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Mr. President I "presume".................

Mr. President I "presume".
the aftermath & Predications 

Way back in this blog I wrote several "predictions" . I did post a few for Trump knowing { a hunch of a speculation } that he was going to get the GOP nomination . It seemed a little too easy that he won this election . I wrote over and over again that there was something "suspicious" how the elites of the Republican party {Media as well} acted as if Trump was their enemy , but slowly  all the right wing , GOP mongrels caved and endorsed Trump as their candidate . I believe the American citizens were suckers in this election . The Republicans wanted Trump all a long. The whole possesses of choosing the GOP candidate was staged & well scripted . This whole election was "phony"   even on the side of the Democrats { Look at Barnie Sanders } seemed staged with only 3 candidates. Compare the GOP starting with 17 !    Back in 2014 I wrote and posted on this blog a article called 

(1)>>Madam President I presume .................. It was set in the future in the year 2017 . So here is what I wrote :

It's January 2017 A.D. You turn on TV and see the "Inauguration" of Hillary R Clinton , beside her stands an already beleaguered looking former President Barrack Obama , and a vary sickly looking William Jefferson Clinton . The Election was so close that Mrs. Clinton's opponent Jeb Bush cried afoul , like Al Gore years before a "recount" of the nation election had accord . This was no easy day for America with rioting across the nation , more news overseas of terrorism,war .  The national debt hit 20 trillion dollars . It was snowing in Washington D.C. after a cold arctic blast swept half the nation . It look's bleak and depressing .

Now I have to update the language a bit , so it reads a bit less than fiction to more in tune with reality :

 It's January 2017 A.D. You turn on TV and see the "Inauguration" of Donald J Trump  , beside him stands an already beleaguered looking former President Barrack Obama , and a vary sickly looking  Hillary &y William Jefferson Clinton . The Election was so close that Mr Trump's  opponent Hillary Clinton almost  cried afoul and  like Al Gore years before.  A "recount" of the nation election should have happened , since Hillary had the popular vote  . This was no easy day for America with rioting across the nation , more news overseas of terrorism ,war .  The national debt hit 20 trillion dollars . It was snowing in Washington D.C. after a cold arctic blast swept half the nation . It looks bleak and depressing ...........

YES Mrs. Clinton should have  won the election ! { with out prejudice   to conservatives }

(1.2)>>Now I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton . As much as it was negative that I wrote in 2014 about the Clinton assumption Presidency . I wanted her to win after all the Debates between her and Trump . The concept of the lesser of the two evils came more and more obvious .There was a vary great comparison . Mrs. Clinton was articulate , professional , more experienced . Mr. Trump was a bit brutish, angry making threats to have "Hillary in Jail" { a first in a debate history for live television } Sorry to my conservative friends out there but Hillary sounded vary knowledgeable . She may have been in government for 30 years as Trump pointed that she did nothing . She was more qualified than Trump . President Obama bemoaned the nation’s latent misogyny. “There’s a reason we haven’t had a woman president,” he told an Ohio rally. “Hillary Clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate I see out there.” On November 4, Bill Clinton chimed in: “I know there’s a bunch of guys that are upset about having a woman president. They just don’t want to ’fess up to it.”Not because (1.3)>>Crooked Hillary somehow had classified e-mails leaked . That somewhat contained "classified information " on a personal server . Yes, the evil Clinton's their conspiracy & so on . Of course exposing Bill Clinton's past infidelities . She was a woman . So Hillary poor Hillary was so crooked , but the rest of the American political system was not ?{with special regards to the saintly Republicans }Crooked Hillary was part of the system , not an outsider to the corrupt politics of Washington D.C. Mrs. Clinton fell afoul of President Obama's mistakes . She in my opinion was a "scape-goat" for the whole Benghazi { Arab Spring } collapse . She also got a bad wrap for the Obama-care fallout with rising costs . Trying to distance herself from Obama was difficult for her . What strikes me is this was her second attempt to run for the Oval Office . She lost to Obama in 2008 . PARADOXICALLY she should have won in 2008 , but still her lucky star was in Mr. Obama's hands as he crafted his cabinet to include her in his "team" of opponents like Joe Biden . Hillary suffered from being part of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton (interrupted by Obama) presidential run. She was a good candidate with many flaws and was exploited by another very flawed candidate (it is hard to be in government and not have accumulated a lot of negatives) (2)>>She however won the poplar vote in my book that's the vote that should count . Not the electoral collage votes . In fact, the very nature of the way the U.S. picks its presidents tends to create a disconnect between the outcome in the Electoral College and the popular vote. The last time a popular-vote loser won the presidency in the Electoral College was, of course, in 2000, when George W. Bush edged out Al Gore 271-266 despite Gore winning some 537,000 more popular votes nationwide. This was vary similar to the 2000 fiasco . The popular vote never counts . What ever the factors that she lost The 2016 presidential election was extremely close. Hillary Clinton seems to have narrowly won the popular vote, and according to the current vote count, a shift of just 1.3 percent in three states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan — would have given her an Electoral College majority too.

Mr. President I presume ... Donald J Trump.

Many worst fears and expectations and realization came to a swift halt on November 8th , 2016. We were all somehow hoodwinked by the system that we assume is a democracy . For the first time I can say that this vote was pretty much influenced by the anger . Donald Trump who repeatedly said The election will be “rigged” against him — and he could lose as a result. It was Leaked out what I said as well . The system is rigged on on which side of the view point your on . I suspected that Donald Trump was secretly picked by the GOP a long time ago to run for the Presidency. When the 17 GOP candidates walked on stage  On March 23, 2015. They started to drop out one by one in a suspicious manner On May 3, 2016, Cruz dropped out of the race, after getting the support of millions of voters — many of them conservative — but not enough to win it. The next day, John Kasich dropped out, too, leaving just one candidate in the GOP field: presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who entered the race on June 16, 2015. suddenly started to get endorsements by his opponents . Nothing was far from strange if you compare the Democrats who MAY HAVE rigged it for Hillary . The Republicans did  RIG  their system for a Trump nomination win . With no political experience and a long history of political flip flopping & at one time a Clinton supporter himself , Donald Trump is a mere puppet of the extreme right wing  under the vary wings of his VP Mike Penece who in fact is de facto ruler . The Trump presidency is going to be one of the nations (2.2>>STRANGEST Presidencies in it's history . (3)>>Right now he is drawing up a cabinet of the most HARD LINE  Republicans with the likes of Judge Ashcroft . It's also important to emphasize upfront that names floated for various positions are sometimes more about expressing gratitude to surrogates, even if they're unlikely to actually get picked. That said, some of the early names leaking out are of the sort that could send a real signal about Trump's path going forward. And some of those paths could really make Democrats squirm. This would be liken to a TEA PARTY 'ER's dream , a  cabinet  flooded with Evangelicals , white supremacists . It's going to be nasty as far as I can see . What the ultra -right is going to pursue while Trump hand picks his SUPREME COURT choice . I personally can see ROE v WADE repealed { Planned Parenthood underfunded and shut down nation wide } Yes, the newly legalized Marijuana in some states Like California could go bust again with the upholding of the federal law.(3.2)>>The nightmare is only beginning .(4)>> I just don't know how much of Mr. Obama's own "failures" made a angry bunch of people take a hardline approach , by taken a step backward to Bush 2 era {not Reagan }  Though none of these potential cabinet picks are set in stone, Trump’s back-tracking on other key issues has kept suspicion regarding his real intentions alive and well. Just today, Trump announced that he will consider keeping part of Obamacare, a healthcare program extremely unpopular with Trump supporters. One of Trump’s most frequently repeated promises was the complete elimination of Obamacare, conflicting with his transition team’s website, which says : “A Trump Administration will work with Congress to repeal the ACA and replace it with a solution that includes Health Savings Accounts, and returns the historic role in regulating health insurance to the States,” according to the website. Trump's election was what  Republicans masterminded it from the vary start , despite  since Obama came to office the right has been hijacked being more likely to hold racist beliefs, have rarely voted on the basis of those beliefs – not consciously in any case. But that racism exploded  with Trump win is being plastered all over the nation with an increase in hate crimes . Racial enmity appears to be the motivating factor among his supporters. The only other comparably strong predictor of Trump support is anti-Muslim attitudes. There is, in other words, no pretense of conservatism. Trump voters are impelled by race and nativism.

For me this is the hardest part to write about . Our political system has been hijacked . The new "rulers" are going to incite more rebellion across  this nation than ever before  . On Inauguration day 2017 there is the probability of protests at Washington D.C. There is a a great probability of  Trump  administration overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide . His pick to the Supreme Court is obvious , since he publicly stated that " women should be punished for abortions" . That is the hint for me where this going . Along with Obama-care being gutted , with no plan to insure 20 million , the first 10 days to 100 days are going to be hard on the American public . In 2018 there could be another "terrorist act " abroad or on this nation that could fuel Trump's ambition for a "Muslim ban" . Race relations which were at their worst during the Obama years , now are going to hit the wall .  Its not going to easy . Trump has to power to make it or break it . Stay tuned !


(1)>>Madam President I presume ..................see Some reader of mine wrote me back in regards to this prediction in 2015 , stating that there was a NO WAY Hillary win .  My answer to that was that this was going to be a close election , this was way before Donald J Trump ran for office a second time & threw the whole thing into chaos .  Few days or even hours before the election all media channels were reporting that she would win by a good margin. This made her supporters complacent and on the election day many of them did not bother to vote.(1.2)>>Now I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton.  I had casted my vote for her  KNOWING that a slim chance for her . Donald Trump said that the "system was rigged" in sighting the idea that Hillary was going win  because the system favored her . We now think that the rigged system was all about Trump .   (1.3)>>Crooked Hillary. Her biggest blunders were in giving Trump ammunition to characterize her as corrupt. If she hadn’t decided to use a personal email address for all her State Department business, if she hadn’t raked in exorbitant speaking fees from Wall Street banks and corporations, if her family hadn’t spent years raising big money for their foundation in a way that looked ugly to many (even if it was used for a good cause), the outcome could well have looked different.    (2)>>She however won the poplar vote. Donald Trump won at least 279 electoral votes (306 if you include Arizona and Michigan, where he was leading as of Wednesday afternoon) to Hillary Clinton’s 228 (232 including New Hampshire, where she was ahead by a hair). But the popular vote is a near-tie, according to our tally of unofficial and, in some cases, partial returns. As of Wednesday afternoon, Clinton was slightly ahead of Trump, 59.6 million votes (47.66%) to 59.4 million (47.5%). This mismatch between the electoral and popular votes came about because Trump won several large states (such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) by very narrow margins, gaining all their electoral votes in the process, even as Clinton claimed other large states (such as California, Illinois and New York) by much wider margins.(2.2 >>STRANGEST Presidencies in it's history .  It’s no secret that our presidential campaigns have morphed into a “billionaire’s playground,” even as the right to vote has become more constrained. These days, it could be said that the only group of citizens that automatically mobilizes for such events is “the billionaire class” (as Bernie Sanders calls it).  Increasingly, many of the rest of us catch the now year-round spectacle demobilized in our living rooms, watching journalists play... gasp!... journalists on TV and give American democracy that good old Gotcha!, election 2016 is Donald Trump.  For a historical equivalent, you would have to imagine P.T. Barnum, who could sell any “curiosity” to the American public, running for president. (3)>>Right now he is drawing up a cabinet of the most HARD LINE  Republicans. It looks like draining the swamp means surrounding himself with the same old pols who have been around for decades now that we have to come to know and love, starting with blowhard Gingrich and nutty Giuliani. Another name being thrown around is John Bolton. (Remember him)?  In the same spirit, maybe he should check out whether Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the rest of the Bush neo-cons are available. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?(3.2)>>The nightmare is only beginning. Mr. Donald Trump, would be dangerous as president. He said he wouldn’t want, quote, ‘such a hot head with his finger on the nuclear codes.’ You, as well, have raised concerns about Mr. Trump’s temperament. You’ve dismissed him as an entertainer. Would you feel comfortable with Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear codes?” (4)>> I just don't know how much of Mr. Obama's own "failures" made a angry bunch of people take a hardline approachEveryone remembers 2008. Barack Obama had been elected after promising to end needless wars, lift up the poor and minorities, and stand up to the big banks among others. However, once elected, Wall Street banks chose his cabinet and transition team and Obama’s presidency was not all that different than a third term of his predecessor, George W. Bush, giving the office of the president nothing more than a face lift. Fast forward 8 years later and history seems to be repeating itself. Donald Trump, a billionaire whose campaign was based around strong anti-establishment feelings and corruption-busting promises, appears to have followed in Obama’s footsteps by surrounding himself with Washington insiders, bankers, and a slew of other decidedly “establishment” characters.

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