Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mrs. Clinton and 2016.

Mrs. Clinton looks vary stern as Joe Biden looks on.
Well there "rumors" flying that Mrs. Hillary Clinton might make it a goal to run for the White House . For a while Mrs. Clinton has said    she’s undecided on running for president. We all know just by guess work that the Democratic Party is in fact in trouble as much as the Republican Party . The general pool of choice for each part is a dry well by political standards . The next election is 42 months away and already Clinton can’t do anything outside the framework of her potential candidacy. Just two weeks ago Clinton backed gay marriage in a video released by the Human Rights Council, after opposing it through her 2008 campaign. The result has been a spate of “will she or won’t she” stories in the national press, as supporters stand ready at the sidelines, potential rivals look on in wonder, and aides repeatedly assert she hasn’t made up her mind. I speculate that the Democrats are trying 42 months before 2016 to get the steam rolling . They need a poster child it might appeal to the voters in a way that pushed Barak Obama into the spotlight.Hillary Rodham Clinton stayed on safe political ground Tuesday, advocating women’s rights globally in a 12-minute speech, but that was enough to excite fans imploring the former first lady, senator and secretary of state to run again for president three years from now.
What's the Bizarreness  of the polls now is that If Clinton doesn't run 49% of Democrats say they would support Biden to 11% for Warren, 10% for Cuomo, and 7% for Kirsten Gillibrand with no one else above 3%. And if neither Clinton nor Biden runs Democrats have no clue who they want- 22% go for Cuomo and 18% for Warren but the big winner is someone else or undecided at 36%. That alone shows that Mrs. Clinton is only popular by chance .On the Republican side of the ledger, Marco Rubio leads the pack with 21% support, followed closely by Rand Paul (second) and Chris Christie (third) at 17% and 15%, respectively. But most interestingly, Paul’s political star seems to be rising. The next big item is . Is AMERICA READY FOR A WOMAN President? President Obama’s second term, rumors are already swirling about First Lady Michelle Obama’s plans after the White House. After a series of high-profile appearances, some are even speculating about a Hillary Clinton–Michelle Obama ticket in 2016. Already we have read upon some stupid speculation "tickets" that obviously are going to end up DOA before 2016 . If a ticket like that gets elected, it will mean the end of the United States. A match made in hell.
 The President is worried the tome will rip the lid off the ugly secrets in his presidency and in his marriage to Michelle.Reports last month claimed Hillary is penning a $20 million tell-all book that will rip the lid off the First Family’s dirty secrets — as payback for the insults and humiliations they heaped on her and her dying hubby Bill“The President and First Lady cruelly backstabbed the Clintons even as they loyally battled to keep the Obamas in the White House,” a source said.“So Hillary is going to get revenge.”

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