Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton :A Cautionary Tale.

The Mystery Machine is
going to take Mrs. Clinton in
a first in American History.

Just maybe....
Mrs. Clinton is throwing her hat in the race . Obviously it was predictable . I am going to dismantle what is going right now . I am not trying to endorse Mrs. Clinton , but I WARN YOU! The GOP  (3)> is in a frenzy trying to find their candidate, and with no Mitt Romney in the race who was their strongest, Republicans tried their best for the past 2+ years to do just about everything they could to dissuade her from running, but their efforts were always going to be futile because she’s simply not afraid of them.If Mrs. Clinton doesn't have a strong opponent in the primary, that will leave her wide open to the issue of whether she feels 'entitled' to the nomination. Even if Jeb Bush would run and be the nominee, he would at least be able to say that he had presented his message to the primary voters and was their choice in an open competition.Running essentially unopposed, Hillary's pre-convention campaign would be reduced to a series of bland, pre-scripted, essentially meaningless events that, looking back through campaign history, has been the hallmark of presumptive candidates who go down in flames.  (1)> But just how terrified are Republicans of Hillary Clinton? Well, terrified enough to have basically been campaigning against her for nearly three years – something I’ve rarely seen in politics. The truth is, no matter what clown ultimately emerges from the circus that’s going to be the GOP presidential primary, she’s going to absolutely crush them. She’s already ahead of every potential Republican candidate in most polls and she hasn’t even been trying. it seems the cards are in her hand now .Exactly 40 years later, it seemed, women’s time had come. As the presidential field formed up in 2007, the best-funded, best-known, and most widely admired potential candidate in the Democratic Party was New York’s junior senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then, it was stolen from her -- at least that’s how it seemed to many Democratic women -- by a man. He was a freshman senator from Illinois with far less national experience, but an even better story line than Hillary. And women had to stand behind a man again. They don’t want to wait any longer.  I Have to Caution that there is a great possibility that she will win .  I am assuming that women , and young women are likely to vote for her . *** The recent Huffpost polls puts her Favorable  at 48.0 % , she has had a steady decline at the polls over the years , but she and both parties Democrats and Republicans face challenging lows with the voters .It is true that Clinton has, inevitably, lost much of the popularity she won when she was serving as secretary of State and largely removed from partisan politics. Nonpartisan figures can attract broad support, while people engaged in political fights tend to revert toward the mean. Clinton’s support is, as it has been through most of her career, closely divided . Never the less  The election is next year. Clinton's quest to become the nation's first female president was derailed in 2008 when she lost out in the Democratic nomination process to Barack Obama, the nation's first black president.Her campaign said today she would spend the next six to eight weeks in a "ramp-up" period, and she would not hold her first rally and deliver a campaign kickoff speech until May  So everyone has heard the term "Scooby-do
Campaign" yet? Clinton is trying to show herself to be 'just one of the people who struggle every day" by riding across the country in a minivan talking to every-day people...a kind of Clinton 'reset-button,' but with Americans. The only reason she might make it through the primaries is that the democrats are afraid of what the Clintons hold over them in there illegal propaganda activities' And she is slamming it down their throats they owe it to her after they choose the worst debacle president in our history.Although it was purposely crafted to focus on the "everyday" people she hopes will make up her winning coalition, it wasn't all that inspiring or reassuring. It didn't make me want to get up from the sofa and do something, such as favorite or share the video on social media, plaster a bumper sticker on my car, plant a lawn sign outside my house, make a donation to her campaign or join her on her road trip.There are "hundreds" (to put it mildly) who despise the Clinton's and Hillary's lust for power. There is another thing likely to follow Mrs. Clinton , her husband Bill. Does Mrs. Clinton expect all of the  (3)>  Mr. Clinton scandals of the past to be relived through her campaign? Even if she makes it into the Oval Office , Mrs. Clinton obvious will encounter a hostile GOP controlled Congress that might only give her a one term Presidency. (4)>  The United States could be very well served by its first female president and most Americans would have no problem electing her. But as for the first female president being Hillary Rodham Clinton? "Therein lies the rub."

For the Most part I honestly "believe" that she could (probably win ) win . I will not endorse her at all, but knowing the politics of sex , (how feminist would think)   women's issues and so on  & along with the weakness of the GOP at the present . There are conditions that could send Hillary right into the White House along with Bill.-- AGAIN!


*** Pew survey released this week gives us the best answer. Pew is the gold standard of political polling, using massive surveys, with high numbers of respondents and very low margins of error. Pew’s survey shows pretty clearly that there was not a major change in public opinion from the time of Obama’s reelection through the 2014 midterms.(1)>  Mrs. Clinton's bio is bittersweet. What type of person would accept this woman as a serious candidate for President of the USA? I can list her accomplishments here: married an extremely astute politician; raised a self sufficient daughter who married a Wall Street banker; stood by her man even as he publicly humiliated her with his philandering; moved to New York state, a Democratic lock for Senate; accepted Sec.of State appointment as the payback for losing the Democratic Party nomination to the current President; flew more miles than any previous Sec.; hired the best in the business campaign organizers, many of whom are the President's previous handlers; avoids news conferences because of the campaign-crushing-questions that would be asked - Benghazi, erased emails, hidden subpoenaed documents, faulty memory, getting shot at, "What difference does it make?", violating the Constitution when pursuing Socialized Health Care, and having no accomplishments other than those listed above. She, like Obama, is the darling of the Party because of the symbolism, not because she is qualified or has any relevant experience. It would be fine to have a woman President as long as she is qualified. Mrs. Clinton is not. (2)> The only chance Republicans have is if liberals throw a giant temper tantrum because Hillary isn’t the end all be all of liberalism. The fact is, if we show up to vote in 2016, supporting the Democratic candidate for president – Republicans can’t win. The only way they can is if we allow apathy to dominate another election cycle, giving Republicans even more power. Just how many more times do we have to allow that to happen, while complaining about how we want a more “progressive nation,” before we realize that we are the ones preventing it from happening? (3)> BILL Clinton's legacy might over reach the Monica Lewinsky scandal ,UK Daily Mail reported that: Bill Clinton's name being recently linked to registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has greatly upset his wife, according to a report published Thursday.An unnamed source told Page Six 'Talk in Washington is that Hillary is furious with Bill about all this new information on Jeffrey Epstein.' Court documents from 2011 describe Clinton's connection to Epstein, the news outlet reported. Epstein was convicted in 2008 for soliciting prostitution from a minor.An excerpt of the documents, obtained by The Smoking Gun, said from 2002 to 2005 that 'Clinton frequently flew with Epstein aboard his plane, then suddenly stopped - raising the suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein's sexual abuse of children. (4)> Washington Examiner, Philip Klein ably sketches the nightmare scenario for liberals. “If Hillary's performance among black voters retreats to more typical Democratic levels,” he writes, “it will hinder her efforts in swing states such as Ohio and Florida, where Democrats need to rack up huge margins in urban areas to make up for their weaknesses in other parts of the states. ... It's questionable that young voters will flock to vote at historically high levels for a 69-year-old white woman who has been a national political figure since before many of them were born.”

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