Monday, November 17, 2014

Ferguson "REVISITED".

Get ready for the "drum roll", and then hit for the cover ..............With all signs pointing to the likelihood that Officer Darren Wilson will be acquitted for the shooting of Michael Brown, will the dismissal of the case prompt a new wave of rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri?A reporter with the Daily Kos also revealed how he was told by a source within the Missouri military that troops are being prepared to deal with riots in Ferguson and St. Louis in response to Wilson’s acquittal.On Wednesday, amid continued protests demanding “Justice for Michael Brown” prosecutors will bring evidence before a grand jury as they determine whether to indict Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson. The power to indict rests with local prosecutors and pliant grand juries, and as Jonathan Cohn has pointed out, a prosecutor will usually refrain from indicting altogether if the accused faces a low likelihood of conviction. In this case, a combination of entrenched racial and occupational biases, and most importantly the details of Missouri law, all but ensures that a conviction is off the table.We may never know what actually happened during the violent encounter between teenager Michael Brown and policeman Darren Wilson. ***There is a "theory" . OK, I believe that Brown forced the cops door open, slugged the cop in the face breaking his orbital / cheek bone, and than went to grab the cops guns. Cop fought him off and got the gun. Two rounds fired INSIDE the cops vehicle. One round thru browns hand. THIS IS ALL SUPPORTED BY THE CORONERS REPORT AND THE HOSPITAL RECORDS.Brown runs away after getting shot. Cop stunned, blinded in one eye, challenges him, brown stops, turns and rushed the cop.  (2)> The scenario here is that the COP used "excessive" force with out back-up. Yes, I think police brutality is wide open here , but as a person that believes in the the "due process" . I would have rather seen Micheal Brown cuffed in jail rather than in a body bag. (1)>  HIS SHOOTING did not serve the legal system in Missouri.  In general, we presume innocence. But when we know that a killing has occurred and can definitively identify who committed the act, traditional common law demanded that our presumptions shift. We are supposed to presume guilt, and it is the shooter who must prove that his actions were justified. Unless the shooter is a policeman. And unless the victim is a black male. And unless the shooting happens in a state with self-defense laws like Missouri it's likely a repeat of the (3)>  ZIMMERMAN CASE.

Sorry for my opinion , Racism is stupid . But ALSO IDIOCY !


***Remember Brown's legal guilt is not in issue.  Dead men do not go on trial in criminal court. It is Wilson who is presumed innocent until his guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which includes a reasonable doubt that he had not acted in self-defense.How does that majority American rule on burden and quantum of proof in self defense cases  come into play in the Wilson case?  That the decedent had been fleeing from a violent crime makes it more likely that he, Brown, would have resisted violently when stopped by the police, not because of what Wilson knew at that moment in time, but because of what Brown knew,.He may very well may be guilty of at least Voluntary Manslaughter   We don't know enough to do more than speculate at this stage.  The point now is that Brown having been then and there leaving the scene of a robbery, whether or not Wilson knew that, gives Brown a motive for violently resisting Wilson when Wilson made what had initially been traffic stop for jaywalking. (1)> The Clayton County prosecutor's office has spent months compiling evidence and interviewing witnesses to the confrontation. They have handed it over to a grand jury of 12 people who will consider some witnesses’ accounts that Wilson opened fire on Brown when the teen was surrendering against the officer’s claim that he shot Brown out of self-defense. The central question in the deliberations has been, "Did the police officer have a reasonable fear either for his own safety or the safety of others?" Peter Joy, a criminal justice expert at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, told Newsweek.(2)> Indict Micheal brown for robbery then ! The cop's actions were UN appropriate. (3)> What did George Zimmerman spend his crowd-sourced payday on? A bail bond was $95,000, living expenses took $62,000, security ate up $56,000, and GPS monitoring (he had to wear an ankle bracelet pending trial) along with pizza for interns gobbled up $3,200. Zimmerman’s attorneys did get $76,000.Zimmerman still owes his lawyers another $2m. And he got acquitted in a state that convicts accused people nearly 90% of the timeZimmerman successfully argued that he defended himself when Martin, who was unarmed, attacked. The public face of his defense team, attorney Mark O’Mara, tells U.S. News prosecutors in Missouri should resist calls to promptly file charges against Wilson.Many facts about the Brown case are unknown. For example, authorities haven’t said how many shots were fired by the policeman. It’s also unclear what injuries the officer allegedly suffered.In a sign of the parallels to the Martin case, Benjamin Crump, the Martin family’s attorney, is now representing the Brown family. "That baby was executed in broad daylight,” Crump said at a Monday press conference, according to MSNBC.

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