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The Cosby Dilemma , an opinion.

Could Bill Cosby be part of
some conspiracy ?
A long time ago I was writing for local papers like the Metro , in my writing freelance career aside from my meager job  (6) >I found my self in an "argument" with a lipstick feminist . The subject was the word *** "hysteria" which most feminists abhor the word . I usually define the word unlike how your average dictionary defines it as. (1) > I defined it as being a "domino effect" . The case in point is about Bill Cosby Every now thinks that Bill Cosby is a sick sexual pervert . , who may have blown up his 'father figure' image on TV , he defined the the family sitcom in the same  reins of Father Know Best ( Please remember all the families that look perfect on TV are far from facts ) The latest allegations that now are coming against Cosby are becoming more bizarre. The most recent accusations are that Cosby assaulted 12 women who were at the PLAYBOY mansion of all places , yes at Heff's sex , drugs and party house back in the 1970's . This one REALLY got my fingers tying away . the new accuser another woman named Judy Huth says the comedian forced her to perform a sex act on him in a bedroom at the storied party house in 1974, when she was 15. On Wednesday, she filed a civil suit against Cosby for sexual battery. This new accuser was 15 years old , basically underage when she was at the Playboy mansion . So my brain is telling me  WTF is 15 year old girl ( at that time) doing at a place where illicit sex is going on between adults? I am assuming that all the sex was consensual . It's going to be hard to accuse Cosby of being a serial rapist as far as this stupid story gets , (2)>  that is because first of all , all these women who came forward after 40 years are going to be subject to the statute of limitations . I do believe however Cosby may have had only one victim , but still that is a long shot to the whole story. The hysteria phenomenon that is plaguing Cosby now is deeply rooted in the psychological makeup of women . Women can make up and lie , and sometimes use their own emotions as a weapon against a man , or any one ( women as well ) . I'am sorry if there are any real victims of sexual abuse . I can't frankly take all the testimony of a  (5) >bunch of women after 40 years and assume that their is not some hidden agenda against Cosby ? after all Cosby is extremely rich , yes all these women appear to be going into litigation for money . (4)> Truthfully why did not these women come forward decades ago ? What is up with this all of sudden ? 
Here is an interesting article I found from the RETURN of KING's Blog . It summarizes the whole Cosby phenomenon . I am quoting it in it's full text: (warning story explicit )
An otherwise obscure Arizona woman named Barbara Bowman was widely ridiculed a few weeks ago, after the Washington Post published her Bill-Cosby-raped-me claims. Bowman at the time of the alleged assaults had been a pretty, blonde, aspiring actress, still in her teens—prime bait for a libidinous male TV star, and probably well aware of that fact. Though strategically abbreviated to omit some of the more damning details (which appear in another first-person story in the Mail Online), her account in the Post made clear that she had willingly put herself in Cosby’s way.
In one case, I blacked out after having dinner and one glass of wine at his New York City brownstone, where he had offered to mentor me and discuss the entertainment industry. When I came to, I was in my panties and a man’s t-shirt, and Cosby was looming over me. I’m certain now that he drugged and raped me. But as a teenager, I tried to convince myself I had imagined it. I even tried to rationalize it: Bill Cosby was going to make me a star and this was part of the deal.
The final incident [after months and months of these “assaults”] was in Atlantic City, where we had traveled for an industry event. I was staying in a separate bedroom of Cosby’s hotel suite, but he pinned me down in his own bed while I screamed for help.
She offered no explanation of how she had got into Cosby’s bed.
tabloid attorney Gloria Allred is back
keeping Nancy Grace busy.
Now On Monday morning, The View opened with a frank discussion of the mounting rape allegations against Bill Cosby that came to a head this weekend when the comedian refused to address them during a radio interview with NPR. (3)>  Whoopi Goldberg, who led the conversation, expressed more than a bit of skepticism over the claims against Cosby, urging his most vocal accuser,Barbara Bowman to come on the show and explain some things. Now I so convinced that unless there is anything credible against Cosby such as tangible proof  is presented the accusations are going into the sewer drain. Signs of gold-digging  are so obvious to me , since the victims of Cosby's alleged crimes have hired high profile scandal -tabloid attorney Gloria Allred who is already demanding on Cosby  Wednesday to put $100 million in a fund for his accusers and let a panel of retired judges determine the truth about the claims. Yes, the famed Allred who decades ago was on TV starting with the O.J Simpson case , and the famed (infamous) Amber Frey was the ex-girlfriend of Scott Peterson, a California man who was convicted of murdering his wife and whose trial became a national sensation in 2004.  AGAIN Gloria Allred is a feminist who sensationalizes on scandal . She nothing but a gold-digger as well .Be suspicious of any cases filed by glory hunter Allred. Jump on the band wagon no matter how phony some of the allegations sound. In all probability none of the plaintiffs have a shred of proof. It is their word against that of Crosby but they hope that numbers will sway a jury but the fact that so many are coming out of the woodwork may work against them because a jury may believe that there are too many to make it credible.

(6)> I was in  argumentation on the fact how modern feminism is sending males the wrong message , Modern feminists say its OK for a woman to express her sexuality  by dressing provocatively , yet would such actions invite trouble? Some modern women's behavior is just as inexcusable as  men's . A good story is found in the BIBLE in the Book Of Genesis , Genesis 34:34. It's the story of Dinah.  Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah, went to visit some of the Canaanite women. ***a psychological disorder (not now regarded as a single definite condition) whose symptoms include conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms (somatization), selective amnesia, shallow volatile emotions, and overdramatic or attention-seeking behavior. The term has a controversial history as it was formerly regarded as a disease specific to women. (1)> Women can be good manipulators , some of them have made good tabloid material around this time, an epidemic of an MPD-like syndrome in which people—again, mostly young women—claimed to have been abducted and abused by aliens in flying saucers. In that and in all the other cases, the media of the time, and especially the book-publishing industry, helped foment the hysteria, but conveniently developed amnesia about its role when the contagion had burned itself out. (2)> These fame-whores accusing him of rape 40 years after it happened are nothing but attention grabbing hags looking for sympathy and an easy settlement check. Cosby was rich, famous and of course women were lining up to go to bed with him during his 70's heydays' which were often alcohol or drug fueled parties that were the norm for that time period. (3)> Does anyone truly believe that back in the 60's, a white woman accusing a black man of rape wouln't have been believed? It just doesn't ring true, Combine this with her explanation that he was such a beloved icon, she thought she wouldn't be believed, at that time his fan following was no where near todays. Again, something just seems off with these accusations. (4)> Under California law, people accused of the most serious sexual assaults involving minor victims can be criminally charged only if the crimes occurred in 1988 or later. (5)> Is this a reality show that is being played in the media? Women telling the media that after having sexual affairs with a high profile married man; we were raped. However, this was allegedly 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. These women range from middle to senior citizen ages. Are these women victims of rape from this man? Why have an affair with a man and then cry rape? Women, this is not the way to start or farther your career. Are these women ready to take a lie detector test? Enough is enough,... 

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