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A review to what I said ............THE FUTURE .

Is this America's "future"?

   (1)>>December 31, 2014 I posted on this blog a intersting "hypothisis " on the future of America in a prediction that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election on November 8th . I NOW have to rebound , retreact a few things , since Donald Trump sized , pretty much changed the course of "history" . The Trump upset may have sent certian things down another path . If Trump never enterd the race , it would be likely that we would have the first woman President . That assumptuion is based on the unpopularity of the Republican Party . So what has "changed" in the upset ? VARY FEW . One of the things that woke me up today was hearing the the DOW was nugging 20, 000 due to the Trump matrix . I said in 2014 that Hillary might cause the DOW to make it to 20,000 { revised . The Market is in rally for Trump , The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record high Tuesday, closing above 19,000 for the first time as the stunning market rally since the election of Donald Trump continued on Wall Street } It seems its going to be parallel to what I wrote in 2014 . You might have to thank Trump.  ***For the FIRST time the DOW hit over 20,000 Yes, I said in that writing that some one got rich , and the down scale economy is that the poorer got poorer . One of  my NOTES & COMMENTS to this 2014 blog  also gave a market warning :*** PAY CLOSE attention to the DOW . If it hits 20,000 or over it's not a good sign ( it means some one just got rich )  , but a warning ........ Any one now with the election win of Trump one could guess that the Billionares who control WALLSTREET will be flocking to Trump as America is now under the control of not only the Religious Right , but the billionare 1% neo-cons in one of the biggest power grabs in American history .   The AGE of GREED is back . And it has significant probable  efffects into the next decade . Much of it was discussed in 'Social Unrest by 2023 . Why in America' .  It was based on a Hillary outcome . How so much soacial unreast broke out in the years ahead started with the BLM , the police shootings and outright racism . It appears that the Trump in coming administration is directly lined to white supremists . The recently relased video show the now infamouse (2)>> "hail Trump". Just how much the white -nationalist movement was behind the Trump election is unraveling . What's funny to me is that Trump's supporters have started to defend White Nationalist, fascist, and alt-right movements by attacking the media. Is it really that hard for respectable Republicans to say this is troubling? My problem with white nationalists is that you guys want to send my friends, neighbors, and colleagues back to their "ancestral homelands". (some of whom are Muslim, Latinx, Black, or immigrants) and they deserve the same freedom and respect that I deserve. His remarks were filled with racist imagery -- including references to "the black political machines" and Latino housekeepers -- as he bashed Hillary Clinton's minority supporters. Trump’s victory has emboldened white nationalists and other racists to come out of the shadows and, indeed, take on prominent roles in the White House itself.

So what now ?  & where we are heading ..
 I had to "update" some of the language of what I wrote back in 2014 . It's still the same , even though we have a differnt President . Mr. Trump right now is laying down the vary right wing agenda that's going to vervberate into the 2020's

It is a right wing power grab in the "guise" of morality and decency ? The Alt-right was waiting for this for decades . We could be at the new boiling point to our society . I am going to focus here on America , not as much less the world . I am assuming that from 2016 onward we will continue to see news reports of strife , mass shootings , cop shootings , terrorism , earthquakes and economic uncertainty.  We have all the elemets for a trubling new decade.
Again, under Obama we have seen a very slow, anemic, but at least steady recovery. A long-term economic recovery, even if slow, is enough to keep this key. Even if there is a sudden recession during the past decade .Even if there is a sudden recession during the  2016 campaign, this will probably remain true. . While things will continue to happen as they always do . It will be up to us to make those changes and not be caught up in the illusion that all is well until you see who or what is actually running (ruining) your government
 American police take up a new role
riot enforcement in the 2020's 

Violence. Rioting. Looting. Economic collapse and civil unrest. This isn’t a dystopian movie plot, but something else according to an economist with a good track record for prognostication: America’s dark future.   It's coming in the next decade the 2020's . That's why need to pay attention to this, and how it came about. . The Market was strong while the economic situation was weak .   By 2017 the banks were back  again slipping in the loan sub primes , it was a repeat of 2008 , when  the housing market hit the roof with " UN affordability" . The Trump administration reperesnetd the higher end of economic life . It was American's most (3)>> extravagant life syle ever seen ! He reperesnts the anthisis of American economic life . His elction will not change the rising costs of homes in the nation.  Trust me a 600,000 to 800,000 dollar one story "family home" out west by 2020 will cost over 1.5 million dollars . The key here is that while Wall Street (1%) continued to make profits , the so called "middle class" was hit . The 100,000 dollar salaries could no longer keep up with inflation . ANY ONE earning over one million dollars in 2020 was able survive.  I base this economic view on the statistics of inflation ,wages . Comparatively those who earn hourly ( 10 dollars an hour in 2020 minimum wage increase ) will still be poor in America . Many of them will be unable to afford rent ) In the 2020's America's first shanty towns appear .  Many full of poor illegal immigrants .

Silicon Valley’s answer to Shantytowns? Diaspora-Ville. Sim City Refugee Camp? Fun little game controlling who gets the penicillin, which granny croaks, and whose dog gets cooked for dinner? Watch as the disease takes over.
 In 2023 America's homeless people take to
the street in a series of nation wide
protests that turn violent
Who is in the hoard that will come out blazing with AK-47? Sounds like a plan? Sounds like an app? Sounds like the new gigabyte game of the decade.
 Crime is so bad that many of the upper scale Americans will be living in guarded "gated" communities . While most cities will have heavily armed police in armored vehicles patrolling . I know it seems like something out fiction , but the trends now are pointing to a vary scary future for Americans . The Great American Depression, by Ashley Walker, PhD, the book chronicles an almost decade long upswing in clinical depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, and phobias among the US population at large. Walker is quick to blame “…the glorification of fear in our society; from radical Islam who carry out acts of immense violence to state their religious and political beliefs, to a cable news media who would say the sky is falling if it meant people paid attention. BUT in 2018 it was nothing but a sticker shock , many taxes for people across the United States hit over 10.95 % increase . Wages were taxed more  and so were American's  own bank accounts . Loss of the American dream is probably one of the causes of the coming social unrest . In short, anger, protests, riots and other forms of violence have engulfed cities all across the United States in the 2020's . Years of authoritarianism, a stagnant economy, and police brutality among many other issues are coming to a head, regardless of what one thinks about the methods or even the merits of some of the protesters/rioters.  So I write this as a wake up call. I admit that I took liberties to write this . The future can go many paths . I hope that the American people take action to preserve their own democracy and not let it erode because of civil unrest and future elected leaders.

By 2023 . The Shanty towns appear outside
of the City of  
Los Angeles  with over
 a million people homeless.
(4)>>This Issue of the nation debt left over from the Obmama administratiom  was staggering On Jan. 20, 2009, the day Obama took office, the total national debt stood at $10.6 trillion. On Sept. 6, the day Trump made his statement, it was $19.5 trillion.Over the past year the debt has grown by more than $1 trillion, so Trump’s estimate that the debt will be "close to $20 trillion" by the time Obama’s term ends in January is reasonable and is close to doubling the amount from when the president entered office.These indebtedness figures take into account all obligations, including about $5.4 trillion in intergovernmental debt that the U.S. government owes itself, such as the Social Security and Medicare trust funds that are invested in Treasury securities. This is SERIOUS ! Paul Ryan will intruduce perhaps the worst budget cutting measures that is going to cut services for the elderly , and those who are living poverty with Medicaid . The Debt killed the American dream in the 2020's was pretty much boiled during the first four years of Donald Trump's own cabinet to doing the worst . Though at first cuts were made in taxes in the first 100 days . Revenue shortfalls accumilated in 2018 causing the Republican led government to chop at domestic programs while increasing spending for the military budget because of the Middle-east war{ which at this writing will involve sending ground troops into Syria and Iraq }
 American police open fire on protesters 
 in San Francisco
in 2023 AD.
But that's nothing compared to what we've seen since the midterm elections of 2018. With both houses of Congress now firmly in Republican hands, America has devolved into complete chaos. Then came the riots. Then the stock market crashed. Trillions of dollars were lost, mutual funds tanked, and Occupy Wall Street was instantly revived — in New York City, most spectacularly (the day after the crash, 75,000 people effectively shut down the city south of Chambers Street), but also in other cities and on college campuses across the country. If were going into the 2020's the  (5)>>4 years of Trump are going to be challenging . If there is ever a chance to reverse , change "history" it should be now . I do't like civil unrest , war . { or advocate violence }  It's in the hands of our leaders to show humanity to create social programs , lift many out poverty . Give back the American dream .  That is the key for saving this nation . Lack of it may resault  into civil war . & a vary dystopian future .


 (1)>>December 31, 2014 I posted on this blog a intersting "hypothisis ". My blog posting was titled Social Unrest by 2023. Why in America?   . I was certain of a Hillary win , so far she did win the "popular vote " , but did win enough  electorial collage delegates .  IN 2014 I  considered Hillary a catalyst that would bring so much uprising into the streets , her polices & iranhanded rule would seem hardly the platform that she was running . Things could change in the flipside In principle, Americans have long been ready to elect the first woman president. By 1999, the Gallup poll had found that 92 percent of Americans were willing to vote for a “generally well-qualified woman” for president. She was overqualified , Trump was a amature . Hillary by note also lost to Obama in 2008 . Again she was more qualified . The obvious here is that Honestly our society has become so "clueless" , has  been fed the same Kool-aide mix since President Obama was elected . Sometimes I wonder who "really -really" runs the Government . Thinking back to 2008 we have Obama promising "hope and change" in almost similar lines as Trump today . The usual slogan is "Make America Great" . Trump is beling hailed as an outsider . remember too that Obama was a outsider

 (2)>> "hail Trump". the racism and anti-Semitism of the alt-right movement were on display Saturday in Washington when its members gathered to celebrate Donald Trump's victory.The president of the alt-right National Policy Institute Richard Spencer's remarks were posted Sunday on YouTube by "Red Ice Radio," which describes itself as "covering politics and social issues from a pro-European perspective." The Atlantic magazine, which is recording footage of Spencer for a documentary they're working on, also published a video of the same event showing audience members apparently giving the Nazi salute."Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!" he declared.We’ve become numb to wild accusations that, for example, President Barack Obama is a “tyrant” or “dictator.”  Similarly, when we hear President-elect Donald Trump described as a racist and his close advisor Steve Bannon as being a champion for white supremacists, we naturally assume this must be more of the same hyperbole and partisanship.Trump fever quickly spread . I recollect the "star" power that once was applied to former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger  as a example .(3)>> extravagant life syle ever seen ! Donald Trump declared as he announced his intention to run for president back in June 2015.Forbes estimate of his wealth. The business biweekly peg his fortune at $4.5bn. Although we may never know who’s actually on the money when it comes to the exact figureEither way, he has a staggering amount of money and everything that comes with living among the 1 percent of the 1 percent. He’s the richest man ever to run for president, richer than Ross Perot and Steve Forbes and Mitt Romney. “I have a Gucci store that’s worth more than Romney,” Trump told the Des Moines Register. (4)>>This Issue of the nation debt   According to "independent experts," Donald Trump's tax plan "would blow up the debt by over $5 trillion and would in some instances disadvantage middle-class families compared to the wealthy." Yet under Trump’s tax cut and spending plan, gross debt would rise to $39.5 trillion by 2026, or an astounding doubling of the current $19 trillion figure, according to anew study by the CRFB. By contrast, Clinton’s plans would raise the gross debt to $29.6 trillion during that same period – a roughly 50 percent hike.  (5)>>4 years of Trump are going to be challenging . Unschooled as President Trump would be on the military or diplomacy, he can expect utter failure. President Obama had experience almost exclusively in elected office, but that gives him some idea of what to do. Beyond any question, Republicans want to destroy labor unions and promote price-fixing while privatizing as much of the public sector as possible... and such will create so much economic inequality that it will precipitate an economic collapse with mass dissent even in places that have seemed reliably 'conservative'.    Trump gave them the power to do so . With the Religious right behind it the nations take over could ONLY LAST ONE TERM .

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