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Madam President I presume ..................

In 1995 I used to watch a science fiction show called *** SLIDERS about a genius who discovers a wormhole and finds that he and his friends can slide to different alternative 'Earths' in different universes/ dimensions,that exist parallel to our own . ONE episode that caught my attention this week named " The Weaker Sex". In this world (1)> WOMEN rule the world , and the Silders soon watch on TV a Mrs. Hillary Clinton give a press conference . The Sliders are all stunned with disbelief as we shall soon see in our real world. it's important to remember that this episode showed a world where Hillary Clinton became president, and bill Clinton did not become president. thus it had nothing to do with any prediction about the future.

 Funny the Slider's script had this remark about Mrs. Clinton  " ARTURO Unfathomable. Hillary Clinton, President of the United States? What's next - Marla Maple, Secretary of State?WADE What's so wrong with Hillary?Who's to say we didn't choose the wrong Clinton on our world? REMBRANDT She may have a point. ARTURO Utter nonsense.WAD E It's not nonsense! Women can run things just fine - remember Margaret Thatcher? Indira Ghandi?

Bella Abzug?"

It's January 2017 A.D. You turn on TV and see the "Inauguration" of Hillary R Clinton , beside her stands an already beleaguered looking former President Barrack Obama , and a vary sickly looking William Jefferson Clinton . The Election was so close that Mrs. Clinton's opponent Jeb Bush cried afoul , like Al Gore years before a "recount" of the nation election had accord . This was no easy day for America with rioting across the nation , more news overseas of terrorism ,war .  The national debt hit 20 trillion dollars . It was snowing in Washington D.C. after a cold arctic blast swept half the nation . It look's bleak and depressing . Yes, I know what I am saying . Pardon me for such a "fictional" introduction . Is America ready for this kind of woman President? Hillary Clinton has so far artfully dodged questions about her 2016 presidential ambitions from the press, her supporters and potential Democrat rivals. Yet she is a vary sneaky woman , her ambitions are almost as high as her husband's Mr. Clinton at her side . The truth could be laid bare that there is a Clinton conspiracy in the works.  While the last few years of Obama as President were nothing but a shambles , the Clinton network was slow destroying Obama as "they" distanced themselves from him . Mrs Clinton grinned sheepishly as the audience in liberal Oregon leapt to their feet in a full minute of sustained cheering and applause. The former secretary of state looked genuinely embarrassed as she walked offstage without answering, pausing to offer a comic shrug before disappearing into the wings.America still burns with questions over Mrs Clinton's future and the prospect of a second bid to become the country's first female commander-in-chief. Here I am telling you to beware .... Republicans in 2017 have both control of the Senate and control of the House of Representatives, but that isn’t “necessarily a good thing for the republic” and may be exactly what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted it to be in the long ride to the Oval Office . For her she will have  walked into a "gridlock" Congress  situation as never before seen in American History. In the past month alone, a "grassroots" movement readyforhillary.com has started a natianal finance council and selling T-shirts and other campaign basics. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has formally endorsed Clinton, calling her the "best to lead this country forward". And House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California all but endorsed Clinton for president in an interview with USA Today last week, saying she would definitely win if she ran. Never mind that the election is over three years away. There could be a change for the democrats if (2)>  Joe Biden decides to run Then again, she still has a 47-point lead over her nearest competitor, Vice President Joe Biden, who clocks in at 14 percent in a new poll. Liberal-wing darling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts comes in third at 13 percent, up 6 percentage points since June. The years 2012-2014 have not been good for Mrs. Clinton Her record as secretary of state was undercut by the rise of the Islamic State and a breakdown in relations with Russia. Her much-awaited book didn’t sell many copies. Her face graced the cover of this year’s worst-selling issue of People magazine. The Benghazi ghost came up right up to her election in 2016 , not as much as the "ghost of Christmas past , but as the ghost of Christmas future." Any way The problem is the reality check will inevitably come. Just ask Obama. A decade worth of Obama has hurt the democrats the recent "high-risk immigration gamble"  halting the deportations of 5 million illegal immigrants is just the latest thorn in the side of his former secretary of State,Hillary Clinton already was seeing her support faltering, the men write. Only 43 percent polled during the midterm elections said they think she would make a good president. Against an unnamed Republican candidate, Clinton lost 40 percent to 34 percent.Clinton's favor ability already had slipped from 59 percent in 2009 to 43 percent in September in a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. Obama's unilateral doubling-down on his unpopular policies after the election will only hurt her further. There is however a "chance" that we all will be saying Madam President I Presume....The worst possible first black and the worst possible first woman.Clinton will be another Obama, except maybe without as many preemptive concessions on the things that she doesn't WANT to concede on.

 I was brewing on this before I typed this article how much the American Presidency has changed over the last two decades . I am getting a gut feeling that it is in "decline" . The highest office in the nation has been dragged to the level of a Company CEO. We aren’t electing a C.E.O. to occupy the White House.the president did not do all this "declining" in America by himself. Mr. Obama also put the presidency at a celebrity level over the years . So my question is how would a woman like Hillary do ? I assuming that her Husband Bill Clinton will be by her side probably dictating policy from behind her desk at the Oval Office .Allegations that she was drawing heavily on her husband’s legacy for her political capital. It's a sure sign for  political cartoonists to mock . (4)> America's first woman president might just be our last.

*** The group arrives on a world where women hold public office, play professional sports, fly planes, and are captains of industry while men cook, clean, and stay home to take care of the kids. Over the centuries, men had gradually come to believe there is a benefit to female leadership. There is no war, social issues are handled quickly and crime is almost non-existent. However, it is definitely a caste system; men have little avenues of employment aside from modeling, secretarial work and nannying. Hillary Clinton is the president of the United States of America, and Jane Pauley is the Pope. Maximillian Arturo runs against San Francisco mayor Anita Ross. Remember this show was on TV in 1995 , the Slider's own astonishment may not have been a reaction that a woman can be a an American President , but  the problem is that it is Mrs. Clinton who in 1995 was rocked in a political scandal involving Health Care reform .The Clinton health care plan, known officially as the Health Security Act, was a 1993 healthcare reform package proposed by the administration of President Bill Clinton and closely associated with the chair of the task force devising the plan, First Lady Hillary Clinton. The plan, which became known as "Hillarycare" was so wildly unpopular on all levels, it led to the Republicans simultaneously winning both the House and Senate in 1994 for the first time since 1953. (1)> Women frankly rule western world politics already , sadly many of the modern female rulers not as much as their ancient counter parts have ended up in a scandal , or worst killed . IN America ,  More women than men are enrolled at universities, where they typically earn higher grades; once they graduate, those who live in big cities might even receive higher salaries—at least in the early years of employment. The Speaker of the House is female, as are eight governors and 16 percent of Congress (never mind that this is 11 percent fewer than Afghanistan’s parliament). Many women believed we had access to the same opportunities and experiences as men—that was the goal of the feminist movement, wasn’t it?(2) >People who’ve been talking to Biden say the factor
The Democratic Party has
a better choice with
Joe Biden in
2016 over
Hillary Clinton .
weighing on his mind may be less Clinton than Obama. Even as a sitting vice president, Biden might not be too proud to run a long-shot campaign, they insist. He was living it up during those months in 2007 when he was lucky to get a dozen people in a room and finished with a grand total of 1 percent in the Iowa caucuses.
But he might not be willing to risk losing the integral role he revels in at the White House. A presidential run would mean missing meetings because he’s out in Iowa or New Hampshire. He’d be asked to draw distinctions between himself and Obama, and the Biden orbit worries about the inevitable loyalty questions that would raise, the West Wing discussions he might start getting excluded from.Nobody who’s run for president twice stops wanting the job. But Biden’s been in politics more than long enough to see what’s happening around Clinton and what a Joe Quixote run would mean. Does he essentially give up the best job he’ll likely ever have two years early for a run at one he probably won’t get?Anyway, some around Biden say, maybe he’d be a better fit to be Clinton’s secretary of state. (4)> I tackled this question before " Is America ready for a Woman President ?" . I don't want to be accused of gender sexism , but it's not that any women are good for the job . We have seen that  women run organizations in the United States . The IRONY is that America and it's Constitution were drawn up by men who marginally were no perfect . We had slavery , women did not get to vote not until the 1920's . The language in the constitution is basically not gender natural in all places it refers to men as the power holders . Most of all the United States has never had the experience of a woman as president like in other nations . Most of all women who had become leaders of other  nations like Argentina for example had ended  up getting torn apart in scandal and in Media.

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