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The show is almost over . BUT State , local
ballot measures may change
the fabric of your life .
Let's face it as I nervously write this . I don't say I am going to predict anything, (1.1)>> the latest state and national polls  suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency. Right now we have the new mud slinging regarding Hillary's  e-mails. I don't want to foucus on the Presidency as much as my State and County { California } measures on the ballot that are more tedious . Right now  , this election we face  an onslaught of attempts to raise our taxes . So I advise you all to read your ballot information carefully ! AS FAR as the PRESIDENTIAL RACE. The "idea" of "rigging" & it only comes from the (1.2)>> Electoral Collage , some are going to be disappointed , but I strongly urge you to look at what I found looking at data already rolling in from the polls over the weeks past . They only reflect a close race similar to the Al Gore = Bush fiasco . One "candidate" will cry afoul .   I’ve found that probabilities in the 70 percent range can be especially difficult to write about, because there’s the possibility of a misinterpretation in either direction. On the one hand, in a 70-30 race, you can usually cherry-pick your way to calling the race a tossup without that much effort, even when it really isn’t. We often saw that occur in 2012, when reporters and commentators consistently characterized the election as too close to call despite a fairly steady lead for Obama in swing-state polls. On the other hand, a 70-30 race indicates that the bulk of the evidence lines up on one side of the case —  that Clinton rather than Donald Trump will probably be elected president. There is also a slight probability that I can wrong , have to admit that.Election prognosticators still say Clinton enjoys the advantage going into the big day – in large part because the states President Obama won in 2012 mostly have stayed Democrat-leaning this year, giving her a substantial built-in advantage. Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are using the final Saturday before Election Day to make their closing pitches to voters, with Mrs. Clinton in South Florida and Philadelphia and Mr. Trump dashing to four states across three time zones — the sort of barnstorming tours presidential candidates traditionally have made in the last 72 hours before Election Day.By comparison, Donald J. Trump was a lonely figure.In the final days of the presidential race, Mr. Trump’s political isolation has made for an unusual spectacle on the campaign trail — and perhaps a limiting factor in his dogged comeback bid.When it comes to bolstering Mr. Trump, the Republican Party is not sending its best: As party leaders have disavowed him or declined to back his candidacy, Mr. Trump has been left instead with an eclectic group of backup players to aid him in his last dash for votes. Though polls show Mr. Trump drawing closer to Mrs. Clinton, the most prominent Republicans in key swing states still fear that his unpopularity may taint them by association. The fundamental hypothesis about this campaign is that uncertainty is high, with both a narrow Trump win and a more robust Clinton win — 
Taxes upon Taxes !
California November voter guide, which this year clocks in at 224 pages, thanks to 17 statewide ballot propositions—the longest ballot in a quarter-century. DON'T be suckered . We have crafty people who will use any gimmick out of sympathy to get you to raise YOUR TAXES . (1.3)>>If you live in California { other states as well }  you might have barely noticed any tax issues at all on the latest ballots. According to reports, there will be a lot of measures to consider and weigh in the next election in 2016. Of course those measure will touch on all kinds of policies and issues, but the early frontrunner for hot-button issues appears to be taxes.There are several tax issues up for debate in 2016, including several public employee unions working together in an effort to increase state spending. This coalition of unions is hoping to convince voters to support a commercial property tax increase. But wait, there’s more. They would also like to create a tax on oil that’s extracted from the ground and increase the amount of the cigarette tax. Of course, among the biggest issues that will have to be hammered out is what to do about Proposition 30, which will be expiring soon. Prop 30 taxes created a temporary quarter-cent sales tax as well as an increase on personal income tax for the wealthy.  In San Fransisco for example , we have politicians trying to get a soda tax  { the usual scam . Using Children} . This tax alone as the sellers of "claim" its to fight childhood obesity . Its one of the best gimmicks I've seen . Yes, you feel sorry for the kids gulping up carbonated sugar . How can one Cent  $ tax prevent kids { parents} from buying Dr. Pepper ? It's a fishy scam to me .  So it sounds more like a grocery hike to me . Another less obvious & ridiculous law would be  among California's long list of ballot initiatives up for grabs in November is Proposition 60, an initiative that would allow the state's pornography viewers to sue adult-film producers—if they can't spot a condom in their latest download. And as it turns out, there's at least one thing that California's Democrats and Republicans can agree upon this election season: bareback porn .Prop. 60 aims to fight the spread of sexually transmitted infections by adding the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act to state law.  It's laughable that the government is intruding in such a way . Honestly I voted NO on 60 . Prop 52, extending a fee on hospitals that makes the state eligible for federal matching funds, has no such two-thirds requirement. In fact, the legislature has extended this fee four times in recent years. Why are voters called into service on this? I see no reason other that the legislature not wanting to further upset hospital administrators, thereby passing off the responsibility to somebody else. Prop 55 [ see below Notes & CommentsWhen Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies urged voters to adopt a temporary income tax on the wealthiest Californians and a statewide sales tax on everyone four years ago, the deal was billed as a short-term salve for a state mired in debt and on the verge of insolvency. The taxes were needed to stave off $6 billion in so-called "trigger cuts" to schools and social programs baked into the state budget by Democrats as a threat to voters. Lawmakers also threatened to cut three weeks off the school year if Proposition 30 didn't pass. Now, with the sales tax set to expire at the end of this year, and income taxes on earnings above $250,000 a year set to end in January 2019, the California Teachers Association and other labor unions want to keep the income tax, which they say is again needed to prevent $4 billion in cuts to schools.Proposition 55, they say, does not raise taxes on anyone; it simply maintains the current income tax rates. The measure would extend the income tax for another 12 years, raising from $4 billion to $9 billion a year, according to the independent state Legislative Analyst's Office. The sales tax would expire as planned in January. My  difficulty with Prop. 55 is threefold: who it targets, the breaking of a government promise and changes in the funding formula. By continuing to increase the tax rate for wealthy Californians, the state maintains a tax stream that exacerbates an imbalance in our funding structure.
The Last word for now.
California sends more taxes to the Feds than the Feds send to us.  The poorer states take more taxes from the Feds than they send.  The richer states, of which California is one, support the poorer states. With the new year approaching after this election , big earners are confronting a 51.9 percent federal-state income tax hit on earnings over $1 million, the result of a confluence of new tax-the-rich levies imposed by California and Congress , California has long been a state defined by high taxes and the people who hate them . No mention of income inequality or the cost of living in places like San Francisco or Los Angeles. California has become less wonderful place to live....if you are either very rich, and can afford the exceptionally high taxes and housing without blinking.  Or very poor, and need state services and live outside the desirable areas.  There really is no place for the middle class in California anymore. 

See this URL on Ballot Propositions .   See you all after the election with a "after-word".


(1.1)>> the latest state and national polls.With dozens of new swing-state polls — could be looked at in very different ways. On the one hand, if you thought the race was a toss-up (as some national tracking polls have it) the data convincingly argued otherwise, with Clinton holding onto leads in her“firewall” states, which are sufficient to win the Electoral College. (1.2)>> Electoral Collage . It is at this point in the election process that the Electoral College begins to take effect. In 48 states the Electoral College is utilized in the same way (Maine and Nebraska have a slight variation). After the votes in each of these 48 states are counted and tallied, the political party whose candidate received a majority in a particular state is allowed to choose a slate of electors who will cast the real votes for President.In total there are 538 electors who comprise of the Electoral College. States are not allotted electoral votes solely based on population. They are given electoral votes based on their representation in Congress. So each state is given a minimum of 3 electoral votes (each state has 2 Senators and at least 1 Representative) regardless of population.We vote for President in November, but all 538 electors meet at a designated location within their respective state in December to cast an official ballot. The candidate who receives a majority of the electoral votes (currently 270) wins the election.
(1.3)>>If you live in California.  Back in May 2016. This report said  California's economy is on fire, but the state's finances are facing the cold reality of a revenue slowdown. And experts blame the state's unusual tax system for the problem. I will not vote for any tax increases we tried this gimmick every time , but still no budget solvency  . I did vote for marijuana legalization in California . I did this regardless to my conservative friends who would have voted NO . I REASONED that , for the most part  years of prohibition , incarceration of users . The State did voter approve of Medical Marijuana . I wanted the people who voted for it to have a time and season of fresh air before {either} a New President like Hillary or Trump would send the FDA storm troopers down busting doors down in SWAT teams arresting users of this "dangerous" plant . I don't trust the FED's . Its a short lived experiment of choice even in states like Colorado . Their all doomed for a bust . So for the time being lets give the voters who voted yes to see their dreams of green . ANOTHER attempt on Taxing us is the increasing Tobacco Taxes I voted no for Prop 56. I don't smoke , but raising taxes in cigarettes will not make any one quit . I saw a wheelchair USA army vet at a 7-11 buying two packs of cigarettes . It was pitiful seeing our Vets addicted to this weed , but I candidly voted no to 56 . I voted no to the education sponsored prop 55. Why I did ? Well way back in the year 2003 somewhere we were all  sold on it to prevent cuts to education by Ca Gov.  Schwarzenegger . I remember my School Employee's Union canvasing { and picketing } the neighborhood . In 2003 -2006 were the worst years in California  education . Cuts hit the bottom of the hire-achy  as we would say . Regardless after we {I} voted yes on this Proposition , we were  still  slammed with the worst cuts , schools closed on top of the passing of the Prop 57 & which was for the worst trick ever played on public school employees ,  mainly Teachers . I am rather vary cautious . If Prop 55 did pass I would hold my breath on this "temporary " tax extension since California is trying to keep its infrastructure from falling apart with more taxes both statewide and locally.

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