Monday, November 10, 2014

Why Obama should have been a Republican.

Why Obama should have been a Republican.
I am setting up an argument here . What would it have been if Senator Obama was a "republican" in place of a " democrat" would he have done a better job with Congress as President? I am trying a new alternative reality scenario in this twisted tale of politics .  I am saying America's "first" African -American should have been a staunch Republican . Over the years President Obama has shown himself to be a "common-sense" ( in word only )  centrist. He has cut taxes when necessary ( while sneaking other taxes in) , has taken steps to protect the environment, and has aggressively pursued Islamic extremists ( he swore he kill Osama Bin Ladin )  who threaten'd  America. Most notably, he has reformed our healthcare system by signing a Republican-inspired ( Copied Mitt Romney's )  healthcare plan into law. In most other points in our party's history, Obama would fit in well as a Republican. HEARKEN is  Mr. Obama is in the wrong party ?. Recently George Clooney fretted, in a Meet the Press online “Press Pass” sit-down with David Gregory aired on the real Meet the Press. Clooney imagined that if he and Obama were Republicans:
I would be selling all of the, you know, you saved the auto industry and you got Osama bin Laden and you passed a health care bill that nobody could pass -- if that was a Republican issue. I would be able to sell his presidency as a very successful one. But Democrats are bad at that. We like to pick each other apart.
Another "probability" is that had Mr. Obama been a Republican President he would have not quarreled all those years with the GOP , PERHAPS  (1)> the Democrats themselves would have been in a better position today . There is the issue of the no show President who for the last two years of unnecessary fundraising , and acting celebrity . Contrary to the notion of popularity our first black President who may have been a puppet or sorts to some special interests , the question of race (ism) would have been less of a hindrance  if Mr. Obama were a republican . *** A African- American President draped in the party of Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves would have been an irony if he followed the same party of Lincoln . IT would have presented a sheer challenge to any TEA PARTY influence , again in the alternative of a republican Obama  . MAYBE we would have not ever seen Hillary Clinton running for anything , she would have stayed a Senator , there would have been no Benghazi , no Arab Spring , no Islamic State , no GOP midterm landslide take over . If all the fumbles Mr. Obama had over the years , he as a  republican would have come out stronger as a "Commander in Chief " in dealing with Russia and China . ( No new cold war) . I just like to speculate on a alternative future for Mr. Obama our first African- American President ...............

 ***But 40 years of data from the General Social Survey — the gold standard of American public opinion research — say otherwise.  They tell us that Southern white Democrats  overwhelmingly blame blacks for their lower economic status, ignoring or denying the role played by discrimination, past and present, in all its various forms, and that the balance of Southern white attitudes has barely changed at all in 40 years. At the same time, attitudes outside the white South have shifted somewhat — but still tend to blame blacks more than white society, steadfastly ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary — such as 60 years of unemployment data, over which time “the unemployment rate for blacks has averaged about 2.2 times that for whites,” as noted by Pew Research. It is only  Republicans  outside the white South who have dramatically shifted away from blaming blacks over this period of time, and the tension this has created within the Democratic Party. (1)> last 2 years in office crippling the Democrats' chances in 2016 while solidifying his position as the worst modern President--if not the worst President in history. ^^^ AN INTERESTING point is made in the American Conservative .  See this web site:

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