Sunday, November 9, 2014

How did we get from THIS to THIS? Political Overview.

Since 2008 , there are so many changes to the American political system . *** The "change" now is vary apparent . In the wake of the Republican Party's shellacking of Democrats in Tuesday's midterm elections, Time is tossing some salt in President Barack Obama's wounds.The magazine's upcoming cover features an illustration of Sen. Mitch McConnell, the presumptive majority leader, mocking Shepard Fairey's iconic (1)>  "Hope" poster from Obama's historic 2008 campaign.The cover line: "Change." I have never seen to much "loathing" from the media to one man . Obama is a celebrity not as much as a President or Commander in Chief , but at first he was so much idolized by the media . He is America's first African- American President , the TIME cover of 2008 obviously borrowed a line from the image of  ### MALCOLM X . There is a assumption on my part that the President's own publicist chose to promote Obama as a 'revolutionary' to the public , as it was hoped that he would bring change to the American system.  SO far the Obama administration has had any luck in this decade in dealing with the Republican party .After 6 years there can be no dispute that the President had no intention of changing how DC operates in fact based on his coarse and pattern it was always his plan to reek havoc on the US fellowship and image. ( My Next blog post is titled : Why Obama should have been a Republican. )
When Obama was elected this is
what the nation looked like.
Honestly I think Obama could have done a better job. 
Tuesday’s midterm elections gave way to the largest Republican majority in the House of Representatives since World War II, dramatically shifting the country away from the Democratic wave President Barack Obama rode into office. The shift was as dramatic as when in 2008 the voter mob pushed the Republicans out of the House , and the Democrats took control . SHAMEFULLY the American voter is a sucker..... there is no other "party" to vote for . American politicians cite how "awful the one party state of communism is..."  IN REALITY the TWO party state is no better . By 2016 the American public
In 2014 . Here again the political system flipped.
will be fed up the Republicans as well . I am sure the MAP will be blue again. 
The GOP better get and keep their stuff together or they will put themselves on the chopping block. The voting public's memory is fickle, (2)>  come 2016 they will remember the next two years and the GOPs control of both House and Senate, far more than the past 6. Same goes for Obama, he can make or break the Democratic party for 2016, better watch his step. Not that I think he cares, he will be out, his legacy set by who was not by what he did. I ponder that the whole nation is SICK of the usual , but no one in WASHINGTON can deliver,  
The bottom line is the Democrats took a well deserved beating as the public has finally made it known they soundly reject Obama, and the policy shift to the left.The lack of morality and ethics the last few years on both sides is disturbing.The next two years should prove there is no political solution to our problems.End the Wars- This war on terror is insane, why are we bombing ourselves into the poor house, and why do both sides support it.End the Fed- The military industrial complex is funded by the Federal reserve system,which is a cartel of private Central Bankers who also control Wall street. Again, both sides are in lockstep on the Federal reserve, who funds the elite while keeping the min power, as a trade off for enslaving the middle class, then destroying us all together.Restore the Bill of Rights- We need a Constitutional Convention ASAP.This nation needs to understand and agree on what exactly our National Law means.We have lost our Republic to greedy politicians and businessmen, and with an Imperial foreign policy, this looks more like Fascism. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, and assembly, so we can discuss these kind of issues in peace, and in safety.The second amendment guarantees that the government will allow this.WE the people are the boss of this place, I would say we are doing a poor job of it,these politicians and bankers are running wild by passing illegal statutes that make their actions legitimate.The truth is we have lost our way.Instead of going about fixing things together, we have given our power to a corrupt system.They have divided us up in every way imaginable so we will not come together.The only thing stopping us from changing the whole world is ignorance.It is like the dark ages as far as philosophical thought is concerned.There is so much stimulus for the mind and body, that the soul is drowned out.Love has to be the ruler in your life,everything falls into place after you make the decision to do the right thing, and follow the golden rule.We are governed by an evil and corrupt system.There is no fixing it.An intelligent species can surely find a better way to live than chasing money while destroying the earth in the process. ~ Keep your eye on the big picture, you will find all the little portraits are contained therein.~the Spirit

*** Obama sold American a bill of goods. He told you what you wanted to hear and gave you HOPE. It's what Libs do best as they and Obama fundamentally "CHANGE" America into a country that it was NEVER meant to be. (1)> Hope is what you give the masses to divert their attention to reality; when things keep getting worse while the elitist keep getting better. Hope is kind of a narcotic for the little people. Change is what happens when a majority of the folks/little people realize something else needs to be tried when Hope has failed at no fault of their own. That is when Change needs to happen because the Hope folks have almost sucked the total life out of the Nation and the air supply for the children of the masses. Sanity prevailed and socialism and narcissism antics of political elites has ever so slightly returned. (2)> The era of hope is over. If the results of the US midterm elections have been a huge setback for the Democrats, they were a personal catastrophe for Barack Obama.They were even worse than the most pessimistic forecasts of his party’s strategists, amounting to a comprehensive rejection of his governance.With the Republicans now in control of both the upper and lower Houses of Congress, the twilight of Obama’s presidency has begun. The man who once electrified the American nation with his soaring oratory – and titled his book on political philosophy The Audacity Of Hope – is now the lamest of ducks in the White House, mired in unpopularity and devoid of allies.In this election, Democrat candidates saw him as a liability rather than an asset – with most of them running away from him like scalded cats. ### Obama's "resemblance" to Malcolm X is vary cautionary , since who ever marketed Senator Obama closely tried to connect him to the Black Muslim Movement only in appearance . There are also strange accusations that Obama and Malcolm X may have other connections not only in speeches . (SEE ) 

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