Saturday, April 27, 2013

Immigration reform hoax.

Congress is working hard on immigration

Trust me . They'll never get off their butts with this. Shame on Rubio's attempt at immigration reform , and shame too on Pres . Obama . They have been talking reform for nearly 20 years , and they "act' like they are doing something , but honestly they don't care . It comes down to free cheap labor that illegals give this country . Congress is having a tough time passing immigration reform. The sparring between President Obama and Congressional factions about immigration reform covers up a basic fact. Not one of the plans being floated would create a better life for undocumented workers; each would instead increase the everyday terror these immigrants face. ( See this Link:  Don’t be fooled by peddlers of ‘Immigration Reform’ Scams” ) This is true for a simple reason: top-down immigration reform isn’t designed to help immigrants — it’s designed to help business. It has been reported that by late 2013 the  **Hispanic population in  ##California will be greater than that of the white population; much of this due to the Liberal/Progressive agenda of the politicians of that state and of their staunch supporters in the District of Criminals. Individual cities, such as Chicago and Seattle (with the aid of the likes of Lornet Turnbull) welcome all comers to their “sanctuary cites” with open arms – all to the detriment of the American unemployed – and at the expense to the American taxpayer. Obama’s blueprint, put forward in detail in 2011, reads like sci-fi. At the border, it would increase the fences, drones, agents, cameras, and radar already multiplied by Obama. It would make mandatory the E-Verify program that employers use to check job applicants’ status, which could easily lead to requiring ID cards for everyone. And the plan would introduce a biometric identifier like fingerprinting or a retina scan into hiring. The misnamed “path to citizenship” is the carrot to attract popular support for Obama’s wretched plan. But don’t be fooled! The path is strewn with daunting obstacles: “rigorous security check,” a series of fines, competency in English, payment of back taxes"Last Friday, the so-called 'comprehensive immigration reform' effort received a boost when U.S. Chamber of Commerce head Tom Donohue and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka reportedly came to an agreement regarding a guest-worker program. ... The deal creates a new 'W' visa category aimed at low-skill workers. It would allow immigrants to earn the same wages paid to Americans, or an industry's prevailing wages, whichever is higher. Since such wages can vary from city to city, the Labor Department would determine the prevailing wage. The proposal also includes the additional promises of border security, a crackdown on employers who hire illegals, and a 13-year pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country. It's the oh-so-familiar promises that ought to infuriate Americans well aware that the exact same promises about border control and a crackdown on businesses were made when the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed into law." --columnist Arnold Ahlert

** Bringing a pregnant woman to this land, just for the purpose of allowing her to give birth, in order to create an anchor, so that mother, child and an extended familial group can also put down roots – is criminal, and the practice should be stopped – immediately. This "practice" has led to illegitimate children that flood into the public school system at tax payer expense which has led to : 
## Another problem with Latino Immigrants in California is The suit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and others, focuses on an estimated 20,000 students who are receiving no help or inadequate services as they work to learn English and keep up academically at the same time.  EL students across 251 school districts —more than a quarter of California school districts that have EL students enrolled —have not been receiving any services to help them learn English.  The lack of instruction violates legal mandates and is in spite of studies showing that EL students denied those services are more likely to fail or drop out of school. 

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