Wednesday, November 27, 2013


What I am *** THANKFUL FOR and WHAT I AM NOT THANKFUL FOR. I want to write this post in my blog stepping aside political social events .   There is much to be thankful for about life in America, especially when compared to those beyond our borders whose daily lives are marked by war, hunger and disease. Despite our kvetching, grumbling and complaining, most Americans have it pretty good compared to less fortunate s the world over. Perhaps if we look at the Stock Market lately ? It's close to 16,000 DOW. The "Rich" get "Richer" as the saying goes . The Poor are even more miserable these days . I am not thankful for...........This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for our nation and even our nation's leaders, but I am not thankful for how they have been behaving themselves. Like most Americans, I believe that Congress is behaving irresponsibly. The inviolable partisanship and lust for power that glues Washington together is a laughable affront to our reputation as the world's lone superpower, and it is – above all – representative of a moral crisis in leadership that it has brought. There is virtually nothing that the Left isn't willing to politicize, and that includes holidays. Obama's Organizing for America is trying to make ObamaCare a part of your Thanksgiving celebration. They are encouraging Americans to discuss ObamaCare talking points around the dinner table.First, we have the Department of Education which spent $20.3 million to fight “isms.” That's right, over the last three years we've spent over $20 million to help school boards fight “all of the –isms, like racism, ableism, orientation, etc.,” in our schools. Then we have the TSA which spent $900 million – almost a $1 billion! – over the last five years on behavior detection officers. Their job is to detect terrorists in airports. Five years and $900 million later, they've detected zero terrorists. Zero. In light of this fact, the Government Accountability Office recommends that Congress put an end to this program. The technique of behavioral profiling isn't bad, but the private sector could do it a lot more effectively and less costly The government isn't good at a lot of things, but it has perfected the art of spending a lot of money on projects that don't necessarily gain us any return on investment. The following NOT to be thanked , but are part of a GROWING trend in America.

Police shootings of unarmed citizens.
No longer is it unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later. This trend originates from a police preoccupation with ensuring their own safety at all costs
SWAT team raids. On an average day in America, at least 100 Americans have their homes raided by SWAT teams (although I've seen estimates as high as 300 a day), which are increasingly used to deal with routine police matters: angry dogs, domestic disputes, search warrants, etc.
Arresting Americans for altogether legal activities such as picking their kids up from school, holding Bible studies at home, and selling goat cheese.
Jailing Americans for profit. At one time, the American penal system operated under the idea that dangerous criminals needed to be put under lock and key in order to protect society. Today, as states attempt to save money by outsourcing prisons to private corporations, imprisoning Americans in private prisons run by mega-corporations has turned into a cash cow for big business
Transforming the schools into quasi-prisons and teaching young people that they have no rights. Zero-tolerance policies that criminalize childish behavior continue to destroy the lives of young people such as the 14-year-old arrested for texting in class or the 6-year-olds suspended for using their fingers as imaginary guns in a schoolyard game of cops and robbers.
Illegal, invasive spying on Americans. There is no form of digital communication that the government cannot and does not monitor -- phone calls, emails, text messages, tweets, Facebook posts, Internet video chats, etc.,

***For many the holiday will present us with yet another opportunity to dust off a "family tradition" that I'm sure has been handed down through the years. I love family traditions, if they are good. Some  family has one little tradition for Thanksgiving and probably a popular one; they  go around the table and each person talks about what they are really thankful for., but it keeps things interesting!It’s for giving thanks. And we do need to be thankful for all the things we have.
So my list.
WE should be "Thankful For." Family .
2nd. Friends.
3rd. Your Spouse .
4th. Your New Born.
5th. Your Job.

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