Thursday, April 9, 2015

Miscellaneous Opinions.

Officer Slager proved that
"Black Lives Matter."
This latest Police Officer shooting is a greater reason now  for Black Lives Matter. You would think that after Ferguson Missouri that a message would be out so the nations police forces might use better tactics in dealing with African -Americans ?  That there would be a turnaround to use of violence , or the use of *** officers gun to shoot down a unarmed men .Nothing changed for the latter , no right winger news media could defend . Thankfully there was a civilian with a cell phone that was filming what was going on in the middle of the scuffle . ( I wish that there was a film of the Micheal Brown shooting that would give credo to the assumption of police brutality.) So the media reported that officer, Michael T. Slager, 33, said he had feared for his life because the man had taken his stun gun in a scuffle after a traffic stop on Saturday. A video, however, shows the officer firing eight times as the man, +++ Walter L. Scott, 50, fled. Wait a minute! Is that exactly the same "report" that the officer said in Ferguson Missouri as an alibi for excessive force that brought down Micheal Brown ? Honestly I believe that the reckless Cop Michael T. Slager "assumed" that he would be "acquitted" . (If no one was filming him ) Officer Darren Wilson said he shot Brown after the two struggled over Wilson's gun, and witnesses to the shooting had different accounts -- often conflicting -- of where Wilson was, where Brown was and whether Brown was surrendering or charging the officer. So if we had any filmed evidence what Officer Wilson did back then we would have an obvious different out come . For Officer Slager he could be charged for murder.  ( Finally!?) So what's changed between the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August, and that of Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, last weekend? And did the backlash and publicity of the Ferguson shooting influence the handling of the North Charleston incident?A policeman who is about to become a father, has killed another human being just like one would shoot to kill a rabid dog... It is so surreal that it defies any logic.If someone is a known convicted murderer or rapist on the run, one might arguably understand a police officer shooting him down to prevent any further crime from being perpetrated, although a well trained policeman should in such an instance aim at the legs of the criminal... What actually happened to Mr Scott is appalling as it is clearly a racist hate crime, executed with deliberation and attention to detail meaning that officer Slager had already in mind a scenario that would get him off the hook. It would be interesting to find out how many shooting incidents are related to this policeman. He deserves a long prison sentence. 

The Middle -East : ""Going to hell in a hand basket"".
With the Obama Administration working on a nuclear deal with Iran.Well another region of the world is imploding further under the direction of President Obama. By January 2015, rulers had been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen; civil uprisings had erupted in Bahrain and Syria; major protests had broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Israel and Sudan; and minor protests had occurred in Mali, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Western Sahara, and Palestine.  It seems that in the last few weeks the entire parts of the Middle -east namely  Syria , Iraq and Yemen there has been a series of escalations of terrorism. Obama administration again  caught flat-footed  in the volatile Arab World when a (3)>  Shiite Muslim Houthi rebel group, with ties to Iran’s terrorist state, overthrew Yemen’s government.Yemen's monthlong crisis collapsed into such chaos that rebels ran the president out of the country, and several days after US special forces had fled the country themselvesthe White House did something it has been doing for some time: it publicly hailed the Obama administration's "Yemen model" as a success in fighting terrorism. What is most interesting about this is that  (1)> American money was for years was being funneled to support the former Yemeni government.  Selling weapons for favors , and supporting a (2)>  "puppet" regime sound all too familiar in American diplomacy these days. It marks the third time during the Obama presidency that the U.S. has had to abandon its diplomatic outposts (Libya, Syria, and now Yemen) because of Middle East and North Africa hostilities.  The most recent closure of an American embassy not only damages U.S. regional foreign policy objectives but seriously hampers U.S. counter-terrorism efforts.Last September, U.S. President Barack Obama touted the counter-terrorism alliance between the U.S. and Yemeni governments as a model of success in the fight against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and other terror groups.  Today, that alliance is in tatters with the U.S.-backed Yemeni government deposed and Americans and people around the world were treated to the ugly spectacle of U.S. diplomats, intelligence personnel, and Marines fleeing their posts. The Pentagon is unable to account for more than $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen, amid fears that the weaponry, aircraft and equipment is at risk of being seized by Iranian-backed rebels or al-Qaeda, according to U.S. officials. Saudi Arabia has now been dragged in crisis. So if you put the dot's together there is a thin line of U.S. dollars, why would you not think some "secret deal" was made between the Saudi government to conduct air strikes in Yemen ? The bombing campaign in Yemen has so far been limited in success, with the Houthis advancing on the loyalists despite Saudi intervention. The airstrikes so far killed at least 540 people in Yemen, including 74 children, according to World Health Organization. Aid organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross warn that the poorest Arab nation is facing a major humanitarian disaster due to the continued clashes  ALSO, this  has serious worldwide consequences. The GCC, led by Saudi Arabia, has threatened to take military action if the UN doesn't. If the GCC invades Yemen, it will almost certainly mean war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Not only would a Saudi-Iranian war cause the price of oil to reach at LEAST $300 a barrel, which means at LEAST $9.85 a gallon gas.

*** Cops are coming more and more to resemble Alex's droogies in "A Clockwork Orange" who joined the police force. +++ First bad decision was running from the Cop.  Second bad decision was wrestling with the Cop.  Third bad decision was taking the taser from the Cop.  Fourth bad decision was attempting to flee after taking the taser.  Other bad decisions:  Driving without proper insurance.  Driving with broken tail light, which could lead you to getting pulled over in the first place. explains why the cop apprehended him but not why he shot him in the back and moved evidence afterwards in reality makes no sense since he was unarmed ? Something is wrong here. Did Walter run out of fear , sure the police nation wide have had bad press recently ,The man ran for some reason - the cop had given him no reason at all to feel threatened...unless he was feeling guilty.The hard truth for me here is that,  there's no new law, you resist arrest you're gambling trouble. Had he stayed in the car, he;d probably still be alive today. But the cop did use excessive force.(1)> What??? This just makes me sick. Let's just throw all our..wait..MY money down the toilet. We all need to start making our lawmakers pay for this type of thing. I didn't vote to send all this crap over there so why should I have to pay for it!? Funny how these go missing and Yemen know has a terrorist organization, and abnother interventions, typical US and Isreal tactics. so where do these starving poor people get weapons from hmmm.....(2)> puppet regime YES, So then the Obama administration partnered with Saleh's old vice president, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who took over as a "transitional" president but did very little transitioning. Hadi was also happy to help the US to bomb terrorists, but he was not very inclusive or democratic, either. His government was ineffective at addressing Yemen's deteriorating economy and security situation, and proved deeply unpopular.(3)> The Houthis belong to a rebel group called Ansar Allah, or Partisans of God. And they adhere to Zaidism, a form of Shia Islam. Until 1962, Zaidis ruled North Yemen for nearly 1000 years. Two Arab states, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have designated the Houthis as a terrorist organization.

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