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Obama, Ferguson and the Police.

President Obama at his weakest point: Race Relations.
Just what can President Obama do in any sense of the word about Police Brutality ? ALL I gathered now is the vary thought of nation wide police brutality is again being swept under the rug , BECAUSE the focus had become a *** "race" issue . Never the less , The President's meeting today seemed a bit skid-dish, and the circle is vary repetitive considering the last two decades of police excessive force since the Rodney King beating .   Obama could offer more concrete solutions to the problem than he has. To start with, there’s no way to know how big the problem of police shootings is and how closely it’s tied to race, because, incredibly, there’s no federal requirement that jurisdictions report police shootings and killings. The FBI just reported that 461 people were killed by police in “justifiable homicides” in 2013, but that dramatically understates the tally, according to those who have tried to track the killings.  So here is what Obama is saying that he would set up a task force to study how to improve community policing with an eye toward building trust between law enforcement and communities of color. He also said he would consider imposing tighter controls on the proliferation of (1)>  military-style weaponry ( Obviously )  and equipment provided to many police departments. CURIOUSLY the next statement shows how government is out of touch with executive orders . I don't blame Obama on this , because his predecessors created the American militarization of it's police force.President Barack Obama again said Monday he wants to ensure the U.S. isn't building a "militarized culture" within police departments, while maintaining federal programs that provide the type of military-style equipment that were used to dispel racially charged protests in Ferguson, Missouri. He continued, "Part of the reason this time will be different is because the president of the United States is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different," Obama said. He said he was upset to hear the young people in the meeting describe their experiences with police. "It violates my belief in what America can be to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful even after they've done everything right."-------- Well it's too late to address this problem . Since the 1960's the American police force has been slowly militarized , pretty much because of the RED SCARE of the McCarthy era. The military since the 9-11 terrorist attacks has somewhat "combined" with the FBI and CIA to share "data" with local police nation wide . It was a slow meddling of tactics and equipment . Yes, the police have evolved in the method , most of the problem is that criminals have outgunned most police since the nation has a proliferation of military  style weapons that are available to the public (Mass shootings hysteria) . From a psychological perspective the United States of America is a vary violent nation . Police shootings nation wide have risen , that was all too late, it a combination of these that ill nation , but the race part is a large percentage . 

When the New York Police killed this Man.
The Police are really out of control , if not here is a  perfect example of manslaughter.  The violence occurred on July 17th, when NYPD officers approached Eric Garner, 43. Late that afternoon, witnesses said that Garner, described as a “gentle giant,” was standing on the sidewalk and had played peacekeeper by breaking up a scuffle between two parties.But police weren’t interested in taking a report about the fight.NYPD was evidently investigating one of New York’s most egregious crimes — face-to-face cigarette sales on the sidewalk. With New York City’s oppressive “sin taxes,” packs of smokes cost as much as $12 to $14 each. Mr. Garner had in the past been arrested for selling cigarettes for 50 cents apiece. NYPD believed that he was doing it again.---- are you kidding me ? That cop deserves punishment for what he did. The guy was clearly saying he couldn't breathe 5x and he continues to try and subdue him? That's murder in my eyes. It's so outrageous what the NYPD did to Garner it show either the cops are on something like "steroids" . Yet, as in Ferguson, the Staten Island grand jury voted not to indict officer  Pantaleo for anything, leaving the nation — even legal experts – exasperated, frustrated, and grasping to understand whyThere are two big issues here. One involves the excessive license we now give to police — permission, essentially, to do whatever they must to guarantee safe streets. The pendulum has clearly swung too far in the law-and-order direction, at the expense of liberty and justice.

No excuse for looting.
"These days a police officer shooting a black unarmed man is a good time for looting"------a African -American  Ferguson Protester.
There was no excuse for looting , the police
could (should ) have  shot rounds into the mob
but did not.
Fox News host Greta Van Susteren noted one group that wasn’t represented; victims of crime, such as those citizens in Ferguson whose businesses were looted and burned down in the riots.I was also a bit stunned at the looting and burning in the helpless city of Ferguson , there were all racial types running around and  breaking windows into  a black owned liqueur store.It's pitiful when you see this behavior . The Ferguson police , and National Guard stood their ground , and watched , as if the law enforcement was more terrified at the rioters , than just shooting tear gas  into the mob. Sorry but the looters have tarnished the non-violent actions of Dr. Martin Luther King , it's disgusting to watch that most of the businesses burned and looted were owned by African Americans. The images I saw at Ferguson are mirror image to the violence that once blanketed South Africa during the Apartheid era . Here the shooting  of Brown gave the "thugs and Gangs" unrepresentative freedom to roam the streets and destroy . It turned the police department into a useless mess , even when the Missouri Governor hinted on  action with the National Guard. THE SAD IRONY is here  it was alleged that Brown stole cigars from Ferguson Market and Liquor. Although the store owner never filed a police report, and neither the store owner nor any of the store employees called police, Ferguson police still issued a warrant for the videotape.Monday night, not long after the grand jury decision not to indict Wilson was released, the city of Ferguson literally went up in smoke—not only from the fires set by a small group of looters but also from the canisters of tear gas that Ferguson police were throwing. Unfortunately, during all the mayhem, one of the looting victims happened to be the owner of Ferguson Market and Liquor, the exact store from which Ferguson police alleged Brown had shoplifted. Yes, the real victim the store owner.

Yes, the real victim the store owner. Beaten up by Brown, and the
rioting mob.
***Injecting "race" is vary much a double standard when you look at the statistics on black on black violence , there is also a blind eye to "reverse racism" that plagues American culture . NO BODY LIKES the TRUTH , but here is one story  ( as example) :A gang of black teenagers used hammers to beat a man to death after they attacked his car early on Sunday morning in an apparently random attack. Zemir Begic was heading home from a bar in St Louis when a group of black teenagers surrounded his car and began banging on it. The 32-year-old unarmed white male stepped out of the vehicle, only to be yelled at and set upon with hammers, striking him in the head, abdomen and face and leaving him fatally injured. The suspects are described as being a group of black males by the St Louis Post-Dispatch BUT Police Chief Sam Dotson stated the attack was not racially or ethnically motivated. (1)> The White House review shows the wide scope of the programs — $18 billion in the past five years from five federal agencies, including the departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security and Treasury, plus the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The report says most of the equipment the programs provide are routine — like office furniture, computers and basic firearms — but about 460,000 pieces of equipment primarily used for military purposes have been provided to local police, including 92,442 small arms, 44,275 night-vision devices, 5,235 Humvees, 617 mine-resistant vehicles and 616 aircraft. (2)>  The Brown case. This seems to include, of all people, the President of the United States and the Attorney General. I believe that if officer Wilson had been wearing a camera and the video had been crystal clear in upholding his version of the events, it would have made any difference in black reaction. This is not respect for the law . Another "problem" that hurting Ferguson is the lack of black police recruits in a city that is  98 % black . Obama sought many times to play the mediator in chief on tensions related to a Missouri grand jury’s decision to not indict a white police officer in the shooting last summer of an unarmed black teenager. Obama met with law enforcement officials and black leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, to discuss how to “strengthen neighborhoods.”It’s a familiar stance for Obama, who has tried several times over the course of his administration — and even before he was elected — to mend ties over race.

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