Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brave Kurdish Women Fighters.

It's never a good thing to Glorify Violence . I am seeing a force that might transform northern Iraq with a new nation .For the birth of an independent  (1)> Kurdistan, the omens have never been so propitious. The Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga (“those ready to die”), fought indifferently. They had not been seriously tested in battle for two decades, their equipment is out of date, and they are anyway better suited to guerrilla warfare. “It was a shock,” admits a former Kurdish minister. “Our morale was badly hurt.” Only speedy action by the American-led coalition, which bombed IS forces relentlessly, kept the jihadists at bay. There is a time that you have to honor the brave women of Kurdistan fighting the Islamic State .The role of women in war, peace and revolution has long been portrayed in manifold, often contradictory ways. Images of women as victims, pacifist peace makers, protesters, and home makers have dominated literature. Opposed to these images we find that the male figure is represented as a fighter, the ones who take part in war and defend the motherland against the enemy. The homeland is thus a female body a passive and defenseless geography which requires brave men to defend and protect her. It could be argued that history is written by men; therefore they narrate it in a manner that suits the usual gender stereotypes. While we in the west were regaled with stories of Europeans and Americans rushing to Syria to join the jihad, no one mentioned that there were also men and women from the west who were rushing to fight against it. These Kurdish women like the Amazon's of old have taken up the fight long side with men to save their country from conquest . While the United States may have hid behind the sidelines ,   ***The women fighters of the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and a Kurdish Yezidi parliamentarian were chosen by CNN as the most inspiring women of 2014.“The female fighters have trained for many years but this year have become notable for their courageous role in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL),” reads the CNN posting on the Kurdish fighters. The Kurdish female fighters who operate under their own unit (YPJ) have been recognized for their brave fight , and their role in defending the besieged Kurdish town of Kobane gained them worldwide respect. Their sacrifice is too great for us  to ignore them any longer. As they continue to drive the ISIL forces further and further from their homeland, we should be praying for their continued successes, and for the health and safety of our own men. We should know about these men and women who have put their lives on hold in order to help protect the women and children of Iraq, Syria, and the Kurdish territories. May God bless them all in their fight.

*** The PKK was designated as terrorist organization by the NATO member only to appease NATO Muslim member Turkey who perpetrated genocidal atrocities against Kurds and other nations and religions including Christians, Alawys, Yazidies, and others. This despite the fact that PKK has fought for the right of self-determination for the Kurds as a nation subjugated by Turks, Arabs and the Islamic regime of Iran.The Western states are required to think about the grievances they caused the Kurdish people by their alliance with Turkey. They can alleviate the suffering of Kurds by supporting the Peace process between Turks and Kurds. This will definitely reflect very well on democratic development in the Middle East. If you want to learn more about the YPG/YPJ, you can visit their Facebook page and their website. (1)> What about diverting to Kurdistan the hundreds of millions of dollars we give yearly to the Palestinian Authority that end up funding terrorism anyway??? Their best bet is to be helped becoming SPARTA 2 (SPARTA 1 being Israel)Between Israel and Kurdistan, we can all have then a good night sleep and stop worrying about Middle East

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