Saturday, April 6, 2013

Obama wants to cut ....... $?

It's time to cut folks.............
Four years ago or so. The President should have addressed the sprawling deficit . That's what I have said before . For four years now  we had no budget from the Federal Government . We had instead massive spending,  on top of the "billions" spent by George D Bush II  which by now amounted to "trillions" of dollars because of  the "war on terrorism" . Our nation just blew money. Yes, Mr. Obama had plenty of time to reduce the deficit . Except he chose to spend nearly a trillion on stimulus plans that bailed out Wall Street .For months now, Washington moderates have accused the president of failing to LEAD, even as he offers compromise upon compromise to Republicans who steadfastly say they that more revenue increases are off the table (while Democrats say entitlement reform is off the table without significantly more revenue). Now hell is about to break loose again.  Anew budget  that the  New York Times calls it "a significant shift in fiscal strategy." The Washington Post calls it a "stark shift in strategy." National Journal calls it "a gutsy change in strategy."As part of his new budget, President Obama will propose cutting Social Security and other government benefits by lowering the cost-of-living adjustment, putting a key GOP negotiating demand into a formal White House proposal for the first time. I was fuming when I read this . Again its' the government putting the burden on the seniors . I know that we need some kind of "reform" with entitlements , pensions . As you know how the mind operates from the Washington CEO's . Its' always about cutting from the less fortunate .  Did any one mention healthcare cuts ? Yes . President Obama is purposing 400 billion in cuts on healthcare programs over ten years  which include payments to drug companies . I read this today from the WSJ . Sure enough I said would some one please hand me a copy of the 'Affordable Health Care law' ?  The President still insists on raising about 880 billion dollars in Taxes . I think that the President's budget plan is extremely confusing .  This  shows why we are all so screwed up financially.  At a time when we are reaching record levels of trillion dollar deficits , our  ***President is proposing LOWERING the RATE OF GROWTH of some programs, and some people view this as a CUT.  And what's worse some Democrats are crying foul because they don't even want this.  All this while we are sinking financially and laying off people that man control towers and others. Can someone explain to me how Social Security & Medicaid can be considered "entitlement programs?" These are programs that Citizens pay in to with deductions from their pay checks; therefore, they are " entitlement  programs" only in-as-much-as we are "entitled" to get what we paid for ?. President Obama, proposed  these cuts? Those are the same  cuts Romney would have proposed. We voted for  Obama to prevent those cuts. Is Obama really  showing signs of a weak, conciliatory President.  People voted for him based on his "conviction" to protect Social Security, and some idealized notion that he was for the underdog, he has betrayed own constituency, and will leave office like a little mouse from the back door of the White House. 
 ***Here's what we know about the new plan. It calls for health care cuts over the next decade, particularly by reducing payments to hospitals and other"providers." (Check.) It calls for changing the way we measure inflation, which would raise taxes and cut Social Security benefits slowly for some recipients. (Check.) It calls for replacing the sequester. (Check.) And it calls for immediate additional spending, focused on infrastructure and education aid (Check.).

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