Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jodi Arias & Audrie Pott.

Jodi Arias  incriminated herself .
I had to ponder should I write a piece about two story Items. The first one has been some what a case that has been on TV for a long time , and  lucky  for us is one buried under other national news . Otherwise we would have it flaunted on a daily bases before our eyes. Case in point : Beautiful young woman could face the death penalty . Enter  Jodi Arias . My observation of the trial is , that she  has no good alibi . Trying prove domestic abuse , can't justify the slaughter  in Travis Alexander's June 2008 killing at his suburban Phoenix home. It was like a virtual who done it . Travis body riddle with bullets and nearly decapitated bleeding body in the shower . Gruesome  as it is . Why this beautiful young women would do something so macabre is unexplained . Psychologists ,Dr. Janeen DeMarte, the first expert witness called by the state during the rebuttal phase of the trial. DeMarte testified she diagnosed Arias with borderline personality disorder. She also testified she found no evidence to believe Arias’ claims about her memory problems or that she was a victim of domestic violence and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. "There wasn't symptoms that were consistent with that diagnosis," she said of the PTSD. As trials goes , the worse thing an accused person can do is to say too much  by the fact that this chick has a twitter account and is allowed to put out DIRECT pointed messages out about say Nancy Grace or Juan Martinez . She thought she was smarter then this career prosecutor until Thursday when he was able to get her to come face to face with the pictures of Travis's body and how she brutally killed this man because he wouldn't love and marry her.   She has tried to wiggle out of this murder for so long. She drummed up her defense after 2 yrs I believe in jail. She is in denial of her own sociopathic behavior and it looks like she blames everyone in her life...from her family to all the boyfriends and then finally to Travis. She was a stalker, slashed tires, snooped in Travis' windows, Facebook,contacted one of his girlfriends..on and on and still Travis loaned her money, planned trips with her and wanted to remain friends with benefits.  All Jodi had to do was never speak  to him again but she chooses murder instead.  I believe she went to Mesa with murder on her mind and the gun.  She has always thought no jury would convict her because she's pretty. She's pretty alright ...Pretty Sick.  
Her parents should have known.
Second piece I was trying to ponder was the story about Audrie Pott who committed suicide . I would send my sympathies here . It is VARY sad that  there was PLENTY of time to save this girl . Yet it seems to me that the blame has to go everywhere including our society in general . I first have to blame Audrie Pott her self . Yes , why do blame the victim ?The parents have not accepted any blame for allowing the child to be away drinking and then something horrible happened because of it. The parents need to point that finger at themselves for not keeping a tighter leash apparently  the drinking away from home by a minor seems to be the catalyst for everything else that went wrong. Nobody here condemning the parents of the girl, interesting. I can't understand from all the general reports Audrie Pott got drunk at a party and passed out. What happened next, according to her family, was that she was sexually assaulted by multiple young men, who took photos and circulated them in their high school of more than 1,000 students. Not long afterward, Audrie, devastated and hopeless, committed suicide. Read the story , but some facts are wrong as reported . The " men" who raped here were actually High School are 'boys' whom under the legal system are  underage note here :  The family of a California girl want “serious consequences” for the three 16-year-old boys charged in her sexual assault and held responsible for driving the teen to her death. Yes in the State of California at age 16 you are still a teenager not legally an adult . So far the parents want to file litigation against the school district for bullying . It boggles my mind . I am going tell you my opinion on this . The 16 year old boys should face the penalty for rape . There is NO excuse for what they did . Suing the 16 year old boys for wrong-full death seems to me a bit ridiculous because  they did not kill her , but you know we live in a society that swims in litigation . The Pott family may not get a dime from either the school district or the young boys who perpetrated this act . Now on the part of bullying it seems to me that Audrie failed to report it to school authorities.  The school released a written statement answering questions about the case and denying that Audrie reported being bullied."Since her death, we have thoroughly examined our counseling records and interviewed our staff to see if there were any warning signs or indications that Audrie was being bullied or harassed at school," the school district said. "That internal investigation showed that she never reported or sought counseling for bullying before or after the alleged sexual assault. If she had, our staff would have reported it and taken preventative steps to stop it."
##There is a another question I'll end the subject . At the Party that Audrie attended where the alleged raped occurred  . Why did not any one , and including Audrie call the Police? How long was she passed out ? 

## Could the bystander effect be partially to blame for the lack of anyone intervening in the rape and sexual assault of Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott while it occurred?
The bystander effect is a psychological phenomenon whereas the more people that are present when a person is in distress, the less likely anyone intervenes to help that person. Both cases involved a young girl being sexually assaulted and raped while at a house party with other teenagers.
Add alcohol to the mix — and the emotionally-based (often poor) judgment associated with the teenage years — and yes, it appears to be the perfect recipe for disaster. And listen up if you’re a teen — do not let this happen again. If you see something that you know is wrong — stop it. Get others to help you stop it. Call the police if you need to. Do not be a victim of the bystander effect — take charge, take action, and let’s prevent these horrible incidents from ever occurring again in the future.

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