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California's Drought , what we are told to "believe".

He was Governor ( Brown) during the
last droughts the
state had 40 years
ago , coincidence?
California is "drying" up according to the "scientific" data that was just put out this week .The 25 percent cut in water consumption ordered by Gov. Jerry Brown raises fundamental questions about what life in California will be like in the years ahead, and even whether this state faces the prospect of people leaving for wetter climates — assuming, as Mr. Brown and other state leaders do, that this marks a permanent change in the climate, rather than a particularly severe cyclical drought. Honestly if you have looked at the "weather" during the last 4 winters , the east of the Mississippi river , and the Great Lakes have been subjected to the "coldest winters" ever recorded . You might say that for that moment the eastern part of the United States was placed into a mini Ice age . Crazy ! , the west and south west for a time has been drying up . How long the REAL DROUGHT has been going on is a matter of debate . For CERTAIN as far as I can ascertain from studying the "data" is that in REALITY (1)> California has been in a drought for over 20 years  (3)> .Hidden agendas by extremist environmental groups as well as greedy moguls who want to control people by controlling our water, and “Chicken Little” fear mongering is not a way to solve real-world issues. You can create the illusion of a “drought” by restricting supply, which is exactly what the forces behind the water shortages are doing for money and for iron-fisted political power. How can one tell those associated with these sinister agendas? By the ABSENCE of creative ways to INCREASE WATER SUPPLIESWe've been lied to for years now about the severity of California's water shortage. The media and state officials have been ringing the alarm, warning that the state was in the grips of the quite possibly the "worst California drought in modern history," when in fact the state nearly pulled in its average rainfall. (2)> In  2009,  The fear-mongering went into overdrive, as powerful interests start whipping up fears of drought during Gov. Schwarzenegger's term , in fact so much was spent that the 11 billion dollar bond was "flushed" down the toilet. . Yes, that bond money was supposed to be part of a rainy day fund  ( no pun intended ) .  But according to new research by 
This Jet stream illustration
show how the streams "flipped".
The pattern is eerily similar
to what was seen in the
"Ice Ages" of
the past.
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California's drought was primarily produced by a lack of precipitation driven by natural atmospheric cycles that are unrelated to man-made climate change. In other words, climate change may have worsened the impacts of the drought, but it isn't the underlying cause.
Over the last three years. unpredictable atmospheric circulation patterns, combined with La NiƱa, formed high-pressure systems in winter over the West Coast, blocking storms from the Pacific that would have brought rain to California. The result has been the second-lowest three-year winter precipitation total since record-keeping began in 1895.  That pattern doesn't match what models predict as an outcome of climate change, a whole lot of it seem to be manufactured  . In fact, the study's models indicate that as global warming proceeds, winter precipitation in California is actually predicted to increase, thanks to an increased likelihood of low-pressure systems that allow winter storms to pass from the ocean to the mainland.Unusually high sea-surface temperatures in parts of the Pacific over the last two years also played a minor role in producing the observed high-pressure systems, the report found In 
 a recent National Geographic article on the drought, complete with photos of (4)>  geoengineered clouds over the parched earth, the scientists interviewed claimed that these conditions are completely normal for California and that man-made intervention has nothing to do with the drought at all.  Regarding the pollution caused by lack of rainfall and almost daily chemtrail spraying in LA, a March 4 article in the Los Angeles Times actually sited wood burning stoves as the cause of increased air pollution in the city.  This article was also accompanied by a photograph showing a sky heavy with chemtrail aerosols.  Considering that Los Angeles temperatures in the weeks preceding this article were unseasonably warm, in the high 70s and 80s, it is doubtful that anyone was burning any wood or heating their homes at all. Why is the agricultural industry exempted from mandatory conservation when it consumes an unreal 80% of California's water? There won't be much conservation going on even if every living soul in California up and moves to another state. Because no matter how much water city dwellers save, it'll be sucked up by wealthy corporate farmers who are always on the lookout for more taxpayer-subsidized wet wealth. And with water trading for a minimum at ten times what they pay for it on the open market, every gallon a city dweller conserves will will end up as cash in the personal bank account of some wealthy corporate farmers. It's all part of the master plan because, even as the governor talks up urban conservation, he tries his darnedest to get them more water.

(1)> In other words, 9 of the last 15 years have been reduced rainfall years. In the popular press, the current drought is referred to as a three-year drought, but this chart clearly shows that of the last eight years California has only had one full precipitation year and that was 2011.In other words, both sources of California’s water supply is in decline and both confirm that California is in a multi-decade change of climate, and it has to make difficult decision with its agriculture industry which uses 80 percent of its water.(2)> One of the big boosters promoting the drought scare was Gov. Schwarzenegger, who declared a state of emergency in early 2009, and promised to reduce water deliveries across the state by a whopping 80 percent.(3)> In 2007, a federal judge limited the amount of water that could be pumped out of Northern California because it endangering a small, but important fish called the Delta smelt, which is now protected by the California Endangered Species Act. Ever since, California's wealthy Central Valley farmers -- including Westlands -- have staged a public relations war, blaming big city elitists for caring more about the environment than they do about American farmers. "Thanks to environmental regulations designed to protect the likes of the three-inch long delta smelt, one of America's premier agricultural regions is suffering in a drought made worse by federal regulations," pronounced a Wall Street Journal editorial in September 2009. (4)> geoengineered clouds. Cloud reflectivity modification is a proposed process of altering clouds to make them more or less reflective, in order to change their effect on climate.There are two hypothesised forms: cirrus stripping and marine cloud brightening. High, cold cirrus clouds tend to allow sunlight through, yet reflect infra-red from Earth's surface. Therefore, thinning or removing these clouds reduces their reflectivity to infra-red and results in a net cooling effect on Earth's climate.Conversely, low cloud tends to be warm and highly reflective to sunlight, especially when the cloud is white due to the presence of smaller droplets (because of the Twomey effect). Therefore, modifying these clouds to make them more reflective cools the climate. This proposed technique is known as 'marine cloud brightening' or 'cloud whitening' on low cloud.By modifying the reflectivity of clouds, the albedo of Earth would be altered. CONSPIRACY THEORISTS would love this web site . Is there PROOF of Climate manipulation ? see :  .

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