big insurance broker who is over riding a law he to helped pass . The accusation that the Administration knew that millions of people were going to be dropped from their HMO's is vary nasty , it made Obama look as if he  spoke a lie ( or as the other media ) say "he miss spoke" and so on . Either case President Obama can't escape this one . Worries surrounding the politics and the policy are colliding. The president’s most immediate threat could come from a rebellion inside his own party, fueled by his own sinking approval ratings and a growing sense of dread among Democrats about being blamed for failures of the federal government.. “I feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values that I think led them to support this thing in the first place,” the president said in another of his apologetic statements. Meanwhile Some insurers called Obama’s fix unworkable. “Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums,” said Karen Ignagni, who heads the trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans. Well, Mr. President, the sole authority on standards in healthcare (Which he picked up where, exactly?) Why is it that this little patch only works for one year? Why not extend it indefinitely? I don't get it.. You just went from saying "If you like you can keep it" to "If you like it, you can keep for a year." 

I have to cut President Obama some SLACK here , I know that he was 'trying to fix the American Health Care System " . I applaud his effort to allow people with "pre -existing conditions" to get covered . I believe that it would have been solved with better legislation from a federal level , but there are  issues with the law that I find hilarious , first  I don't find the ACA "affordable" to consumers  since it's the vary same insurance companies who are offering what looks like a good deal for coverage , if you think about it the Insurance companies have lobbied Washington D.C. and  their in  "league" in effect with the "devil" to quote a saying . Prices are not going down . I don't like that you will be forced to 'buy' health insurance with no guarantee with price affordability . Forcing people people to buy is a must for the Insurance companies , it equals more revenue for them . What a rip folks............. 

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