Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CIA , Feinstein and Torture.

 It's a surprise to see Sen.  Dianne Feinstein, condemn
torture in the report released
Was not going to post for a while , but the CIA report on "torture" MADE ME NOT SKIP A DAY. It deserves some critical comment , and the news agencies are pulling this apart as the STATE DEPARTMENT issues warning of possible retaliation . My two cents on this, is that this old news that some one wanted to dig up out of the Bush era . WE all know that there was 'water-boarding" going on Guantanamo Bay detention camp in  Cuba  , we all saw the pictures where Army Specialist Lynndie England holds a leash attached to a prisoner inside the Abu-ghraib prison in Iraq. Those images "leaked" out all because of 'WikiLeaks'  way before this Tuesday CIA report.Here’s a look at some of the techniques the CIA used to interrogate detainees that were included in *** a Senate Intelligence Committee report released Tuesday. It's a bit graphic , but also a bit laughable as well  on what methods were used by the Americans as being 'torture', it's no
Remember this ? It's old news folks.
way medieval with thumbscrews , and rack . I this  remember the controversy that was stirring up during the Bush presidency ,  it was from the onslaught much supported then  by all  those  Senators on the Democratic side to use these so called 'interrogation methods'.  Who now are some what forgetful and are condemning it washing their hands of it. Seeing 
Ms. Feinstein, the California Democrat who is the chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, say that “brutality in stark contrast to our values as a nation” during the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation of terrorism detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks. I hate to say this, but it stands out as hypocrisy all these senators were briefed and they agreed to it. both republicans and democrats. even HillaryClinton ,  now they are grandstanding. The CIA officers who did this lost their jobs had to spend to hire their own lawyers for what? so that they can protect us? they are heroes. they kept our country safe.the same intel was used by Obama to get bin laden....and Obama now shoots Americans using drones without due process and liberals are OK  with that. BIG TIME HYPOCRISY . I for one am seeing how apologetic it sounds to the world and the public , (2)>  but sorry these elected officials knew about it for a long time from the Bush era to the Obama era . (1)> There is also another question as of why are they releasing this information that is so sensitive , that it could set off the Muslims ? It's speaks  in theory that the government just wants all hell to break loose . It's just something that some desperate democrat is trying to do as a tactic that is not tactful .Obama was silent on the issues of whether the CIA misled outsiders about the program and about whether it produced important intelligence but he emphasized that he banned the harsh techniques soon after he took office. Her speech, coming as the summary of a 6,000-page report on the interrogation program was made public, marked a signal moment both for Ms. Feinstein, the California Democrat who is the chairwoman of the Intelligence ++ Committee, and for the committee, which faced strong resistance from the intelligence community in compiling the report and seeking to make it public.“My words give me no pleasure,” said Ms. Feinstein, who spoke as many committee staff members watched from the floor. But she said history would judge the nation by its commitment to a “just society, a government of law and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say never again.” Oh ya . I don't buy not a word she said . 

*** The report concluded that the CIA's interrogation of detainees after the 9/11 attacks was far more brutal than the agency disclosed and that top officials misled Congress, the George W. Bush administration and the public about what they were doing.A 500-page summary of the 6,700-page report detailed the CIA's use of waterboarding  and sleep deprivation on prisoners and described how detainees were chained in painful positions in cold, dark dungeons in secret overseas prisons. It said those tactics did little to elicit valuable information or save American lives. (1)> In Washington, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said America's allies are predicting "this will cause violence and deaths." He said U.S. intelligence agencies and foreign governments have said privately that the release of the Senate intelligence panel report on CIA interrogations a decade ago will be used by extremists to incite violence that is likely to cost lives. (2)> The report says Bush/Cheney didn't know. In fact, they knew just as much as Hillary Clinton did. Let's send them all to the slammer. Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and Reid. They knew as much as Bush did.++I don't doubt that releasing this report has to do with politics (everything our government officials do has to do with advancing one party over the other).I understand the benefits of having a government agency "do the dirty work" to keep us save. But I also understand the threat that comes with not having proper oversight of that agency.So then, who does the agency answer to? The government officials that do everything for political reasons? 

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