Saturday, November 19, 2016

"hijacking of America by the religious right ..."

Vice President elect Mike Pence brings 
a new religious hard line to the
Trump Administration 
The election  of Donald Trump brings also the (1)>>"hijacking of America by the  religious right ..." . With Trump's appointment of Mike Pence as is Vice President a strong conservative "Christian". The ultra right sized power . In August Republican Donald Trump told a roomful of evangelicals on  that he was surprised to learn they are afraid to endorse him because they worry about their churches losing their non-profit status. "Your power has been totally taken away. I mean, I don't want to insult anybody, but your power has been totally taken away," Trump told the gathering in Orlando, Fla.
"So, we're going to get your voice back. (1.2)>>"We're going to get it back," he promised. What he was saying to them is akin to "Take back America..." that was uttered two decades ago when the Religious Right tried to prevent Bill Clinton from winning a second term . It's 2016 now , they have succeeded . Beside the Evangelical influence we are now seeing appointments of white supremacists in positions in Trump's cabinet . As exit polling numbers show that a greater percentage of white evangelicals voted for Trump than they did for the two previous Republican nominees and President George W. Bush in 2004, Four out of five white evangelicals voted for the Republican nominee, according to exit polls.How did people of faith reconcile the teaching of Christ with the tough rhetoric of the reality star and real estate mogul?For many, it came down to a few major issues, such as abortion and Supreme Court appointments. They also were swayed by party loyalty and fear of a government under Hillary ClintonIn 2000 and 2004, Democrats didn’t like the religious right and didn’t work with them, Wear said. “In 2006, the Democratic Party made an intentional decision to invest resources into reaching evangelicals explicitly, and it paid off. They let go of that in this election cycle.” My BIG question is . Is Trump really religious like his boss Mike Pence ? Last summer Trump stated that he isn't sure he has ever asked God for forgiveness, as he doesn't "bring God into that picture." He soon backtracked. Asking God for forgiveness is a central aspect of Christianity across the many traditions. This is not relevant to his political views, but it is curious that many Christians support Trump and believe his claims about his Christian faith. So Trump's "claims" are a bit dubious . It almost has as much merit when President Obama's faith was put into question in 2009 . Any one remember that ? Obama seemed less "Christian"  , though he was at one time a member in a radical  Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago  { the now infamous . God Damn America speech}Mr. Obama has for a while chose to identify himself  not directly associating as a Muslim,  adding to controversy his attendance in several Mosques during the Muslim Holy Moth of Ramadan over the years . This Has led to countless media speculation . It pretty much is the same in regards to Mr. Trump , which  great mystery of his piety and faith . Religious Right leaders were some of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters in the presidential election—offering dozens of religious justifications for backing Trump in spite of his evident arrogance, dishonesty, mistreatment of women, and other character flaws. Telling the supremely narcissistic Trump that he has God’s special backing seems to be pouring gasoline on the fire, and that’s what Religious Right leaders have been doing since Election Day. “The Lord did this!” exulted former Rep.Michele Bachmann on the night of the election. Televangelist and End Times huckster Jim Bakkercalled Trump’s victory “the greatest miracle I have ever seen.”

The "return" of the old Bush Neo-Cons.
As of writing . Mr. Trump has plans
to put former rival  (3)>>Mitt
in his administration .
President Elect Trump continues to appoint fellow Republicans to Cabinet posts . (2)>> ONE thing is certain they are of the old Bush 2 era vanguards .On Sunday The New York Times published a list of potential Trump administration cabinet picks. All of the candidates are establishment insiders and neocons left over from the Bush administration. It appears that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the publisher of the New York Observer and someone who is aligned with the Likud Party of Israel, is now the de facto chair of the Trump transition team, especially when it comes to national security matters. There is obviously something sinister going . Its like a government take over of the nation by the ULTRA RIGHT FRINGE . I hear that Trump wants either Newt Gingrich or (2.2)>>John Bolton as Secretary of State. WTF? Both of them are radical interventionists, and should not be allowed anywhere near public office ever again. Trump promised to keep us out of foreign wars. Why can't Rand Paul be SOS? I also hear that Trump wants to appoint Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs bankster as Secretary of the Treasury. Now I don't know much about this Mnuchin fellow, and I did see that he's supported Mr. Trump all the way through the campaign. My puppet theory about Trump is becoming validated even before he takes office .Trump  ran on "Drain the Swamp," he isn't draining anything right now. He's giving out positions to top donors and fundraisers (Mnuchin), to old time establishment politicians who supported him (Gingrich/Giuliani), and he is letting people stepped in corruption allegations lead his entire transition (Christie).Giuliani was described by Newsweek in January 2007 as "one of the most consistent cheerleaders for the president's handling of the war in Iraq" and as of June 2007, he remained one of the few candidates for president to unequivocally support both the basis for the invasion and the execution of the war.After leaving the mayor's office, Giuliani founded a security consulting business, Giuliani Partners  in 2002, a firm that has been categorized by various media outlets as a lobbying entity capitalizing on Giuliani's name recognition Despite a busy schedule, Giuliani was highly active in the day-to-day business of the law firm, which was a high-profile supplier of legal and lobbying services to the oil, gas, and energy industries.So a supporter of the Iraq war, a guy who after leaving political office immediately jumped into lobbying efforts may be one of Trump's choices? It's hard to drain the swamp when you're just filling it from the other end with the same old people. Mr. Trump said he would nominate as attorney general (2.3)>>Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has been a fierce supporter of a crackdown on undocumented immigrants. The president-elect also moved to install Michael T. Flynn, a retired lieutenant general who has said that Islamist militancy poses a global existential threat, as his national security adviser. And as director of the C.I.A., Mr. Trump selected Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas, who harshly criticized Hillary Clinton during the House investigation of the 2012 attack on the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. All three are regarded, in some ways, as outliers from conventional Republican thinking, shunned at times for strident statements, controversial positions or highly partisan moves. Meanwhile, many Republican hawks have spent the last week arguing that they should be making peace with Trump and be willing to work for him. The neocons know who are their enemies, and they accurately saw Trump as their undoing: they led the “Never Trump” mini-movement, and did everything in their power to destroy him. They sponsored and promoted two open letters from the GOP “foreign policy community,” a.k.a. the League of Discredited Warmongers, viciously attacking Trump: a concerted campaign to declare him “unfit” for office was promoted by the neoconservative media, which charged him with all the familiar epithets: “racist,” “authoritarian,” “isolationist,” and even “fascist.” It seems that the neocons wanted Trump as their "leader" for a long time , knowing that  they would be ripe for positions in his new administration .

(1)>>"hijacking of America by the  religious right ..." Religion was almost invisible during the presidential campaign, and yet it is the missing piece in understanding Mr. Trump’s victory. The Christian right worked largely under the national media’s radar this year, but it helped deliver the presidency to a thrice-married mogul who bragged about groping women and has been accused by multiple women of actually doing it.They were willing to forgive Mr. Trump’s personal transgressions because he stoked their fears that a Hillary Clinton administration would take away their religious liberties, use their tax dollars to fund late-term abortions at home and abroad, and expand the rights of gay and transgender people, political analysts said. Mr. Trump warned at rallies and at conservative Christian gatherings that he alone was their last hope to protect them against a changing culture, using the refrain, “This is your last chance.” (1.2)>>"We're going to get it back," Donald Trump assures us that the Bible is his favorite book, it’s worth asking: Just what is his theology?After Mr. Trump met with hundreds of evangelical Christians , James Dobson, who is among the most influential leaders in the evangelical world and serves on Mr. Trump’s evangelical executive advisory board, declared that “Trump appears to be tender to things of the Spirit,” by which Dr. Dobson meant the Holy Spirit.   (2)>> ONE thing is certain they are of the old Bush 2 era vanguards .   The Trump team headed up by vice president Mike Pence also announced Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor. Bannon is executive chairman of the alt-right news outlet Breitbart News. He heads up the group Government Accountability with Peter Schweizer, a former William J. Casey Research Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Casey was Reagan’s director at the CIA. He played in key role in arming the Afghan mujahideen that would later become al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He was also a central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.Wayne Madsen Reports has learned from multiple knowledgeable sources that the proponent of neo-fascism, Michael Ledeen, is working closely with former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, to ensure that as many neocons from the Bush 43 and Reagan eras find senior positions in the Trump administration.(2.2)>>John Bolton. It is heavily rumored that former Bush U.N. Ambassador John Bolton — a man who has been a vocal advocate of attacking Iran — may be picked as Trump’s nominee to head the State Department. Bolton was critical of some of Trump’s remarks earlier in the campaign, but later came to his side.  (2.3)>>Senator Jeff SessionsTwo decades ago, Sessions, then a U.S. attorney from Mobile, Ala., appeared before the body as President Ronald Reagan’s nominee for the U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Alabama. The contentious hearing took place over four days, and ended with Sessions unable to overcome allegations of racist remarks and behavior, credited at the time with thwarting his bid.The accusations came from fellow prosecutors and employees in his office. One, Gerry Hebert, then a trial attorney in the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, who worked frequently with Sessions, testified that he told Sessions that a judge had called a white lawyer a “disgrace to his race” because he represented black clients.(3)>>Mitt
Romney in his administration .  President-elect Donald J. Trump on Saturday moved to mend fences with political rivals after a divisive campaign, meeting with Mitt Romney, who had scathingly criticized him during the race as “a phony” and “a fraud,” to discuss naming him as secretary of state.Romey: the lastest of many to about face and suck up to the Donald. Is there anyone left in the GOP that has the integrity to stand by their statements and previous non-support of Trump?